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  1. This Team America thing *has* the potential to sink someone's game. Both voting options, if executed well, could send someone out the door. If I'm sitting in the BB house, the first person I'll vote out is anyone I suspect is in a showmance followed by someone I think has a connection to someone that was in a previous season of BB. I'd be looking for reasons to vote people out, and it wouldn't take much to get everyone else on that bandwagon. Heck, if I was on Team America, I'd seriously be considering waiting for one of my teammates to start the rumor, then exposing them and getting them out as a "troublemaker". I'm evil like that. LOL
  2. I like that they don't have a script (per say) to follow as to nominations. Means they're actually going to have to use their brains and THINK. And you never know if it's going to be a physical, smart, or just blind luck comp so do you just toss up people you want out and hope for the best or do you try to lose?? My real question is when will this twist end? It's not going to take too long before they won't have enough people for there to be 2 HoHs and 4 noms.
  3. They should have been told that it has to stay a secret until all 3 members have been picked. This is lame, why even bother if she's going to just blab to everyone before the team is even selected. Can America vote for her to keep her big mouth shut???
  4. I was wondering if they would replace Team America members if they got voted out too. I want Joey voted out this week BECAUSE of the Team America twist. I don't like that the voting was done before we even knew who any of these people were (and maybe that's the point, so we'll feel like how the houseguests feel when they are trying to make alliances without really knowing who these people are). But, I still think we should have been able to see them in the house before starting to cast our votes, it's still early enough that we don't really know any of them yet, but we should have been allowed to get some strong first impressions before voting. I just hope that the "assignments" aren't stupid turning off the lights or giving someone our baby blanket.
  5. Teri

    Christine Brecht (Week 1)

    I don't know what it is about this chic, but I like her. Maybe it's because she's not the typical model they like to put in the house. Looking forward to watching her play.
  6. I personally thought it was kind of pathetic that the best thing she has going on in her life, the thing she wants people to see her for... is politics (which I could have seen if she were an actually politician, but to be labeled a lib or a conserve, that just translates to mouthpiece/tool to me). I'm not watching the feeds, so I am only seeing what CBS is putting out there, I just felt kinda sad for her that she doesn't have anything else in her life to define her. With hair like that, you would have thought she would have something going on that would have been interesting. Oh, and I don't for a moment buy that she was America's choice. Hope she goes home this week, just because I don't believe she was America's pick.
  7. Teri

    GinaMarie - Week 10 (HoH)

    This is the first time I'm excited and actually regretting not getting the feeds. I cannot wait to see Amanda flip out when she realizes the entire house is against HER. They might all have to hide int he HoH room together... or maybe the producers can slip Amanda some Valium instead of her other meds.
  8. I wanted Amanda on the block for other reasons, truth be told. When one person runs everything, the game gets predictable and boring. I wanted her gone to see these other people scramble and now that's not going to happen. Mc and Amanda will be final 2 at this rate because these other people are are sheep and can't think for themselves.... except for Helen, who isn't so much thinking, as she is doing the politic game that she clearly has down to a science.
  9. What the hell is wrong with him.... I am sitting here wishing that there were some sort of grounds for the FBI to get a warrant and pull his computer. Behind EVERY joke is a shred of truth. Every time someone says something hurtful, they always pull that whole "I was just joking" excuse. I'm sick of it.... I think we need to get back to the time where if you opened your big fat stupid mouth and said something crappy, you could expect a punch right to the face because you deserved it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
  10. Teri

    America - Week 5 - MVP

  11. Teri

    America - Week 5 - MVP

    I don't think we've actually seen Amanda play to win. Being on the block would change that.
  12. Teri

    America - Week 5 - MVP

    Yeah, we'd be playing Vetos until the end of time if the replacements all got a chance at it. =) I think there's too many variables to be a guaranteed backdoor for Grodner. I think the only real control she has over it is in the edit, to be honest, and that will only take her so far... then things like people being on the block or getting off on vetos start to make the edit not so important. We went down to the third choice last week. The votes start to get slimmer at that point and that's when voting someone like Amanda or Helen might make an impact. On a side note, I LOVE that they told us how America voted. That transparency was AWESOME. They should do more of that.