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  1. 12:07 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH as Steve occasionally sings and hums. Austin remains in the KT making his midnight treats which includes chicken and eggs. Steve in the BY saying to himself "It's fine when you're at the bottom of the totem pole when there are 14 people in the house. But when you <mumble mumble> that's a TERRIBLE thing. 12:12 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH continues. Austin asks Liz if she wants tea, coffee, hot cocoa. She squeals NOOOO. He asks if she wants to drive around and look at Christmas lights. She says she would with him. "Ok, Goodbye!" she says before heading towards the bedrooms. "I'll keep it warm for you!" she says. Austin continues eating his midnight treats. Out in the BY Steve is walking around the pool. 12:14 AM BBT Steve whispering/mumbling to himself. He doesn't have anything new to report. If he goes this week he'll go out at number 5. He thanks everyone for an unforgettable summer. "This is one of the few times Spencer gets to vote! I remember that." Steve says. Steve says he can beat 'him' because he doesn't have an HOH win. 12:17 AM BBT Steve says Johnny Mac hasn't made any big moves this season. Steve acknowledges that he's talking to himself quite extensively. Meanwhile in the WA Austin is flossing and brushing his teeth. 12:20 AM BBT Steve says that lying on his mother's life will not effect her at all. He will do whatever he has to do to win. Steve says he had to break that word to get further. He says he's a Scientist. Very difficult to follow what he's saying due to the speed and his mumbling. Steven the player and Steven the human could not be more opposite. Austin into WC. 12:24 AM BBT Steve says he made two big moves. He broke up the twin twist and he helped get the biggest player out of the game. Austin into bed with Liz in the darkened OBR. 12:30 AM BBT Steve continues to practice what sounds like a final two speech in the BY. To summarize it sounds like he's planning on taking JM to the final 2 and using the argument that JM had no big moves and he (Steve) will have had two. Steve will be able to say that he broke up the twin twist and had a hand in getting Vanessa out by turning on her and breaking his deal with her. 12:33 AM BBT In the darkened OBR Liz and Austin are whispering without their mics on. Liz says he needs to campaign. Steve only hangs out with them when it's convenient for him. "Sorry bucko, it's time to man up and pick a side. Julia will be so happy to see him." Steve finishes his laundry and heads inside to the KT. 12:40 AM Steve appeared to be counting things within the house before heading into the WC. Meanwhile over in the OBR, suspicious cover movement with someone panting or breathing heavily in Austin and Liz's bed. 12:45 AM BBT Steve continues to wander through the house counting things while Austin and Liz continue their cuddle time in their bed. 12:46 AM BBT Liz and Austin have finished their cuddle session. "You're so hooooot." Liz whines out. Austin says it's because of her kisses. Steve heads into the CBR for bed. Austin wonders how long until he pops back out. 12:50 AM BBT Austin gets up to go use the WC and offers to get Liz some water. 12:53 AM BBT Austin wanders out of the WA after running his hands under the water. He returns to the OBR and crawls back into bed with Liz. 12:56 AM BBT Steve gets up and heads out of the CBR. Austin says "here he comes". Steve heads into the KT and pours himself a bowl of Fruit Loops. Back in the OBR Liz and Austin whisper about the scamper squad. 01:01 AM BBT Steve pours himself another bowl of cereal and reads the Fruit Loop box. Back in the OBR Liz and Austin have quieted down. 01:10 AM BBT After washing up in the WA, Steve heads back into the darkened CBR and just as quickly he's right back out. Steve heads back to the WC to make sure he flushed. Meanwhile back in the OBR Liz whispers "Oh my gawd...he's so weird...." Steve heads back to the OBR and crawls back into bed. 01:20 AM BBT Steve gets back up and heads through the LR and into the KT where he grabs M&Ms or skittles and begins to place them on the small table. 01:26 AM BBT Steve continues to run out scenarios using candy. He does not sound like he has a mic on so it's very hard to hear. 01:27 AM BBT Steve heads back to bed. 01:41 AM BBT All four feeds currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 01:58 AM BBT Steve has remained restless and just reached over and grabbed his HOH letter. Johnny can be seen rolling over in his own bed. Steve rolls over himself and hugs his bear.
  2. 12:00 AM BBT Currently all four feeds display the following message: WE APOLOGIZE The selected content has not yet started. For assistance please visit our Help Center. Other feed watchers in the chat rooms all report the same message. 12:12 AM BBT Feeds back in partial form. 12:21 AM BBT Feeds back. Liz and Julia currently playing a game of chess against Austin. Steve watching. 12:27 AM BBT Steve called to DR. 12:30 AM BBT Julia shouts “SNNNEEEEAKY!” when Austin makes a move. Vanessa appears awake down in the CBR just laying in bed. It sounds like walking can be heard within the walls. 12:43 AM BBT The chess game continues. Austin is trying to win his queen back. It sounded like footsteps could be heard in the walls on the camera that was aimed in the CBR at Vanessa. Vanessa appears awake. 12:49 AM BBT The girls concede their game to Austin. Austin says it's midnight treat time. 12:51 AM BBT Liz and Julia into WA brushing/flossing teeth. Austin remained in the KT looking for something to make for their midnight snack. Steve should still be in the DR and Vanessa and Johnny Mack are in the CBR in their own beds. 12:54 AM BBT Autin yells to Liz from the KT telling her not to brush. She says she's brushing and she's not eating. Austin says he wants her to eat with him. She says no. Liz and Julia continue to brush/floss in the WA. 12:55 AM BBT Steve out of DR. Liz called to DR. Austin tells Steve that he won. Liz is glad they called her before she removed her makeup. Steve asks Austin for a rematch. He says after he eats. Steve wonders if he should go to bed. Steve heads into HOH and gets a drink. 01:00 AM BBT Julia says "Goodnight boys!" Austin says "That's it?" Julia heads into CBR and says she knows they're going to hate her but she has to turn the lights on to make her bed. Johnny calls out "Dangit Julia!" in a scary playful voice. 01:03 AM BBT Steve asks Austin how the twins are doing. He said there was a bit of crying this morning but now things are back to normal. Steve asks if he (Austin) is going to wait for them to tell him how to vote. Austin says he is. 01:07 AM BBT Lights off in the CBR. Steve and Austin continue to chat at the KT table about previous comps and previous seasons. 01:10 AM BBT Liz out of DR. Steve wants to play chess against someone. Liz doesn't want to play against Steve because she will beat her in like 5 minutes. 01:12 AM BBT Steve and Liz clean off the chess table on the sky-bridge because it's very oily. They begin to clean off the chess board and the pieces now. Austin wonders if this is necessary to do before they're about to play. 01:20 AM BBT Chess has begun between Steve and Austin with Julia watching. 01:23 AM BBT Production can be heard walking behind the walls through the mics in the darkened CBR. Steve called to DR. 01:29 AM BBT Austin in to use the HOH toilet, now back out on the sky bridge waiting for Steve to come out of the DR. 01:34 AM BBT Liz wiped down the table on the sky bridge with some water in order to get the residue off the table and the chess pieces that she and Steve apparently left behind when they cleaned it the first time. Austin sits at the chess board waiting for Steve's return. 01:38 AM BBT Liz and Austin are tired. They wonder how long Steve will be. They agree that they are tired and should go to bed. He took too long in DR. 01:43 AM BBT Liz and Austin into bed in the darkened OBR. Kissing sounds with Liz whimpering/whining/moaning can be heard (as if annoyed?). 01:48 AM BBT Austin and Liz continue to cuddle/kiss in the their bed in the darkened OBR. 01:51 AM BBT Steve out of DR. Liz shouts to him "You're too late!" He asks if they're going to bed. They say they are tired and he was spending too much time scampering. He says he was in the DR (sounding rather hurt). They say too bad he was still scampering. Steve tells them goodnight. Liz says he has a big day tomorrow blogging to his mommy. Steve up to HOH. 01:55 AM BBT Liz says to Austin if they were in jury this would be a different story right now. Austin asks what would be a different story. Liz doesn't want to say right now. Steve is pacing in his HOH room while listening to his music. 01:58 AM BBT Austin wonders when that room was called the cheese room and why. Liz says all the guys smelled. Austin wonders if he was smelling the worst (himself) and that's why Jason just happened to home in on him. Liz repeats all the guys smelled. Steve continues to pace back and forth through his room as he listens to music. 02:00 AM BBT Julia yells "What're you doing?!" as she bursts out of her door. Austin and Liz shout out in surprise. Liz says Austin jumped. Julia cheers saying she got them both. Austin tells Julia to go hide inside the doorway to the CBR that way when she comes back she can scare her when she opens the door. Steve heads downstairs. 02:04 AM BBT Julia back to the darkened rooms. Austin hides in the doorway to the HNR room. Julia knows they're not in bed. She says no way. Austin jumps through the door way and scares Julia. Julia opens the door to the CBR and Liz tries to scare her. 02:07 AM BBT Liz and Austin try to formulate a plan to scare Julia. Liz tries to crawl in the room to scare Julia. Julia sees her coming. Austin tries to do it but also is seen. Julia screams (mind you, Vanessa and Johnny Mac are trying to sleep in this room). Julia comes out and tells them that the other two are trying to sleep and probably hate them right now. 02:10 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the BY Steve talks to himself trying to run scenarios. Steve says his job is done because he split up either the twins or the showmance. Steve thinks Vanessa will throw HOH this week. He feels safe with Johnny Mac. 02:13 AM BBT Steve needs Austin to have the same doubt about Vanessa that he (Steve) does. Steve doesn't think Johnny wouldn't put him up. Steve feels safe on the block against Johnny Mac. Steve might go home against Vanessa. He doesn't think he and Austin would end up on the block together with the combination of people in the house. Steve needs to worry about Vanessa and he on the block together. He should be safe against Julia. 02:18 AM BBT Steve needs Austin to have doubts about Vanessa but how. Steve feels Vanessa did her a big favor about telling him about....*mumbles*. Steve says any decisions that have to be made he'll make them when the time comes. In the mean time he has drive a wedge between Austin and Vanessa. Steve gets it now. Austin is to her (Vanessa) as John is to Steve. It makes sense now. 02:22 AM BBT Steve really wishes he could have sent Austin home this week. The twins are blind. They are so oblivious. Meanwhile back in the darkened OBR Austin and Liz talk about previous comps. 02:23 AM BBT Steve heads back inside to his HOH. (He was out in the BY laying out on the hammock talking to himself). 02:26 AM BBT Liz and Austin try to get comfortable in bed before Liz gets up to go pee. Austin asks where she's going "To go pee". Austin gets up and wanders into the WA, sneaking up to the WC door. Austin jumps out from behind the WC door and says "What're you doing?!" She screams and falls to the floor. She hates him. He said she was deathly scared. Meanwhile up in the HOH Steve brushes his teeth and begins to pace his room while listening to his music. 02:29 AM BBT Steve hears the yelling and screaming and wanders down. Austin spots/hears Steve coming out of the HOH and Austin crouches down to scare him. He jumps out around the corner and tries to scare Steve. Liz tells Steve that he hears screaming and has to come down stairs and investigate. Steve wonders if he should go. They tell him they were just scaring each other. They tell him about Julia scaring them earlier. Steve won't be obnoxious by coming down any more. Steve back up to HOH. They tell him goodnight. 02:36 AM BBT Liz talking about how they (production) didn't pay any attention to them until after Clay and Shelli left and now that they're gone they (production) are beginning to realize that they are way more interesting than Clay and Shelli ever was (Gag - Niteslacker). Austin agrees. 02:40 AM BBT Steve turns off the lights in HOH room. He says tomorrow he has to put as much doubt in Austin's mind as he can about Vanessa. Down in the OBR Liz continues to mumble at Austin about different things (hard to hear due to her mic not being on). 02:46 AM BBT Steve heads down from HOH. Liz and Austin hears the door clack shut. Austin says "The boy is scampering, they're going to turn the lights back on." Steve heads into the WA and uses a cotton swab in his ear. The house is mostly dark with the lights being turned off. 02:48 AM BBT Steve heads back upstairs and leans over the balcony looking down on the KT. Liz and Austin continue to mumble/ramble in their bed. 02:50 AM BBT Lights back on in the rest of the house. Steve goes back into HOH room and begins playing with his mic and his key and the zipper of his hoodie, making a loud noise. Steve talks to the camera asking for the lights to be turned off so Liz and Austin won't say he's scampering. Steve watches the HOH spy screen looking for the lights to be turned back off. Steve heads back out onto the balcony. 02:55 AM BBT Steve says he "can't do it because the camera won't stay off of me." Steve says "it's just that simple. I won't do it until you turn the lights out. I'll just hang out here until you do." He wonders if him turning off the HOH lights will help. A camera can be heard whirring in his direction. Steve says "you ruined my plan because you would not keep that camera off of me. You completely ruined it.” 02:59 AM BBT Steve sees that a camera has been moved on the spy screen away from where he was standing. "Any chance the lights will be going out soon? I would be very appreciative of it! 03:00 AM BBT Steve says he needs to start the "Me versus Vanessa campaign now!" He checks the spy screen and sees that the lights are still on. “Dangit!" 03:12 AM BBT All four feeds currently display horizontal HGS in darkened rooms. 2 feeds on Austin and Liz and 2 feeds on Steve in HOH. Steve can't believe the house lights are still on. He's going to do something one more time. He closes the HOH door quietly and walks slowly across the balcony towards the part directly over the hallway that leads to the rooms. He squats down before walking back to his room, giving the camera an annoyed look. 03:16 AM Steve back into bed, mumbling to himself. Meanwhile downstairs Austin and Liz remain motionless and quiet. 03:26 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. It sounds like Austin may be talking in his sleep, though it could be Steve still mumbling to himself.
  3. 12:09 AM BBT Meg and James have joined the rest of the house at the chess board. Austin and Johnny are now playing chess. Vanessa continues to give Austin pointers. Johnny plays aggressively and Austin is shocked. 12:12 AM BBT Austin wins the first game. Johnny was playing aggressively with his King. Austin commends him on his game because he wasn't expecting it. Vanessa agrees she's never seen a strategy like that played either. Steve heads down to SR. 12:17 AM BBT Meg and James head back out to play pool. Meg comments that it's just awkward now with everyone. FoTH. Feeds back quickly. James continues to offer tips to Meg on her pool game. Meg says he's a good teacher. Austin and Johnny continue to play chess. 12:21 AM BBT Steve asks where Liz went. Julia says his (Austin's) real Queen has left him to go shower. Chess continues up on the skybridge with everyone present except for James and Meg whom are in the BY playing pool. 12:26 AM BBT Johnny and Austin continue to play chess, the game is tied. Down in the BY James and Meg start a new game. James says Meg has the concepts down and he wants to play a real game with her. She agrees. 12:33 AM BBT Meg wants to get a pool table when she gets home. Lots of griping at Steve coming from Julia and Austin and occasionally Vanessa at the chess board. Steve is apparently being annoying. Julia keeps repeatedly saying "Steve..." after almost everything he says. 12:43 AM BBT Nothing new to report. Chess continues on the sky bridge and pool continues in the BY. Austin is beating Johnny but is frustrated because Johnny plays aggressively and unpredictably. Steve is over using the phrase "Very sneaky..." and gets scolded by Julia and Austin and occasionally Vanessa. But once the phrase hasn't been used for a bit, Julia and Austin will use it and it will be fine. 12:50 AM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if he's going downstairs to get something. She asks him to walk out and get her some water from outside. She's afraid of getting cornered. 12:51 AM BBT Liz is out of the shower and offers to go get some water for Vanessa. Julia says Liz isn't scared. Vanessa says she's not scared either she just doesn't want to talk game to them because she's tired. 12:55 AM BBT Chess feeds switch to Liz and Vanessa in the HOH. Vanessa wonders what she should say with them. Liz says Austin just listened and stuck with his own plan which is what she needs to do. She wonders how to end the conversation if it starts otherwise they will just sit there and go on and on and on. 01:02 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz continue to chat in the HOH. Vanessa and Liz agree that they doubt James and Meg would try to throw the next HOH if it's offered as a deal. Vanessa is going to try and go to bed. Liz wishes her a good night. Steve comes in and Vanessa explains to him that she's going to bed and that she doesn't want to scamper tonight. Steve says he tried to make Meg feel part of the group a bit ago. 01:07 AM BBT Meg continues to get pointers from James about the game of pool in the BY. Up in the HOH Vanessa hashes out her speech for tomorrow. Steve tells her just to relax and not worry about things. Steve wants to go so it's not super suspicious. They both agree that they want to be friendly to Meg but if she chooses to ostracize herself from the group then it's her. Steve leaves and turns out the light for her. Vanessa turns on the spyscreen. 01:14 AM BBT Steve rejoins Johnny and Austin's game of chess with Julia watching. Meg and James continue to play pool in the BY. 01:23 AM BBT Austin finally beat Johnny at chess. Steve goes in to check on Vanessa. She wants to try and sleep that way she is asleep if they come in. Vanessa tells Steve goodnight and she'll see him in the AM. Meg and James continue play pool in the BY. 01:25 AM BBT Austin and Liz cuddle in the OBR while Johnny heads outside. Steve comes in and they stop. James tells Johnny he needs to play Meg at pool because she's getting good. 01:30 AM BBT Austin and Liz go back to tickling and making out in the OBR. James heads in to "blow up" the toilet. Steve is going to run, swim, shower and probably scamper. 01:32 AM BBT Meg heads up to the HOH and knocks on the door and says "I'm sorry I always catch you when you're sleeping!" Vanessa says it's probably because she sleeps a lot. Meg is sorry. Vanessa tells her not to worry about it. Meg says they are getting down to the wire and her back is against the wall. Meg has the sense that Vanessa wants her to go "well...not go...but Meg has ideas why she should be kept." Vanessa will hear her out. Meg would throw HOH which she herself wouldn't expect to win anyway. 01:34 AM BBT Meg says she could control the vote a bit she believes by convincing James to keep Vanessa if she was on the block. Vanessa believes her with that and that she knows her word is good in the game. Meg says she's talked to James and that if James wins HOH she (Vanessa) will not go up. But Meg would instead. Vanessa wonders why. Meg says because she wants one more week and James will do what Meg wants. Meg says James will absolutely do it. 01:42 AM Vanessa would like to sleep on it. She says it's a great deal but she doesn't understand why Meg would do that. Meg says it's a good deal. Vanessa says she's concerned that she didn't keep a deal with James and that he may be upset with her still. She tells Meg to send James up after music in the morning. Meg says she'd rather go home next week after being saved this week by Vanessa. If James doesn't adhere to her deal with Vanessa then he would be going back on a deal with her (Meg) which is not ok. 01:45 AM BBT Vanessa says she doesn't know James and Meg all that well so she isn't sure. Austin and she (Vanessa) have been through some stuff. Vanessa asks Meg if she realizes that she and James will be back on the block again in the future. Meg realizes this. Vanessa says this wasn't the way things were supposed to go this week because James won veto. Out in the BY Steve and Johnny Mac chat, quizzing each other on events. 01:49 AM BBT Vanessa wants to sleep on it. She's very impressed that Meg came up with it and she says it's pretty much the strongest offer she could have made. Meg assures Vanessa that if James wins HOH that she (Meg) will go up on the block. If James were to go back on his word to Meg and put Vanessa up then Meg would vote to keep Vanessa. Meg understands throwing the HOH wouldn't have been the best offer. Meg assures Vanessa that she will throw the HOH and rehashes that James will not put her up (Vanessa) front door or back door. 02:00 AM BBT Vanessa this really is an appealing offer for her. She wonders who would go up in James' place. Meg has heard that people would be ok with Johnny. Vanessa will think about it. Meg will send James up in the morning. Meg says James expects to be on the block every week moving forward and is planning on winning vetos. Vanessa says he's a skillful guy and is impressed with him. Out in the BY Johnny and Steve continue to run dates of previous events. Meg heads out and turns the lights off for Vanessa. 02:04 AM Meg heads outside briefly before heading back inside. Austin has joined Steve and Johnny in the BY. Talk turns to video games. Meg goes into HNR and gets James and asks him if he needs to brush his teeth. They head into the SR instead. Meg says she just blew Vanessa's mind. Meg tells James that Vanessa is worried about James' side of the deal but he's supposed to go talk to her tomorrow after the music. James wonders who would go up instead. Meg says Johnny. James agrees the votes would be there to keep Meg. Meg says next week is a double eviction so Vanessa could be safe for a week and then be targeted immediately. Meg begins to rehash the conversation with her. 02:08 AM BBT Steve, Johnny and Austin continue to chat about video games in the BY. 02:21 AM BBT Meg and James continue to talk in the SR hoping that they can pull this off. Meg reassured James that she didn't tell her that he would throw the HOH but he can't front door or back door her. Out in the BY talk continues about video games with Steve and Austin leading the conversation. Video game primarily is about Mario Party and Legend of Zelda. Conversation briefly jumps to BB1 before going back to video games. 02:27 AM BBT Meg and James agree that Vanessa wants someone to take out Austin and the twins but she won't say it. They think she has a final 2 deal with Steve. Idle chit chat in the BY between Steve, Austin and Johnny about video games. 02:31 AM BBT James and Meg head into the WA and Meg begins to brush her teeth. James says if Vanessa still puts Julia up then... Meg agrees and says it gives him more of a reason to go after her. 02:35 AM BBT Meg and James climb into the shower clothed to wash the bottom of their feet. James playfully jokes around asking her what she's doing and telling her to calm down. James laughs saying he should have taken his shirt off to make it look like they were showering together. 02:39 AM BBT Meg into the darkened OBR to get her pajama pants. She and James head back to WA. Meg into WC to change. Out in the BY video game chat continues. They've talked everything from Atari, to Sega CD to Nintendo 64 and even some PC gaming. 02:45 AM BBT James and Meg head into the darkened HNR and James unhooks her bra through the back of her shirt in one try. He and she both laugh. James says he wanted to see if he still had it. 02:53 AM BBT Meg and James in HNR whispering, James being James by being flirty with Meg causing her to giggle. Out in the BY Austin, Steve and Johnny continue to chat. Johnny heading in for a moment. He'll be right back. 02:58 AM BBT Johnny back and talk turns to how James and Meg are going to be all over them about getting votes. Johnny plans on telling them that they didn't vote to save him last week so tough. 03:03 AM BBT Steve heads into use WC. Johnny and Austin now chatting about previous comps. In the HNR James continues to whisper to Meg. He wants to move their relationship further from a six to a seven. "Oh my God..." Meg says while laughing. James wants to offer several reasons why he and Meg should "camp together". Meg just laughs softly, saying "Oh my God. He's crazy...he's lost it" James says it's been a lot of dates. He's just sayin'. 03:05 AM BBT Austin, Steve and Johnny all agree to say that they had to agree to vote out Meg otherwise they would have ended up on the block next to her. 03:11 AM BBT James plays with floss while in his chair in the HNR. Out in the BY talk has turned to previous comps that they've all competed in. 03:19 AM BBT James and Meg begin to tire out. James asks Meg "Did you take your meds? Did you take your contacts out? How about your birth control?" Meg grumbles and laughs. The BY party breaks up. Johnny wants to go to bed. Austin agrees. They head in. Steve says he's going to take a shower first. 03:23 AM BBT Johnny Mac into HNR and gets in his chair. 03:28 AM BBT All four feeds currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Austin leans over and kisses Liz briefly. Otherwise quiet. Steve should be in the shower. 03:49 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. It is presumed we can hear Steve's mic on as the occasional sound can be heard (running water, etc...) , but no feeds currently display him.
