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  1. kimber1369

    House Divided

    I chose the Ryan, Adam, Sheila and Nat group only because I would like to see Ryan go to the end. I don't think Ryan and Josh will have each others back. I think it will be Ryan and Sharon in the end because they play the calm, laid back 'card' alot...
  2. kimber1369

    Airplane Messages

    Ryan.....Jen is pregnant.... Parker Houseguests - you have all been evicted from the BB House....
  3. kimber1369


    What the???????
  4. kimber1369


    I wonder how much of Natalie's 'love' of Matt, stalkerish behavior and delusional thoughts are real? I almost think she is playing the house and she isn't as crazy as she comes across.... (if this has already been discussed, sorry......)
  5. kimber1369


    I also think your on to something BBFan. I don't think it has anything to do with Chelsea's parents because they didn't care about Natalie's, Matt's, David or Amanda's (I know there are more but I can't keep up with all this sex... I'm married! lol) IMO - I wonder if it could also be the fact that he was in gay porn so if he has sex with a girl it will cause a drop in his movie sales or if they would have to market him a 'bi'?
  6. kimber1369


    I wonder why he doesn't want people to know? Does he think they will vote him out because of it? Also, I wonder if he will want to leave the house because of it.....
  7. kimber1369


    maybe he should have been on fear factor: the homeless porn addition (i crack me up)
  8. kimber1369


    TCS, it would not surprise me if he said he has already eaten $h!t just for grins and giggles.... blech
  9. kimber1369

    BB 10 - Ideas

    BB10: Same twist, different season BB10: If I'm in the house, so is my ______ (mom, ex, boss, etc) I guess the best way to get on this show is to have a family reunion at the casting so that you have a better chance of you and mom, dad, etc to get on BB..... My husband suggested a handicap BB, I would watch it
  10. kimber1369

    Chose A New Title For Bb9

    Big Brother Nympho Show or Big Brother: The Naked Season Unleashed
  11. I can't wait until they split up the couples. Instead of having 5 sets of 'soul mates' we will now have 5 sets of 'divorced' people... bring on the extra doses of drama, back stabbing and b.s. .... I do wonder though if they get 'divorced' who gets custody of the guinea pigs? hmm...
  12. kimber1369

    Poll On Houseguests Morals

    Every year there are one or two people who get naked on camera, this year, there are one or two people who have stayed clothed on camera... Before long they will have to move everything over to Showtime or Skin-a-Max...
  13. kimber1369

    You Know Its Almost Bb Season When.....

    I got a DVR! I am ready... lets get this show on the road!
  14. kimber1369

    Tuesday 8/14 Show

    i missed it...what did jen tell jessica to make her think Dustin and Dick had a deal?
  15. kimber1369

    Tuesday 8/14 Show

    I like her too and I don't think she is a sell out, I think it is all part of their plan. He is torturing everyone and she has too get them to see that his rants effect her just like they effect them....i like it