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  1. mrspippi

    9/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    8:37 HG's are discussing roasting garlic and a restaurant called "Stinkin' Rose" Por comments on 3 people having 4 lounge chairs. Adam remembers fights over lounge chairs when there were 14people. 8:44 Adam discussing cornhole game w/ Por. Convo moves to Funions and Fritos. 8:56 HG's are done bbq'ing and are now preparing their meal. Rach announces there is nothing in the SR.
  2. mrspippi

    9/6 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    8:02 Jordan doing the math, someone voted out days 67 and day 69 (no gutter humor, Adam isn't out there) 8:05 Rach Jedi trains w/ Jor in BY, while stretching. 8:13 Feeds still all on Rach/Jor Jedi Training in backyard. Misc. questions about evictions and quotes. 8:17 Kal laying in bed talking to Por, who seems to be packing. Kal talking about some crazy lady in the ER with her when she was there for a migraine. 8:22 Kal goes back to sleep. Por/Adam sharing snacks in KT. Jor laying quietly in hammock. 8:27 HG's put on OLD. Por was just getting into shower, Rach is in the shower, Kal gets out of bed. Jor grabbing food. 8:30 Rach apologizes to BB for showering, then stops to apply deodorant and check herself out. Jor/Adam are only ones outside. 8:32 Everyone is now outside with snacks and meals. Por wishes they hadn't forgotten the cards. The blinds are lowered. 8:41 Jor says she never won spelling bees. (yes my feeds are very choppy tonight too). 8:44 HG's discuss the food at sporting events ,namely the beer. 8:48 Rach wants to get her boobs redone when she can afford it. Go from DD to C. Por is 34 DD Jor is 34D Rach is 32DD. 8:49 Adam offers hi speedo & tshirt to Rach to go in HT. Por says Adam should put it on and run around. Jor reveling that they can listen to music in a week. 8:53 Jor talking about Final 2 questions, said it was awkward and could tell by facial expressions whose vote she didn't have. 8:59 OLD over, Adam heads inside to investigate, Jor sings prompting WBRB.
  3. mrspippi

    9/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    5;04 Adam laying quietly in chair in BY, Rach/Por quiet on BY couch. Por reading a bottle label, Rach reading bible. 5:14 Adam still laying on chair, staring at sky. Rach files her nails on BY couch. 5:17 Adam gets up! Walks across BY. checks laundry on pool table. Goes inside. Phew..the excitement! 5:19 Kal asleep on hammock , Rach still filing, Adam puts away laundry then picks nose..then notices camera and throws up devil horns. 5:22 Adam talking to Jor about show(airing now on west coast), figures they're focussing on Tori and Adam. WBRB 5:24 Feeds come back. Jor asks ADam "what would you do?" he said he would trip Rach. Jor asks what if Tori was invited to finale night. He would like Farrah to meet her. They discuss how you believe actors are like their characters. WBRB 5:28 Adam said BB had him on a "call list" for this season, they had told him to audition this year. Adam rejoins Rach outside; they talk about Farrah watching w/ her friends. Jor blowdries her hair, Por sleeps. 5:35 Rach says her favorite comp was Lovers Lane. Jeff/Jor came to host it. Rach knew J/J were returning this season, she saw it in prod room. 5:41 Rach/Adam going through what comp's Rach played in. Jor cutting up an orange in KT. 5:59 Rach/Jor discussing who's voting for who. Rach says Por is convinced Jor is voting for Kal. Rach says , yesterday, with the key thing. That said it all. In BY, Por/Adam work out.
  4. mrspippi