  4. 12:10 AM BBT Austin, James, Meg and Liz continue to talk in the HOH about how Steve is trying to protect Johnny. Meanwhile down in the CBR Vanessa talks to Julia asking if she knows what Austin plans to do if the three make it to the final three. Does Austin plan to throw it to the sisters? Julia doesn't know. Julia believes they've only been safe because of Austin. People are scared of Austin and if they send Austin home then Liz will go after them and if Liz is upset with someone Julia will be. 12:15 AM BBT Julia worries that they are missing out on an opportunity to take out James. James put up Clay and Shelli without thinking about it. Julia says James is completely unreasonable when he is HOH. Vanessa agrees and says she's surprised that Austin isn't more open to the idea about putting James up. 12:17 AM BBT Vanessa asks if Julia were to put someone up who would she put up? Julia would go after James or Meg or Steve. Julia says it doesn't make sense to take out a floater instead of taking out a bigger threat. Becky was a huge threat and Liz did good as HOH. Meanwhile up in the HOH Austin points out that Steve studies the memory wall and is going to be a competitor. 12:19 AM BBT Julia says she's never talked to Meg except over the last couple weeks and Meg is now being super nice. Vanessa whispers that it makes more sense to go after James this week instead of taking out Johnny Mac this week. James has won more HOH's. Julia questions why they would send someone out who hasn't won anything. Vanessa points out Johnny has won comps. Julia points out that one BotB was thrown to Johnny. Julia wonders if Vanessa is thinking the same thing she is (taking out James). Vanessa agrees and says she can't do it this week without help. 12:27 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HOH Austin says even if Vanessa uses the POV and forces him to try and backdoor James or Meg, they still have the votes to be kept. Down in the CBR Julia says she doesn't want to sit down in the final 2 with Meg. 12:30 AM BBT Up in the HOH they wonder where Vanessa is. Austin wonders if she scampered back to the CBR. James is going to find Vanessa and ask her to talk to Johnny and investigate why Johnny Mac said what he said about James agreeing to throw HOH to him. James scampers downstairs and runs into the CBR to ask Vanessa for help. Austin called to DR. 12:34 AM BBT Vanessa tells James that Johnny told her that he had a conversation with James but left it at that. James tells Vanessa what Austin told him about Johnny claiming that James was going to throw the comp to him if he won. James doesn't want to call Johnny out it per say but he is curious to hear why Johnny said that. Vanessa will investigate it and thinks about how to best word it. 12:37 AM BBT In the KT Steve, Julia, Liz and Meg chat while eating cookies. Back in the CBR James and Vanessa continue to chat. James says Austin doesn't think James really said that so James isn't really worried. Vanessa understands and says she'll catch him in a lie, she says not to worry. Vanessa heads outside and immediately goes to Johnny asks to "clear the air" about this week. She asks Johnny if he had any deals coming into the HOH this week. Johnny says he did and tells her that he and Austin had one as well as he and James. 12:42 AM BBT Vanessa is confused as to why James is denying it. She wonders when they did this. Johnny says it was in the purple room just before the eviction when they were getting ready for eviction. Vanessa wonders why James would have done that. Johnny says because she was the target and nobody wanted to go after her and he was willing to. She says that absolutely makes sense. She says she's not really sure what to do with the information. She heads back inside and talks to James and says she believes both of them are being honest. 12:45 AM BBT Vanessa asks James if he remembers the conversation and tells him that Johnny says it was in the purple room. James doesn't remember saying it. Vanessa says she knows that some times things get tangled/twisted when talking to Johnny Mac. James says there is no way it happened. James wants to talk to Johnny Mac. Vanessa is going to HOH to talk to Austin. 12:48 AM BBT James asks Johnny to talk to him in the BY. James asks Johnny about the deal because he doesn't remember it. Johnny says they had the conversation right before the eviction when they were getting ready and it wasn't really a deal but it was said. James says 'they' all agree that it sounded like a deal is how Johnny was explaining it to them. James says he doesn't throw HOH comps. Johnny says he'll go talk to Austin if he'd like. Vanessa pulls Liz into the BY. 12:52 AM BBT Johnny Mac says it wasn't a hand shake deal but it was said. James doesn't remember saying it and he's a straight shooter and him putting Clay and Shelli on the block together is proof that he's not afraid of targets. Johnny offers to talk to Austin again just to tell them that it wasn't a contract deal. James says he does not remember the conversation but if Johnny says he said it, then clearly he did. They head inside. James heads up looking for Austin. 12:55 AM BBT Austin comes out of DR and says he has a card "It's some live feeder BS". Austin leads everyone to the BY. Austin jokes that live feeders are into bondage and kinky stuff. Meg and Liz tells him to stop. Austin says "Your friends the live feeders want you to play hide and seek tonight." Liz screams with jubilee and is ready to go hide. Liz dominates the conversation trying to set rules. "No going upstairs." Austin will be it first. He's going to sit in the BY and count to 50. Liz runs into the house screaming like a banshee. 12:58 AM BBT Austin found Steve first because he wasn't hiding. Vanessa was next in the photo booth. Johnny Mac was on the beam in the KT and Austin found him as he walked back down the WA call. Liz comes out of the BRs asking if Johnny Mac is it. Liz says the person that was found first is the one that's it now. Lots of arguing. The twins are saying the first person that's found has to find other people. They find James under a bed in the CBR. Meg was in the SR. Meg calls them idiots and says the person that is it has to find everyone. The twins didn't know that's how it is done. Steve is now it. They tell him to go to the BY and count to 100. Everyone scampers. 01:04 AM BBT Steve finds James first stuffed under a KT cabinet. James says he cheated. Steve says he tried to hide there first and he didn't. Liz is found next in the WA hiding in the shower curtain. Meg is found in the LR behind the couch. Steve goes in the SR and checks the trash can and cabinets. Liz found Vanessa and Austin. Austin says she's cheating. Steve continues to look for people. They can't find Julia and Johnny. 01:07 AM Feeds zoom in on part of Johnny's green shirt partly visible in the HNR room hiding beneath a blanket beneath a chair. They're all so confused as to where he could have hid. They all continue to hunt for him. "Where's Johnny Mac? Did he hit the red button?” 01:09 AM BBT Steve goes up to HOH to look for Johnny. Austin says he checked the DR door and the door opens so he's not in the hallway. Vanessa and Meg check in the HNR room and both are literally feet if not inches from him and do not see him stuffed beneath the foot of the chair. They cannot find him anywhere. 01:11 AM BBT Now Julia walks through HNR and says John come out come out where ever you are... and walks right by him. Julia asks if he's in the closet and Steve replies "No, he's straight." Johnny is under the second to last chair in the HNR. They have no idea where he is. Meanwhile Meg can be heard yelling at James for clipping his toenails all throughout the house. Meg is straight up yelling and screaming how gross he is. They house continues to look for him. Steve says they've looked under every bed (not every bed...). Steve looks in the HNR and walks right by him again. Liz finally finds him. She says it was the best spot ever. 01:15 AM BBT Austin is making something to eat. "The last round took too long....I'm hungry". Liz says he's a party pooper. James goes into the SR and begins to count. Some of the HGs check the BY and realize that it's slim pickings for hiding places. James finishes counting and Austin is right outside the door. James laughs. James goes outside and spots Liz first followed by Steve. Liz says he is a party pooper. Vanessa is found in the WA behind towels. James runs through the house with Liz running behind. 01:19 AM BBT They are still looking for Jules and Meg. Meg is hiding beneath pillows on the couch in the CR. Julia is found behind pillows in the BY. They still look for Meg. "Grandma won this round!" Vanessa "I found grandma but I won't tell." Johnny walks in and says "She's most certainly not in here..." James walks in and drops another pillow on her. 01:22 AM BBT Liz will be it because Austin has already been it once. Johnny in the BY asks if they're doing it again and Meg says yes. Meanwhile Liz is up to the thirties when counting in the SR. Johnny crawls under the pool table. James is scrambling to find somewhere to hide. He barely makes it out the door when she comes out of the SR. Austin is found first under the KT table under a blanket. "You're the worst Austin!” 01:26 AM BBT Meg is found hiding somewhere Liz hid before. They realize their spots are going to be limited at this point. James has one more spot to hide. The house is split on who wants to play. Julia will be it this time even though she was never found first before. She wants to make it known. 01:29 AM BBT Steve is found first not hiding. Liz is next in the LR behind cushions on the couches. Johnny is also found in the LR. Vanessa is found on top of the photo booth in the CR. Austin is found behind the door in the CR. Meg is found by Julia in the WA. They are looking for James now. He's the last one. 01:35 AM BBT Idle chit chat around the house. Johnny begins to start nightly ADLs while Julia puts on makeup on in the WA. 01:38 AM BBT FoTH. Feeds back and James is talking to Austin telling him that he spoke with Johnny Mac and he was ready to tear into him. Austin says he loves how Johnny Mac through him under the bus while Austin is in power. Downstairs Julia yells to Liz in the KT that "you got to put on makeup and I didn't, shut up!" FoTH. 01:45 AM BBT Feeds back. Vanessa chatting to Austin in HOH asking what she thought about Johnny Mac talking tonight. Vanessa both feels they're telling the truth. Austin says Johnny Mac threw him under the bus and told James that Austin also made the deal. Vanessa believes Johnny Mac was going to go after Austin this week even though he says Vanessa was the target. Vanessa tells Austin that he needs to think about what would be best for his game. Austin feels like things staying the same would be best. 01:50 AM BBT Down in the WA nightly ADLS continue. Up in the HOH Vanessa asks Austin if he wants to discuss possibilities. Austin feels like he's good where he's at. From week one people have discussed not wanting to waste an HOH on Steve or Johnny Mac. This is the time because if they don't do it, they will make it to the final four. 01:55 AM BBT Meg is in bed in the darkened OBR. James and Steve comes in. Steve wants to play chess with James. James doesn't want to yet. James checks on the CBR and turns on the light looking for Vanessa. James and Steve realize that Vanessa is probably upstairs talking to Austin because she wanted to. Steve goes up to HOH for one more plea. James starts to tell Meg about the Johnny Mac conversations from earlier. 02:00 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HOH Steve came in and says he just wanted to apologize if he felt pushy earlier. Austin says not at all. Austin tells Steve about the Johnny Mac conversation. Steve asks if there's anything he can do. There's nothing he needs. Steve leaves the room. Down in the CBR Meg says the talk/conversation sounds like it's just stupid. 02:02 AM BBT Steve says "They're a strong fortress" referring to the Austwins. They ask if that's how he feels. He questions if they don't. Meg wonders if they should tell Austin. James thinks they should. 02:08 AM BBT James wonders if telling Austin would be wise because it may look like he's just running back and forth now. Meanwhile up in the HOH they discuss sending Johnny home. Vanessa seems like she's on board. Austin says Meg and James have been mellow all week while Steve and Johnny have been up and down. Down in the CBR James is shocked that Steve said that. "That's something I wouldn't even say". He continues to think through it quietly saying "Maybe he was hoping we would say something and he would run up and tell them..." Up in the in HOH Vanessa agrees that she will do whatever Austin wants. 02:12 AM BBT Austin says Steve is dangerous comp wise moving forward. Johnny Mac is dangerous if someone comes back in. They all agree. Down in the darkened OBR Meg and James continue to talk. James really believes that Steve was trying to bait him into saying something bad about the Austwins. 02:16 AM BBT Vanessa is tired and wants to go to bed because she's tired. She agrees that he's making the best move possible this week. Vanessa talked to Meg and James and feels good about them now. Down in the OBR Meg wonders what the plan will be now. James says Steve and Johnny Mac are trying to get... and the conversation stops when Vanessa walks through. Back up in the HOH Liz and Austin fill Julia in on what's gone down this evening. 02:22 AM BBT Down in the OBR Meg thinks James should tell Austin about Steve's comment. James feels they should tell him to help build trust. He's conflicted. Meg says they should sleep on it. James says "You know how your mom told you not to be a tattle tail....that's being a tattle tail!" Meg agrees and says they should sleep on it. 02:25 AM BBT Julia tells Liz and Austin how Vanessa questioned her about feeling like the extra person (basically third wheel) to Liz and Austin. Liz and Austin wonder why she would even plant that seed right now. Austin says it's never been done a threesome going this close to the end. Vanessa told Julia earlier that she agreed that a threesome hadn't gone that far. 02:32 AM BBT The twins head downstairs and James says he's going to tell them so they can tell Austin. The twins try to scare Meg and James but they're being very loud. Austin follows behind and comes in and Meg and James tell the three what Steve said about them being an impenetrable fortress. Austin says Steve is already turning on them. 02:36 AM BBT Steve inside to shower and Julia heads into the WA to begin nightly ADLs. Idle chit chat in the WA. Meanwhile James crawls in the closet in the OBR. Liz is looking for him and Meg says she doesn't know where he went. She suspects he went into the WA. James can be heard shifting around inside the cabinet/closet. Austin comes in and Meg motions to the cabinet. He laughs. 02:40 AM BBT James throws something to Austin and tells him to go give it to them because one of them will need to put it away. Liz called to DR. FoTH due to DR talk. Austin says James threw it to him to give to Liz. Liz comes into the OBR and pauses just outside the closet and screamed. She opened the closet and fell backwards, screaming. Meg cracks up and says it was better that it was Liz instead of Julia. 02:44 AM BBT James wonders if Julia would fall for it. James sets up his bed to make it look like he's in it and Austin sits to make it look like he's talking to James. Julia continues to do nightly ADLs. Meg tells James to open the door just a bit more so it's less obvious. 02:49 AM BBT Austin paces back and forth towards the LR looking to see if she's coming. Steve is out of the shower and is doing nightly ADLs while Julia continues to do nightly ADLs. Steve into the HNR to put his things away. He comes out and says "James is hidden under his blanket or he's hiding in the closet. They say he's in the CR. Meg asks if she can be so annoying and asks for him to get a sweater. He opens the door and falls to the floor, saying "Well done!” 02:53 AM BBT Julia comes in and wanders over to James' dummy in the bed and says he's so creepy and weird. She asks where he is. They say he's "you know where..." She moves towards the HNR door and hears him shift in the closet and says "I heard him in there!" She opens the wrong side of the door and then tries to open the other side and "Get out of there!" He yells out at her and she grumbles. "James you already got Liz!” 02:56 AM BBT Steve says he's going to cuddle with Meg. She repeatedly cries no. James and Austin get up and head towards the WA. James jumps out from behind the WC door as Julia comes out and he yells. He gets her again around the corner near the WA hall. Liz out of DR and jumps at the fake James on the bed after Meg tells her to get him. She runs out of the darkened OBR and meets James in the LR grumbling. They're both going to get him back. 03:00 AM BBT Steve continues to harass Meg in her bed by saying "The live feeders want us to practice bondage" going off what Austin had jokingly said earlier. James warns Steve that last couple people that shared her bed went home. Steve. Meg asks Steve where his bed is. Steve says over there. Meg says it doesn't work like it works on James. James is impressed saying she likes it because he's more defiant. Julia into bed. Austin and Liz heads up to HOH. Liz and Austin agree that what Steve said was bad. 03:04 AM BBT James has joined in Meg's harassment by trying to whisper to her and she's giggling uncontrollably. Up in the HOH Austin is doing nightly ADLs and says that Steve is mad because they've messed his (Steve's) plans up by sending home his buddy and his other buddies. Back down in the darkened OBR James wants to get them again. Meg thinks Julia went to bed. 03:07 AM BBT Liz thought Steve was smarter than that. Austin agrees. Austin also agrees that Steve might have just been testing them to throw that out to Steve and Meg just to see if made it back to Austin and he would know that they're all working together. Downstairs James is going to go to bed. Steve asks if he wants to play chess. James will pass it's 3:02 AM BBT. Steve wishes him goodnight. Up in the HOH Austin says they've already promised Steve a lot that they would keep him. Would it be wise to break that? They haven't given Johnny anything. 03:11 AM BBT Austin tells Liz that he could hear her in the DR. FoTH. BB reminds them to not talk about DRs. Austin says he wasn't. He doesn't want to hear her DRs, that's the point. FoTH. Feeds back and Austin says "Never mind then! Why do I always get yelled at?" Meanwhile Liz continues to do nightly ADLs in the HOH bathroom. 03:16 AM BBT Liz says Steve winning HOH he will have a Napoleon complex like no other. Austin agrees and doesn't want to deal with it. Giggling/cuddling begins in the HOH bed. Down in the darkened OBR James takes his mic off and says "good night Big Brother. Please play some country music in the morning. Luke Bryan. Thanks." Meg adds in a "heck no!" James asks Meg if she's trying to go to sleep. She's trying to she says. 03:20 AM BBT Liz and Austin can be heard kissing in the HOH. Down in the OBR Meg and James continue to be goofy and giggle. James says Julia is funny. 03:22 AM BBT Steve into the OBR and into the HNR. Meanwhile up in the HOH Liz and Austin begin to breathe a bit heavier. Austin says something about his transmitter. Liz tells him to move his transmitter (I don't think is an enuendo...however it could have been). They continue to make out beneath the covers. Steve walks out in the BY and could heard reciting the speech for the nomination ceremony. His audio cuts out. 03:25 AM BBT James continues to talk to Meg realizing that HOH is in three days. He begins to comment about the number of days they are "stressin'" in the house. Meanwhile up in the HOH Austin can be heard panting a bit more while letting out soft moans. Occasional soft moans from Liz can also be heard. Liz says in thirty days they can breathe. Austin “Mmmhmms..." 03:24 AM BBT Austin and Liz continue to make out beneath the covers, their bodies occasionally shifting beneath the blankets. Downstairs Meg needs sweats. James puts his shorts back (unlike the other two...these two are in separate beds and are just joking....). Austin lets out a large sigh and they begin to cuddle. Making out begins again. 03:30 AM BBT Liz says "You are most definitely a moaner." Austin asks what that means. She says he makes all sorts of noises. Austin says "Because you're too much for me..." She says he's the first guy she ever had act like that. Down in the OBR James and Meg continue to chat idly. Current topic is about Meg and her friend Andrea. He'd like to meet her. Meg points that the cameras are on them both. She says they should go to sleep. 03:33 AM BBT Liz says the live feeders are all watching us and thinking they're doing something. Austin says he can't help it and all they're doing is cuddling and kissing. Liz is stressed out and almost sounding annoyed. "Steve says the cameras are on us all night. Austin agrees. Liz says one hug for the night and that's it. Austin can't help it. He tries to kiss her and she says "no..." To which he replies "No more kisses?" She says no. She says she likes to torture him and nothing else and he likes to go further. She wonders why she can't torture him. "Because then I can't go to sleep." She tells him arms where she can see them. He says they're out. 03:37 AM BBT Steve was in the LR reading his letter and returns it back to the darkened rooms before heading into the LR, pausing at the edge of the LR. Up in the HOH Liz tells Austin that he's being really annoying "Hey...." He says now she's pushing it and she can't do that...." She starts crying out (playfully) and says "I'm scared of you!" He asks why. She asks why. He says turn about is fair play. She says not really. 03:41 AM BBT Austin and Liz have been fairly quiet for a couple of minutes...kissing can be heard again...the covers are certainly moving subtly enough to say that a rocking motion can be seen. As to what is causing this rocking motion can be left to later discussions. 03:42 Said rocking/twitching increases beneath the covers. 03:44 AM BBT Austin rolls back over and Liz asks if he's hot. He says a little bit. He asks her something and she mumbles a reply. He asks her again and she mumbles the reply again with annoyance. 03:46 AM BBT Steve has gotten into bed in the OBR. Austin needily asks for another kiss. Austin says "Goodnight...sweet dreams..." Liz says "you're a non-sleeping little baby" He says "thanks to you..." and she replies "...thanks to you!" more kissing can be heard. 03:49 AM BBT Liz says "why'd you do that?" he says "what?" "You set me up!" she says as he has scooted up behind her. She starts to giggle saying his beard is tickling her. 03:52 AM BBT Things appear to be calming down in the HOH. 03:54 AM BBT Steve is up and blowing his nose in the WA. He gets some mouthwash and gargles a bit before spitting it out. 03:56 AM BBT Steve is up and laying on the couch in the LR. Lights remained dimmed in the LR. Up in the HOH Liz and Austin have shifted places, she's now resting her head against his and he embraces her. He just wants to protect her. She likes feeling protected. Steve back to bed in the OBR. 03:59 AM BBT Liz asks Austin what Steve said. Austin says he called them a fortress. Liz up to use the toilet. Down in the OBR someone can be heard snoring. It's safe to say it's James or Meg with James being the likely culprit because she called him out on it earlier. 04:01 AM BBT Liz back into bed and says "What the heck?!" He says "what?" She says "Having technical difficulties?" He can't help it because she's too feisty. Steve is back up and cutting his nails in the SR. 04:04 AM BBT Steve is back into the WA and blows his nose. Up in the HOH Liz spots him on the spy screen and they comment on him scampering. Steve back to bed. 04:06 AM BBT Steve back into bed in the darkened OBR. Liz and Austin have been quiet for a couple of minutes in the darkened HOH. 04:09 AM BBT Liz rolls over and Austin grumbles. She says good night. He wants to watch more scampering. She says he went to the bathroom that was it. He wonders if Steve is still there. She says no he came out. Austin is disappointed that that was it. Austin sits up says it's too hot in there. Austin heads into the HOH WA. 04:14 AM BBT Austin out of the HOH WA. He craws back into bed. He asks where the scampering boy is. She says he scampered back to bed. Austin wonders what to do with the scampering boy. Liz tells him to talk to the live feeders and ask them what to do. Liz says he's sketchy. Austin says in the real world they never would have met Steve or Johnny. They're in a different book. 04:16 AM BBT Liz points out that they will tell us something but we have to keep it secret. "We are going to keep nominations the same!" Austin corrects her and says Vanessa will. Austin apologizes for their needing to send either Johnny or Steve home. Liz is confused. "They get mad if we send someone home?" Austin has to explain that yes if we're fans of the person we won't be happy with it. 'Oh...well...sorry. What you see on the show is different than what is happening in the house….” 04:20 AM BBT They go on to discuss Johnny Mac throwing Austin under the bus to James last night and this is the second time he's done so and Austin will not wait for a third time to be talked to. Liz says Steve made a big mistake tonight. Austin goes on to explain how he called them an impetrable fortress tonight. Austin wonders if the twins went to Johnny and told them they decided to keep him if he'd help them. Steve on the other hand probably wouldn’t. 04:23 AM BBT Liz wants to go to bed. She tells him goodnight. He says goodnight to the feeders. Liz thanks the live feeders for the game of hide and seek tonight and Austin sucks at hiding. 04:25 AM BBT James continues to snore away in the OBR while Liz and Austin have stopped talking with Austin cuddling against her. 04:28 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal quiet HGs in darkened rooms. 04:38 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 04:58 AM BBT We've had silence the house for the past twenty minutes. It's safe to say all HGs are sleeping for the night.
