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  1. 9/11 & BB2

    I remember watching the episode where they informed the houseguests of the attacks. I watched that episode with my grandmother in our kitchen, on our little black & white tv.
  2. Tonight's Live Show 4/27

    Was it just me or did it seem that Chelsia had put on some weight? Her face looked a lot fuller than it did on the show. What is up with only talking to Jen & Allison? Parker, Alex, Amanda & Jacob were there, too! Sheesh. I liked seeing the former Houseguests scattered around the audience. Dick looked all nice & cozy in his seat. I didn't like like the outcome, but we can't all be happy.
  3. Wednesday Live Show 4/16

    I was very happy to see Natalie evicted tonight & Ryan to win HOH. My favorite part of the show was when James blamed Chelsia for his eviction. The look on her face was PRICELESS!! I was never able to stand her so to see her put in her place was awesome!
  4. To Live Feeders and Picture/Video posters

    I LOVE Morty's! I can't wait for BB9! Thanks everyone.