    9/2 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    8:46 Por joins Bachelorette convo in purple room, Adam sleeping with his mouth open in BBR 8:57 Kal talking about Lindsay Lohan, says she's her homegirl..told BB if she was famous she'd spend her time hanging out w/ her. Now trying to downplay it. Prod talk gets us WBRB.
  5. 8:04PM BBT: Kalia/Jordan talking about voting out Shell. Jordan says Shelly told her that Daniele promised if Shelly kept her she would keep her safe. Kalia didn't understand why Shelly campaigned for Daniele. Kalia says she trusted Shelly and kept being lied to. 8:07PM BBT: The HGs in kitchen (except Adam) making food and/or eating. Jordan has trouble opening the ice cube tray, Rachel helped. 8:10PM BBT: Kalia says she feels heavy, like the "Stuff" is still on her. Takes a big bite of her sandwich and then talks with her mouth stuffed full. Jordan still working on ice cube trays. 8:17PM BBT: Porsche tells everyone they looked good on camera today, she saw them on HoH TV during her interview. Adam says he loves being a guy, unpacked in a matter of minutes. 9:20PM BBT: Jordan seems disappointed in her competition performance. Kalia laying down in purple room. 8:25PM BBT: Jordan/Rachel go into storage room to continue conversation. Jordan was unsure of voting out Shelly right up to the end. Rachel says they can't let Adam know they're not confident in their decision. Jordan suggests splitting up Adam/Porsche. 8:27PM BBT: Adam/Porsche talking about where Rachel/Jordan are..worried about who will be nominated. Rachel/Jordan talk about who to nominee They will discuss later. 8:29PM BBT: Rachel asks Jordan why she's not happier..Jordan says she wanted to do better because she hasn't won anything since 2nd week. In kitchen, Porsche and Adam go over competition. 8:32PM BBT: Kalia hurt herself taking the garbage out, the storage room is out of band-aids. In kitchen, HG's go over competition. Rachel says you could only run if you were covered in popcorn. Porsche says Jordan's butt cheeks were hanging out. 8:37PM BBT: A card game begins with Rachel/Kalia/Porsche, Adam/Jordan still eating. 8:41PM BBT: Jordan tells Adam that what stopped her from flipping on him was when he pulled a skull out of his pocket and said he was doing it for Jeff. Adam thanks her, he didn't want to go out like that. Adam suddenly says, why couldn't it have been a donut eating contest. The donuts in the contest were not real. 8:57PM BBT: Rachel finds Jordan laying in bubblegum room. Jordan doesn't want to sit in kitchen. Rachel asks if she's upset she didn't win, Jordan says no she's just thinking. Promises she's happy for Rachel. In kitchen, Porsche says 'So I guess Shelly didn't get a power" 8:58PM BBT: Jordan doesn't want people to say Rachel carried her through the game, like they say Jeff did last season.
  6. mrspippi

    8/31 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    4:03PM BBT: Porsche/Kalia discussing what LDs mean for competitions, longer the LD longer the competition. Outside Jordan/Rachel Adam also discuss comp's. They don't think HoH competition will be questions. Skill or endurance. 4:09PM BBT: Kalia says she is always anxious on Wednesdays. Porsche suggests Kalia is PMS'ing or fatigued. (Yes, obviously she doesn't rest enough) 4:13PM BBT: Jordan telling Shelly that Jeff said if he ever proposed he would make it a surprise. Rachel suggests he'll propose on finale night, Jordan hopes not. Shelly picks her nose. In HoH, Porsche talks to the fish. 4:17PM BBT: or telling Rachel to contact shows and get her dream wedding, no need to rush. Rachel says she just wants to get married, it's been two stressful summers. Jordan says well you signed up for this. Rachel says she agrees and is happy she did it. Shelly shakes her head and says "She's crazy". Rachel says BB is fun and glad she came back, plus otherwise she'd never have met J&J..Jordan says just say Jeff and Jordan. Shelly pretends to throw up a little. 4:18PM BBT: Jordan says her fans are really nice to them online. Rachel says the Brenchel fans are too. Rachel/Jor talking about funny DR messages they've done. Meanwhile, Kalia is asleep again. 4:19PM BBT: Rachel/Jordan discuss bashing people in DR..but haven't bashed each other. They discuss couple names for themselves Jorchel, Radan... 4:22PM BBT: Jeff has never watched his first season, Rachel/Brendon will not watch this season. In HoH, Porsche is looking through clothes. 4:29PM BBT: Jordan notices some of her unitard uniform is missing(tutu and dunce cap), Shelly thinks prod took it. Prod says you are not allowed to talk about prod. Jordan says if "she" took my unitard..grr. Porsche says "I took no unitard, that's for sure" Jordan goes to DR. Adam blows some kisses, shows devil horns to camera. Feeds go to WBRB. 4:33PM BBT: Feeds back. Jordan on elliptical saying "I liked that thing, I should take it and sell it" Shelly promises she didn't touch it. Porsche says if I'm prime suspect because I like the tutu, you can check my stuff. Porsche says I only hid the duck because it was funny, for a minute. 4:34PM BBT: Porsche walking backyard while lifting weights, Rachel stretching, Jordan walking, Adam snacking, Shelly sitting, Kalia sleeping (inside). 4:39PM BBT: Porsche asks Adam if Jordan thinks she took the tutu, Adam says no. Rachel/Jor are now jogging around the BY. Adam says if he's still here tomorrow and HoH is physical, he doesn't want to be sore. 4:43PM BBT: A plane going over the BB house was so loud I took off my headphones to go see what was buzzing my house. Adam/Porsche talking food. Jordan in house drinking water. 4:48PM BBT: Porsche telling HGs online gambling was banned in US, when using real money. 4:50PM BBT: Adam starts making fun of people who cut themselves, Porsche tells him to stop it's a disease. They start talking about Demi Lovato. 4:53PM BBT: Rachel heads to the shower, then will make some food. Porsche/Adam go back to talking about amusement parks. 4:56PM BBT: Adam says he can't get a read off them, Porsche says they're being so dramatic. In bathroom area, Jordan asks Rachel if they're making the right decision. Rachel says she doesn't know or if it matters. 4:58PM BBT: Porsche wishes she hadn't opened Pandora's box, hopes Adam will still work with them if he stays. He nods, says he needs to stay. He's not ready to be done. In bathroom area, Rachel says honestly, I think Shelly or Adam would vote me out. Rachel is going to do some laundry, Jordan says go look how they'll be talking and when they see you, they quit. 4:59PM BBT: While Rachel was outside the conversation never stopped..but she tells Jordan that they stopped talking when she was outside. Asks Jordan what her gut says. Jor's gut says Shell, Rachel's gut says Adam.
  7. mrspippi