  5. 00:33 AM BBT Austin and Liz out in the BY in the hammock chatting about that Johnny Mac was called to DR again and that Julia hasn't been called once today. Liz says there must be a reason he's called to DR so much. In the OBR James, Steve and Becky chatting with Steve wearing the blonde wig with Meg's flower crown. Johnny out of DR. Meg called to DR. 00:37 AM BBT Julia and Meg in the WA whispering. Julia says it's risky and that Liz can't backdoor her like that. Meg says Becky is starting to get nervous. Apparently Liz made a comment that Becky and Johnny Mac has a chance to get back in the game and Becky realized she was not the pawn. Julia groans. "Oh Liz..." Someone can be seen/heard in the kitchen and Steve wanders down the WA hall wearing the blonde wig. "My knees! The Dentist chairs are awful!" Meg is laughing and saying "It's true! They are uncomfortable!" They wander out into the BY with Julia leading him, hobbled over. "Come on Grandma..." Steve continues to cry out "My knees! If only that James boy would give me a kiss and make it better!" They wander back into the OBR. Meg continues to cry out "You're so mean!" Julia wants to know why he's picking on Meg when James pranked him. Out in the BY Liz and Austin begin to work on Liz' veto speech. 0044 AM BBT Julia asks Steve to play chess with her. Meg comes back into the OBR screaming "Steve get out of here!" Julia and Steve head out. Meg says Chess is boring. Johnny Mac says Meg likes shiny and fast passed things. Meg asks if they're doing DRs tonight and Johnny Mac says he was called in and James in there now. Out in the BY Liz continues working on her speech with Austin. "It's a hard decision, nothing personal." Austin interjects with "One of you will have a chance to come back in the house and with that I have chosen not to use the power of veto”. 00:49 AM BBT Johnny Mac up in OBR and says he's going to the hammock or the pool. Becky says bye. Johnny out in the BY. Austin thinks they got alcohol because it's an off night. Liz thanked him for the alcohol and he said "Yeah, I did that!" FoTH. Feeds back and Johnny is standing near Austin and Liz in the hammock. Austin says they've got the votes but if it's a tie Liz will keep him. This makes Johnny Mac happy. 00:55 AM BBT Conversation continues in the BY between Liz, Austin and Johnny Mac. Liz says they can't let her win (Vanessa). The two guys agree. Johnny is close to getting a win. Up on the skybridge Julia and Steve continue to play chess. Julia is frustrated and James comes over and offers Julia advice on playing. Steve tells him to quit helping her. 00:58 AM BBT Liz doesn't want to put her up because if she goes home and comes back she'll blow up her game. Liz wonders how Becky is handling it though. Johnny says when she saw things start to flip she resigned herself at that point and she mourned then that's why she's ok now because it's not a shock. Up on the skybridge Julia and Steve continue to play chess with James watch/coaching Julia. 01:02 AM BBT Meg out of DR in the WA. She asks how James is eating again. He's a growing boy and needs energy. Meg says she sees. She can't wait for veto meeting to be over. James asks if it's because she's scared. She says every time. Out in the BY Austin is saying that Vanessa has to have reasons to send someone home and put blood on their hands. 01:05 AM BBT The BY conversation about Vanessa making deals continues and funnily enough in the WA James and Meg are talking about Vanessa. James says he needs to talk to her because she hasn't tried to make a deal yet. Meg agrees he should talk to her soon. 01:08 AM BBT James into WA. Meg sits by idly. Out in the BY Johnny, Liz and Austin continue to chat about Vanessa and her deals she makes. Everyone got deals except Audrey. 01:10 AM BBT Talk in the BY turns to Meg and her knee surgeries and arthritis. Liz says that's sad and she feels bad for her. Johnny Mac starts to tell a story about someone he worked with in a beer store that had rheumatoid arthritis and all four feeds switch to James and Meg in the WA. They would like to see Vanessa go. They could get Jackie back. Then they could go after Austin and the twins. They're glad Becky is going home this week. Meg says Becky won't stop talking game with her today. Meg worries what they're going to tell her with the votes. James says he'll tell her they can't go against the house. 01:15 AM BBT Meg worries this is the second week they've flip-flopped on her. James says she was going to vote him out! He doesn't care. James doesn't go after innocence. He goes after people that are targeting people in his group. 01:18 AM BBT James and Meg continue talking. James asks Meg if Steve was being really really mean to her. She says yes. He asked if it hurts her feelings "a bit..." James says they need to find a new room to chat in because this is the room in which all the dirty, bad game talks goes down. James wishes they had a secret room to talk in. 01:24 AM BBT BY feeds return. Austin and Johnny are standing near the hammock continuing their questioning of Vanessa and the deals she's had hands in. In the WA Becky has joined Meg and James. Liz is too scared to talk to Becky alone and says "I like you...ok..." Becky wonders if she has to talk to her with Austin to get her to open up and listen. 01:29 AM BBT Austin liked working with Vanessa until the third week and he's been stuck going along, but he's known about her and her deal making but he needed her help in keeping Liz safe to get Julia in the house. Austin says he expects Vanessa to make deals with the goblins to get safety next week and they'll target the rest of them. Back in the WA James saw a camera guy and ran around the room freaking out. 01:35 AM BBT Johnny and Austin come in. Austin joins Meg and James in the WA. Austin wonders where everyone is. Vanessa is in bed. Becky in the KT. Steve and Julia are playing chess. Johnny and Becky in the KT. Meg is ready to sleep. She wants to talk to them one more time though. James knows. He gets up and heads into the KT to join Austin while he eats a cold burger. Julia screams for help. James runs up stairs saying "Julia I'm coming to help!" She's getting creamed. 01:39 AM BBT Johnny Mac, Meg and Becky in the BY near/on the hammock. Meg thinks it's cool. Becky thinks it feels great. Chess continues on the skybridge with James playing the game for Julia with Julia saying "Yeah!" each moves he makes. 01:40 AM BBT James starts to leave and she tells him he has to stay here and play. Julia asks Steve if James is better than him at chess. Steve says he normally beats him. Steve simply shakes his head. Out in the BY discussion is about when they left. Johnny says he left when the office was closed because no one would know. BB: "You are not allowed to talk about production!” 01:44 AM BBT Meg gets up commenting on stuff being in the grass/turn. Johnny thinks it's part of the cleaning process. He asks Becky if she's ever gone watersking. She didn't like it and she doesn't like tubing either. Johnny Mac likes tubing. On the skybridge Austin and Liz have joined the chess game, watching Julia, James and Steve. 01:46 AM BBT Becky says none of them were on her block when she was HOH and then they didn't want to play Veto last week because they were so safe and then the moment they win HOH they put her up. Up on the skybridge James recovered Julia's game and it will end in a stalemate. Steve and James continue to move around the board with Steve putting him in check and James moving back out. Julia says the game is over. They finally agree that the game is over. 01:51 AM BBT Johnny and Becky continue to chat in the BY. Becky realized that Liz probably won't take him down from the block because he is a vote for Becky so by him staying on the block, he has no vote. Up on the skybridge Liz, Austin, Meg and Steve chatting randomly about the comic book comp. Meg's position on the house during the comp was on the skybridge. She could see people come and go but she couldn't tell how well they did. 01:56 AM BBT Becky says she doesn't regret anything she's done because she saved Johnny. She didn't hurt anyone on the other side yet she's in the grave. Up in the HOH Meg, James, Liz and Julia are talking quickly. They were trying to come up earlier but Steve was there. Becky is freaking out. Meg says every time she's in a room alone with her all she does is talk about how she's on the block. Steve comes up and the game talk stops. 02:01 AM BBT In the HOH Julia asks Steve if he knows why Johnny is called to the DR three times a day. She wonders if he's a twist. Steve doesn't think so. Talk turns to what things are being voted for by America. Out in the BY Johnny and Becky idly chat. Liz asks Steve if he checked his chair. Steve asks "Why...did you do something else?" Austin comes in. 02:06 AM BBT In the BY Becky says it's weird when people ask her about her and John's relationship. They'll ask "Didn't you and John have coffee this morning?" Becky says she gets questioned about anything Johnny Mac knows. She thinks it's a reason she's on the block. Johnny is sorry. She says it's not his fault. Johnny says when he sees two people run into a room he it's pretty obvious. Johnny found out about the 8 person alliance only because Clay and Shelli trusted him when Vanessa was telling them about the alliance so they kept the conversation going when he walked in. 02:10 AM General playfulness in the HOH. Steve comments on his space pants line but then points out that Julia looks better. Steve found a way to make Meg feel worse again by saying she's not as cute. Out in the BY Becky and Johnny continue to chat about conversations that have been had. Someone promised her a conversation that never took place and it changed how she felt about them and gave her perspective in the game. (Vanessa?) Johnny says he's going after her next week. 02:14 AM BBT Awkward silence in the HOH with Steve, Meg and James on the couch and Austin and Liz in the bed. Julia is brushing her teeth in the HOH BR. Julia asks Steve if he's checked his chair yet again. Steve wonders if something was done to his chair again. 02:17 AM BBT Steve leaves the room and gets a chair and stands on it near the camera at the end of the walkway. They shout instructions to him to do his signature move (by blowing a kiss at the camera and pushing his glasses up on his nose). Steve starts to ring the doorbell (the door is locked) and Austin tells BB to give Steve a stop that! James and Austin start to sing and we get intermittent FoTH. 02:20 AM BBT HoH crew continue to tease Steve with the door. They keep yelling at him to go to bed. He goes back to pushing the doorbell again. They say they'll play in the morning. He gets on his hands and knees and begs towards the camera. The room gives him a collective "Aaaaawwwwww....." Liz says she feels bad and to let him in. Steve comes in and Austin says "Steve...we're trying to go to bed. Liz tells him to do it again. HoH party is breaking up. James leaves the room and Steve follows. Meg says James is taking one for the team. 02:24 AM BBT Meanwhile down in the BY Becky and Johnny have been chatting about various conversations, deals and comps played. Steve joins them. Becky runs in to get food/drink. Up in the HOH Austin, Liz, Julia and Meg are talking. Liz doesn't have a reason to put Vanessa on the block. Austin says if he was HOH he would have done it. 02:27 AM BBT Austin says Vanessa told him that she threw the slip and slide veto. Everyone laughs because she was trying to cheat to win and got penalized. They all agree that that James, Austin or Johnny would be great to win HOH next week so they could take out Vanessa. Becky back into the BY. 02:31 AM BBT In the HOH Vanessa uncertainty/bashing continues. Vanessa was depressed and sad today. Julia says they should make her feel good because she's throwing comps and she may throw more comps and they can target her now. Down in the BY they discuss the OTEV competition. 02:38 AM BBT In the HOH they continue to discuss how to deal with Vanessa moving forward. If Vanessa goes home next week she won't have time to taint the jury before the comp or whatever that brings them back in. Austin says if she doesn't go home next week, then she'll have to win veto every week moving forward because everyone will target her. FoTH. 04:41 AM BBT Down in the BY Steve, Johnny Mac and Becky chat about previous seasons of BB and comps. Up in the HOH Meg is about to head down. They tell her that she's going to vote with the house. Meg wishes she had something that changed. Julia points out that Becky is more likely to win comps moving forward. Meg doesn't seem like she wants to with that angle. Liz says Johnny is more neutral and not with anyone versus Becky who says she's on the opposite side. Meg says James doesn't trust Becky. 02:45 AM BBT Meg leaves the HOH and Julia follows shortly behind. She turns off the light and says "No funny business you two...." Liz is worried. Austin tells her not to be worried because they really should be worried about Vanessa. Out in the BY we have idle chit chat about first impressions of the cast when they came in. 02:47 AM BBT Austin is going to get water. Liz asks him to get her some as well. Austin says they'll start buttering up Vanessa tomorrow. Down in the BY we have idle chit chat about ages. Johnny Mac is one of the older players in the house. 02:51 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues out in the BY. Up in the HOH Austin has returned with water for both of them. He cuddles up against her and begins to rub her back. 02:53 AM BBT Austin begins to kiss Liz in a darkened HOH room. Idle chit chat about life out in the BY. Johnny is missing pulling teeth. He has bloodlust he says. Becky talks about working on schedules with employees especially around holidays and weekends. 03:08 AM BBT Up in the HOH Liz and Austin continue to mumble about the need to start kissing up to Vanessa tomorrow. Down in the BY we continue to have chat about Becky's retail job. 03:12 AM BBT Liz says the DR saw the hicky. She hates him. He's sorry. Down in the BY Becky continues to talk about her retail job. If unemployment was high in the area it was nothing to hire people and keep them and they would gladly work. However in the areas with lower unemployment it was difficult to find people to even come in for interviews. Becky says the more money in an area the busier the store is but the higher the turnover rate is. However in lower income areas/slower stores the turn over is much lower. 03:19 AM BBT Becky wouldn't mind finding another career. She's happy but she's not sure what else she wants to do. She would consider finance or even real estate but she's not sure. She plans on using this money to try and help herself. 03:21 AM BBT The hammock crew agree that they're getting a bit tired. Julia asks Steve if he left Cheerios next to the sink. He says he can't eat them. Julia wonders if it was James. Steve heads into the WA to begin nightly ADLs. Becky and Johnny Mac also head into the WA to begin nightly ADLs. 03:24 AM BBT Steve into HN room. He hugs Vanessa. He points to his mic and asks if she wants to talk. She tells him to go to bed. He's going to make a pork chop first. Vanessa says she's going to go pee first. He says as a HN that it is allowed. They are allowed to use the toilet. 03:26 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the WA with Becky and Johnny doing nightly ADLs. Up in the HOH Liz and Austin are restless. It's too hot to cuddle. 03:28 AM BBT Becky into darkened rooms. She tells Steve goodnight as he heads into the KT. Johnny Mac headed into darkened rooms as well and Steve asks him as he passes "I didn't interrupt anything did I?" Johnny tells him no. All four feeds currently on mostly horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Johnny Mac is preparing to get in bed. Steve will be up for a bit, because he said he was going to make himself a pork chop first. 03:32 AM BBT Steve in the KT cooking up a pork chop. 03:35 AM BBT Steve finishes cooking his pork chop and begins to clean the pan. 03:37 AM BBT Steve now sitting at the KT table eating his pork chop, mumbling to himself occasionally. 03:40 AM BBT Steve has finished eating and plays with the salt container briefly before getting up and washing his plate in the sink. He starts to whisper something under his breath before going to the table and getting the salt and putting it up. He stops near the memory wall and looks at the hanging veto before heading into the CR and right back out into the KT to get a drink from his glass. 03:43 AM BBT Steve heads into the WA and checks his teeth in a mirror before walking back through the KT and LR and into the SR. Steve is looking for toothpaste. He doesn't think there is any in there. 03:44 AM BBT Steve out of the SR and into the KT. He stands briefly before heading into the WA once more. He gets his toothbrush and begins to brush his teeth (using toothpaste that was on the counter). He wanders/paces through the WA/CR hallway while brushing his teeth. 03:46 AM BBT Steve into the WC at this time. 03:47 AM BBT Steve out of the WC and does not wash his hands. He wanders through the LR before heading back into the KT, peeking into the BY briefly. Steve now back into the WA and washes his face briefly before heading towards the DR door. He stands there looking at it before messing with the decorative panels on the wall. Steve now wanders aimlessly in the LR/KT, with us getting some interesting camera points as they try to track him. Steve stops and looks at the memory wall. 03:52 AM BBT Steve continues to wander aimlessly around the KT and LR, mumbling softly to himself before heading towards the darkened rooms. He slips on his shoes and heads back to the LR where he properly puts on his shoes before heading into the BY. 03:54 AM BBT Steve sets up the pool table and says "...and I'm not going to sing or hum tonight because I have a tendency to do that at night but not tonight. The lights are loud. He hums <mmmmmmm> Steve swings a pool stick around briefly before heading to the door and then back to the middle of the yard to get his jacket. He says he's not on the feeds right now. Steve wanders around the edge of the pool and gets the chlorine floaty, tossing it away from the edge. Steve back inside. 03:57 AM BBT Steve continues to wander aimlessly through the house include trips to the LR and CR and the photo booth. Steve back into the LR. He continues to mumble something under his breath. Steve now into the darkened HNR room allowing the door to close quietly. He stands next to his chair and gets a blanket before taking off his mic and setting it on the table across the room. Steve sits in the non-bed dental chair in the HNR while everyone else remains sleeping. 04:03 AM BBT Steve appears to be reading his letter from home in the non-bed dental chair in the room. Feeds switch briefly between night vision and non-night vision to show us how little light he was using to read his letter. Steve kicks off his shoes and sets his glasses down before crawling into his chair. 04:07 AM BBT All four cameras currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Steve is still a bit restless so we'll stick with him just to see if he goes to bed or gets back up. 04:16 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Steve remains restless but is steadily making less and less noise. No sooner than it's said, Steve gets up and heads out of the HNR through the LR/KT. Steve into the WA and says he needs something. Steve begins to gargle with mouth wash. 04:19 AM BBT Steve jumps on the lounger in the WA and looks up at the ceiling with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. It looks like he's applying medicine to either his tooth or his tongue (he has wisdom teeth pains and blister pains) and is applying pressure/air to his tongue or his teeth. Steve out into the BY. 04:22 AM BBT Steve wanders around the BY aimlessly for a bit before BB tells Steve to put on his microphone. Steve heads back in the house and into the HNR. Steve gets his mic and wanders back out of the room and into the BY. 04:25 AM BBT Steve says he was trying to be courteous because he knew he would be humming that's why he was trying to not put on his mic. Steve puts a load in the washer/drier. Steve wanders around the BY. He doesn't think he's on feeds. He wonders why they would make him put on his mic he they won't be watching him. Steve continues to wander around the BY. 04:28 AM BBT Steve heads into the WA and washes his hands before heading back to the BY, wandering near the pool. Steve continues to wander around the BY. 04:34 AM BBT Steve continues to wander aimlessly around the BY throwing balls up in the air, mumbling softly under his breath. 04:40 AM BBT Steve continues to wander aimlessly around the BY throwing the orange balls up in the air. He mumbles and whispers to himself, but it's quite difficult if not impossible to understand. 04:46 AM BBT Steve continues to wander the BY playing/juggling/throwing the balls around. 04:48 AM BBT Steve notices the cameras following him. "Oh...now they're following me." Steve continues to mumble under his breath. "...I was pretty instrumental in..." "Yup...mmhmmm.." "So we recently...backdooring Austin was never even...it didn't..." BB has been juggling oranges apparently. He throws it at the wall and gets a stop that. "Oh...no throwing oranges at walls. I'm being followed...I'm definitely being followed." He taunts the camera by saying he's going to have spin the other direction to unwind the cable to keep following him. 04:52 AM BBT Steve says "Hi feeds. I'm definitely on feeds. I'm going to talk to feeds in a minute. I need some water. I know Vanessa is lying to him all over the place and he's whole-heartedly aware of it. He's not giving her information. They were in the HN room the other day trying to get a target out of him and he didn't give it to her." This double eviction he doesn't understand what happened. He tried to throw it and he tried to get questions wrong but he didn't. He knows he's done a bad job of throwing comps. Steve tried to not suck terribly but he was terrible at it so he won it. Meg was the pawn and Jackie was the target. He wanted to stay loyal to the freaks and geeks because they would have been more loyal to him than the goblins. Jackie was the person he felt most distant from so she was the target. Had he not had several light night talks with Becky she would have been the target. 04:57 AM BBT He’s happy Becky is going home this week. Steve says Meg and Becky are blaming Jackie going home is on Vanessa because of her manipulating Steve. Steve is ok with this. They may just be telling him this, but he’s not sure. He wants to keep his comp wins down though because it will make him a bigger threat. He’s working on his relationship with Meg. Meg doesn’t seem to care for it be he’s trying. He compares Meg to Victoria (BB 16). She beat him at OTEV. He didn’t throw OTEV but he certainly wasn’t trying his hardest and she did beat him so he can’t bash her too much. 05:01 AM BBT Steve says Meg will make it to the end. She won't win but she will make it to final four or five and he certainly wouldn't mind her vote that's why he's trying to build his relationship with her. "This canker sore on my tongue is hurting real bad. I'll be right back." Steve into WA and takes a swig/rinse of mouth wash. Steve into WC. Steve out of WC and washes/rinses his face. Steve back to BY. 05:03 AM BBT Steve is now thinking about end game because there are 9 people in the house. Meg is the one person everyone will beat. Steve says except if someone leaves and comes back he would have a hard time voting for someone that leaves and come back. Steve says Meg will not win BB. She might be the runner up but she will not win. 05:04 AM BBT Steve says he doesn't think he's close enough to Meg to get her to take him to the final 2. He says there's also the idea about gremlins "Me, John...you know what I'm going to bed...I'm too tired. Goodnight feeds. I'm going back to chair." Steve heads into the house and stops in the WA once more before heading back to the darkened bedrooms. He stops and heads back out looking for his hoody. 05:06 AM BBT Steve says he's hoping to make a final 2 with Austin because he doubts Austin has a final 2 deal because of the twins. Steve finds his hoody and heads back inside.
