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    beautiful women, fishing, music (in no particular order)
  1. oldguy

    Favorite & Least Favorite Season?

    I haven't seen much of this season, but based on what I HAVE seen, it's my LEAST favorite. My absolute favorite though was the season with Evil Dick. And, oh boy, did he stir up things at Morty's! Hey! Who threw away my avatar?!!!
  2. oldguy

    Matt - Week 7 Replacement Nominee

    It's been so long I've forgotten how to post! That said, I agree with you, Fatcat. I would only add that Matt had a crooked grin!
  3. UGH !! Doesn't look like I'll be getting your way anytime soon - between work and finding someone I can trust to watch the babies....sooner or later we ARE getting together !!

  4. oldguy

    Jeff - Part 3

    Yeah, Jeff is A-OK in my book too. But I hope Jordan told him to scratch her name off his short list.
  5. oldguy

    Kevin - 6th Juror

    Kevin went out with lots of class. Can't say that for many evictees.
  6. oldguy

    Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    Natalie, instead of trying to get Lydia's vote, dissed her during the Q and A. Real smart move by the skank. By the way, I think Lydia is a lot smarter and more perceptive than most of us thought she was. And she's pretty funny too. I couldn't stand her when she was still in the house. The more I saw her the last couple weeks, the more she grew on me.
  7. oldguy

    Jordan - BB 11 Winner

    Thank you, Big Brother gods!!! The best girl won!!!! Way to go, Jordan!!! The shocker of the night, for me anyway, was Jessie voting for Jordan. I dislike him a little less now. Wonder if Chima watched. I hope so. Her stupid, disgraceful performance was roundly criticized by everyone. And the producers managed, once again, to show her getting kicked out of the house. She has to feel humiliated!! Good for her!!!!!
  8. oldguy

    Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    MY FINALE NIGHT PRAYER Please, BB gods, let JORDAN win the prize. Don't reward the SKANK for all her lies! If KEVIN wins that's okay too Just kick out the skank - please, please do. I could not stomach a win by the SKANK For me the season would be in the tank! O Big Brother gods please hear my plea Jordan or Kevin will be fine with me!
  9. Who's Bonnie Hunt? .... never mind - I won't be watching (listening?) anyway. After the season ends I have no interest in the houseguests. Well, except for Janelle, my all-time favorite.
  10. oldguy


  11. oldguy

    Big Brother Recap Show - Tonight 13 September

    I watched the show. Mostly borrring! Also watched some of the Bears/Packers game. It put me to sleep. Borrring. There was no score when I dozed off. I hope the game improved after I drifted off. Oh, and Serena Williams is a bozo. Shame on her for her profanity-laced tirade. Sorry I strayed a little off topic.
  12. oldguy

    Finale Predictions

    I agree, Omega.
  13. oldguy

    Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    Yes, absolutely! She's right up there with Jun on my list! Jun is the woman who referred to James' 7-year old daughter as "The little bitch". I would say it's a 3-way tie: Natalie, Jun, Maggie.
  14. oldguy

    Natalie's True Age

    Phooey! Just posted what is probably my final poem - about Nat - in the Poem, Limerick thread which is now in the Archives. Thought maybe it would bring it out of the Archives, but there it sits. I don't want to bother re-typing it in another thread.
  15. Big Brother 11 is now in the tank And so at this time I'd like to thank The person responsible - the nasty skank. I can't bring myself to speak her name Or even type it - and she's to blame. As we approach the end of the season The show's gone south and she's the reason. As I crown her the Queen of Big Brother Liars May I pull her teeth with a pair of pliers? No, I can't do that - it would be too mean. Mustn't hurt the newly-crowned Queen. And so, in closing, it pains me to say She played a good game with the guy who's gay. Together they managed to get rid of the others. It wouldn't have ended this way if I had my druthers.