    8/12 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Above times should have been the 10:00 hour, sorry! 11:07 Jor leaves HNBR to get Kleenex, Shell cries a little more by herself. Asks Shell if she wants to be alone, no. Rach/Bren still in Purp. Room but door is open now. Bren says he wasn't sure he'd stay for this comp, because of school. Rach goes over week convo's with Kal/Dani. Rach tells Bren about the deal, Bren laughs at their threats. Dani campaigned against Rach, then after convo's Rach said..even Dani voted to keep me! 11:18 Lots of convo about tomorrow's HN comp, everyone hopes it's a house win rather than teams. Hoping for the margarita party. Bren says CBS asked if he would get married IN the house, he said they had to have family around. He thought he would be a pandora's box. Bren didn't realize he'd be coming back into the house to play, he thought he'd just see Rach one time to help her morale. 11:30 In KT, Jor tells Jeff her convo w/ Shell. In SR, Por/Adam going through food to make for HN's who come off HN at midnight. In KT, HG's baking and preparing for a feast. In Purp Room, Rach/Bren professing their love. Rach daydreaming of CBS paying for their wedding. 11:55 Kal/Dani go over HOH comp. Rach/Bren thank America for voting for Bren, he says he won't let "you" down.
  8. mrspippi

    8/12 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    11:17pm Feeds are up! Por/Kali in KT whispering very quietly about HOH comp, Dani/Adam/Jeff in BGBR talking food. Kal says "Thank you God" says she cried b/c she was so mad earlier. WBRB for a little while, when feeds return Por does a dance to the cameras. Kal/Por saying they need their Vitamin B12 . Feeds go to WBRB. 11:25 Adam/Kal discussing if Law volunteered to go up. Dani telling Adam he was going to go up, but she fought it. Said Kal was afraid of his vote, rightfully so. He apologizes and says are we still OK outside of the house? She says yes. Says she misses PT, wishes she could talk to him. Adam says they were surprised at his new look. Dani says worst game move in every season is to vote out one of your own. "No regrets, only choices". Adam mocks "Who wants to see my HOH room!?" Dani says "I'm ready for another funeral. Shocker" He leaves. 11:34 Bren/Rach snuggling beside Jor in HNBR. They leave so as not to disturb her. Jeff comes in and asks Jor what he can make her to eat before he wakes her up at midnight. Dani/Por in BGBR celebrating. Bren/Rach/Shell in Purple room talking about Bren's Sequester. Dani says they only have 5wks, just need to keep winning HOH. Dani thinks Julie was giving her a clue to use handsignal and get rid of Rach. Por says she could hear audience reaction when she voted for Law. Dani says Shell is cut out. In Purple room Rach is whispering to Bren about apologizing to people. Bren hopes his prof understands, he seemed supportive. They're whispering in each others ears, so we can't hear. 11:49 Dani thought she was screwed and would not win HOH, very surprised she did. Dani says this is why you never give up. Dani says no one would talk to her until she won HOH. BB keeps telling Dani to reattach her mic, not obstruct it. She hasn't moved it, she's just whispering. Por leaves to shower. Dani says she doesn't HAVE to be friendly. Bren/Rach still canoodling in Purple Room. Bren asks Rach if she liked his goodbye speech, she did. They revisit it. 11:56 Shell/Jor sleeping in HNBR, Jeff baking a cake in KT. Rach/Bren snuggling and kissing in Purple Room. Jor/Shell saying all they can do is just try again next week. Jor hopes Shell gets her HOH for letters from Josie, Shell says she's never leaving her kid again. Hard not to talk to them everyday. Jor is being supportive, camera is tight on Shell as she seems to be crying a bit. Shell thinks she's jealous of Bren/Rach always getting their way. They help her stay and she gets Bren back, now back to normal. Jor said if it came down to it this time she would keep Bren, too hard to have Rach. Shell hopes Josie doesn't resent Shell being gone. Jor reminds her that Josie can see her and CBS updates them on anything or answer any questions.
  9. mrspippi

