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  1. 08:33PM BBT Winston tells Bay that if he goes home, that it was great getting to know her and wishes her well in the future. 08:33PM BBT Bay tells Winston that she doesn't feel that he will go home Thursday. 08:36PM BBT Winston and Bay hug and then move on to finish getting dressed. (Winston had been in a towel during that conversation) 08:37PM BBT Angela is asleep in the HN room. JC does laundry outside. 08:38PM BBT Rachel goes into the HN room and wakes up Angela and Kaycee. She lets them know that they want to meet tonight. She says that one of them needs to win HOH, but perhaps they should throw it to Brent if he's still here. 08:39PM BBT Winston joins the girls in the HN room for a minute, but they stare at him until he leaves. 08:40PM BBT Angela goes through targets if they want people to get knocked out first. They decide Fessy, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Kaitlyn, and Haleigh. 08:43PM BBT Rachel said that Kaitlyn's outburst last night sealed the deal for Brent to stay. 08:45PM BBT Rachel tells Angela and Angela that even if they lose people, they shouldn't lower the number in their name - always keep it Level 6. 08:50PM BBT Angela, Kaycee, and Rachel told Sam that they're voting for Brett to stay. Sam jokingly pulls a name out of a cup for her decision. She says that Brett brings her the most joy because he's hilarious, but she gets nothing out of either Winston or Brett. 08:52PM BBT Angela said that Winston runs his mouth and got them in trouble with Scottie. She wants someone in the house that won't blow up - like Brent did when confronted by Kaitlyn last night. 08:53PM BBT The girls like the idea of how there will soon be a majority of girls in the house. 08:54PM BBT Rockstar and Bay are in the BY lounge talking about how if she's the only one in the house that "liked a boy" this season, she'll be embarrassed.
  2. 08:02PM BBT Winston is questioning Sam's comment to him that "you have nothing to worry about", and what does it mean. He talks it out with Brett. 08:03PM BBT Brett and Winston "do abs" in the BY 08:06PM BBT Sam, JC and Angela are eating in the kitchen, talking about how cinnamon works to counteract sugar. 08:08PM BBT JC announces that tomorrow is "Cinnamon Challenge Day" 08:18PM BBT There's a 3 person Bible study in the BY between Rachel, Rockstar and Bay. They also get into the stories not in the Bible, such as about the Goddesses. 08:20PM BBT Rachel asks that they have a meeting for the 6 of them in the BY so they can discuss the upcoming HOH comp. 08:23PM BBT Bay and Winston talk in the washroom area lounge. Winston has an "it is what it is" situation. He feels that what went down last night with Brett is unfortunate. 08:30PM BBT Bay says that she's a very observant person and is just watching people. Winston feels that a lot can change in 6 hours, so he's going to lay low and act normally. Again, the conversation turns to battle back.
  3. 07:32PM BBT Rachel feels that this is the time of the game where those that have been throwing comps are going to step it up and start trying to win. 07:33PM BBT Rachel and Bay both also believe that there will be a battle back, and are factoring that into future comps. 07:35PM BBT Bay walks through hypotheticals. If Bay wins, she'll be ecstatic and then "oh sh**". She and Rachel talk through the mistakes made by the first three HOHs. 07:40PM BBT Bay and Rachel discuss how "Little Miss Princess" has every guy in the house wrapped around her finger. They agree that she is acting disgusting. 07:44PM BBT Rachel and Bay continue to talk about Kait's relationship with her boyfriend that would allow her to act like she is with Tyler in the house. Are they open? 07:46PM BBT Kait joins Haleigh, who is laying in the pBR. Fessy joins them as well and they start acting silly. 07:47PM BBT Rockstar, Rachel and Bay talk about their period schedules and birth control. 07:56PM BBT Rachel tells the story of how she left Myrtle Beach and that tarot cards helped her make that decision. Rockstsar explains the differences between psychics, tarot cards, etc. Rockstar has a pendulum that she uses for yes/no questions. 07:57PM BBT The pendulum told Rockstar that she was going to be on Big Brother. She has alters throughout her apartment. She keeps her pendulum on her nightstand alter. 08:00PM BBT Bay asks how RS reacts to people who don't believe that divination is a good thing. RS says that she never tries to convince someone of her religion, and then goes on to talk about the Old Testament. She will not keep a Ouja board in their home.