  6. 01:01 AM BBT Vanessa points out to Julia that “they” would have to win power three times to get rid of the three of them. (Austin, Julia and Liz). Vanessa says they’re in a very good spot. Out in the BY Austin tickles Liz in the hammock with her squealing and giggling. 01:03 AM BBT Liz tells Austin one kiss but he has to bring the blanket over their head so the camera can’t see them. The sound of kissing can be heard. Liz flips the blanket back and said nothing happened, he was just checking the pepper in her teeth. He agrees after saying it was good. 01:07 AM BBT In the CR Vanessa asks Julia to tell her if she hears anything other than Johnny Mac getting put up as a replacement nom. Julia says she will. Vanessa doesn’t want to be blindsided. It would be embarrassing and she would campaign like a “mother********” because she has so much information. Over in the WA Jackie and Liz brush their teeth and Shelli removes some of her makeup. 01:09 AM BBT Johnny Mac into the CR. Idle chit chat between Vanessa, Julia and he. Over in the CR Jackie and Shelli begin to chat. Shelli says she bombed POV and she’s nervous. Jackie says she’ll (Shelli) will just have to wait and see. 01:15 AM BBT Jackie and Shelli continue to chat in the CR. Shelli says she felt last week turned nasty and personal and that in turn made her turn nasty to people. Shelli says she's alone in the game now and Clay was the one person she could trust. Jackie understands because she lost Jeff. Shelli asks if there's anything specific that Jackie wants to clear the air with. Idle chit chat over in the CBR between Vanessa, Julia and Johnny Mac. 01:19 AM BBT Jackie just wants to make sure the two of them are ok. Shelli believes they are. Shelli says when Jackie watches the TV show she'll see that Shelli never said anything about putting her on the block and instead will see that Shelli said "I will not put Jackie on the block". Over in the CBR Liz whispers to Vanessa and Julia that Shelli pulled Jackie into the CR to chat and they're in there now. Julia says that's super sketchy. They wonder if they can trust Shelli or if they've said anything to her (Shelli) today. They agree to try and ask the two what they were talking about and see if the stories match later. 01:24 AM BBT Jackie says Shelli and Clay chose a weird bunch to side with. Shelli gets what she's saying. Jackie says it really hurt when they chose the other side over them. Jackie says she said "if only they knew I wasn't coming after them....". Shelli says other people told her that they were which of course put paranoia in her mind. Shelli says to say that she picked a side...she really hadn't picked a side. Jackie says it's all jumbled now and she doesn't know what's going on. 01:27 AM BBT Over in the CBR Vanessa reads from the Bible while Liz folds clothes on her bed. Back in the CR Shelli and Jackie continue to chat trying to clear the air. Jackie asks Shelli if she knows what's going on. Shelli says she has scenarios in her mind but ultimately she has no idea. 01:29 AM BBT Shelli realizes there are other noms that could go up but again just scenarios. Jackie agrees and tells her she'll see tomorrow. 01:32 AM BBT Shelli says she feels like last week's conversation with James was set up to collect info because Meg woke her and Clay up to tell her to talk to James to help him understand things. Talk turns to them thinking this week will be a double eviction. They thought it was last week but it has to be this week. Over in the CBR Vanessa reads the Bible, Julia and Liz have wandered off to join the voices heard elsewhere in the house. 01:37 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the LR between Becky, Julia and Meg. Liz's voice can be heard elsewhere. Meg and Julia stretch out. The conversation over in the CR comes to an end and they agree that they never spoke ill of each other and things they heard was always spoke by others. Shelli says it's nice talking to someone because she doesn't have anyone right now. Jackie says they can talk any time. 01:39 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the LR while Jackie, Meg and Julia stretch out. James and Steve play chess on the skybridge. 01:44 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the LR, the stretching stopping. Meanwhile Steve and James continue their chess game on the skybridge. 01:46 AM BBT Feeds switch to Vanessa giving Shelli a pep talk a darkened OBR. Vanessa says she can't be discouraged and she has to hang in there just like she (Vanessa) did. Vanessa says things change rapidly in the house. Shelli says they go so long between chatting. Vanessa says she can't seem like her closest ally otherwise she'll end up on the block next to her. Vanessa says she's at the point she's reading the Bible and hanging out in the CBR. 01:51 AM BBT Austin comes in and chat stops briefly. Shelli says she feels like Meg has a chip on her shoulder. Shelli says she's just paranoid. Becky and Jackie head upstairs to the HOH and Jackie says she hopes it wasn't shady. Becky says Jackie and Shelli were seen going in the CR together. Jackie tells Becky how they were just clearing the air with each other. Jackie said she didn't make her any deals or anything. 01:56 AM BBT Down in the darkened OBR Vanessa sits in Shelli's bed talking. Shelli says she has to "keep it to herself because Steve is onboard." She just had a conversation with him a bit ago about it. Meanwhile up in HOH Jackie and Becky continue to chat. Becky thinks Shelli is finally getting it now and seeing Vanessa's game. Jackie said she left it open ended and said they could talk after the POV ceremony tomorrow. 02:01 AM BBT Vanessa says worse case scenario they go home at the end of the game. They're not dying. Shelli agrees. Vanessa says at the very least she'll have a blossoming showmance at home. Shelli agrees but hopes she doesn't loose him. Vanessa doesn't think she will. BB says the bedroom lights must remain on. Vanessa says BB must like the conversation. Vanessa tells her goodnight. She's going pee as she originally intended. 02:03 AM BBT Steve tells Shelli he's going to go study in the BY if she's interested in joining him. She may join him later so she's going to bed. Up in the HOH Becky and Jackie continue to chat running through previous conversations. Becky begins to run through her POV ceremony speech for tomorrow. 02:08 AM BBT Meg, Julia and James are doing nightly ADLs. Up in the HOH Becky practices her POV speech to Jackie. Becky is going to tell Vanessa that she doesn't know who she's working with and when she is working closely with someone she will throw them under the bus and abandon them (in a nutshell, the speech goes on and on). 02:12 AM BBT James tries to scare Meg in the SR. She says he can't scare her. She's looking for Advil but thinks the house is out. They wander into the darkened OBR. Meg finds some in the stand next to Shelli's bed and says she asked for more. She says she told "them" that there are three people on prescription strength Advil which means they're burning through them. James heads outside where Steve is playing pool by himself. Up in the HOH Becky continues practicing and offering several different versions of her speech for tomorrow. 02:16 AM BBT Down in the BY James and Steve chat idly while walking back and forth across the yard. James starts to steer the conversation towards production and Steve says he won't do it. BB says "Thank you!" Steve says he said earlier today that he was going to try and do better about not talking about it. Up in the HOH talk turns briefly back to Shelli and Jackie's conversation and Becky says Jackie has to help her finalize the speech. 02:20 AM BBT Steve asks James if he knows who's going up this week or if there will be drama. James says he'll be fine and yes there will be drama but it shouldn't involve him. Steve starts to quiz James on days. James doesn't know any of it and he's going to guess. 02:27 AM BBT Steve dumps knowledge on James about burning calories in the BY. Up in the HOH Becky settles on her speech for the POV ceremony and calling Vanessa out on turning on people the first chance she gets. Jackie wonders if anyone else spoke about her and Shelli in the CR. Becky says no. 02:32 AM BBT James heads in and Steve starts to talk to his mom via the cameras in the BY. He says his tooth is fine and he'll have it pulled after finale and his speech is slurred because of blisters on his tongue (he's mentioned these before). Up in the HOH Jackie and Becky continue to chat about how they felt always taking in everyone's words and kindness and then getting turned against. 02:35 AM BBT Becky says when she won HOH..."and I'll probably get buzzed for this...but they said 'Oh you won HOH so you would finally pick a side?'" Becky said she told them she was on a side for 5 days but then she felt like Andy (BB15). FoTH. 02:39 AM BBT Steve makes himself something to eat in the KT while Becky and Jackie continue to chat up in the HOH discussing previous conversations. 02:42 AM BBT Steve sits at the KT counter and eats while Becky and Jackie continue to chat up in the HOH bashing Vanessa. 02:46 AM BBT James is going to bed. Steve is going to take a shower soon. Up in the HOH Becky and Jackie continue to chat with Becky leading the conversation regarding how this HOH was important for her game this week because she was able to identify what is happening regarding lies being told. Jackie says "they wanted to break us up so badly". Becky agrees. 02:49 AM BBT James into the HNR. Meg is there. James says Steve tried to ask him what things happened on days 15 and 29. Jase evicted days 15 and Da'vonne evicted 29. She tells him he needs to be learning this stuff. It's final five question material. Up in the HOH Becky is hungry and will be running downstairs briefly. She tells Jackie she's enjoying the conversation and wants to continue it. She'll be right back and asks Jackie if she wants anything. Jackie is good. 02:53 AM BBT Becky back upstairs. Jackie in the HOH BR. Becky and she begin to talk again. Jackie called out to put on her mic by BB. Jackie says sorry. Camera zooms in on her cleavage as she puts the mic on. She says she is getting worse and she even dropped it in the toilet today. Becky begins to work on her conversation with Austin to let him know about Vanessa going up. 02:59 AM BBT Becky continues to practice her speech to Austin saying that she can't trust her (Vanessa) because she's running around making deals with everyone. Becky will base her conversation off how Austin is responding to it. Meg and James are quiet in the HNR. Feeds switch to Steve shaving in the WA. 03:02 AM BBT Steve gets in the shower. Up in the HOH Jackie and Becky continue to chat...Becky leading the conversation. Jackie says they've already dealt with Clay and Shelli. Becky agrees and says James really did good last week. Jackie says "Nobody wants to piss them off so the rest of us have to go home?" Becky and Jackie agree that the twins did what they needed to do this season by making it to week 5. Becky says Jackie would be pissed if the twins won half a million dollars. Jackie agrees. 03:06 AM BBT Steve continues to shower in the WA. Up in the HOH Jackie says she should go to bed. Becky agrees but she's wide awake. Becky wonders if she should talk to Austin in the AM at wake-up. Jackie thinks she should while they're making their morning omelets. Becky mentions that if Jackie can she should ask the twins to send Austin up to talk to her. Jackie says they'll figure it out and leaves the HOH. 03:11 AM BBT Jackie into HNR. James and Meg are awake chatting. Meg says she's miserable. She asks for a pillow while Jackie is up. James asks for his water while she's up. James wrapped towels up to support their necks. Meg and Jackie agree they're very nice and supportive. Up in the HOH BR Becky is doing nightly ADLs. 03:15 AM BBT Jackie begins to rehash her conversation with Shelli and Becky tonight. Jackie cleared the air and Shelli is good with her. Vanessa told Shelli and Clay that James was bullying ‘them’ into a vote. James says he wasn’t and it’s bull crap. 03:18 AM BBT Steve knocks on the HOH door and says he was coming to hang out. Becky says she was trying to go to bed. She is wide awake though and says she may pull a Steve and wake up 20 minutes from now. Steve asks if she's nervous about tomorrow and if she knows what she's doing. She says she's known since before she won the comp. She's putting up Vanessa. Steve is says ok and he she didn't tell him that. Steve called to DR. He asks Becky why Vanessa. Becky will make it quick and says that she can't be trusted. She will go after anyone and everything. Down in the HNR James, Jackie and Meg continue to chat. James says if Shelli puts him up on the block if she HOH she'll clap for her and won't freak out. Jackie just hopes everyone sticks to their word. 03:23 AM BBT Becky tells Steve that Vanessa is on board to get rid of Shelli this week even though they are supposedly close. Steve worries that he is an outcast. Becky says he's not but he and Johnny Mac are easy pawns. Steve says that makes him a target. Becky agrees and changes the subject by saying Vanessa freaked out when Steve won POV. 03:26 AM BBT Becky points out to Steve that she told Vanessa today that she has 3 votes to get rid of Shelli and that she just needs a fourth to finalize the deal so she planned on talking to Steve. Fast forward to today and...Vanessa gave Steve a makeover. Steve falls over on the couch. "You are the swing vote and she was being nice to you." Steve gets it now. 03:27 AM BBT In the HNR James says that when Vaness asks for his vote he says he'll tell her he would have until she started campaigning against James' wish to get rid of Shelli last week. Meg says there are so many options to use. Meg says she's so nervous and scared she can't sleep tonight. Up in the HOH Becky and Jackie continue to chat. Becky says Vanessa is playing all sides of the house today and if she can't influence nominations she helps influence votes. Steve understands. He wonders who will go home. Becky says Vanessa is more dangerous. 03:31 AM BBT Idle chit chat begins in the HNR. James was looking out for the girls' necks. Meg is sore all over. Up in the HOH Steve is concerned Becky doesn't trust him for not telling him any of this. Becky says she was looking out for him by not telling him anything and keeping the blood off his hands. Becky says that's why she's telling him now. 03:36 AM BBT Up in the HOH Steve asks Becky if he weirds Jackie out. Becky says no that Jackie adores her and that she's told her before that she feels like she has to watch Steve swim at night like a momma bird. Steve is glad to hear this. Down in the HNR James says tomorrow is going to be crazy and "we know nothing!" Meg laughs. The camera pans down to her. James says "How about you Meg?" "I know nothing!" Camera pans to Jackie. James asks Jackie. "I knew the whole time!" Camera pans back to James and he says "I know nothing!" The camera pans through the three again with Jackie agreeing that she knows nothing. Meg wonders if they're on the feeds now. 03:42 AM BBT Becky reassures Steve that he was kept him out of the loop to simply keep him safe. Steve understands. She asks Steve if he's ok with this or would he rather send Shelli home. He says her trusting him with this information is huge to him and he will reciprocate it in the future if she would like. Becky said she was freaking out when Vanessa's name got pulled for veto. General giddiness/chatter continues in the HNR. 03:53 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HNR. Meg's hip hurts and she had to do physical therapy back home for it hurting before. Up in the HOH Steve and Becky continue to chat discussing previous competitions. 03:58 AM BBT HNR chit chat continues about things they'll be able to do when they get out of the house. Up in the HOH Steve and Becky continue to chat. Becky discussing that with dwindling numbers large alliances won't work. 04:01 AM BBT BB calls Steve to the DR again. Steve asks for a hug and assures Becky he will be blindsided tomorrow. Becky thanks him. Down in the HNR Steve says "When I go back home I'm done dating around. I'm gonna be a changed man." Meg says she can't wait to get back home and will be jumping on all of her friends. 04:07 AM BBT Talk in the HNR about money when they get home. Meg will probably stay at home with her parents for a bit so she doesn't burn through it all. She just wants to lounge at home in sweats with her parents. Jackie says "Just like now?" Meg says her mom will have questions for her. James laughs and agrees. 04:13 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HNR. Meg and James can't sleep. Meg has no interest in sleeping. James isn't sure if he needs to poop or fart. Meg asks that he not risk it. Up in the HOH Becky is listening to music in her bed with the lights off. 04:18 AM BBT Steve out of the DR in the BY. He says the best thing to happen to him in the game was to be excluded from the alliance of 8. He wonders if Austin knows what he's up to. He's not talked to him in a while. Steve says he needs to stay in bed tomorrow. Steve doesn't think the twins pay attention who talks to whom. Austin does. 04:22 AM BBT Steve plays pool with himself in the BY. In the HNR Meg talks to the feeders thanking them for the shark. Hi to mom and dad. She hopes "you all enjoy watching me sleep tonight”. 04:24 AM BBT Meg is shifting in her chair and James says "What the hey? Find a spot and settle down." Meg is sorry, she's trying to get comfortable. James says they may as well put newspaper underneath her. Jackie laughs. Out in the BY Steve mumbles to himself. Difficult to follow. If he tells "everyone that I and Vanessa had a final 2 deal...Mmmmhmm...mmmmhmmm...and...mmmmhmmm..." Steve wonders if he votes against Vanessa if he'll lose Austin. More inaudible mumbling. The HNR room is getting quiet now. 04:28 AM BBT Steve says to himself he cannot win HOH in this double eviction. 04:32 AM BBT Steve continues to mumble and whisper to himself about what he'll say to Vanessa? Most of his thoughts are exactly that...thoughts that we can't hear, just the occasional batch of words. Steve is worried he's playing both sides too much. People may think he's a floater. Steve heads inside and looks in the fridge before heading into the SR. 04:37 AM BBT Steve has been wandering through the house for about 5 minutes staying within the KT, CR and WA. Humming and mumbling. 04:40 AM BBT Steve wanders into the darkened BRs back and forth briefly before heading back into the KT to get his mug of salt water he made just moments before. Steve swishes his mouth out and heads into the WA to spit in the sink. Steve heads outside briefly to get his jacket and heads back into the WA to wash his face. 04:43 AM BBT Steve heads into the darkened OBR and crawls into bed. Meanwhile over in the HNR it sounds like James dropped or spilled a container of pills and Meg asked what the noise was. No response from him or Jackie. "Was that the Advil?" she asks. Silence. All four feeds currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 04:51 AM BBT We have stirring in the HNR. Meg lost her pillows. James' underwear keep riding up his stuff. Meg can't be comfortable. James realizes he still has his battery pack on. He's too committed. 04:53 AM BBT Steve up in the KT. Becky is in the KT as well. Audio doesn't kick in for 30 seconds to a minute. Steve is talking about his mom and how he's always talked to her about things. His mom cried when he got his first call back. Becky says that's a moment he'll never forget. 04:55 AM BBT Becky and Steve continue to chat in the KT sitting at the counter discussing how they can't believe they're in the BB house and the world is so far away. Steve expected to be one of those players that applied year after year like others in fan forums that never got a call back and he was able to get on the first time. Steve really didn't want to be Jace this season. He's glad he made it thus far.
  7. 12:00 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the HNR and the LR at this time. 12:08 AM BBT Austin is out DR in the LR. Steve went into the DR. Steve out of the DR. His wisdom teeth are coming in. Liz comes into HNR and says they need to talk to Clay while Shelli is in the DR. Liz says Vanessa is scared that if Clay is kept Clay will turn on Austin and tell everyone about the Judas thing. Austin says Shelli will just confirm that they were working together. 12:10 AM BBT Steve comes into HNR and the girls go to talk to Clay. Austin explains the situation to Steve that Shelli told James some information to throw him under the bus. Steve recommends to keep the target off his back. Steve and to protect himself (Austin) and twins. 12:12 AM BBT Scenario 1. Clay stays and Jackie wins HOH. Who does she put up? Austin says she should put up Clay. Steve asks “Who is she /going/ to put up? (with emphasis on the word going. Austin says he and Liz. Steve says exactly. Austin says Jackie told him she wouldn’t. Steve says but Austin just told him what she would do. Austin says she would have to break her word and if she did that, it would be three jury votes she just lost. Steve says “Other way around…if Clay goes home and Shelli stays and Jackie wins HOH who does Jackie put up?” Austin says Shelli without skipping a beat. Austin says “Ooooooooh…but they’re going to be mad…” and Steve with a surprisingly condescending/knowing tone says “But they’re not coming after you!” Steve says they’re going to be mad whether he’s in the house or not. 12:13 AM BBT Steve says there are 12 other cast members waiting to win the game and Dr. Will pissed off his entire cast to win the game. Steve reiterates that he has to look after himself and the twins. Austin isn’t sure Jackie would go back on her word. Steve again asks who Jackie would put up if Shelli stays. Austin again says Shelli. Austin isn’t sure. Steve says he said it again. 12:16 AM BBT Liz and Julia have been hanging around the WA trying to talk to Clay but Shelli had been doing her makeup and others have been coming and going. Liz talks briefly to Clay but it was difficult to hear. Liz to HNR and says Clay basically told her the idea is to vote how they want and Shelli wants to be here more. Austin is annoyed wondering what he’s doing. Steve says he’s pulling a Brendan from Season 12. BB calls out Austin to put on his mic. Austin says they’ll talk later. Steve asks who is more likely to win a comp to get the other side out. 12:19 AM BBT Steve asks Austin who told him that they threw him (Austin) under the bus. Shelli admitted to him. Liz is pissed off that Clay basically waved off their vote. Julia and Meg continue nightly ADLs in the WA. Clay laying on the lounger. 12:21 AM BBT Steve asks Liz who Jackie would put up if Clay was here. Liz isn’t so quick to answer. Vanessa comes in and Austin tells Steve to come back in an hour. Liz tells Vanessa about Clay’s conversation with her. Liz says she doesn’t want to be here. Austin they don’t want to blind side them. Vanessa says to be man and go in for a kiss and just tell them that Clay doesn’t want to be here and that’s why they did it. They all have an individual right to vote they want to. They’re not hear to play James’ game. 12:24 AM BBT Julia comes into HNR and asks what happened. Liz tells her about the conversation. Over in the WA Shelli is out of the DR and she hugs it out with Shelli. 12:26 AM BBT Austin says it’s official then Shelli stays. Vanessa says if it’s a double eviction they’ll go with Shelli and Johnny Mac as the targets. Austin wonders what to tell James. Vanessa says the girls should go to James first and tell him what Clay said. Austin should go talk to James after the twins do. 12:28 AM BBT Vanessa leaves the HNR. Austin says Clay changes his mind so much that’s why he doesn’t want him to be here. Austin and Julia thinks they should tell him tomorrow after lockdown. Liz says they will be pissed and stare at them. They all three agree that after lockdown is best. In the WA talk is about Steve’s wisdom teeth. 12:29 AM BBT Austin wants to make a move and keep Clay. The girls don’t want to keep him because he doesn’t want to stay. Austin agrees and says he’ll tell James that Clay mentioned wanting to target Austin and is being mean to the girls. 12:30 AM BBT Austin says no matter who they keep it will be bad. Julia worries that if they go against the other side then they’ll go after them (Liz, Julia and Austin). Liz isn’t sure. Austin doesn’t know either now. They don’t want to vote this week. Julia says if it’s a double eviction before the vote then they get rid of Shelli and if it’s not they get rid of Clay. Austin says they can’t blindside James with the vote because it’s shady. 12:34 AM BBT Austin says keeping Shelli after she did what she did to him is shady. Back in the WA we have idle chit chat with various HGs coming and going. Vanessa, Clay and Shelli are sitting on the lounger. Austin called out by BB to relocate his transmitter. 12:39-12:48 AM BBT Back and forth chit chat in the HNR about who to vote and who to keep. Many scenarios ran. They just don’t know. 12:49 AM BBT Liz into the WC and Austin into the WA. Shelli says she and Clay stole “ya’lls lounging spot.” Austin says it’s a good spot when you can’t get a hammock. Silence. Steve out of DR and asks what they told him. Steve says they’re going talk to someone that he’s not allowed to talk about. Shelli asks Steve what the 7 times +1 trick is to figure out eviction days. Steve doesn’t have a trick. He just knows it. Austin says that’s a good trick. Back in the CR we have idle chit chat between Meg, Johnny, Jackie and Becky. Jackie jokingly asks if they’re staying because she crawls into bed and then they always leave her. They say she fell asleep last time and she agrees she did. 12:56 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the CR. Vanessa comes into the WA to talk to Clay and Shelli and she asks if they’ve talked to Austin about how he’s voting yet. They have not. He hasn’t told them. 12:57 AM BBT Vanessa says the twins are going to go tell their vote to James tonight. Shelli and Clay agree they don’t have to. “They blindsided us who cares if he gets blindsided!” (How quickly she forgets that Vanessa fired the first blindside by evicting Jason… - Niteslacker). 01:01 AM BBT Vanessa says Becky and Jackie will vote to evict Shelli while the twins and Vanessa will vote to evict Clay. It won’t be the blowout that James wanted it to be. Vanessa Jackie, Becky and Meg are attached to the twins and Austin at the hip and won’t leave them alone. Shelli says it’s funny and Vanessa says it’s annoying. Meg wanders in asks what’s going on. Vanessa says she did her DR. Intermittent FoTH. 01:03 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH continues. 01:08 AM BBT Meg, Jackie Austin and Liz move into the OBR to chat. Intermittent FoTH continues. 01:09 AM BBT Clay says the fact that they want her gone so bad is more reason to keep her hear. She says she wants so bad to turn a key and have his face appear on the board (nominations). She would really like to turn both keys and have his face show up twice. Feeds 1 and 2 are on an empty LR. Feeds 3 and 4 are on a silent Clay and Shelli. 01:11 AM BBT Correction. Feeds 1 and 2 were on Liz hiding behind the couch who jumps out and scares Julia as she walks back towards the BRs from the WC. “Lizzzzzz why do you do that! I hate you!” She asks why everyone else didn’t warn her. 01:18 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues on all four feeds. 01:21 AM BBT James is awake and he tries to scare Meg by sitting on couch against the wall just around the corner from the BRs. Meg saw his little legs sticking out. Over in the WA Shelli points out she would smack him if he tried scaring her. 01:24 AM BBT FoTH. 01:25-01:30 AM BBT Feeds back. Idle chit chat continues with James having joined the OBR crew. 01:30 AM BBT Discussion in OBR is about Steve and his wisdom teeth. Liz says it would be cool if they would let Johnny Mac perform the extraction (Johnny Mac pointed out in his pre-show interview with Jeff Schroeder that he would need a California license and he also pointed this out again tonight to people) he does it all the time. Over in the WA Clay and Shelli talk saying that James doesn’t have the numbers to keep Clay. Clay called to DR. Clay and Shelli giving each other knowing looks. Shelli says it’ll be really quick because they’re only asking him one question. 01:36 AM BBT Shelli joins the OBR crew. Steve was brushing his teeth and the feeds switched to Becky and Johnny in the CR. Idle chit chat all around. 01:37 AM BBT to 01:50 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues around the house. 01:50 AM BBT Brief FoTH. Feeds back and Becky is saying it’s aggressive to ask for who is voting and nobody is required to announce their votes and to reveal their game. Johnny agrees. 01:51 AM BBT Feeds switch to Austin talking to Clay in the WA. Loud voices of other HGs make the conversation difficult to follow. Austin asks Clay if he really wants to go home. Clay does. He wants to be voted to evicted. He’ll talk to Steve tomorrow. Clay says the numbers are good for him to go this week. 01:53 AM BBT Austin doesn’t want to blindside James. Clay says James wants Shelli gone so bad because he’s scared of her. Austin says alright it’s done then. Austin continues brushing his teeth. Austin wishes him luck and shakes his hand. 01:56 AM BBT It’s snack time in the BB KT. Vanessa is at the table eating while Clay, Meg, Austin, and Shellli chat and make food/get drinks/eat. Liz walks into the WA and Clay tells her he just talked to Austin. Julia out of the WC. Clay says if the five stick together they’ll make the final five. Jackie called to DR. James joins Becky and Johnny in the CR. 01:58 AM BBT Clay and Liz hug it out. Clay into WC. 01:59 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH. Idle chit chat in the CR. 06:03 AM BBT All four feeds currently display sleeping HG in darkened rooms. 06:38 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 07:29 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 07:49 AM BBT We continue to have all four feeds display sleeping HGs.
  8. 11:00 PM BBT In the WA Shelli accurately guesses tomorrow is the 6th. She says that’s a lot of weeks. The finale is the 24th. 1 month and 3 weeks, another 49 days. Shelli asks “Do you hear them talking up there?” FoTH. 11:03 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the CR between one of the twins, Austin, Meg, Jackie and Vanessa. 11:07 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the CR. Johnny shaves in the WA with Shelli and Clay watching. Idle chit chat between Clay and Johnny Mac. 11:16 PM BBT Liz and Austin hug it out in the LR. 11:18 PM BBT Clay asks Johnny Mac if there’s any word. He says he hasn’t heard anything but they’ve been asking how he’s voting. Johnny Mac wants to talk to Steve. He says no one is concerned about their votes at all. Clay is shocked by this. Clay says whoever stays “One of us and you…” Johnny agrees. He wonders if Steve is against that side. Johnny Mac has no idea which side he’s against. He doesn’t have targets yet. Johnny Mac says Steve figured nobody is concerned about them because they’ll still be able to go after Clay first. 11:21 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the CR. Over in the WA Clay rehashes the conversation with Johnny Mac to Shelli. Shelli is shocked that James hasn’t tried to bully him for his vote yet. Clay says it’s weird that Johnny Mac and Clay have a final 2 deal but never talk. Their final 2 deal is a shock to her. He remembers “him” telling them about his deal. Clay says he thinks he (Steve) would trust Johnny with information like that. Shelli says Johnny is playing the perfect floater game. He’s being perceived as a floater without really being like one. 11:25 PM BBT Clay thinks James will eventually put up Johnny Mac. Shelli isn’t sure. Shelli is painting her nails. Idle chit chat continues over in the CR. 11:30 PM BBT Clay asks to paint her nails. Shelli says no. She says her feet are so gross here. He says his is. Clay wonders if they haven’t been called because there is a twist. FoTH. Idle chit chat continues over in the CR. 11:33 PM BBT Vanessa into the WA to begin nightly ADLs. Idle chit chat continues in the CR. 11:37 PM BBT Vanessa realizes/points out she hasn’t done her goodbye message yet. Shelli says they haven’t done theirs yet. FoTH. All four feeds back on CR. BB can be heard saying you are not allowed to talk about DRs. Liz or Julia says that was stern. Feeds back in the WA and Vanessa Johnny Mac (in the KT) if he did his goodbye message. Johnny did. Vanessa says sometimes they don’t ask for them, she didn’t do one for Da’vonne. FoTH. 11:40 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz/Julia in HNR whispering. They break apart when the door opens. Steve walks in. They want to have an alliance meeting. Austin is in the DR. The other twin walks in and they agree to meet when Austin gets out of DR. The twins want to get Clay alone but can’t. Vanessa isn’t sure what to say about them. 11:43 PM BBT In the WA Shelli says all of the things she’s said in DR has been nice and really sweet to Clay. Vanessa asks one of the twins if “they’ have asked how she’s going to vote yet. She says no. Vanessa says that’s great then. Steve says they’re two votes! 11:50 PM BBT Julia says she’d keep Shelli because she wants James’ head on a silver platter. Vanessa points out she also wants Jackie’s head. Julia says they’re also sorority sisters. She says if Austin votes to evict Shelli then they have the votes they need. Vanessa says she can still vote however she wants to. Vanessa plans on it. Idle chit chat between Clay and Shelli and talk turns to DR. FoTH. 11:53 PM BBT Talk stops when they hear something. Julia asks her what she’s going to wear tomorrow. 11:56 PM BBT Julia and Vanessa go back to whispering wondering what to do if it’s a double eviction. Vanessa says Jackie pulled her into a room and drilled her for 30 minutes today about Austin. They’ll talk about it later. WA feeds switch to the LR with Meg and Liz laying on the couches chatting.