    8/10 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    22:06 Shell says she's going to buy a hammock when she gets home. Adam gives his 10:10 shout out to Farrah. 22:10 Shell/Jor/Rach discussing Swarovski and Pandora jewelry. Shell has a Apple Nano watch. In KT, Jeff is making some food alone. 22:17 Adam is telling Law/Jeff what "Philip" brings for lunch. Turkey on WW, in his briefcase. Shell/Jor/Rach still talking jewelry. 22:23 Shell caught another moth, it has pink wings and looks like a leaf. She carries it inside and finds Jeff. He yells and backs away, holding a frying pan up for protection. He says it's pretty but get out! She takes it back outside and lets it go. The moth is missing an antenna and will not fly. Rach wants to try save and feed him. Rach says he's missing a foot as well. 22:32 In HOH, Kal wakes up to Por asking her what she wants to eat. Por leaves, Dani says everyone hates them (Kal/Dani) 22:38 Dani tells Kal to censor herself around Shell. "She tells everyone everything, that's her MO. She lies too" Dani thinks everyone is mad b/c they were drinking upstairs. 22:40 We listen to Kal pee, while Dani sleeps. Outside, Shell has lost an earring so Jor is wandering the yard looking for it. She last had it in the HT, she says it's not a big deal if it's lost. Jor found it! 22:42 In HOH, Kal is eating Frosted Flakes and Dani finally gets up. They leave HOH. Outside Jor/Law talking weight. 22:46 Dani yells that it is cold, a few times. In BY, Law is showing how he walked when he had a big butt. He used cocoa butter stick for stretch marks and scars. 22:52 Kal plans to meet w/ Rach at 11:30. Kal once had no gas in her house so she had freezing showers; HN showers are not as bad. Jor talking about various news shows she'd seen about facial injuries, feed switches to Adam/Jeff playing pool silently. 22:58 Feeds down for a bit, back up showing Rach putting on makeup in WCA. Dani/Por in KT. Jeff/Adam playing pool. 23:08 Rach heads out to BY to give Bren his shout out. In KT, Por/Dani discussing Kal telling Shell the plan, Dani says if "we want her out, we vote her out" 23:17 Rach says she was trying to do her Bren shoutout and the camera kept moving away from her. Dani concentrates hard on washing the dishes. 23:20 Jor/Dani sorting clothes, discussing comp clothing and gross foods they had to eat. Jeff/Adam still playing pool. Law telling Por what others were talking about while she was sleeping. Rach joins Kal in HOH, they discuss feeling tired. 23:22 Kal asks Dani to wait to wash her hair so they can talk, Dani refuses. Kal starts the talk, Dani butts in "Where are you right now?" Rach says she thinks she's being voted out, coming back in. Trying to get votes and stay in. Kal asks Rach if she thinks she can get the votes, Rach says hopefully. Dani asks, "Why tell Kal you want me out, then approach me?" She had said that, but then rethought it. Rach isn't sure why Dani is asking this, Kal says it's a trust thing. Dani keeps saying Rach says one thing to "everybody" Rah says she said it to Kal and no one else, she doesn't talk game to anyone else. Dani says it would be a huge sign of trust if she changes her game (and keeps Rach). Rach says she wasn't lying to Dani, just had rethought her game plan. Playing a personal game got her separated from Bren and w/o anyone. Dani asks Rach, if they kept her, where would it put her? She would have to restructure her whole game. Kal wants Rach to promise not to come after Kal or Dani, if they keep her. Dani says if Rach wants to get floaters out, no one in this room (HOH) is a floater. Rach agrees, changed her mind about Kal being a floater and befriending HOH's. Kal says her friendship w/ Jor was real. Kal tells Rach if she tells anyone of the deal, the deal is off. Rach asks them to clarify, Dani says the deal does not leave the room. Rach asks Dani if she won't come after Rach too. Dani repeats how much of a trust issue it is, doesn't actually answer the question. Kal says if Rach goes back on the deal, she will take her down. Dani asks who Rach would nom if she won HOH after staying, she says she'll discuss it Thursday. Rach asks if "they" have the votes would it be a 3-3 vote? Rach says so you have Por/Adam/Shell? They both deny, but assure her that they have all of the votes she'd need. Rach thought she had the votes when Law went up. Kal points out a lot of people want her out, which may take the target off their back. Dani says a week is a week, it's a week to turn our life around in this house. They ask Rach what she's thinking; she says she thinks Dani is giving her the meanest look. They laugh, Dani repeats that Rach cannot say anything. Rach says she's not stupid, Kal interrupts to keep the peace. Rach asks what if Law comes back in the house? Kal doesn't care. They discuss whether Law volunteered or not, Kal says he did. Kal doubts Law would come back. Rach asks if Dani wants everyone to think they still hate each other. Dani says they've been cordial, not to change that. Rach asks if Dani would nom her next week if she gets HOH, Dani says no. Rach would like to talk to them more, on Thursday, if they stay. She says if no one finds out, it could play out well for all 3. Kal says the seal of the deal will be when the votes are read. 23:50 Kal says at some point we have to take a leap and trust. Rach has lots of questions, but doesn't want to ask or hear the answers yet. In, KT Jeff is annoyed Rach started cooking and then left. Hopes she cuts a deal so she doesn't have to listen "to her shit". Shell says the camera thing was the funniest. In HOH, Rach asks "So nobody knows about this?" Kal assures her no. Dani says "clearly you think we're lying" Rach says she has a smirk on her face. 23:54 Rach says if anyone asks what they were talking about, she was pleading her case. Rach leaves HOH, back to KT. Dani/Kal congratulate each other & bash Rach. Dani says Kal makes too many deals and be careful what she says to Shell. Dani says if she wins HOH she doesn't know what she'll do. Kal doesn't feel she did anything wrong. Dani says she made it a two sided deal, which she didn't want. 23:57 Dani washes her hair in HOH WC, making conversation hard to hear. Rach wanders house, goes into HNBR. to talk to Jor. Rach tells Jor the fake convo, does not reveal plan. Rach says she's nevous about Adam's vote, Jor says she 100% has Shell/Adam. Rach says Por is "their" little puppy. Rach tells Jor they were checking to see if she had the votes. Jor asks if they made a deal, Rach says no. Jor is surprised. 24:00 Rach asks what Shell said to "them", Jor says she was campaigning for Rach. In HOH, Dani/Kal discussing Shell's trustworthiness, again. Dani rinses her hair, Kal listens to music. In HNBR Rach plays dumb some more to Jor. 24:10 Shell tells Rach not to listen to "them". Rach says she felt threatened. Rach keeps almost slipping about deal. In HOH, Law is joking about feeling alone & sad about being voted out. 24:14 Law says, can you imagine if Bren came back? Kal says, why would Bren come back!? They move on to bashing HG's for bringing out manual to figure out the twist. Kal says "They said the person evic this week, not last week"
  10. mrspippi

