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  1. Cutie

    8/17 - Live Feed Updates

    3:41pm BBT Michelle and Jeff are talking about what was going on the conversation with Michelle and Russell. Jeff is basically trying to convince Michelle he is trying to convince you to go against them. Jeff doesn't understand his logic. Jeff says you can think about a touchdown when you are on your 10 yard line. Michelle agrees by saying he is thinking two weeks ahead. Russell's plan is to have Michelle and him to win POV and HOH alternating until they are final two. (What fricken world is he in). Jeff thinks that is totally funny. Michelle is talking about her job with Jeff. Jeff seems to be fascinated with what she is talking about. She wrote a paper before coming into BB, but she is worried someone else might write a paper and get it before she can get her's out because she is on BB. She feels this house is more better for her then her job. Her job is very competitive. She stated she makes less than a high school teacher. She stated to get something printed, she has to pay them. She also states that she would need to apply for grants to help with her research. Michelle and Jeff are talking about different diseases that affect so many people. Michelle has meet Michael J. Fox. FOTH Michelle is going through the process of doing research on certain disease and talking about stem cell research. Talking about embryos that aren't being used can be donated for science research.
  2. Cutie

    Who has/ will have Live Feeds?

    I have the live feeds, but I don't like the fact you can hear things, but the picture doesn't go along with what is actually happening. I had the feeds last year and it was way better quality than this year. I am sure the houseguests will get more interesting, we can only hope.
  3. I prepare my family to not call me during the shows three times a week. I have pre-purchased my live-feeds from mortystv link so I can report the going ons in the house I have prepared my schedule from work to when I can report on Morty's tv. I just learn to accept my summer is with Big Brother, however this year, i am away for one full week. Needed to take a holiday, but I will be able to watch BB on tv, so it is still good. Might come on and watch the live feeds when I have a chance.
  4. 4:09pm BBT Memphis comes out and looks at the camera and askes when he can take his onion necklace off. Michelle thinks around 5pm, so in one hour. Keesha is like I don't know what the eating habits are in this house. Memphis: no more eating after midnight tonight. (guess they are back on slop) Keesha: yeah i guess so They go into the house. Michelle: I was like in the DR for two hours Renny: when you do want to start cooking these. Memphis: around 4:45pm Camera shows the burned hotdogs and a burnt bun Just general chit chat, they are preparing things for supper time. BB: Ollie please put on your microphone Michelle: I think Libra is in the diary room. So it might be awhile. So how is that pasta salad coming along. I think I will have of that with my hotdog. Dan do you want me to cut up some of this (onion) Do you want any onions Keesha. Keesha no i don't think so Dan where is a onion masher when you need one. Just general getting stuff ready for supper tonight. Libra has come out of the diary room and has went outside. BB has place FOTH on and off for the last 10 minutes now.
  5. 12:51pm BBT The houseguests are now all up. Big brother seems to be placing FOTH on and off for the last 45 minutes trying to get them up. They are going over what happened last night and laughing at what they did. Michelle, Ollie and Dan are having some breakfast. Renny is in the kitchen doing some cleaning. Jerry is talking about a "hurricane" with memphis, keesha. THey are talking about the house being a hurricane and have we past the eye of the hurricane yet. Memphis talks about how we have calm down now and the worst has past. Jerry: just to much booze can cause so much trouble like it did last night. Memphis: I miss the hurricane season FOTH
  6. 11:47am BBT They are awake. Well some of them are. Jerry is awake, Keesha is awake. Libra is awake. Jerry is making coffee. Ollie is awake and went into the storage room with Libra. Libra says "She is going to keep to herself, what was said last night was said. She feels she deserves some peace and quit until she leaves". They leave the storage room. Keesha is in the bathroom with Ollie. She says no you know why I don't drink. She goes over things she kept saying last night. "I am a crazy girl on reality tv show". My parents are probably thinking "Oh my god". She laughs. Ollie and Keesha are brushing their teeth....probably get that smell out of their mouth. Keesha seems to be in happy spirirts vs last night. April is up and in the storage room. She is changing her batteries. Jerry and Keesha talking about how she was acting last night. Keesha says "we don't drink alot in here". April joins the group. Jerry: How are you doing April: Just fine April: what time is it Keesha: noon April: oh my god Keesha: oh my god Keesha: we had alot to drink last night April: brushing her teeth now. Keesha: craziness all of us were crazy weren't we Jerry: here I am 75 yrs old and I thought I had seen it all. Keesha: I think i will skipping the alchol the rest of the time. Jerry: you have to get rid of the emotions at some point in this house. Keesha: it is very hard. Ollie and Keesha are outside. Ollie: Are they going to clean that stuff up, cause I am not going to do it. Keesha: I don't know Ollie: there was so much yelling. I don't think I have heard so much yelling last night in my life. Michelle stormed out of the HOH room and was throwing pillows and you started to go crazy. At one point BB told them to return the steak knifes to the diary room. Seriously.....we get FOTH 12:00pm BBT Jerry and Renny in the kitchen. Jerry: Keesha said she is not going to drink again Renny: yeah right Jerry: I know she will drink again. Renny and Jerry are making breakfast. Keesha is re-hashing last night's events with Ollie what was said and who said what to whom. BB gives is the FOTH again. (gotta get some work done, hope someone will be around)
  7. 11:00am BBT All houseguests are still asleep
  8. 9:23am BBT HGs are still sleeping. Some are very restless, must be a hard night
  9. Cutie