  9. 00:02 AM BBT Discussion about what they think the next HOH will be (Austin, Liz, Julia, James, and Meg). Out in the BY Shelli continues to cry telling Johnny Mac that it’s not his fault this week. 00:08 AM BBT The HOH group watch Steve on the spy screen and Austin jokes that Steve has super sonic hearing. He whispers his name and they laugh saying they'd freak out if he turned around to look at the camera/HOH door. Talk turns to last night's kiss. They joke Meg is now in Steve's register. He was bragging that the number of girls he's kissed is up to 7. 00:10 AM BBT Shelli called to DR. Johnny apologizes to Clay again and says he's lied to a lot of people to keep the four of them safe and Steve thinks he's going to the end with Johnny Mac but Johnny will not hesitate to let him go. Up in the HOH we have conversation about Steve's awkwardness. James asks that the group does not allow Steve to be the one to take him out (James). 00:13 AM BBT James wonders if he should tell them their decision tonight. Austin isn't sure because it might make things awkward tonight. James agrees. 00:15 AM BBT *Flashback Alert* Feeds switch to the WA and one of the twins is whispering to Shelli. She asks what they were talking about. She says they were just discussing which of the two should go home this week (stuttering...deer caught in the headlights look, I don't think she intended for it to come out that way). Shelli says "You were discussing which of us to go home?" Shelli doesn't feel like anyone is trying to save her out of their alliance and that everyone is lying to her and Clay right now. Last week Shelli and Clay fought hard to get them all in the house together. The twin is sorry she feels that way. Shelli uses the WC. 00:20 AM BBT Talk in the OBR is about passwords to debit cards and phones, Becky asks the twin that Shelli just drilled if she remembers hers. She does. Jackie, Vanessa and Becky continue to chat. The twin heads into the HNR and then back upstairs to tell the HOH group about the conversation she just had with Shelli. James tells the group that Clay told Meg and he that the house was ok with Steve going on the block this week. Meg tells the group that Shelli said the group is turning their back on her and Clay and they all think they're trying to not do that. The twin tells them what Shelli said about how they "did so much for Austin last week.” 00:26 AM BBT Out in the BY Johnny and Clay continue to chat. Johnny says when Jeff (correct name) gets out he'll see that he (Johnny) didn't have his back. Up in the HOH the Shelli and Clay discussion continues. Liz/Julia (whichever one is wearing the grey shirt tonight) says she went in the HNR to put her socks on and when she came out Shelli was headed into the DR but she never heard her called (she was called about 10-15 minutes in the BY) and she was afraid to get cornered again so she came back up to the HOH. 00:30 AM BBT Johnny says he's getting closer to Austin. Clay says that's good but Austin will only agree with you, he probably won't back you. Up in the HOH Austin wonders what to say if they corner him. The grey t-shirt twin wants to get their story straight about what they were talking about. Meg says just tell them that they were discussing options. Austin agrees and says that this will keep things calm tonight and tomorrow they can deal with the fallout. James agrees. Austin doesn't want James to take the full brunt of this. James thanks him. 12:34 AM BBT The twins head down to the WA as a pair so they don't get cornered by Shelli. The grey shirted twin tells Vanessa how Shelli cornered her and was aggressive with her conversation. Austin comes down. Upstairs James and Meg remain. They wonder how "they" (Clay and Shelli brought it up earlier) knew about the plan to put them up the day they won HOH. James and Meg played it off like they didn't know what they're talking about and the decision wasn't made that day. They think Vanessa is the one they can't trust and have to limit the information they share with her. 00:35 AM BBT Austin tells Vanessa she should go up and talk to James. The conversation is difficult to follow due to a hairdryer. Meg and James continue to discuss not being able to trust Vanessa. 00:40 AM BBT Vanessa comes up to the HOH and says she's breaking up their party because apparently they had a party with every other person without her and the three agreed to share information with each other. Meg says they were making no decisions. Vanessa laughs saying she doesn't want to know specifics she wonders if things are the same. James says they are. 00:44 AM BBT Vanessa says the twins told her there was some question as to whether or Clay or Shelli was the last to know about Jason going home last week. Both assure her that it's not a problem and it's old news. She says good but she's heard that the story is being twisted around. James tells her not to stress out and she's not HOH. Vanessa says she and the girls were having their own party in the OBR. 00:46 AM BBT Austin had a quick conversation with Clay in the HNR and Austin told Clay that James is on the fence now which he wasn't before. James, Meg and Vanessa comes down from the HOH. Becky, James, and Jackie in the WA. James says they were talking about whether he would use the POV tomorrow. Apparently he and Meg are in a showmance but the only thing she shows him is her goofy personality. 00:48 AM BBT Shelli pulls Vanessa into the OBR saying the group of six needs to talk so everyone knows where her heart is. Clay says they need to talk to Austin because he was up in the group. Vanessa tells Shelli that she thinks that James is at least considering putting someone else up. 00:50 AM BBT James meets Steve in the CR and asks to speak with him in the BY briefly. They go out separately and take a seat on the loungers. James wonders if it's too public of a place. James tells Steve that two people came to him and asked him to put him (Steve) up on the block. He's going out on a limb for him this week. Steve doesn't want to know who but he has a guess. They dance around the discussion briefly before James says "...who are two people that need a replacement nominee?" Steve understands. Steve is trusting him and taking him to Jury and he's hoping that Steve will reciprocate this moving forward. He hopes Steve will look out for James if he wins HOH. Steve says “Ok." 00:53 AM BBT In the OBR the conversation between Clay, Shelli and Vanessa continues. Shelli confirms with Clay and Vanessa that she talked to Julia in the WA about the HOH group earlier and what they were talking about. 00:56 AM BBT Clay says he had to ask Austin what was being talked about. He didn't come up to him with the info. Out in the BY Steve and James continue to chat. Steve thanks him for the help because he hasn't gotten a whole lot of it. Steve wonders if it would be too much to ask what was said. James says they basically said that he would be a blood-free target this week if he put Steve up. 01:01 AM BBT Conversation continues in the BY between Steve and James. Earlier in the conversation James had asked Steve for a week of safety for giving him this information. Steve had agreed. James reassures Steve that he's good this week. Back in the OBR Shelli is crying to Vanessa telling her that she's so emotional in this house and it's hard for her. 01:03 AM BBT James tells Steve that Clay walked out and it was awkward. Steve agrees. James tells him he's going to scoot away from him. Clay runs in and tells Shelli and Vanessa that James and Steve were talking on the couch in the BY. He wonders if James would spoil the plan. Vanessa doesn't think so. She says that Steve might have initiated the conversation. Clay says James was standing up though so he thinks he (James) initiated the conversation. Vanessa points out they don't know for sure though. 01:05 AM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that James might be plotting to take one of them down to put Steve up and reap the benefit of their gratefulness for being pulled down (whoever gets pulled off the block). Clay joins Steve and Johnny in the hammock in the BY. 01:08 AM BBT Meg, Austin and James doing nightly ADLs in the WA. Out in the BY we have general discussion about how long the've been in the house. Clay leaves the hammock. Johnny and Steve talk vaguely about winning HOH and picking "sides". Steve says they're on a side of three. Steve points out that what Steve this week was never done before. Johnny agrees and says it was ballsy. 01:12 AM BBT Johnny and Steve continue to chat in the BY hammock. They agree to be cool until they take out the showmances. Talk turns to the HOH comp. In the KT we have idle chit chat between many of the HGs with Liz cleaning the mirrors over the sink/stove. 01:18 AM BBT Steve and Johnny continue to talk in the hammock. Steve wonders if there's anything he should know. Johnny says not that he's aware of. Johnny tells him that James told him that he'll stay off the block if he'll offer him safety and keep him safe next week. Steve says he got the same deal. They laugh. Over in the OBR Clay and Shelli chat. Shelli wants to talk to "the six of them" to let them know where she stands. She tried to talk to Liz but they're all hanging out in the KT right now. Liz wanders in and asks if they want to talk. Austin, Liz and Shelli head into the HNR. 01:22 AM BBT Steve tells Johnny he hangs out in the CR because then he can't be accused of listening in on conversations. 01:27 AM BBT Meg and Clay in the CR talking. Clay is asking if he knows what James is discussing. Meg doesn't think things are changing. Clay tells him he would change his mind. Meg doesn't think he will and has tried asking him. Over in the HNR Austin reassures Shelli that they are still with she and Clay. He and Liz says that James is trying to see where everyone's head is at. Austin says that James certainly is on the fence. Talk turns to how this is the week to take Steve out. 01:32 AM BBT Clay and Meg continue to chat in the CR. Clay says part of the reason that they agreed to save Austin last week was because he wanted to make it to Jury next week with Liz. He quickly clarifies that he knows it wasn't much of a reason to send home Jason and Meg agrees. But he and Shelli really felt Austin's pain because of what they have together. He continues to tell Meg that saving one of them is the move to make. Meg knows. Clay says her look and tone doesn't feel like she believes him. Meg keeps replying "I know Clay....I know…." 01:35 AM BBT Shelli, Liz and Austin continue to whisper in the HNR. Austin reassures her that they're still trying to get one of them off the block. Austin is going to try and talk to James once more in an effort to get Steve on the block. Austin says next week Steve would be a swing vote and could really cause havoc in the house if it came down to him. Shelli says that's good. Austin says it's scaring him now that he realizes it. Shelli says "I built this Palace and without me..." Austin and Liz laugh. Shelli tells them to keep trying and she thanks them. Conversation over. Shelli and Liz leave together. Austin stays behind briefly and says "This is tough. Liz comes back in and asks what she thinks. 01:38 AM BBT Liz back and Austin asks what she thinks. She says he's a good actor. He wonders if his idea might work. She says it's not their idea this week. He wonders if it would hurt them more. She agrees and says they need to stick to the plan. Austin wonders who they should target if they win HOH next week. Liz doesn't think James. Austin says they're in a weird spot. Over in the CR Meg is crying telling Clay he's talking to the wrong person and there's nothing she can do. He continues to beg for her help and how they have her back. 01:41 AM BBT Meg tells Clay that last week was messed up. She's never been blindsided like that before. Clay says just like they're being blindsided this week. "Any eye for an eye". Meg doesn't want to play like that though. Clay understands that James makes a plan and sticks with it. Clay wants to be an HOH like that. Over in the HNR Vanessa comes in and asks if they're ok because they look upset. They say they're torn. Austin tells her the idea about getting Steve put up on the block. 01:44 AM BBT In the HNR Vanessa stresses that Steve is close to them and they shouldn't do that. Liz agrees. Over in the CR Meg is sorry saying that there's nothing she can do. Clay asks if that's that then? Meg thinks so. She's sorry. Clay warns her that James' game is in trouble because of this move. Meg knows. Clay points out that people will tell them what they want to hear just to keep them happy. Meg points out that it works both ways and people may be telling him that they want to keep them just to appease them. 01:47 AM BBT Vanessa warns Austin that James hasn't put up another nom yet and stresses that it could be dangerous to be too vocal. Julia walks into the HNR and Vanessa stresses out thinking they were caught in a conversation by someone before realizing who it is. Vanessa again stresses that they shouldn't hurt Steve's game because he is an ally. Vanessa heads out. Julia asks if they talked to Shelli. Liz begins to tell her what was said. Over in the CR Clay continues to beg and talk in circles asking for her to get to James and get him to save one of them. Clay points out that next week James can't play for HOH and they will be down a person to try and win it. 01:53 AM BBT Clay leaves the CR and grabs Shelli and tells her to come in. Meg tells her that they've been talking about things. Over in the HNR Liz points out that Vanessa probably just wants them to go get in James' ear and for them to do the dirty work. Back in the CR Meg points out that they need to be talking to James and not her. She has some sway with him but not when it comes to his power. Clay says they're getting played right now. Shelli agrees. Clay says they've been played each week by someone they thought they can trust. Meg understands but things have happened over the past weeks. Meg says words haven't really been said to her, but the actions...don't look favorably to them. 01:57 AM BBT Shelli wonders what actions is she talking about. Meg says last week. They point out that she's aligning with people up in the HOH and Meg says she's not aligning with anyone. Clay says they're having discussions though. Meg says she's not listening to stories though. Shelli or Clay says James is listening to what Austin is saying. Meg doesn't agree with that for a moment. HNR party has broken up and feeds switch to Jackie, Becky and James in the HOH. 02:01 AM BBT Shelli asks Meg if in the conversation upstairs earlier if anyone was defending her. Meg stutters a bit and says it was just brought up if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for what to do this week. Meg says last week was brought up again and Shelli laughs. Meg says no one was intentionally throwing them under the bus about it but it keeps happening. Clay wonders if they should go talk to James. Shelli says not right now because people are up there. Clay says they should kick them out. Shelli says it's pointless because Meg is telling them that. 02:02 AM BBT HOH feeds switch to Vanessa chatting with Johnny and Steve in the BY near the hammock. Steve and Johnny are still in the hammock. We join mid-coversation but Vanessa says it's so annoying feeling left out of things happening in the house. Steve agrees and says that BB. Back in the CR Clay and Shelli ask if they should even waste their time talking to James. She says of course they should try to fight for it. 02:05 AM Johnny and Vanessa head in. Steve says "Goodnight Doctor McGuire." Feeds switch back to HOH, idle chit chat about previous comps. Down in the CR Clay and Shelli continue to rehash the same conversation over and over again in different ways. Meg understands but...she's sorry. Up in the HOH James asks Becky if she likes the idea of Clay going home. Becky says she's neutral. She describes several things he's good at but he's terrible at most of the comps so he's difficult to read. Becky points out that Shelli keeps winning/competing in all the comps and showing her cards while she thinks Clay is not showing his. James thinks Clay was fighting for the last one. 02:11 AM BBT Shelli says that if Austin sat up in the HOH and didn't defend them after they did so much to save him last week then it something...so..."Judas" There's so much she could say. Clay says to pull him up to the HOH with James. Shelli says she doesn't want to make a big scene of it. Shelli says Austin said something James said and Meg asks her to repeat it and Meg says James did not say that. Clay or Shelli point out that he's putting ideas into James' head. Clay wants to talk to Austin with James...but doesn’t. 02:15 AM BBT Up in the HOH Becky asks James if he's leaning one way over the other. James says Shelli wins comps. Down in the CR Meg begins crying saying that the two of them are looking at her like she's stupid. Clay says it's not it. Shelli is sorry but she hears about all these conversations that Meg has heard but she hasn't talked to either of them about what was said which isn't fair but she'll listen to others. "I mean what the hell am I supposed to think Meg? I'm on the wall with my most important person!” 02:18 AM BBT In the CR Clay and Shelli continue to badger Meg (I think we can call it that now... - Niteslacker). She says after the things she's heard and witnessed she can't trust them any more. Clay agrees and says they can't trust her because they heard about her being in an alliance with Jeff and then Jackie got pulled in as well. Meg says the only alliance she's been in was with their big group. Back and forth we go. 02:21 AM BBT Clay wonders if they should speak with James. Shelli doesn't think so. Meg says she's going to talk to him one more time. Clay says the deal the two of them are offering them is infinitely better than what they will have. Meg agrees and that's why she wants to talk once more. Clay wants to talk to James once more. Meg doesn't know what to do. Clay says there's nothing she can do. Idle chit chat in the HOH about previous events. 02:25 AM BBT Shelli begins to cry in the CR now saying she's been honest and true so far and at least her mom will be proud of her. Meg says the picture is being painted so many different ways. Clay and Shelli wonders what that means because people are the ones painting the picture. Clay wants to go upstairs and if people are there they will leave. Shelli is scared as to where this will lead. They stop at the top of the stairs and Shelli wants to know what Clay will say. 02:28 AM Meanwhile in the HOH Becky is saying Shelli has many layers. At the top of the stairs Clay says he wants to point out to James that unless Jackie or Meg wins HOH he's on the block. Shelli cautions him against it. Clay says they have no game left and they have to. Shelli says she doesn't think they should run in with emotions. Clay says he won't but if they don't say something then that's it. Shelli isn't sure. Clay says then they can go to bed and try tomorrow. Shelli points out the only person they can throw under the bus is Becky but she doesn't want to. Clay agrees. 02:32 AM BBT Clay and Shelli head back down stairs. Clay says they can't talk in there. Shelli just wants to lay down. Other HGs voices can be heard. She tries to send him into the CBR but he comes back out. He crawls into bed with Shelli. Shelli tells Clay about Vanessa's suggestion about putting up a pawn and then enjoying the gratefulness of whomever is pulled down. Meg comes in and asks if they talked to him. Shelli says no because they're emotional and she doesn't want to come off as a bi***. 02:34 AM BBT Idle chit chat about HGs, previous comps and events continue in the HOH. Down in the OBR Johnny wanders in and they ask if Meg? talked to him. Johnny says she sat down next to him and said the game is weird and she has no idea what has happened. Clay asks if they asked him about Steve being backdoored. Johnny says he was never asked. Johnny is going to go lay down and think a bit. He leaves and Shelli wonders if they were just lied to because he was clenching his jaw. 02:38 AM BBT Up in the HOH James asks Becky if she trusts Vanessa. Becky calls her a chameleon and blends into your group if she thinks it will help her. James agrees. Down in the OBR Shelli asks Clay if Austin, the twins Vanessa and Steve are in the HNR. Steve says they were being mean to him by asking him which kiss he wanted to repeat. He solved the question by leaving the room. Clay asks what James talked to him about earlier. Steve says "he just offered to keep me off the block if I kept him off the block". He realizes they're not happy and Shelli points out that they're not exactly chipper and he leaves the room. 02:40 AM BBT Vanessa comes out and says she was playing child games "in there" (the HNR). She's about ready for bed she has one more load of laundry to do. She and Steve walk away (Steve followed her out of HNR) and Shelli says "He knows..." Clay agrees (I believe Shelli is saying Steve knows that they tossed his name out there as a replacement nom). 02:43ish BBT Up in the HOH Becky, Jackie and James discuss the possibility that Audrey was honest about the Sleeper Cell alliance. James points out that Clay kept coming into the room and breaking up the conversation. 02:49 AM BBT James, Becky and Jackie continue to chat idly. Right now it's about tax rates and the prize money. Down in the OBR Clay says he doesn't want to talk to anyone because he doesn't deal with fake people. Clay gets up and turns the lights off after taking his mic off. 02:51 AM BBT Clay walks out towards the WA. Vanessa gets next to Shelli and tells her that just like they reminded Audrey that there is so much into life outside the house. Shelli points out that she feels like people are lying to them about trying to save them. Vanessa wonders who. Shelli says Austin and the twins. HOH feeds switch to Steve and Meg in the HT in the BY. 02:54 AM BBT Vanessa and Shelli discuss conversations had today. Shelli says the twins said the exact same words to her that Meg told her today. She wonders if the conversation was even had or was staged. Clay comes in and BB reminds HGs that the lights must remain on. Clay gets up and turns the lights on. Clay then gets called out to put on his mic. Vanessa says that Meg is in the HT thinking so maybe James will still save her. 02:56 AM BBT General game chat in HT between Meg and Steve. In the the OBR Vanessa gets in her bed and whispers something. Clay agrees. Shelli asks what. Clay says he thinks Steve knows that they put out his name as a replacement nom. Shelli doesn't think so. Clay says he does. Shelli's feet hurt. Vanessa laughs. 02:59 AM BBT Vanessa cautions them saying it's dangerous saying you're on board to vote someone out. Clay says he already did. Vanessa points out that information could be taken to Steve. Clay says he did it already, they'll find out tomorrow. Vanessa heard one other thing today. She heard that James wants Clay to stay. Shelli knew that. Vanessa just heard it today. Shelli wonders why. Vanessa isn't sure. Because she (Shelli) won more HOHs? 03:02 AM BBT Shelli says "he thinks he can get you back on board..." (to Clay). Clay says something but he took off his mic again. All four feeds in OBR. Vanessa says she's here for them and will do whatever they want. 03:03 AM BBT HT feeds return with Steve saying it was fun being beat at his own game about BB knowledge (Jason). Meg misses him. Back in the OBR BB gives a generic "You are not allowed to obstruct your microphone" message. Clay puts on his mic. Talk is now about Austin. Guess who walks in...Austin. Vanessa asks him if he thinks there's anyway James will use the POV. 03:06 AM BBT Shelli says they offered James safety and to be allowed to get put on the block moving forward. Austin is going to talk to him in the morning. Shelli says he told James he would come back up tonight. Austin clarifies that he said he could talk in the morning. Shelli points out that ceremonies happen quickly sometimes. Austin will go up if they want him to. Clay says it's like he's being neutral and they helped save him last week after he came to them begging. Idle chit chat continues about previous seasons of BB in the HT. 03:10 AM BBT Clay gets up and leaves the bed. Austin says he'll go up for them. Clay went out to the BY. Meg says "we're all a happy family". "Never" Clay says before going back in. He says he's going to bed. Austin wants to talk to James without Jackie and Becky being present. Shelli says if he waits until the morning then it'll be too late. Austin agrees and says he'll (James) need time to talk to people. The HOH door can be heard opening and closing. Austin is going to use the bathroom. 03:13 AM BBT Austin waits in the WA for James to come out of the WC. James yells to Julia that she could have given him a courtesy flush. Julia yells that she peed. James says whatever. James comes out of the WC and Austin says he talked to them some more. Austin says they're desperate right now and are willing to offer themselves up next week. There's pros and cons to both sides. James agrees and says it's a gamble. Becky comes in and brushes her teeth. 03:17 AM BBT James asks if they really offered themselves up next week just to make it to Jury. Austin says yes. James says "whoa!" Vanessa and Shelli come into the WA. Vanessa back to the darkened OBR and says "Austin was talking to James in the WA with Becky and Jackie present" to Clay and that the conversation stopped when she walked in. Difficult to hear Clay's side of the conversation...because he's not wearing his mic. 03:20 AM BBT Vanessa can't stand most of these people. Clay called out to put on his mic. Vanessa tells him that he's as bad as "them". Clay says he might be worse. I don't think the WA heard it because there was zero reaction. Becky asks Jackie if she's gotten yelled at about her armor yet for anything because she looks like she's done well with it. Jackie says once because she left it outside. 03:23 AM BBT Shelli out of WC and called to DR. FoTH. Feeds back and Austin is telling James that they're desperate and threw it out there that that a floater could put them up. He wanted to bring it to James before he went to bed because it is big. Shelli putting on makeup on because she was called to DR. Game chat stops again. The OBR feeds have been silent with Clay and Vanessa. Clay gets up and heads into the CBR. Lights are on. 03:28 AM BBT Meg comes in with a towel wrapped around her. James asks if she's been scampering around. She says she was HTing it up and Steve joined her. James says "figures...Steve!" Steve into the WC. Austin wonders if they should go somewhere else because Steve will be in there for 40 minutes. They ask if he has his beachball. They talk to him briefly through the door. Steve out of the WC, he was changing. 