    8/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    23:00 Kal asks what is Law even doing here? He has done nothing. In BY, Adam just realizes Rach says Bren's name with no D. 23:02 Rach dated a guy for 5yrs through HS and college, then dated a guy for 2yrs in Vegas. Adam dated a girl for 4yrs, ended up hating each other. 23:06 Por would watch HIMYM, 2.5men and Ice T & Coco...then they all give CBS shout outs. Kal is making plenty of stupid noises. 20:11 Por is going to ask for alcohol and Midol. Kal is planning her HOH tweets, going to try @ her friends. 20:20 Jor/Law talking music in HT, Jor trying not to get in trouble with singing. Por making jokes about each HG, not good ones. In HT Jor says she would be scared to walk into a Club and make an entrance like Law does, getting attention. 20:22 Shell/Kal in KT discussing how much to trust Por, then Kal sings about her butt and we get WBRB. 20:24 Kal is yelling "Penis! Vagina!" in HOH. Kal thinks Shell is getting too skinny. In BY, Jeff is frustrated with another pool game. 20:30 In BY, a dance off is beginning. Law vs Rach. Rach does splits and a twist, Law shakin' booty. They try breakdancing, Shell says Rach looks like a donkey. 20:35 Jor tries to spin on her head, inspiring a hand stand contest. Jor/Shell seeing who can hold pose the longest. Shell wins. 20:37 Dani misses her pet, Law and Rach resume dancing in BY. Rach/Law show their "ready to party" entrance at clubs, Shell is not impressed. 20:44 Dani/Kal still in HOH, discussing dogs. BY crew has calmed down a little, discussing TV shows. Jor asks Shell how she walks into a club. "Like a normal human being and go to my table" 20:53 Jor/Jeff in hammock, watching BY crew, discussing Law's nom a little. Kal keeps singing despite BB asking her not to, repeatedly. 21:00 Jeff/Jor in Hammock, talking about having Adam's vote for Rach. Hope he doesn't win HOH, they don't know what he'd do.
  11. mrspippi