    Bb10 Picture Thread

    Pictures of the fights tonight and the feast
  10. 11:29pm BBT Libra wants to fuckin go home now. If i don't go into the diary room soon I am going to go fuckin nuts. Michelle: Someone is in there now Libra: I didn't get those votes, I was the fuckin 4 vote. Michelle: who was setting up each week who was leaving the house Libra: I never did say that I went up there and tell who was leaving the house each fuckin week. Why the hell am I the fall guy for Stephen. April is sitting there like she has nothing to say. Michelle is going to Dan in the shower. Michelle: Why the fuck am I the asshole. I am asking you a fucking question. What you do don't have any to say to me. All of you need to get over yourselves. Michelle leaves the bathroom and goes outside where Jerry, Renny and Memphis are outside. Michelle: these fucking people are nuts. Everyone went upstairs and had a majority of the house votes and knew who was going out each fuckin week. I am not fucking stupid. I am the stupid one here.
  11. 11:15pm BBT Michelle is in the livingroom wiht April, Ollie, Libra, Dan If this was different, I would be the one going home this fucking week. I am talking about what was said to me. I am talking about what was being said to me, myself and I. I am the asshole, if I didn't win i would be the one out the fuckin door. I am the person who has been outside looking in. You guys know what you did and that is not fair to put me in that position. No one has my fuckin back. There were seven people up there you knew was going home. Nobody has anything to say. I have been pretty fuckin cool with the situation. What else could have do. Have you all sit here and be that. Everyone has to to understand I know what has been going on the last few weeks. I am the fucking person who going out the fuckin door this week. April at least you had a fucking team. Libra said I am sorry you took it that way. Michelle says "This is all about that fuckin banner, what the fuck do you think says " fucking roses are red and violets are fucking blue". I see a fuckin banner and so that makes me the next one to go out the fuckin door. Libra says Jessie and you are fucking strong team, so you two need to be separate. Michelle goes on says "go ahead you two stand up for her, because Libra is right. Libra is the one that is responsible for everyone that has left the house so far." Libra says " Damn I am good". Michelle and April said that "Libra and Keesha are the ones who wanted Angie out. (it is getting hard to keep up with all them talkin) Michelle is trying to go through one week at a time as to who wanted out of the house.
  12. 10:59 pm BBT Michelle goes outside and lays on the couch with the pillows on her. She is throwing a fit now. She is like fuck everybody, they fucking did all this shit. It is their responsibility for the mistakes they have made. Michelle says all you fuckin do is get screwed here. So now she is crying by her HOH room, with a bunch of pillows. Keesha went outside. Now the feed switch overs to Keesha outside and she is crying because it all blew up in her face. She feels like an idiot now. She says it isn't worth the 1/2 million dollars. If you want the money take it. I am in between the two of them. April and Libra have placed me in the middle. Keesha wants to go home to her boyfriend and dogs and family. I don't care about this fuckin money anymore. Fuck, fuck I look so stupid right now. Jerry "no you are not. Good get it out. Everyone wants the fuckin money". Keesha says "I am the one in the fuckin in the middle. I can't fucking do this shit anymore. I would go home tomorrow and tell them I don't care about this money. I don't want to talk about shit about these people. She said that Libra said that I am selling my soul. For what, to stay another fuckin week. All the fuckin power to her. I have nothing against anybody at the table tonight. She wants to be voted out because she can't deal with this shit anymore. I would be able