03:31 AM BBT Talk in the WA begins again. James wonders if he'll be the biggest doucebag this this season. Austin isn't sure. James says he's probably breaking up America's Sweetheart couple. Austin isn't sure. Sometimes Feed watchers don't like the obvious flawless couple (Yes, yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes! - Niteslacker) 03:33 AM BBT James points out that this could just be a move because they have nothing else to say or offer. Austin agrees. James wonders if they should hold another group meeting. Austin isn't sure. He says this may not be the move to keep them this week. Austin says they're conversation was certainly eye opening and said he would take it to James. Austin says it's a heavy bargaining chip. James agrees. James wonders if they can be trusted. 03:36 AM BBT Meg comes into the WA and Austin says she misses everything. She knows. Austin tells her they're desperate. Meg knows. James points out they just want to get to jury together. James and Austin agree that they might not agree to go on the block next week especially with Liz, Julia and Austin together. Meg into the shower. 03:38 AM BBT Clay talks to Becky in the CBR. Becky says she believes strongly (75%? Audio difficulties) that he won't change the noms. She points out that if Shelli and he remain in the house that Shelli will remain a target. If they stay on the block then Shelli will go probably go home and Clay will have a chance go further in the game and align with someone else (alluding to the fact that he's no longer a pair?) 03:42 AM BBT Austin knows Clay is waiting to talk to him before he goes to bed. James thinks this would be a good week to take out Meg (with Meg standing right there). Meg says aww! James thinks America would love that. Steve and Clay are at the KT eating. Steve tells Clay he's been there and knows what it's like not knowing anything or having people not talk to him. Clay figures he'll be there soon enough. They ask Meg what she thinks. Meg shouts "I don't know anything!" and they shoosh her because they know the two are in the KT. James begins to wave in the mirror "Hi guys!" and gets a "James, Stop that!" from BB. 03:46 AM BBT Meg joins Clay and Steve at the KT table. Steve wonders why food items have recipes on them. Meg says so you know what to make with it. Clay gets up. Back in the WA Austin and James continue to chat. James brought up Dan's funeral (BB15) and points out that (sometimes desperate people do desperate things). James thinks he needs to play the odds and go with his gut. Clay comes in and begins to brush his teeth. 03:50 AM BBT Austin into the WC. Clay asks if he's going to use it. James says he's thinking about it after the information he gave to Austin to give to him. James seems to be beating around the bush here and says ultimately the decision belongs to the house. Clay heads into the darkened BRs. James asks Meg to come talk to him in the BY. He apologizes to Steve for borrowing her. She follows him outside and Austin waits a moment before going to the door and mouths to Steve not to worry about anything but he's good. 03:53 AM BBT James tells Meg what Austin just told him about the offer of safety for a week to allow Clay and Shelli to get to Jury together. Meg wonders why people are playing the game this way. She says she had a nice conversation with Steve and he's super excited about being safe this week. Austin explains how it was also suggested that a floater may put them up. Meg says removing herself from the knowledge of everyone in the house but...playing the game just to make it Jury is ridiculous. It almost feels cheap or weak to consider it. James points out that they could win HOH and then put them up. The three agree. Clay has been in bed in the darkened OBR for about five minutes. It does not sound like he talked to Shelly which means it's likely she's in DR still. 03:58 AM BBT Meg tells James to go with his gut. James agrees. Austin says it's the 11th hour and they're coming hard right now. James says the bus has already left the station at this point. James says "they" talked about floaters but now that Steve knows they kept him in the game they hope he'll keep them safe last week. Meg points out that it's still a huge 'if' he wins. 04:01 AM BBT *Flashback Alert* Feeds 1 and 2. James says he's more than likely to keep noms the same. They worked their tails off to get to this point. Now he's trying to decide when to tell them. He kind of wants to tell them now so they'll sleep on it and be calm tomorrow. Austin says it make make things worse and if he tells them tonight it may make them even more emotional. Meg agrees. James points out that it's two people's emotions they have to deal with right now. Austin says if he gets pulled off to the side he'll tell them James is still thinking because there's a lot to think about. 04:04 AM James tells Meg that he's a good kisser. Meg keeps saying "Oh my God..." Austin is heading in. James points out that he doesn't think they have anything to worry about Steve next week and he'll talk to him once more. Meg recommends waiting until things calm down before he has that conversation. James agrees. He asks Meg about what Steve said about being happy to stay. Meg says she was shocked because it came out of nowhere. The three agree that it will be awkward with Steve in Jury if you're there with just him. Otherwise it won't be so sad. 04:07 AM BBT We have snoring on the darkened OBR feeds. We have playfulness between Austin and James with Meg in the BY. Shelli out of DR in the OBR briefly be she walks out of the room. She heads into the WA and Steve says he's not slept as well as he recently because he's felt so safe. Shelli asks him to repeat and he does. "I haven't!" she mumbles before he clarifies. "Shelli! I mean...and he points to the BY and mimics using a sword. She laughs and agrees before walking into the WC. Steve mumbles "that was rather douchey of me..." Shelli out of the WC and heads to bed. 04:13 AM BBT Shelli whispering to Clay in bed. Shelli says that she and Vanessa were looking for the Advil and Vanessa thought it was in the WA so she followed Vanessa and she came across Becky, Jackie, James, Austin chatting. Shelli says the conversation stopped and then 04:26 AM BBT Meg into the OBR and kneels down beside Clelli's bed. Meg tells them that she just talked to James and he's got lots of questions and if he had answers he may help them. They wonder what he has questions about. Meg says Austin's tone late this evening was different than the one he had earlier and he's curious as to why. Meg says that Steve mentioned safety to her earlier out of the blue. Shelli says he did the same thing to her earlier and Shelli told him she wasn't but then he pointed out that she was protecting the castle. Meg and Clay starts to laugh. Shelli wonders if that's what Steve was talking about to her. Meg continues to laugh.she left the room before getting called to DR. She walked back towards the WA and Jackie was at the HOH stairs and called down the hall "Oh hey Becky!" as if to alert her. Conversation stopped when she returned. 04:13 AM BBT (Correct time stamp) Meanwhile out in the BY Austin leaves and Meg and James chat. Both agree that there's more to everything than they're being led to believe. Meg says Shelli repeatedly said "There's so much I want to tell you..." but she wouldn't. James points out that he repeatedly asked for solid information to save them and neither of them would give it up. 04:20 AM BBT James and Meg continue to discuss inconsistencies in stories and about how Audrey. James says it's their fault if they don't want to give them any information. Back in the OBR Shelli took her mic off so the conversation is even more difficult to hear. Clay says something about telling them that ruining their honesty/integrity is not worth the money. Shelli says she wants to spend time in the jury house though. Clay says whoever has to go home needs to contact Jason because he knows the address of the jury house. Shelli laughs. 04:23 AM BBT Out in the BY James again points out that if they don't give information then it falls on them. Meg is going to go talk to Clay and Shelli before she goes to bed. James wonders why she gets to do all the fun stuff. Meg says this will set it up better for tomorrow. Meg needs to pee first. Back in the darkened OBR Clay continues to whisper to Shelli with her giggling softly. Difficult to hear. 04:26 AM BBT Meg into the OBR and kneels down beside Clelli's bed. Meg tells them that she just talked to James and he's got lots of questions and if he had answers he may help them. They wonder what he has questions about. Meg says Austin's tone late this evening was different than the one he had earlier and he's curious as to why. Meg says that Steve mentioned safety to her earlier out of the blue. Shelli says he did the same thing to her earlier and Shelli told him she wasn't but then he pointed out that she was protecting the castle. Meg and Clay starts to laugh. Shelli wonders if that's what Steve was talking about to her. Meg continues to laugh. 04:30 AM BBT Clay and Shelli head into the WA because they heard the HOH door open and close. Meg comes in and asks where he is. They're not sure. Meg goes into the BY where James is (it was him that came in and out of the HOH door, he's doing laundry). James grumbles saying they're going to give him juicy information. She says he needs to listen and ask questions. BB calls out Meg to put on her mic. She gets her mic and tells them that James is in the BY and it seems like things are weird and everyone seems like they're covering each others' tracks. 04:37 AM BBT James plays pool in the BY. In the WA Meg says Austin wasn't on board to put up a floater but now he is. Shelli seems shocked by this. They ask for specific information that he has questions about. Meg says it seems like people are working together and covering each others tracks. Clay and Shelli agree saying that's what they're trying to say without saying. 04:39 BBT Meg asks who specifically is working together and Clay continues to be vague using words like "they're working together...". Shelli says they asked people about the plan to backdoor Steve and they were like "Yeah, we're in..." but then Meg is telling them "No, they're not on board at all." Clay says they've seen this for a while now and they've been trying to point this out to them. Meg tells them to talk to them but he needs specific information to go on. James has been working out in the BY killing time. James walks into the KT and Meg goes to get him. 04:42 AM BBT James meets Meg near the memory wall and James asks if they're ready to give him information. She's not sure. He grumbles saying it's a waste of his time. Meg into the darkened BRs. James gets some water and meets Clay and Shelli in the WA. They tell him that Meg says he has some questions. James says he does feel like they're holding something back. He passed on $5,000 which is a lot of money. He needs something solid though because <someone> will be mad that he passed on that money. James can't go on just a hunch though. He respects it if they can't tell him, but James says he needs something. James realizes he may get slashed next week but it is what it is. 04:45 AM BBT Shelli asks if they do share something if it can be kept quiet and not turn into a blow up that the information came from them. James says people went home because of things they've done and others needs to be held to the same standards and need to be called out. Shelli wonders if there's something specific that James is worried about tonight. James says people are being very secretive and using "they". James says Shelli and Clay has loyalties that he can see and understands that they're staying true to people. 04:49 AM BBT *Flashback Alert! Feeds 3 and 4* James says if the information is minor then they may want to hold it in. He's looking for substantial information. Clay points out there are people that are playing both sides of the house. James asks "Like a chameleon?" (Becky used this word to describe Vanessa earlier). Shelli agrees that it is "the chameleon." James says he understands that the chameleon was likely on their side last week. 04:53 AM BBT Shelli asks if they can go to HOH. James agrees. They walk into the HOH and James says that Shelli was scared of Jackie. Shelli is shocked and wants to know who. James says he won't say. Shelli wants to lay everything out on the table. Clay hopes the soon to be hand conversation stays between them. Shelli says it will be obvious though. James says this is a big deal and that he's not forcing them to have the conversation and it's a game move just like he did putting them on the block. 04:57-05:05 AM BBT James, Shelli and Clay continue to dance around each other not giving names. James wants specifics. Clay warns James that whoever is burning them this week will probably burn him next. 05:19 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to try and convince James to put Austin up. Shelli says Austin does things just to add theatrics to the show. James agrees and has heard it as well. 05:31 AM BBT Shelli says had to plead to Austin to come talk to James about their willingness to do whatever just as long as they can make it to jury. She says based on what Meg said to them it sounds like Austin did come talk to him. James agrees. Shelli says she feels sick because she is trying to get him split up from Liz before jury which they tried to prevent happening last week. 05:36 AM BBT Clay reiterates that if James decides to use the veto to save them that they will stay loyal to him and that his deciding to that will not go unnoticed throughout the whole game. James says he has a good feeling about what to do but he wants to talk to 'her' first. He laughs and says he feels like she's his secretary. He's going to have to check with one person first. James points out that that he can't tell her because he told them (Clay and Shelly) asked him not too. They agree and say he can tell her and even Jackie. James is going to go get them. He asks if they mind he knows it's late. James leaves the room. 05:43 AM BBT Meg in HOH. James brings up Jackie in all her knighted glory. Shelli wishes she didn’t have to say all this again. James points out that Clay and Shelli’s lives are on the line so they have things to say. 05:45 AM BBT Shelli starts off the conversation by telling Jackie that whoever said Shelli was afraid of Jackie is laughable. Jackie is confused and sounds super annoyed. Shelli says "I have no reason to be afraid of you!" Jackie agrees, still sounding rather annoyed. Shelli begins to explain that Austin found out last week he was going to be backdoored. 05:48 AM BBT Shelli says that she's not sure how Austin found out he was going to be backdoored and once he did he persuaded Vanessa whom he was very close with at one point to not put him up. Shelli says she and Clay did not offer Jason's name as a replacement nom. Shelli asks if they noticed Austin's eye when he looked at Jason and he took a seat in the nom chair. She asked if they noticed. Meg did. Jackie stays silent, taking it all in. 05:51 AM BBT Shelli explains how she had to plead to Austin to come talk to James even though they helped save him last week. He's still in the house because they helped him. They later find out from Meg that Austin was saying he was glad he's not on the block (or at least campaigning to save them) meanwhile he's telling them he was trying. Brief glimpse of Becky up and walking into the WA. Back in the HOH Shelli explains Austin and alter ego Judas. She goes onto explain the extra vote to save Audrey and that he told the two of them about Judas. Meg and Jackie are curious as to why. They don't know. 05:56 AM BBT Meg wonders if the twins know about Judas and his shenanigans. Shelli says they do but she doesn't want this conversation sounding like she's throwing the twins under the bus. Meg agrees and is glad that she's telling them all this. Clay brings up the information about Austin trying to split the twins up. Meg says it's so weird. Clay says he's not a smart player. Shelli thinks that he thought he might be the target and that by targeting the other twin it would save him. Shelli says she thinks Jason thought that. She asks Meg. Meg isn't sure and says Jason never did figure out why. 05:58 AM BBT Clay points out that Julia is a huge fan of Austin's and he thinks she might even be ecstatic. Shelli thinks that's not the right word. Clay agrees but points out that the backlash won't be as great. 06:02 AM BBT Jackie says a lot of this information is old information to her. The Judas thing is new to her. James says all of it is new to him. James points out that he's concerned if Austin or Steve will be there for them in a few weeks. He wants to give everyone equal opportunity and to hear their case to keep them. He hasn't made a decision yet but he just wanted to hear what they had to say. He's not sure if what he heard about Austin makes him worse than them. 06:05 AM BBT Jackie asked why Jason over Steve because Steve was plan C all along. Clay says it's because Austin felt wronged by Jason telling him everything. Jackie totally understood this and fully expected that. Jackie points out that they could have tried to change he and Vanessa's mind. 06:08 AM BBT Jackie questions why they tried to save him last week when he offered to get out Jason and now they're willing to burn him. Jackie again points out that Jason went home needlessly last week. Shelli understands and says she did not have that game plan in mind. Jackie points out that they did not try to sway her decision and Jackie agrees and feels bad now. James asks the talk about replacement noms in which James name was brought up. He asks if that was Austin. Shelli doesn't say anything. Jackie assumes it was. James grumbles. He tells them they should have said something. Shelli says he's scary. 06:16 AM BBT Meg questions why Vanessa didn't try to pin Jason going home on Austin since it was his idea. Shelli thinks it's because it was just easier just to let what was being said (about Clay and Shelli) continue to be said. Clay says she was afraid of being backdoored this week. James knew that. James says they need to come to a decision on whether it benefits them more to send Austin or one of Clay or Shelli home. "Cross examination any one?” 06:19 AM BBT James asks to talk to Jackie and Meg. Clay and Shelli agree and are going to bed. Shelli wants to talk to Vanessa and goes to get her. Clay into WC. Up in the HOH Jackie asks James if he told Shelli someone said Shelli was scared of her. 06:22 AM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa how they offered up the information about Austin. Up in the HOH Jackie points out that Shelli and Clay might link back up with Vanessa and it would be dangerous. James and Meg agree. Jackie points out another target next week is Vanessa if what they say is true because she was clearly at fault. James wants to weigh the details. James begins to rehash the things said about Austin. Jackie points out that they already knew a lot of that information. 06:24 AM BBT Shelli continues to explain how they told them about Austin and such. She asks if Vanessa is mad at her. Vanessa says no and she understands their back was against the wall and they had to do what they had to do. Vanessa wouldn't have done it. Vanessa feels James already intended to change his mind and is trying to collect as much information as possible. 06:26 AM BBT Up in the HOH they continue to weigh options. Meg says if they put up Austin the possibility is that Liz and Julia could be pissed off. Jackie agrees and says right now he's working with them. James wonders if he should non-chalantly talk to Austin about the rumors he's heard about James throwing a comp that he won. James wonders if they should call him Judas "Hey Judas...can I talk to you?" Jackie wonders if Judas is the one cheating on his girlfriend. 06:27 AM BBT Vanessa cautions that Austin will know the information came from them (Clay and Shelli). Vanessa asks Shelli how she told James she knew the Judas information. Shelli says he didn't even ask (they did tell him that he told Vanessa…). 06:37 AM BBT Shelli says she shouldn't have said anything and she just should have went home. Up in the HOH James, Meg and Jackie continue to digest the facts. James says Vanessa may have pulled the trigger but Austin fed her the lies. Meg doesn't blame Austin for Jason going up. Jackie blames Vanessa, Shelli and Clay because they didn't fight it even though they were aligned. 06:38 AM BBT *Flashback Alert Feeds 3-4* James says they have to send one of them home and break up the happy couple. Jackie agrees and says Shelli needs to go this week. Jackie recommends talking to them to let them know how close Austin came to going home. James says Jackie can talk to Austin and James will talk to Judas. Jackie wonders why Vanessa didn't know about Judas. Meg starts to say that Vanessa did, but she's not sure. Down in the darkened OBR Shelli says she's tempted to go tell James never mind and not use the information, she'll just go home. 06:42 AM BBT Shelli wants to go to bed. She grumbles once she's in bed saying she just wants to sleep. Shelli whines to Clay that she's upset. He's impossible to hear over ambient noise in the room without his microphone on for the umpteenth time tonight. Shelli sniffles a bit. Up in HOH James brushes his teeth. Jackie wonders why they held this information in for so long. James agrees and rehashes how he warned them to speak up and they didn’t. 06:47 AM BBT Jackie points out that Clay and Shelli told her repeatedly that they had no idea she was going to go up and lied to her face. James has a lightbulb moment and says that they've been working together for a long time apparently. Jackie agrees. James says Shelli commented on "We've been working together for a long time now!" What Audrey said must've been true. Jackie says everything that they shared just confirms things that they already knew. Jackie is still concerned for Vanessa winning HOH. Meg agrees. 06:53 AM BBT James says he'd look like a pansy (not that word) if he changed his nominations. Jackie agrees. Vanessa is up and heads into the WC. 06:55 AM BBT Vanessa out of the WC and washes her hands. Up in the HOH James wonders if he can give them the power. Jackie says he kind of did because Clay and Shelli knew that Jackie and Meg stayed behind to act like his little jury. Meg laughs. James says he's going to tell them that in his line of work that if you shoot someone you can't take the bullet back. 06:57 AM BBT Meg and Jackie points out that if they (Clay and Shelli) would have sent home Becky last week then they wouldn't be in this position. Jackie points out that them being more afraid of Vanessa and Austin speaks volumes. James expects them to have already spoken to Vanessa and if not yet soon. Jackie says they need to point out that they didn't backdoor her still. Meg agrees and says they need to tell her that they were listening and not talking bad. 07:00 AM BBT Meg is curious about whether or not Vanessa knows about Judas. James points out that they said she did. James gets up and Meg wonders where he went (to the BY to get laundry). Jackie can't believe she had this conversation in this costume. Meg says she looks foul herself and it happens. They continue to wonder where James went. 07:04 AM BBT James comes back upstairs and Meg asks where he went. James went to get his shoes. Jackie says "they lied to my face. This just confirms that Audrey was telling the truth". Vanessa told Jackie that she needed to tell her something but she had to confirm something first. It must've been the Judas thing. It all makes sense now. 07:07 AM BBT Meg wonders how it benefits Austin's game if everyone knows his secret. Jackie again points out that clearly it speaks volumes. Jackie says she feels like an idiot. She wants to redeem herself especially after last week. James agrees that this week is redemption. Jackie says the fact that they tried to get them put Steve up just further proves everything. Meg agrees. They say it shows that they're still trying to protect each other until the very end. 07:09 AM BBT Jackie says the conversation that happened in the WA earlier with Austin trying to get James to put Steve up pissed her off and she just wanted to go to bed. She's glad James pulled her up here. Jackie hates that they're going home but it's all too much. Clearly. 07:13 AM BBT James points out that the sun is out. Meg needs to take a shower. Jackie can't believe she's wearing her armor for this important move. 07:14 AM BBT Discussion about what Jason said the title for the season is "Secrets and lies". Jason points out that Clay and Shelli look similar and they could be brother and sister and that's why they don't kiss a whole lot. Meg says "Eeeewwww..." James points out that they look very similar. Meg says "Ewww again!" James is tired. They wonder what they should tell Shelli and Clay. James wants to take out Vanessa. Meg is so confused. She keeps asking "Seriously?! You're joking!" James says Vanessa is the snake head and has to go. Meg and Jackie are so confused. James laughs and says he's just playing. Meg and Jackie are going to bed. James says "Wait wait wait! I need help! I don't know what I'm going to do!” 07:20 AM BBT James tells Jackie to flip the lights off as she leaves. Meg heads down to WC. Jackie and James continue to rehash the discoveries made. James wonders if they should tell Austin they know. She's not sure and says they should wait a bit and save it as ammo. James agrees. Eventually they can say "Judas...take a seat" and then he'll know. Jackie asks what to say. James says if they ask she can tell them or make them wait, he doesn't care. He's keeping noms the same. Meg down in the WA brushing her teeth. 07:24 AM BBT They realize that the group has been running together for 3-4 weeks. Jackie says it's the fourth week this week. James agrees. Meg is down in the KT staring up at the HOH. James sees her on the screen and asks who it is. Jackie says it's Meg. Jackie flips the lights out and heads out. Meg says it's 7:15. They pause at the memory wall and say "You've caused us a lot of trouble you goblin!" They head towards the darkened BRs, pausing to change batteries in the SR. 07:28 AM BBT And just like that we have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds!