  4. 07:04PM BBT Angela and Fessy are laying in the hammock talking about where to get vegetarian meats. 07:05PM BBT Haleigh is biting her nails while sitting with Rockstar on the couch in the BY. 07:06PM BBT Fessy and Angela are discussing where they live. They both have 2 bdrm apartments, but Angela's is double the cost of his because she's in LA. 07:07PM BBT Rockstar is still hoping that Swaggy wins the Battle Back and gets back in the house. [he's already home and on Twitter, so that's not looking like a possibility] 07:10PM BBT Rockstar tells Haleigh that she really loves Kaycee and that she wishes that she were on their side, and that apparently all she needed was an invite. 07:11PM BBT Scottie and Rachel are playing pool with JC and Rachel watching. 07:14PM BBT Haleigh is saying how she explained to Kaitlyn that Brett's move was all game, and not a personal attack. 07:15PM BBT Rockstar is grilling Kaitlyn for info, but she is just sitting on the couch eating. 07:19PM BBT Rockstar asks how can you play a real game if someone can just use a power to change it. 07:19PM BBT Kaitlyn now believes that JC has a power that could save Brett from going home. They three of them are wondering what BB will have for them after the third week of powers. Possibly Pandora's Box? 07:21PM BBT Angela is still talking with Fessy on the hammock, mostly about how athletic this season's cast is. 07:24PM BBT Angela said that she would be embarrassed to go home first. Fessy said "especially after going through all of this, all the casting, quitting your jobs, saying you'll be gone until October..." They laugh. 07:25PM BBT Angela predicts that they have a water competition too, like the slipping or sliding with cups, etc. 07:26PM BBT Rockstar said that Sam said that she hopes that Scottie knows that they're just friends, and that I'm not Svetlana". Haleigh said that she think Sam is sooooooo strraaaaange. Haleigh then decides to medidate. 07:29PM BBT Kaitlyn is now eating in the washroom area watching Tyler get ready after taking a shower. 07:30PM BBT Rachel and Bay talk in the BY and say now that it's anybody's game. They're relieved that Scottie can't play for HOH this week.
  5. From 7/15/2018 8:30-9:00PM BBT: 08:33PM BBT Bay and WInston are riding the stationary bikes talking about how both evictions have flipped. 08:34PM BBT Scottie goes down to confront Kaitlyn for misquoting him. He told her that the only thing she should be worried is if Brett has the power and takes himself off. She interpreted and repeated it as her being put up. 08:36PM BBT The HG are trying to figure out the source of the recent paranoia. 08:39PM BBT Tyler tells Kait that he's going to go do some damage control for her. "But I didn't do anything wrong". He leaves and she cries to herself. 08:47PM BBT Scottie tells Tyler that the bros came up last night and pitched a F3 deal with him and to backdoor Kaitlyn. Scottie said no because they'd take each other. 08:50PM BBT Rachel and WInston are in the storage room hugging, and jokingly calling a truce for 24 hours. 08:51PM BBT Sam, Brett, Angela and Tyler are in the HN room and Rachel is checking out their room, talking with Angela in there. 08:53PM BBT Angela and Rachel discuss the possibility of approaching Scottie for a last ditch effort at keeping the bros and backdooring Kaitlyn. 08:55PM BBT Tyler and Scottie are still going around in circles up in the HOHR. Same talk about Brett having a power. 08:56PM BBT Scottie is going to let Rachel sleep in the HOHR by herself for her birthday. 08:58PM BBT Rachel is going around the house in a beautiful dress, an up-do, and full makeup, doing cheers and having fun for her bday. JC is in the lounge with her and Winston.