    8/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    22:06 Kal, while shaving her bikini line, says she will ask Shell who she has a deal with. Dani leaves as Kal shaves. Jeff/Dani are trying to remember what sauce you put on eel, Adam gives his nightly shoutout to Farrah, says they better have partied for his birthday. 22:11 Rach gives Bren a shoutout and fills him in on the days events..TicTacToe/Memory Game/Jeffs cooking/Veto.Dani tells Adam Law said 80% of straight men have acted on ideas of being with another man. Dani thinks that's crazy. Crazy as in she doesn't believe it. Adam thinks it's true for women, not men. Dani doesn't want to eat Adam's ice cream cake, she doesn't like frosting. Adam says she's mean. He does a creepy Cruddy voice. 22:31 Law/Por playing name card game, Shell commentating. Kal is a little wound up, making loud growling sounds. Dani reenters HOH, Kal out of bath and wanting ice cream. She heads to KT for a spoon. Dani says she needs to sleep, she hates being awake sometimes. 22:34 Kal says she wants Dani's period to hurry up and come..and go. She says Dani is in a shit mood and doesn't want to talk, Dani says she's not that bad. Dani hates talking game all the time.Dani wondering why Rach doesn't like her. Kal says b/c she's fun/pretty/secure and Rach feels jealous and insecure. Kal is horny and wishes she could even just kiss someone. Wonders if Shell & Tony have sex. In BY, Rach is playing Adam in pool while Jeff does laundry. Por/Dani begging for alcohol to cams gets BB "You are not allowed to talk about Prod" 22:48 Kal wishes she got a fun twist like Pandora Box, not one that keeps Rach in the game. Dani says prod announces when jury starts, maybe they're not really in jury yet. Dani/Por/Kal discussing ice cream ingedients. Jeff/Adam setting up another pool game. Dani thinks she found something gross in Kal's bed, Kal checks it out and says it's probably slobber. Dani imitates Rach telling Kal her bf is hot. Dani asks Kal, if could only watch 30mins of TV, what show? Kal says Modern Family, Dani exclaims "me too" Por doesn't watch it. Jor/Law called out for talking Prod, Dani is surprised they're talking to each other. Convo switches back to Law's actions earlier
  12. mrspippi

    Lurkers Come On Out...Big Brother 12 Is Here!

    Alright! Here I am! lol..can't wait for the new season! Summer doesn't start until BB premiers! Still campaigning to allow Canadians in! We'd rock the house!
  13. mrspippi


    Oddball question, I've tried searching it but to no avail. Has anyone mentioned why Kevin seems to have blotches all over his face? Does he have a lack of pigment or is it just the lighting or something else?
  14. 10 definately. It's not summer until BB starts! Reintroducing myself: Hi! Canadian, been a fan and feed watcher since season 1, mother of 3 boys, I work at an elementary school so I have my summers off! Yay! I think the kids will be going to bed early tonight!
  15. mrspippi

    Big Brother Rumors

    ok i finally found the line that was quoted in wikipedia.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Brother_9_(U.S.)#Broadcasts I do note that there are no citations for this paragraph, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see! I figured if mortys wasn't buzzing about it, it couldn't have been true!