  10. 01:01 AM BBT In the HOH James says if he wasn’t safe last week because of BotB “they” would have went after him. Various conversations that have been had with Clay and Shelly are discussed by Meg, Jackie and Becky, as they try to put the pieces together about how controlling Clay and Shelly have been in the house. 01:03 AM BBT Down in the OBR Liz, Julia and Austin chat. The sisters think it’s weird that BB simply replaced Jace’s picture with Julia’s. One of the sisters would be mad if their photo was simply replaced but then says he was first out so he’s pretty much not existant anyways. Austin agrees. One of the sister’s wonders when they should head up to talk to James. Austin says Meg and Jackie are up there and if he takes what they have into say that much consideration then it’s dumb. They have no idea what’s going on in the game. Feeds switch to Shelly and Clay in the WA discussing going to talk to talk to James “with her”. Clay wonders if they should go together. 01:05 AM BBT Shelly points out that Becky is still up in the HOH. That could be good for them or bad. Clay thinks she’s gathering info. They want to talk to Becky and get information first and then go to James and see if there’s differing versions. If so then clearly one isn’t being honest. 01:07 AM BBT Up in the HOH Becky tells the group that she was told about Jason going up as a replacement nom more as a cover their butt kind of thing. Meg says she immediately pulled Clay into the SR and called him out for knowing and he eventually caved. James says he wants to talk to Vanessa because he’s been honest with her and he thinks she’ll respect him. Meg warns that Shelly’s name as a nom cannot be mentioned until Veto. 01:10 AM BBT Feeds in the WA switch back to Austin and the twins. Julia asks if the plan was that James was supposed to throw the BotB. Austin thinks James was trying. Julia says “That makes me so mad Liz!” Liz agrees. Austin points out that he and Liz were in the dark. Julia asks about what. Austin says about the backdoor plan against him. Julia doesn’t understand why Vanessa would have put him up. 01:13 AM BBT Up in the HOH James says Austin told him that he’d like to keep the lines of communication open. Jackie agrees that she likes Austin and that he and the twins will be looking for someone, anyone to latch onto and they probably would join them if they offered. Talk is putting Liz and Steve up first. Meg points out that they need someone that people will use the veto on the block to save. James says Liz. Meg points out that Shelly and Steve on the block will not bode well for Steve. James sees the light. 01:15 AM BBT Julia and Liz head into the HNR. Julia tells Liz that she thinks Austin will go home first and she needs to not worry about it. Liz doesn’t think so. Julia asks why Liz would go home before Austin. Liz says she wants to make a deal with James and will tell him that they’re just in the house for notoriety and they just want to make it to Jury and if they do they will be two votes for him. Julia likes it. Steve walks in looking for a cup and walks back out. Julia suggests they say something other than the notoriety because it’s not the truth. Liz doesn’t think so and thinks it makes it more compelling. 01:21AM BBT Austin and Liz are the new targets. Vanessa comes up to the HOH and says she would like to talk to James just in case noms are going to be in the morning like they were last week. Meanwhile in the HNR Austin comes in and says that Vanessa just told him she was going to go and break up the conversation in the HOH room. 01:23 AM BBT Austin tells Liz that he’s going to tell James to put him up this week instead of her. She tells him to shut up. Up in the HOH James questions Vanessa about things he’s heard about him being a target. Vanessa says she has heard things but she doesn’t want to be a rat. James understands but points out that he’s been honest with her so far except for that one time and he was honest about it. Vanessa agrees and says she has never thrown his name out there as a target. 01:24 AM BBT James says he doesn’t need specifics, but he wants pointed in a general area. James says he’s worried about people trying to be friends not that he’s HOH. He just wants a bone. Vanessa is trying to find a way to say it without being disloyal or breaking her word with someone. Vanessa has a couple pieces of information. She’s heard from people that she trusts that a conversation was had with Meg and Jason by Shelly and Clay that Jason didn’t know if he could trust James. Vanessa says that was low and she called him out on his loyalty to James because clearly they worked together that first week. Vanessa points out that she worked with him just a couple of days and he was already talking like that which concerned her because she knew if Jason and James’s previous relationship working together. Vanessa isn’t sure if Meg said anything or agreed with it because she heard it third hand. 01:27 AM BBT Vanessa tells him that James that next week they should be guaranteed Jury. Vanessa points out that he needs to look at who might not vote for him in Jury. Vanessa says she’s a fair player and she’d be a good juror because to her games are challenging. Down in the HNR Liz, Julia and Austin continue to chat. 01:31 AM BBT Up in the HOH James says he wants to make the right decision and he’s the judge right now and he wants the straight shooters to continue on but not the wishy washy types. Austin, Liz and Julia leave the HNR and heads into the KT. 01:33 AM BBT James questions Vanessa about how she would feel if he went after “one of them targets” that might be a friend of hers and questions whether she would see it as a game move or take it personal. Vanessa says she would see it as a game move. She’s built her game on trust and he can see that most people in the house have someone, but she does not. Idle chit chat with the twins looking at the memory wall. 01:35 AM BBT James says he and Clay and Shelli are good friends as far as he can tell. James says it alarmed him that Shelli and Clay are very intense and didn’t want to get put up or get back doored. Vanessa noticed it last week and says that they’re hypersensitive to the fact that they’re considered a showmance. She doesn’t want him to repeat that. James understands. Vanessa says she understands that she’s tight with them but ultimately she’s the third wheel with them. 01:37 AM BBT Vanessa says that any deals with them will be good. Vanessa says on the other side of the house Austin and the twins are different kinds of people. Vanessa points out that the twins have been targets for other people. She’s not trying to lead him and which ever direction he wants to go she’d be willing to support him. She’s willing to QB him and help him make a decision he’d like. James is just trying to get to the bottom of who doesn’t trust him, especially if they claim to be in his corner. Down in the KT discussion is about hair color between the twins, Becky and Jackie. 01:40 AM BBT Vanessa wants to talk to James like a friend. She believes that the conversation may have happened on both sides and whoever brought him the information may be trying to reorganize the house and to hurt someone else. Vanessa says being HOH he can back up his words with action this week. FoTH. 01:41 AM BBT All four feeds on HOH. Talk has turned to Audrey and making sure that this week James should make sure he stays calm this week and do what he says he’s going to do and to build trust. KT feeds are back with Becky and the twins with idle chit chat. 01:43 AM BBT All four feeds in HOH again. Vanessa says if she’s HOH before final 7 he can exclude someone from being on the block along with him. Vanessa says that will give him an additional four weeks. James says that’s a good deal. Vanessa says he doesn’t have to accept it right now. James thanks her. 01:45 AM BBT Meg and Jackie are in the OBR chatting. Jackie wants her own full HOH she deserves it. Meg whispers faintly that if Clay or Shelli win POV they would pull Vanessa down, and that if Julia or Austin would use the POV to pull Liz off the block. Jackie agrees but someone is near the room so they stop whispering. UMeg is so tired.p in the HOH Vanessa asks that he keep their conversation in this room. He agrees. James accepts her offer. Vanessa says cool. Down in the OBR Meg says that Steve would pull down Vanessa. Jackie agrees but they worry that he’s up making a deal with her right now. Jackie says if you put up Steve nobody would pull him down. 01:47 AM BBT Clay walks into the OBR and Meg questions him if he’s heard anything. Meg says there are like nine million scenarios. BB asks Jackie to move her hair away from her mic and then says “Clay…” he looks down at his chest. “Please put on your microphone.” Meg says she hates them both as he stands up and throws whatever shirt he has in his hand down in frustration (shame?). Clay leaves the room and Jackie points out that the transiever is in his pocket and Clay says “For real?” as he comes back in and strings his mic around his neck again. 01:48 AM BBT Up in the HOH Vanessa tells James that paranoia is a real thing in the house and how his name got up as a replacement nom even though he won BotB and it was a really funny moment (I believe she is trying to point out that people may have thought he had turned on them by winning the BotB and was trying turn against them so they were wanting to put him on the block as a replacement nom - Niteslacker) 01:50 AM BBT BB calls out Clay to put on his mic (he’s been playing with it by putting it on and taking it off repeatedly). Clay thinks Austin should go this week. Meg thinks one of the twins should be put up so the house could try and win POV and take her down so they can backdoor Austin. Very hushed whispers. Very hard to hear the conversation. 01:51 AM BBT Up in the HOH Vanessa and James continue to chat. Vanessa doesn’t think anyone has a personal issue with James at all. James is still concerned. She doesn’t think so. James says if either Liz or Austin came up and asked him if he tried to throw the BotB he would tell them but he’s kept the conversation quiet thus far and it’s eating him alive. Vanessa points out that Austin asked her and she denied to protect Jackie. Vanessa warns him that he may want to stay tight lipped because if you piss off one, you will piss off all three. James understands and agrees. 01:54 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the OBR about the HOH comp. Clay says the rain was the worst. Jackie or Becky says the fans were the worst. 01:56 AM BBT James and Vanessa’s conversation ends and they hug it out. Vanessa says she’ll be up this week to hang out since the room his. James starts to come down and Austin asks to come up. 01:57 AM BBT Austin makes a pitch to James to say off the block. Vanessa picks up Liz and Julia and takes them into the CBR. Liz is very nervous. Vanessa says she talked to James and he’s a straight shooter. She says to go for the deal route vs the emotional route. Clay comes in and asks if he can join. They say sure. Vanessa says he wants numbers and that they should go with that. 01:59 AM BBT Clay asks if he has a target in mind. Vanessa doesn’t think so. Up in the HOH James says he wants to work with Liz, Julia and Austin. Austin says they want to work with him. James points out that he’s jumped loyalties quite a bit but that’s because every time he tries to he gets dumped or they go home. Austin agrees. 02:01 AM BBT Vanessa tells Clay she doesn’t think they even have to talk to him because he made a deal with them and he’d hold up his end of the deal. Clay still wants to talk to him. Vanessa wants to push in the direction of a floater. Someone questions who and Vanessa says “You know who the floaters are…”. James doesn’t think the four of them are working together. He thinks Vanessa is working with Shelli and Clay and that Austin, Liz and Julia are together. 02:03 AM BBT Vanessa says she praised the twins and Austin and told him that if he (James) made a deal with the twins and Austin they would keep it. The twins wonder if they should go up together. Vanessa thinks it wouldn’t hurt. Vanessa recommends that they go up and tell him that they shouldn’t be a big target because they weren’t a huge fan of the show or manipulative chess players. They were picked because they look similar. They think they should have lots of fun in the jury house, he’s a guy. They agree. 02:04 AM BBT Austin says he’s a straight shooter and if James puts him in Jury then he’ll owe him his life. James understands and it is trying to piece some things together by talking to people. Austin says he’ll keep other people for James safe as well. James is just trying to piece together some things and he’s already talked to Vanessa. He heard his name was tossed around last week. Austin doesn’t know. When he spoke with Jackie he heard Steve was the back door target. 02:06 AM BBT Austin points out that the other side wanted Clay and Shelli to win and that they were going to leave him hanging high and dry on the block. Down in the CR (Cabana Room) the girls tell Vanessa about their plan to tell James that they are just here for the notoriety. Vanessa agrees it will be good. 02:07 AM BBT Clay is whispering to Becky in the WA. Becky tells clay that Meg, Jackie and James knew Clay and Shelli knew about Jason getting back doored last week. Becky is telling him that they are dead set on something but she’s opening and closing things in the WA and it’s making it difficult to hear. Becky says they’re pinning last week on Vanessa and she tried to point things out to them but they woudn’t listen. Clay thanks her for talking. Feeds switch back to the CR (Cabana room). 02:10 AM BBT Up in the HOH James and Austin continue to chat. James wants to work with him and the twins. James asks Austin what he thinks about Jackie. Austin likes Jackie. CR feeds switch to Meg and Jackie in the OBR but someone’s mic is very static filled so their whispers are very difficult to hear. Meg says they have no loyalty. Jackie agrees. 02:12 AM BBT Austin says Jackie isn’t a target for him or would be if James wants her to be. Down in the OBR BB asks Jackie to adjust her transmitter. She pulls it out and puts it back. 02:14 AM BBT Jackie wonders if Steve and Vanessa are friends. Meg thinks she protects him. Meg wishes Jackie could have seen the conversation where Clay was caught in a lie. Up in the HOH Austin continues to stroke James’ ego in an effort to keep he and the twins off the block. Austin expected to come up and have James say he was going to put the twins on the block. James says Liz did put him on the block though. 02:17 AM BBT Becky sits briefly with Clay in the CR and says they want to try and blindside him and he needs to remain chill before running out of the room. She passes Vanessa in the hall and feeds catch her telling Vanessa “Jason and some things…”. Vanessa comes in and asks him what she said to him. He said “…she asked who my targets are?” Vanessa asks if he told her. He said of course not. She cautions him to be careful this week. He agrees. 02:19 AM BBT Vanessa feels pretty good that she’s going to be safe this week. Clay wonders if she believes him. She says she does because he’s a straight shooter and they made a deal. Vanessa begins to rehash her conversation she had with him. 02:20 AM BBT Austin and James’ conversation breaks up and James tells him he can’t talk about nominees but he’s glad they talked and he looks forward to Jury. Down in the CR Clay questions Vanessa about feeling safe and she says they all should this week. Clay says he just doesn’t feel safe with him this week even with the deal in place and that he suspects that if the opportunity presents itself James will try to get he or Shelly out. 02:21 AM BBT The twins head up to visit James in the HOH with Austin rejoining him. James feels honored and privileged. Austin says “James and I just talked…” and asks James if he wants to tell them. James tells them that he wants to help them all get to jury with him. He wants to be kept in the loop if they hear anything about him. 02:23 AM BBT Steves knocks on the CR door and comes in briefly. He says something and Vanessa says something before he leaves quickly. Vanessa says that’s the creeper stuff right there that she tells him to his face all the time. Clay says “he knew…” (that they were in the room conversing?) Vanessa laughs that he was looking for a hoodie. Clay still feels uneasy. Up in the HOH James, Austin, Liz and Julia chat. James says that he and Meg and Austin have a great relationship. Liz says that they will have fun in jury. 02:25 AM BBT Vanessa continues to rehash her conversation with James to Clay. Up in the HOH James asks about what he’s heard about someone wanting him to go home. They don’t know. James and Austin tell them how he heard that he was a target for a nomination the week he won BotB. Julia says she hasn’t been here for six days. Julia laughs saying it’s stupid that someone wanted to nominate him even though he was safe. They wonder who. James won’t tell. “A little birdy”. They understand. 02:27 AM BBT Shelli is out of the DR. She walks into the CR looking panicked. She asks if this is a bad conversation. Clay and Vanessa tell her it’s not bad. She looks relieved. She says she was in there for like an hour and then Clay “was like c’mere I gotta tell you something”. She walks over and gives Vanessa a hug after having a huge sigh of relief. Vanessa begins to rehash her conversation with James to Shelli. Clay leaves the room. Up in the HOH James tells the group that he’s lied once and it almost cost him his game. He’s been a straight shooter otherwise. They girls point out that they voted to keep him. 02:28 AM BBT The girls still want to talk to James. Austin leaves the room and the twins have a laugh about how he looks in awe at them. Liz says they know the game has changed a “wee bit for us now”. Liz points out that they could be seen as a big target as twins but she wants to lay somethings out for him “I’m a business girl.” Julia laughs and says she’ll let her lead the conversation. 02:30 AM BBT Vanessa points out that James did say he wants to make a big move this week and that is cause for some alarm but they need to convince him that getting Steve (Johnny Mac) out is a big move, while laughing. Shelli agrees. Shelli worries that James and Johnny Mac could be working together. Vanessa doesn’t think so but says they can tell James that Johnny Mac and Steve are working together in an effort to get him to put them up together. 02:32 AM BBT Liz says they’ve been close with Austin because he’s been willing to work with them and help them. But now they’re here and they are ready to play the game separately. Down in the CR Vanessa now relays the conversation she had with the twins to how to go talk James and Shelli laughs. 02:34 AM BBT James tells them that even though they (one of them) put them on the block he’s still good because he saved himself. Liz points out that she did 60% of the work of the BotB comp and James corrects her and says that it was more like 80%. James mic is cutting in and out. Down in the CR Vanessa and Clay continue to chat with Clay present. Vanessa says she didn’t throw anyone under the bus and she was very vague. Vanessa says he’s a blank canvas at this point. 02:36 AM BBT The twins and James conversation ends and they all head down. James heads to the SR to change his mic. Clay wants to talk to James before they go to bed. Shelli looks concerned. Vanessa asks if she’s scared. Shelli was going to have cookies but then was called to DR for an hour and now there’s all this game chat. Vanessa tells her to go have a cookie. Clay will wait for her. 02:38 AM BBT Over in the OBR James, Becky and Jackie are chatting but there is no audio. Austin comes into the CR and tells Clay that he thinks James wants to go for Steve. Vanessa is standing in the doorway. Back in the OBR we have audio and Meg has joined them. Becky points out that the “Skittles are all together. Team yellow and team purple.” James tells them how someone tried to nominate him when he was safe last week. Meg laughs saying it was stupid. They wonder if they should go upstairs. They think they should. 02:40 AM BBT James up to HOH alone. Clay wants to talk to Shelli and Austin closes the door to the CR before walking out. Clay tells Shelli that James fed him (Austin) a line of BS and Becky told him Meg, Jackie and James want to blindside Clay and Shelli by back dooring one of them. They blame the two of them for James going home. Their reasoning for James going back on his safety deal for Clay and Shelli is because they went back on their deal for the final 8. Shelli knew this was going to happen. Becky told Clay to watch out for Vanessa. Shelli asks why. Clay says Becky told her that she thinks Vanessa has her own agenda. 02:41 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the KT Becky and Vanessa whispering briefly before Austin walks through. Talk quiets. 02:42 AM BBT Back in the CR Shelli wants to go get Meg and talk to her. Clay asks to say what. Shelli wants Meg to know that she knows what is being said upstairs. Clay says then it will be obvious that Becky told him. Shelli says that for Meg to say that she (Shelli) had anything to do with Jason going home was because it was Vanessa that said his name. Shelli is really mad right now. She was in a happy mode but now she’s mad. She needs Clay to not jump around and to get her a chronological sequence of things that happened when she went into the DR. 02:43 AM BBT Clay tells Shelli that first Meg asked him who the targets should be. He didn’t know and wondered what James was saying but never gave him any direct information. Then she said that James is worried about Austin because he knows of last weeks back door plan. He came into the CR/WA and Becky told him that he and Shelli should not feel safe this week. 02:45 AM BBT Shelli is pissed because Meg is telling everyone that they had something to do with Jason going home last week. Clay worries that if they call Meg out then they will out Becky which is going to ruin that ace right now. Shelli wants to talk to Becky. She walks out into the KT and asks Becky to join them. Clay tells her to not play emotional at this point. Meg heads up to the HOH. 02:47 AM BBT Jackie comes up to the HOH and James wonder why Vanessa was with Clay and Shelli in the CR earlier. Meg points out she’s not right now. Down in the CR Liz comes in and Vanessa tells her she’s waiting to talk to Becky and she wonders what’s up with Vanessa. Liz tells her that Vanessa was coaching her and Julia about what to say to James. Becky comes in. Becky can’t talk right now she’s going up stairs because Jackie just told her to come. Becky cautions Shelli and Clay that if they act paranoid, scared or sad that they’re going to be more direct and put them both up at the same time. However if they drink the Koolaid and appear happy and such then Austin and Steve might go on the block. Shelli points out that then one of them could go on the block. Becky tells her that they could get picked for POV and to win it to freeze the noms. (Clearly at this point Becky is still on team 7th sense…wait…that’s not the name of that alliance… - Niteslacker). 02:48 AM BBT Clay asks why she cautioned them not to trust Vanessa. Becky says Vanessa and Austin may go up on the block and if she gets cornered Vanessa may start to talk. Becky again stresses to be happy. Clay wonders who brought up the back door plan. Becky doesn’t know. They’re all three gung ho on it. She stresses she doesn’t know who said it first. She tried steering them away from it. She tells them to be happy or they’ll put them both up. 02:49 AM BBT Shelli wonders why Jason going home came down to her. Becky goes upstairs. Shelli needs to go for a walk. Clay wants to talk. Shelli points out that they were just told to smile and be happy and she just wants a cookie. Up in the HOH Becky has joined James, Jackie, and Meg. Becky tells them that Clay and Shelli and Liz were in the CR. James figures Vanessa told them that James is sniffing around for who dropped his name last week. 02:53 AM BBT Shelli wants to talk to Vanessa right now and work this out with her. Clay understands and Shelli leaves the CR. Up in the HOH Meg tells James her idea about putting up Liz and Vanessa. James tells them that he made a deal with Vanessa for safety but…he’s already made it to Jury so…(eluding to the fact that he may be willing to go back on his word to her?) 02:54 AM BBT Vanessa comes into the CR with Shelli and they tell her that James just fed her a load of crap. Shelli starts to tell Vanessa that she (Vanessa) made a huge game move last week and tonight Shelli was the one on the wall for an hour and a half and FoTH. 02:56 AM BBT Shelli is talking about her DR saying that the last question was whether she trusts James. The HOH speaker says “Shelli, you are not…” and cuts off (Whoops production!) James finishes it “…allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests. They play the message in the CR and she huffs. Shelli tells Vanessa that the move is to back door them. Vanessa points out that they won’t have enough votes to be evicted. 02:29 AM BBT Shelli worries if Becky can be trusted. Vanessa tells her she needs to calm down and breathe a bit. Shelli is fired up. Up in the HOH James tells the girls that he’ll be probably be putting one of the twins up.
  11. 04:30 AM BBT James is going to take a dip with Steve in the pool. Meg and Jason on the couches in the BY. Meg is getting tired again. Jason says he’s going to smoke one more and then go to bed. Jason tells Meg that he told Clay that James asked him something and that they (Meg and Jason) told him something as to not make it look like they are a three. Meg agrees and says she wanted to tell he and Clelli as well. 04:33 AM BBT Meg says James is lost. Jason says it’s because they’re cutting off his biggest ally and they have been week after week. They agree that James has no game and is instead using other people’s game plans as his own. Jason says people think they’re in a threesome with James and he’s trying to steer away from that line of thinking. 04:37 AM BBT Both agree that Clay and Shelli would go after Becky first. They think they would go after James first. They’re not going to sacrifice their games to save his. Meg says Jackie has been talking more game to her recently. 04:40 AM BBT Steve calls out from the pool wondering where James is. Jason thinks he went to get his swimsuit on. Game talk stops briefly before continuing. Jason says best case scenario for them would be the other side putting Clay and Shelli up together and then they could say “Well…we have to vote one of you out we have no choice.” Meg says Shelli is smart. 04:45 AM BBT Jason says they have to survive the doubles. Meg thinks they will. Jason fears people will know that endurance comps are coming and will put him up soon. Meg says Jason really stepped up his game this week. Jason doesn’t want to jinx it but he feels they’re good and they can link up with the twins once Austin is gone. Jason says he’s trying. Meg is as well. 04:49 AM BBT Steve is heading in for the night and tells the other two goodnight. James comes out and says he took a shower. Jason says they’re going to go to bed in three minutes. He just gave the warning. Meg tells James that Steve was waiting for him in the pool. James said he took a shower. Steve says they told him they didn’t know what he was doing. James is going to start working out. Jason wonders if Meg will be scared when they get out of the house (because of James). Meg laughs saying no. Jason says he’s not reached the Caleb level yet? Meg laughs again and says no. 04:51 AM BBT Meg says James asked her today what her relationship with Jeff was. They laugh and Meg says she told him she wasn’t sure. Jason and Meg head inside. Steve walks around in the WA whispering something ultra ultra ultra faintly? Meg and Jason tell James they’re going to bed. James says he’ll come in in about 20 minutes and wake them up. 04:53 AM BBT Meg, James and Steve now doing nightly ADLs in WA with James working out in the BY solo (lifting weights). 04:55 AM BBT Meg and Jason heading to bed after a short conversation about hair styles. They tell Steve goodnight. James inside and heads into the WA and chats with Steve. Meg and Jason get into bed. Meg hears a humming noise like a mosquito. Back in the WA James and Steve discuss when they’ll go to bed. Steve would be better if he could sleep in his own bed. 04:58 AM BBT Meg and Jason whisper in bed in the darkened OBR about viewership of the feeds and we get FoTH. 04:59 AM BBT James brushing his teeth in the WA. Meg is shocked at how many people are watching the show. Meg says several million is crazy compared to several hundred thousand. Jackie wakes up and joins the conversation. Jason asks how many people watch Amazing Race. Jackie says 6 million. Jason points out that tens of thousands probably watch the feeds. 05:03 AM BBT Steve heads into bed in the HNR. Talk in the darkened OBR is about music. James wants to hear country music in the morning. Jason and Meg doesn’t want to. They want to hear granola music in the morning like Sara Bareilles. Jason sees BB turn the lights off in the rest of the house and he jumps up and runs into the LR. They tell him they won’t turn them back on because he’s the only one up. 05:08 AM BBT James and Meg discussing movies. Jackie or Becky and James can be heard discussing something the background as well. 05:12 AM BBT Talk in the darkened in the OBR turns to wondering what Audrey is at home doing. Meg now finds it weird that they will be at the reunion finale with people that have seen the whole show. James says he hasn’t said anything mean about anyone. Well…one thing. Jason asks what. James says he said Meg can’t win comps. Jason agrees and says they’ve all said that. Meg can’t wait to win one and show them. James says BB will run around when she wins and…we get FoTH. 05:15 AM BBT James says “…he hit the wrong button…”. James calls Meg crazy and begins to hum a song and we get more FoTH. Feeds back and talk turns to when they’ll wake them up. Meg says to ask Becky because she works for production. James will hold her to that. Meg wonders what they’ll do if she’s wrong…vote her out? She says this isn’t the week to make that joke. She just wants this week to be over with. 05:17 AM BBT Becky wants to be in her HOH suite on Friday. Jason says she’ll have to go through him. James says she’ll have to go through him. Meg says she’ll have to go through her and Becky says “that’s no problem!” They all laugh. Talk turns back to Meg and her bum knee. James says Meg will answer the heck out of some of the true false questions though. 05:19 AM BBT Just like that we have silence on all four feeds.