  6. 08:02PM BBT Sam reassures Rachel and Tyler that she was tripping out earlier, but all is well now. 08:17PM BBT The feeds are currently on fish "We'll Be Right Back" 08:20PM BBT Fessy tells Scottie that he has no target, the way things have shaken out. He asks Scottie for advice if he were to win HOH. He says he'd finish off the bros. 08:21PM BBT Brett and Winston play pool while Tyler and Rockstar are on the BY couches. RS says that she wants to go talk with Scottie. 08:23PM BBT Rockstar says that maybe "the doctor" is just f'ing with everyone. Tyler thinks that she means Winston, but she is referring to the Diary Room/Production. 08:24PM BBT Winston tells Brett that if he has the power and hasn't told him, that he will totally freak out. 08:24PM BBT Scottie tells Fessy that he thinks that both of the bros come from and have a lot of money. RS enters the HOHR to discuss the house paranoia. 08:28PM BBT Kaitlyn is in the PBR bed with Tyler, Brett and WInston talking with her. Kaitlyn asks Brett if he has the power....he answers yet again that he does not. 08:30PM BBT Fessy tells Scottie he doesn't understand how one of the bros could possibly have the power, as they have only taken off their shirts with no game play.
  7. 07:30PM BBT Sam goes down the list of HG and surmises each persons' upbringing and character. 07:32PM BBT Scottie and Angela are swinging on the hammock. 07:34PM BBT Sam asks Brett what Winston provided him in their partnership, and who will take that place if Winston leaves? She says that they're gravitating towards each other, so wants to make sure they're on the same page. 07:37PM BBT Sam tells Brett that he needs to reach out and show Scottie his softer side because he's coming off as a shark. 07:40PM BBT Angela and Sam are both on slop this week, so he tells Angela that they should be ok since they both make slop concoctions. 07:43PM BBT Sam asks that Brett go down and send Rockstar and Haleigh up next. 07:45PM BBT Sam explains to RS and Haleigh that she freaked out thinking that she was going to get backdoored. She explains to them that she is motivated to stay. 07:46PM BBT Rockstar said that they've talked through scenarios of if Brett has a power. They feel that Sam would be safe in any situation. 07:49PM BBT Fessy and Kaitlyn join in with Sam, RS, and Haleigh in the HOHR. Rockstar tells Sam that her being a robot during that time sheltered her from this exposure until now, but that the other HG have had these feelings from the beginning. 07:51PM BBT They asked Sam where these thoughts came from, and she hinted that it's from production in the DR. They all agreed that it happens when the house is boring, asking leading provoking questions. 07:52PM BBT Brett and Tyler talk on the BY couches. They both agree that something big and spiritual is going on. Tyler tells him that he needs Brett to stay. 07:54PM BBT Brett says that people freak out when they don't have control of a situation, even the illusion of control. 07:55PM BBT It appears as though RS, Haleigh, Fessy and Kaitlyn have talked Sam down off the ledge and that she's more comfortable now. 07:56PM BBT RS is practicing her goodbye speech for Brett.
  8. 07:01PM BBT In the HOHR, JC tells Haleigh and Scottie that Kaitlyn is acting weird. They are speculating if it's because the bros are up and she's invested in them. 07:02PM BBT Haleigh asks if they've heard any talk about the veto. Scottie says "well, I'm the one that would use it, and that ain't gonna happen". Sam comes into the HOHR asking to talk with Scottie. 07:04PM BBT In the HOHR, Sam asks Scottie what he's about to do. "tell me the truth". She's asking if Scottie is going to take one of them down and put her up. He promises that he is not. 07:05PM BBT Sam said she wanted to make sure Scottie was ok, and was checking on him. She says that if he feels that she's ignoring him, then it's not intentional - she's not mad. 07:07PM BBT Brett and Angela are playing pool in the BY while Rachel and Winston are talking with them. 07:09PM BBT Scottie tells Sam that he fought hard for the veto so that he would NOT have to put Sam up. 07:11PM BBT Scottie tells that the only chatter in the house is that Kaitlyn is freaking out about him possibly backdooring her. 07:12PM BBT Scottie says that the only way that Kaitlyn will go up this week is if Brett has the power to take himself down. 07:15PM BBT Sam tells Scottie that she thinks he has the power app. He tells her that he doesn't, but wishes that he did. That way he would know that there are only 2 other powers out there. 07:16PM BBT Sam asks Scottie if she can use his room to talk with Brent alone. He says yes, he'll go get him for her. 07:18PM BBT Kaitlyn, Rockstar and Haleigh are in the WR area taking makeup off/doing hair. Brett makes his way into the HOHR with Sam. 07:19PM BBT Sam asks Brett for the "real plan" going forward. She is trying to understand why Kaitlyn is campaigning for Brett to stay. He seems a little frazzled to be grilled by her. 07:22PM BBT Brett reassures Sam that he does NOT have the power, but she continues to press. She asks if she's one that he'd work with going forward if he were to stay. 07:23PM BBT Sam explains her new motivation to stay in the house, is to see that the best person win - someone that's a good person that will do good with the "tool" (money). 07:26PM BBT Sam lists her assets (ROTH IRA, stocks, cars, etc.) and says that she doesn't need money, but it's just a tool. She doesn't see Brett as someone who would take the money and take up a nasty drug habit. 07:28PM BBT Tyler and Kaitlyn whisper in the PBR, trying to figure out where things are in the house. Tyler tells her that he doesn't know, that he's not a party to things this week.