to have video phone calls to my boyfriend. She keeps saying she can't do this for any kind of money. Memphis says "we all feel what you are you feeling". Keesha says she feels for letting Jerry walking around by himself. I feel like I should be in the mental institute. Keesha said something about someoen wants Jerry out that is part of his alliance. Jerry you have always had me. But you were fucking friends with April. Jerry "I am playing this game. I have been alone in my room for the last two weeks." Memphis and Jerry - Both say you are not leaving. Jerry says " i don't break my promise. Memphis says "if you fuckin leave me in this house, I will never talk to you again." Keesha goes on and on about what happened in the HOH room. She is trashing April for not taking responsibility for her actions in this house. Keesha keeps saying "April was going to put my ass up last week".
  13. 10:43pm BBT Keesha, Michelle, Libra and April are in HOH room fucking have it all out war about what was said to get Jessie out. The talk that Keesha with April in the Sauna room earlier. They are all drunk, especially "Keesha". They are basically yelling and screaming at one another.
  14. 6:15pm BBT Michelle and Dan are in the salon just talking general stuff. Michelle said she just finished 45 minutes of hurdles. They show a feed of Memphis sitting in the kitchen by himself, however we can hear Michelle talkin in the background. Michelle is talking about the onions, she saw keesha crying and asked if she is ok, she said yes, thanks michelle....and she laughs. She will eat cow balls, but she will not eat onions. Memphis comes in the room. They are talking about the POV competition, which had something to do with Onions and how they had to hit them and it was all over the place. There was onion juice all over. Michelle asks if Memphis likes raw onions, he said no....she said some people love them. Memphis said this was the funniest POV yet. Michelle said her body is aching a bit. Michelle said you had to make sure you hit harding enough and you don't cut your fingers off, so you can hit them in the hole. She said her back is so sore right now. Michelle can't wait for the feast. Dan said I know that is why i am sleeping. Michelle leaves to her HOH room to rest because of her back. Dan said Jerry can take Libra off the block if he wants. Memphis says "he won't because he wants her out of the house". Memphis says he will go talk to her (Michelle) later on, he is better when he has a bottle of wine. Memphis thinks that the feast at 7:30pm. Memphis said this is a regular time. Memphis asks Dan "When you do you eat". 5:30pm 6:30 pm at the latest, Memphis goes to say "what man, you eat like you are an 80 year old man. They kind of laugh. Memphis goes to weight himself and looks like libra is changing in the shower and he goes to the bathroom. Feeds switch over to Michelle in her HOH room reading her letter.
  15. 8:25pm BBT Keesha and Libra both know they are going up on the block this week. They both know this was going to happen after getting Jessie out of the house. Libra said you know what I am not going to give up. Is she going to give up? No she is isn't either. It is a game and that is just what happens. April says "One of us wins POV and they will have to put up someone else". April said "I will at least go out to the real world for a minute". She will get to see "Julie", before going into sequester. April and Keesha both say that they all hope to win when they come into this game. Keesha says "honestly do you think you are going to win. BB: You can not talk about production Libra said "That isn't us." Libra said that they all have a good chance to win this game. Even against dumb dumb. Renny talks about the fact that I would vote with my head. They all are saying that they aren't going to give Michelle the money if she is in the end. Libra said "you have to watch who you are putting in the game" "you think I was bad in the game, see me outside the game.