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  1. Big Brother General Discussion

    Yep I'm with ya ... Know exactly the ones you are referring to
  2. I think people are more aware of what is going on with Paul then they are letting on. I've heard multiple people drop his name but it doesn't mean now is the time they should target him. Let him and Cody battle to the death no reason to get your nose dirty when ya don't need to. The best players aren't always the ones that are the most actively trying to make things happen they use the power of observation ... If you see a battle going on between a couple factions in the house let that stuff play itself out and ride the wave as long as ya can. Personally I think Paul is overplaying his hand right now ... Press the gas when ya need to but you gotta slow down for those hairpins
  3. Josh has grown on me a bit since the beginning I gotta admit ... Still think he makes some strange decisions but he kinda threw the idea out there about Elena maybe put some feelers out there but backed off pretty quick. He's gotta be careful his alliance are probably okay with him thinking about that but it should be a cut and dry week no need to do anything crazy. He can lay claim to getting out one of the biggest targets in the house and hang his hat on that for now. He did get lucky in this competition even though he has been trying to convince people it went exactly where he wanted it to Haha. It's okay to not be a competition beast and win the ones you feel are important .... Just cruise make yourself a non factor he could go very far in this game!
  4. Big Brother General Discussion

    I think I may have mentioned this before ... When I initially seen the cast I had some hope then started watching and immediately there were 3 couples and instantly felt all hopes were dashed Haha. I'd love to see the recruiters for this show quiz people and get the legit fans of this show in the house and stop worrying about if someone has a six pack, big boobs, or interested in a showmance. There are some fans of the show that would make great HGs on the show ... I really enjoyed Cowboy for example call me crazy but he was fun as heck! I'm not sure if he would pass a quiz but he different and an original character that few can mimic.
  5. Big Brother General Discussion

    Sorry been away for a few days ... I think the reference might have been myself unless Lamasquerade was saying the same thing at some point. Regardless that's exactly what I was getting at earlier if Paul had done it the reaction would have been much different. I don't have a favorite or a least favorite I try to keep an open mind when I watch the show and comment on game play for the most part ... I find I enjoy the show more since I started going about things this way. I'm not all for the play fair stuff ... I prefer the play to win method! Nobody should come on BB for fame, meeting a future spouse, or make some new friends ... You came to win some cold hard cash baby!
  6. Big Brother General Discussion

    That is an actual assault whether you want to admit it or not ... Technically in the outside world you could be charged for such an act. Also a HG on the UK version was evicted for that along with the fact he left the diary room when he was asked to stay there. But the major reason for his eviction was because he threw a drink and it him other HGs.
  7. Big Brother General Discussion

    It is getting rather ridiculous ... I get people don't like Paul for whatever reasons but my goodness Manson yuck! The worst part is suddenly Mark is getting the free pass even though he's the only one that actually committed what is technically an assault on another human being .... If Paul had done that I think some folks would be screaming for an automatic eviction from the game .... Funny game this Big Brother is
  8. Big Brother General Discussion

    When everyday people play a game for half a million dollars sometimes the gloves come off ... Call it poor sportsmanship but regardless they will all back stab each other for the big prize if they can grasp that they are playing a game.
  9. Big Brother General Discussion

    That's just it ... Cody from night 1 was a complete dud (Actually his death stare kinda made me chuckle a bit) - I want to like him in the game but it's really difficult when him & Jess just sit there and do absolutely nothing. The battle between Cody & Paul is great and I for one think it benefits the show having both of them there ... It would be much better if Cody would have a stronger social game and not have everyone against him & Jess ... Split the house in 2 and go to war ... Now that would be fun!
  10. Cody & Jessica

    I don't think it's so much people don't have the guts to take on Paul ... They have no reason to take on Paul. It's not really a bad play allow him to have the huge target on himself and let Jess / Cody / Paul slug it out back and forth as long as they want. If I'm in the house I'm playing the same way Kevin/Jason is ... Stay somewhere in the middle and let these crazies battle it
  11. If Paul is getting other people to do his bidding ... That's actually kinda smart I think!
  12. Big Brother General Discussion