  9. 12:02PM BBT Brett is sitting on the weight machine while Scottie, Fessy and Tyler jog laps around the yard. 12:04PM BBT In the kitchen, Angela, Sam, Kaycee, Bay, and Rachel talk about how much they enjoyed their meditation. 12:05PM BBT In the storage room, Winston gets a feel from JC where everyone else in the house is leaning. He said he'll know more Tuesday/Wednesday. 12:06PM BBT Rockstar and Kaitlyn are huddled over in the yard, and then joined by Bay. Rockstar says that Rachel is coming around them more and more. 12:08PM BBT Kaitlyn appears to try to talk Rockstar into keeping Brett, although she said that he pitched that she (Rockstar) be put up, so she's not sure. 12:10PM BBT Rockstar and Kaitlyn are at odds as to who is the bigger threat. Rockstar rhymed "Brett is a threat". 12:13PM BBT Sam is showering while Haleigh curls her hair in the WR area. 12:14PM BBT Kaitlyn and Rockstar decide to go lay out in the sun, so head inside to change. 12:16PM BBT Fessy told Tyler and Scottie that "it's hard to keep up with you skinny boys", referring to the jogging around the yard that they just did. 12:22PM BBT Fessy and Scotty talk in the backyard about their sports days and talk from their coaches. 12:26PM BBT Haleigh is prepping her looks for her punishment because they'll show more of her on tv from the start of it - more so than the following couple of days. 12:27PM BBT Sam and Rockstar are applying sunscreen - they finally found some lower SPF lotion. 12:29PM BBT Rockstar said that she weighs around 140, and that she was 160 when she first came in the house. Then she says 145 or 150. She prefers to be around 135, where she has a slim stomach and still has a backside. 12:31PM BBT Haleigh said that her favorite weight is 130. 12:34PM BBT The girls in the bathroom compare tattoos stretch marks on their bodies. (Sam/Rockstar/Haleigh) 12:35PM BBT Brett and Bay are sitting in the grass in the backyard. She doesn't expect for them to campaign against each other, but wants to spend time with them to make her decision. 12:37PM BBT Brett said he was blindsided by being put up. Bay asks him if he has a power - he tells her that no, he doesn't. She tries to guess who might have it. 12:39PM BBT Bay hopes that there is a Battle Back this season. She said she watched the first episode of BB a month before entering the house. Brett said that they have about the same amount of BB knowledge. 12:42PM BBT Brett explains to Bay how double evictions work. 12:42PM BBT Rachel is cleaning up around the house, as she picked up the hair out of the shower drain. 12:44PM BBT Bay hopes that she is putting out her authentic self on the show for viewers to get to know. 12:52PM BBT Bay continues to talk to Brett in the backyard. They agree that their gym time is their own time and don't like to share it. 12:54PM BBT Tyler and Winston are standing in the pool while Kaitlyn floats around them. 12:54PM BBT Brett says that he spends more time at the gym than in his apartment and that it has better amenities. 12:56PM BBT Rachel is speedwalking around the backyard.