    It's pretty easy for us to sit on the outside and watch on TV or our computer and judge these people but it's far from reality. How would you react being in a house competing for half a million dollars, living with no internet, TV, family, or friends etc. Perhaps your eating slop & sleeping on a spiked bed for a week or two straight (Maybe more). The people in the house have said and done some nasty things over the years but it's Big Brother were you expecting something else? Personally I'd rather you come say something to me directly whether I like it or not at least I know where we stand than have someone running behind my back spreading lies/rumours but we're all wired differently. Either way in this house your probably going to get it both ways whether ya like it or not. Are people mean yup without a doubt but it's pretty difficult to say how we would all react in the same scenario ... We'd like to think we could act the same way we would in our day to day lives but this isn't their regular day to day life they are playing the game of Big Brother ... Watch some of the UK Big Brother ... These cats aren't even close to the UK version of the show where Big Brother is a big instigator Haha. Any way cheers folks enjoy the rest of the season it's just a game .... right?
  13. Big Brother General Discussion

    You aren't delusional at all just because you have a difference in opinion (Which I happen to agree with) ... Than again maybe I'm also delusional and this entire season isn't even actually happening and I've been living in la la land!
  14. Cody & Jessica

    They are all a bunch of hypocrites lets be honest they all wanna be the victims and pretend they haven't said or done anything wrong it's comical. Mark for example just this morning saying the things they were doing isn't a good look? I'd rather take that verbal assault then having a guy his size getting in my face & throwing hot sauce/pickle juice in my face. Maybe Megan's attack wasn't on the same level but she had nobody to turn to what-so-ever ... Maybe if she had someone like Cody / Jess have she could have stayed. Personally I'm not for this sorta game play and would rather them stick to playing the actual game I don't see the value in making things personal even if it's trying to cause someone to quit it's immature ... That being said there are plenty of people in there that have done things I'm sure they will regret later that includes Paul's side & Jess / Cody
  15. Really liked Big Brother at one time

    I'm not a fan of bringing anybody back ... including players that were already evicted (Cody/Battle Back)
  16. Keep on rockin' it out Paul ... He's playing the most interesting game without a doubt. Do I think Paul is gonna win negative! Does he bring an element to the game that will be missed without him heck yeah!
  17. I know he's not as popular this season but personally I'm thanking the BB God's for bringing him back (Normally I rather all new HGs) - I'm not a fan of the whole I've been here before so I'm better then you and you need to listen to me but the guy is playing the game if nothing else. Maybe the persona he is using is part of his game plan ... whatever it's working for now now the minions need to step up next HoH and pull their weight.
  18. Big Brother General Discussion

    Cody hasn't earned a single temptation yet he's managed to get saved twice from certain eviction although once did happen obviously ... Jessica just refuses to learn her lesson about this turkey he's going to be her ultimate demise in this game ... Not sure why HG's think it's smart to get involve in the dreaded showmance (I even hate typing it out ugh)
  19. I think the week is basically a wash anyway ... Think it means I can take a break from watching until Thursday and get all caught up later.
  20. Big Brother is so much easier playing from our couch when we can see everything that's going on .... Jessica was doing a good job building relationships then secludes herself with Cody and everything she was building goes up in smoke. Yes they are better than they were but still but playing a very good social game ... again
  21. Elena actually doesn't even know about the plan to keep Josh at this point so she isn't actually lying
  22. I wonder what the thought process was when they decided to cast this character .... Seriously though we should cast this guy because .... I have absolutely no idea but hey stranger things have happened I mean Donald Trump is President right?
  23. Big Brother General Discussion

    Jason was asking Alex if they should flip sides (Join Cody & Jess) Alex with a firm no stay the course
  24. I get ya don't like him but my liking this character has nothing to do with fans wanting to like the "old" guy Haha .... Different strokes for different folks!
  25. Well I'll be the dude in the minority here because I love this character ... Maybe I'm losing it!