  12. 12:04 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH. Feeds back and Liz and Shelli are brushing their hair while Austin brushes his teeth. Shelly heads off to the LR while Liz heads into the WC. Austin puts on deodorant. Up in the HOH idle chit chat about Meg's school. Liz goes up to the HOH and the girls ask if he bothered her about the twin thing. Liz says she thought he knew. Meg says he knew but hearing it from her is what shocked him. 12:19 AM BBT Becky, James and Jackie have joined Vanessa and Meg in the HOH. Liz wanders back downstairs and Steve asked who is up there. Liz tells him. Liz and Steve walks into the CR and talk about how the group called Liz out and discussed the twin thing in the LR. Austin says James made a comment in the KT asking Austin if the twins were into incest. Austin asked Steve if heard the comment. He did. Austin tells Liz to go ask Clay and Shelli to go join the HOH group. Liz heads into a darkened HNR and starts whispering to Shelli and Clay. 12:21 AM BBT Liz says she wants Jason. "F that little s*****". Idle chit chat continues in the HOH. Jason has joined them. HOH feeds switch to Austin and Steve whispering. Austin tells Steve to tell "her" about that incest comment. Steve leaves the CR. Austin gets up. Steve heads into the WA before going up to the HOH. Austin heads into the HNR. 12:24 AM BBT Austin, Liz, Clay and Shelli continue to chat in the HNR. Liz is pissed and they have the numbers. Liz says she'll wake Clay and Shelli up in a couple of hours. Austin out of the HNR and then back into the HNR. Austin tells them what James said about the incest comment. Meanwhile elsewhere in the house Steve stands on the KT chair and blows a kiss to the camera to the HOH camera before heading into the HNR looking for a hoody. Austin says "everyone's upstairs doing their thing". Shelli believes he left it outside. Steve says he's leaving things everywhere. 12:28 AM BBT Shelli asks Austin who went upstairs first. Austin isn't sure and rattles off a couple of combinations of who went first. Shelli says the house is dividing. BB says "The lights must remain on" (only in the HNR). HOH heard the announcement voice but couldn't hear the specific announcement. 12:31 AM BBT Clay asks Shelli if Vanessa told James to go talk to Liz in an effort to stir the pot. Shelli doesn't think so. Shelli says James is fearless as it is. Shelli hears a sound that sounds like water. Clay doesn't. Shelli says they'll talk to her later. Shelli says they need to talk to Vanessa before tomorrow. BB says "The lights must remain on". Clay gets up and says the chair is comfortable. Clay heads into the KT where Austin and Steve are talking about BB Season 6 and 7. Austin says 6, 7 and 8 he did feeds. He didn't like 9. 10 he feeded. and he liked Rachel's season (11). 12:36 AM BBT Liz has joined the HOH crew and comments that Austin is eating again. Jason says Austin eats all the time and he's eating them out of house and home and he needs to go (jokingly?) 12:40 AM BBT Steve announces that the BY is opened. Jason asks if he's messing with him. Steve says he's not. Steve and James sit down to play chess. We can hear the BY feeds but we have fishes on those cams. Vanessa stands and watches James and Steve briefly before going down. James wants to outside. 12:42 AM BBT Steve heads into HOH to talk to Vanessa. Steve asks if anything has changed. Vanessa says she hasn't had a chance to talk to anyone yet. Vanessa wants to talk to Jason and call him out on the Da'vonne thing. Steve tells Vanessa what James said about the incest comment. Steve says multiple people heard it. 12:45 AM BBT Vanessa and Steve run scenarios up in the HOH meanwhile Meg, Jason, James, Jackie, Becky and Liz are chatting in the BY about clothes they couldn't bring because of slogans. Clay comes up to HOH and says Shelli will be coming soon. Vanessa says she's going to talk to Jason soon but she wants to let him smoke. Vanessa says he looks pissed off or upset. Clay doesn't think so. Clay says they all look relaxed. Vanessa says she got nothing from Becky. Clay says Becky is in with them by association. Vanessa agrees. Steve agrees. 12:48 AM BBT Jackie comes up to HOH and talk stops. Vanessa asks Steve why he did the "creeper move in the corner?" Steve says he was looking handsome. Jackie is getting her shoes on. She wonders what happened to the screen. Vanessa isn't sure she pushed a button and something happened. 12:55 AM BBT All four feeds on Clay, Vanessa and Steve in HOH. Shelli joins them. Vanessa says if they can get Johnny Mac and Becky on board to vote out Jason they will do it. Otherwise she has to put up Austin. Clay asks if she's against putting up Jackie. Vanessa, Shelli and Steve agree that putting up Jackie is a "dangerous" move this week. Meg, Jason and Austin are the three options this week. 12:58 AM BBT Shelli points out that if they put up Austin and they decide to keep him they still have the chance to vote out Becky. All four feeds remain on the HOH. Intermittent FoTH even though all four feeds are game related. Vanessa continues to push for Austin. Vanessa has no problem putting up Jason but they have to get Johnny and Becky on board first because she doesn't want a target. 01:03 AM BBT Clay says they have better players than the other side. Vanessa thinks Jason is the head of the operation. Steve and Clay agrees. Steve has the dates of things under control. Clay says that stuff won't be until later on down the road. 01:07 AM BBT Liz comes up to the HOH and says she wants Jason gone so bad. Vanessa wonders why. Liz says because Jason had said he wanted her gone so bad while they were all talking earlier. Talk turns to James' comment to Austin asking if Liz had ever had incest. 01:12 AM BBT Clay, Shelli, Liz, Vanessa, and Steve are still discussing options in the HOH. Austin comes up and says everyone is downstairs. They know. Vanessa thinks they need to break up the HOH party. Liz agrees and heads down. Steve is going as well. Two of the HOH feeds switch to Becky, and Jackie working out in the BY. Austin walks across the yard as well. James and Meg can be heard but not seen. 01:15 AM BBT Vanessa says now that Steve and Liz are gone she's going to tell Becky that if she comes over to this group she'll be top four vs bottom of the totem pole in the other group. Shelli wonders if they should include Johnny in this deal to make Becky feel better. Vanessa says Johnny will be easy to bring over. Vanessa again stresses that they have to be delicate with her but if it starts to head south they will have to abort the conversation. 01:18 AM BBT Clay, Shelli and Vanessa continue to chat in the HOH discussing how they're going to pull Becky over to their side. Vanessa says to tell her that "Vanessa says she has credible evidence that the other group has been working a long time together" Shelli says they can point out that Austin says the twin may come in before the vote. Shelli still has concern that she will want to bring Johnny Mac along. Vanessa agrees and says they can but they don't have to include a final four deal with him it's just with her but they don't have to stay true with the deal. 01:22 AM BBT Out in the BY Austin rocks Liz in the hammock while Jackie can be seen swinging weights around. Talk between Austin and Liz about age. Back in the HOH Shelli says James and Meg will be going straight to Becky to gasp with shock that Jason went up and went home. Vanessa stresses that she will have a target on her back because of this whereas if they send him home nobody will target her/them. 01:24 AM BBT BY feeds switch to Meg and James talking in the OBR chatting playfully. Meg is laying down with James standing nearby. Meanwhile up in the HOH Clay says lines will be drawn in the sand either way and he knows Vanessa is worried about targets. Clay says Austin will be indebted to her if they keep him and will be a large target in the house as well as the twins as well. Jackie walks into the OBR. 01:28 AM BBT Vanessa points out that the other side only has 50-50 odds to win both HOH slots next week but they (their own side), have better players. Down in the OBR we have nervous/playful talk about who might go up next week. Jackie into WA/KT (water can be heard but the feeds don't follow). Meg says when they get to the final 8 they have to take care of the couples. 01:31 AM BBT Shelli and Vanessa get a bit heated with each other. Vanessa says getting Jeff out before Audrey was a huge deal. Shelli doesn't disagree. Vanessa says by drawing a line in the sand right now means people will understand that people on the outside of the alliance will realize it. 01:36 AM BBT James and Meg continue to chat idly in the OBR about the game. Up in the HOH Vanessa questions if she can ask Jackie about the four person alliance. Shelli says if she does then Jackie will know that they told her. Down in the OBR James says Johnny Mac is a veto king. Meg says he has to be back doored. 01:38 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to push for Austin to stay off the block. Down in the OBR Meg whispers to James asking what he thinks of Becky and Jackie over Clay and Shelli. James doesn't know but points out Shelli is a comp beast. James wonders what she's thinking. Meg doesn't know. Either does James. They'll just have to wait and decide Meg says. James agrees. James points out that you have to go with who takes your game further. Meg says Becky and Jackie can win comps. James questions if she thinks Clay can win comps. Meg thinks he can win specific ones. James points out Jason is good. Meg says she and Jason have been drilling days of events and they know them pretty well. 01:43 AM BBT Clay and Shelli point out that everyone knows Austin and she are close (Vanessa) and she's not close with Jason. They say that Austin has mended fences with her (Vanessa). Austin has said that he will not play for first place and tell the Jury to not vote for him (Seriously?! - Niteslacker) 01:46 AM BBT Vanessa wonders if the pictures her family sent her was trying to tell her something. The pictures are completely random ones she's never seen before about her sleeping and the other in Moroccan outfits "sleeper cell... Do you guys know what a sleeper cell is it's a terrorist group!" Becky comes up to HOH and Vanessa tells her they want to talk. 01:49 AM BBT After beating around the bush trying to make her feel comfortable by offering her a glass of water and a blanket by Shelli, Becky finally asks who is the new target. The continue beating around the bush explaining (but not really explaining) that the target might change. Becky points out that Liz and Julia are here for the twist and Austin is here for his wrestling thing. Shelli points out that it may be smart to take them with them to the end. 01:54 AM BBT Shelli says that the twins hate the other side of the house. She points out that the house sees multiple trios in the house. Austin, Liz and Julia and Becky, Johnny and Jackie. Shelli points out that the other side tried three separate times to get Vanessa out of the HOH comp. Shelli also points out that both times she was HOH the other side never tried to come up to talk to her. 01:57 AM BBT Vanessa says they fear that they (Vanessa, Becky, Shelli and Clay) are at the bottom of that 8 person totem pole and Jackie is closer to them than they are. Becky agrees. Becky says she and Johnny talks situational at most but not specifics. Same thing with Jackie. Vanessa asks if she's aware of the four person alliance with Meg, Jackie, Jeff and Jason. Becky wasn't sure. Shelli points out that it's odd that Jackie doesn't share specifics with her. Clay agrees and says he's heard them talking game and sharing information with the other side. 02:02 AM BBT Meanwhile down in the OBR James and Meg have continued to chat randomly about game and HGs relationships. They point out that Shelli wouldn't want to go on the block? Meg says there are others that still haven't been on the block. Back in the HOH Clay, Shelli and Vanessa continue to talk to Becky. 02:08 AM BBT Talk continues in the HOH. Shelli says Austin has agreed to be a pawn next week if we keep him and he'll be a vote in Jury for any of them if they make it to the F2. They question whether or not they should bring in Johnny or Jackie. Becky says Johnny hands down. Jackie was a backup plan if "they're side" didn't want to work with her. 02:10 AM BBT Vanessa tells Becky that James won BotB so he's safe unfortunately. Becky asks if Jason is the new target. Vanessa explains that she promised Jackie that she's not going to be the target this week so she won't go back on her word. Clay jokingly says "So we're asking if you're ok with going home this week?" and someone throws a pillow at him. Vanessa runs the votes out and there would be 8 votes to keep her and she only needs 5. Becky says she is pooping herself right now. 02:13 AM BBT OBR feeds switch to BY with Liz and Austin whispering briefly before switching to the couch and then back to the WA with Austin and Steve whispering. Steve starts to make a comparison to Season 6 and Austin heads into the WC. Steve grabs clothes and leaves the WA and Jason wanders in and waits to use the WC. 02:15 AM BBT Conversation continues in the HOH. Becky appears on board with the plan to get out Jason (Of course she does, if she doesn't she goes home! - Niteslacker). Feeds switch to the OBR and Meg is talking to James about thigh high stockings/socks. Jason wanders in. Back in the HOH they're now discussing how those four are going to be shocked when Austin doesn't go on the block. 02:18 AM BBT Becky wants to talk to Austin and Liz and Shelli says they know. Vanessa says no they don't know because last time they were up in the HOH she told them no that she wouldn't go talk to Becky. Shelli has a bit of a confused/concerned tone and says "Oh...no they don't know..." OBR feeds switch to KT with Liz and Austin chatting. Jason wanders through. Talk to turns to popcorn. 02:22 AM BBT Jason touches something in the fruit bowl and fruit flies fly up and Liz squeals "eeeewwwwww!" Jason apologizes and heads outside. Austin and Liz begin to whisper. Austin says he's going to wait until after the ceremony and will go off. Liz is now complaining about someone that eats all the eggs. They say "he's so bad". Up in the HOH Vanessa, Clay, Shelli and Becky continue to chat. 02:25 AM BBT Talk in the HOH is about the fallout resulting from this blindside. Clay gets Austin and tells he and Liz to head to up. Clay heads outside. Shelli tells him that Becky is in the HOH restroom. Shelli calls him a lucky "motherf******" and he asks why and she sings "we'll see you next week!" Becky comes out of the bathroom and Vanessa clarifies that Austin will not compete for first place and will go up as a pawn in the future. Austin agrees. (... - Niteslacker) 02:31 AM BBT Meanwhile...out in the BY Jason brags to Jackie and Clay that he's the smartest superfan in the house between Steve and Austin. 02:33 AM BBT Up in the HOH talk turns to the twins again and who did what. Becky is going to head downstairs and she will cry and everything because she still needs the vote. Out in the BY talk between Clay, Jackie and Jason about Steve and his awkwardness. Back in the HOH Vanessa considers the angles and says she's ok with this plan now because she's blood free but they all better protect her next week when the other side wins HOH. The group tells her that even if she's up they won't vote for her. 02:37 AM BBT Vanessa says America loves Liztin and Clelli (... - Niteslacker) Down in the BY Clay, Jason and Jackie continue to chat. Jason says if one of them doesn't win HOH next week then clearly they suck and they can get rid of one of the twins. Jason suspects next week will be a double eviction and explains the process to Jackie and Clay. Vanessa is going to talk to Jason but wants Shelli and Liz to head down for a bit first so it doesn't look like she came out of a convo with them before going into one with him. 02:46 AM BBT Austin, Liz, Steve and Becky chatting in the KT about how weird it is being in the house and putting your life on hold for three months. Out in the BY discussing the show and fellow HGs. 02:48 AM BBT Becky starts to tell a story about a guy she dated and we get FoTH. Feeds back all on BY discussing Johnny Mac and how he's laid back and just here for the money. Jason says it makes him nervous to send the twins home before Jason just because he's won several times and they've only won one comp. 02:50 AM BBT Clay is full from eating. Brief talk about exercise. Clay heads inside and joins Shelli in the WA. It doesn't sound like Shelli has her mic. Clay starts to tell her about the conversation outside and Shelli doesn't want to talk game across the room (as she stands in front of the mirror while he's sitting on the lounger). They're having a lover spat (well...Shelli is having a lover's spat). She gets very upset because she looks like poop right now and he won't go to her at the mirror and she drops the f word before storming out of the room. 02:59 AM BBT Clay remains on the lounger and closes his eyes and BB "This is a reminder that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms!" Clay gives a knowing smile and stands up. Feeds switch to Shelli going off in the HNR saying that Clay just doesn't get it. Shelli is tired, hungry and sometimes as a girl she just wants to take off her makeup and just go to bed. Out in the BY Becky tells Jason and Jackie about how Shelli just shouted at Clay and stormed out. 03:03 AM BBT Clay comes outside and Jason asks if he's in trouble. Clay laughs and says he's not quite sure what that was even about. Back in the darkened HNR Shelli continues to rant to Liz about Clay how he wouldn't come to her at the mirror while she took off her makeup instead of looking at her like he's annoyed. Becky called to DR. 03:06 AM Vanessa comes outside and says she's out of the DR. She may go to bed soon. Jackie heads in to brush her teeth. Vanessa is going to tell wait to tell Jason about going on the block...at the POV ceremony. Jason heads outside and says he saw Shelli just now in the WA and she said she's headed to bed soon. Vanessa heads inside. 03:13 AM BBT Jackie and Vanessa in the HOH BR doing nightly ADLs. Shelli comes out to the BY and Jason says "Hello Princess!" Shelli laughs saying Liz and she just had a laugh and that Liz understands where Shelli was coming from. Shelli explains how she didn't want to fight and be seen by the camera that was three feet away from her face. Jason laughs and agrees and tells him that she just needs her makeup. Shelli thanks him. Shelli apologizes. Vanessa turns out the lights and Jackie tells her goodnight before heading outside. 03:20 AM BBT Idle chit chat about the show in the BY. In the KT Austin and Liz chat about Austin's gymnastic buddies outside the house. No game chat. 03:23 AM BBT Becky wanders over in the KT and Austin whispers softly saying "anything you need...." and Becky says she's so worried she's shaking because "he" (Jason?) is so vocal. Austin and Liz reassure she's fine. In the darkened in the HNR Clay and Shelli are whispering. Clay is telling Shelli about his conversation with Jason earlier. Shelli is saying "Oh....can we change it to Jackie? I can't do it..." Clay doesn't think so. Maybe Meg? Clay says it's not their (Clay and Shelli's) choice. 03:29 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HOH Liz has come up to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa confirms she will drop "the bomb" tomorrow on Jason. Meanwhile down in the darkened HNR Clay and Shelli continue to whisper discussing regret about sending Jason home now. Clay points out that Jackie was promised she wouldn't go on the block. Steve walks in and they ask him to explain a competition (Final three comp from season 12). 03:33 AM BBT Up in the HOH Vanessa asks Liz if she's going to fight for HOH. Liz reassures her that Liz, Julia and Austin are going to fight for HOH and it will be a bloodbath. Down in the HNR Steve, Shelli and Clay discuss how hard it is to send people home in this game. They all agree. Steve says he felt bad about Jace, Da'vonne, Jeff and even Audrey. 03:40 AM BBT BB calls out Steve and Clay that the lights must remain on in the room. Steve turns on the lights and they discuss which person is going to sleep in which chair. Shelli tells him to go check in with Vanessa and then check back in with them. Shelli thanks him. Up in the HOH Liz heads back downstairs and she says she's going to sleep upstairs so she'll be right back. Liz into the WC. 03:45 AM BBT Steve leaves the HNR and heads into the KT saying "batteries recharged" with Becky and Jason cleaning/cooking. Liz and Austin in the WA. Liz says "I'm taking off my makeup so you better not call me to DR BB!" and Jason shouts from the other room. "I want to have a game talk with you right now!" Austin sits on the lounger and tells her to "come here" (similar to the Clay/Shelli fight earlier). Liz tells him to shut up. 03:47 AM BBT Clay has been trying to adjust the dental chairs distances trying to lay across them and BB tells him to "Stop that!" Shelli tells him to shut it down. Clay turns off the lights and tries to lay across the two chairs again and is called to DR. Shelli says "Oh poop!" Over in the WA Liz has been doing nightly ADLS. She's going to go to bed soon. Out in the KT Jason, Becky, Steve and Jackie chat. 03:54 AM BBT Austin tells Liz that he's disappointed in himself for lying to Vanessa. Starts to rehash events that lead to him being saved and Jason is going to be blindsided. Out in the KT we have idle music chit chat. 03:59 AM BBT Liz and Austin continue to chat in the WA on the lounger. Austin asks if Liz will be here on Wed. She says she should be. Jackie comes out of the WC and washes her hands. Jason wanders in and they discuss competition possibilities. 04:03 AM BBT Liz is heading to bed. She and Austin hugs it out. Steve comes in and checks on Vanessa. Vanessa says she's going to blindside Jason tomorrow. Becky is on board. Steve is excited. Steve wonders if they should tell Johnny. Vanessa says Becky will tell him tomorrow. She says Steve should probably tell him (Johnny) before the ceremony so he feels like he's on their side. 04:06 AM BBT Down in the darkened OBR we have general silliness with Jason, Meg, James, Jackie and Clay wanders through. BB reminds them that the bedroom lights must remain on. Silliness continues. BB reminds them that the bedroom lights must remain on. Jason and James get called out to turn on the lights. Jason heads out of the room. Up in the HOH Steve reassures Vanessa that Derrick (BB16) did a similar move to what Vanessa is doing. Vanessa points out that Derrick didn't get blood on his hands and she is. Steve says they have her back though. Vanessa and Steve hug it out. Vanessa reminds Steve that this is going to be a huge bomb tomorrow and it has to stay a secret. 04:10 AM BBT Vanessa runs down parts of her speech to Steve and Steve laughs saying "you're going to mislead him?!" Vanessa says the whole time she's going to be looking at Austin and then turn and look at Jason and tell him to take a seat. Vanessa wonders if it's mean. Steve says as a game player he'll respect the move and appreciate it. Liz doesn't think so because he'll still be on the block. Steve points out that Jeff Schroeder says day 40 is when you go insane in the house and when the music plays today...it will be day 40. 04:14 AM BBT Down in the OBR discussion is about thigh high stockings. James clarifies "so there's a lot of free space?" Jackie says they're crotchless and James says "Oooooh...." BB reminds HGs that lights must remain on. James gets up and turns the lights on. Meg yells at him. Steve leaves the HOH and heads down to talk to the BY to talk to Becky who is laying in the hammock. 04:16 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa chat in the darkened HOH. They love Steve. Down in the BY Steve asks Becky if she knows what she needs to do this week and Becky says yep and she's going to lay low. Steve agrees and says Jason will self distruct on his own. Steve asks who should tell Johnny. Becky says it's up to HOH. Steve says Vanessa said they could tomorrow before ceremony. He says he'd like to be a part of telling him. She says he can tell him and then have Johnny come track her down after. Steve tells her goodnight. 04:20 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa continue to chat in the darkened HOH. Down in the OBR Steve comes in and James asks if he has any extra blankets because Meg is cold. Meg has many covers on her already and she hates James. She hates everyone. Jason jumps on Meg and she yells saying she's had several knee surgeries already. Jason is sorry. BB gives them a stern "Stop!" and we have FoTH. 04:23 AM BBT Jason heads outside to smoke and James follows. James thinks Meg will have a melt down by day 60. Jason points out that they will have to vote her out before then. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Vanessa and Liz in the darkened HOH room and they are now silent. Out in the BY James says he and Meg were discussing the pecking order. They think it was Austin, Steve, Liz, Liz and Johnny Mac. Jason says that's what he and Jackie were discussing it. 04:26 AM BBT James asks Steve what laundry he's doing. Steve is doing his laundry plus some extra towels. James and Jason agree that's nice. Meg wanders outside and the two of them cheer that she's awake. She was getting pissed. Becky wanders over and then starts to walk away and someone throws a pillow at her. She grabs it and comes back and swings it at James repeatedly before heading in. 04:28 AM BBT Meg grumbles saying they always make fun of her for sleeping but she never gets to sleep because she is prevented from sleeping by them all the time!
  13. 11:07 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the KT between Meg, Jason, Johnny and Liz while Steve and Clay play chess up on the sky bridge with Shelli watching. 11:10 PM BBT Chess game over. Clay beat Steve. Meg shouts up to Clay when she opens the HOH door and asks if James is still listening to music. Shelli shouts down that he is. Steve heads down to the KT while Clay and Shelli head into the HOH. Clay, Shelli, Becky, Vanessa and James are in the HOH. 11:15 PM BBT James wants to have a Darkmoon meeting. Vanessa is on board but would like for the BY to open up so they have some room for HGs to spread out. Clay agrees. 11:20 PM BBT Clay went down to the WC downstairs and Meg wandered into the HOH. Idle chit chat continues down in the KT. Becky has wandered down to the KT. Up in the HOH Vanessa wishes she had some entertainment to provide. 11:26 PM BBT Up in the HOH Meg and Vanessa are telling James that the twins will be released into the house on Thursday. James is shocked. They tell him to go talk to her because she will talk to him about it. James is shocked. Meg says she told him. James said he had just woke up. Vanessa is shocked that he is the last to know about this. Even Jackie has talked to her. 11:31 PM BBT Down in the KT discuss kids in stores. Becky will stop kids from running in her stores. Jason tells a story that a woman let her kid pee his pants and pulled out a clean pair of clothes for the kid to put on. Jason said the kid will probably be traumatized for being allowed to pee in public. James goes downstairs to talk to Liz. He goes straight down to her and says "wow...." Liz pulls him into the OBR and he says "...you never told me..." Liz says she hates him (playfully). She thought he knew. He is shocked. He wonders if they're going to be cuddling in the bed together. 11:37 PM BBT Some of the KT group has moved to the LR. Jason, Shelly, James, Becky, Jackie, Liz and Johnny discussing the twins with Jason and James leading the conversation. James scared Julia when he jumped out of the trash bag. Idle chit chat between Vanessa and Meg as she plays with the headphones. 11:43 PM BBT Up in the HOH says her voice is constantly raspy because she’s using it all the time. Meg says she’s loud. Vanessa asks if she’s Chef Joe (BB14). Meg says “Oh no….probably!” Down in the LR talk is about the twins and the twist still. 11:53 PM BBT Chit chat continues up in the HOH. Vanessa and Meg discussing people in the walls watching them and how much it weirds them out. Vanessa says she plays games with them and will hear them coming to one mirror and she'll run to another and then run back. FoTH. (Technical difficulties due to storms overhead)
  14. 06:20 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. 07:06 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. Someone is snoring away. Austin? judging by the rise/fall of his chest in sync with the sound. 08:09 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 08:38 AM BBT Meg is up and out of the WC and wearing a bikini. She heads out and has a seat next to the HT before slipping in.
  15. 12:00 AM BBT Meg tells a story that she was once asked for her number and she replied “I’m like really busy!” because she couldn’t think of an excuse not to give her number. James laughs saying he’d probably say something like “It’s ok….I only have a week to live….” 12:02 AM BBT Out in the hammock Liz and Austin cuddle chatting about something said previously in the house by Liz. 12:05 AM BBT In the LR James tells Steve, Shelli, Jackie, Johnny and Jason how to pick up girls with Clay responding to James when he asks him. Clay responds “You infiltrate the group!”. The girls and Jason disagree saying girls wouldn’t do that because the moment the guy leaves the girls for the night the girls would tell each other that the guy gave them both the number. Clay wanders over after a couple of minutes and joins the conversation. 12:09 AM BBT Austin and Liz continue to cuddle in the hammock with Liz giggling while Austin strokes his hand up and down her arm. 12:13 AM BBT Becky shouts from the KT that she caught a pizza on fire. The LR room turns and looks in her direction. Clay gets up to go check on her and the camera switches to a pizza sitting on top of a stove that looks like it’s been dropped. Becky says she dropped the pizza on the “heating thing on the bottom” when she was pulling it out. They question whether the pizza is salvagable. Becky thinks so it’s just charred. 12:14 AM BBT All four feeds switch to the BY with Austin and Liz in the hammock. Jason shouts from his perch “Is it Liztin or Laustin?” They agree Lizstin is better because it has Liz in versus the other option which only has the L. Jason can be heard talking to other HGs telling them how he came up with their showmance name. 12:17 AM BBT Feeds switch to Jason at the backdoor shouting to Liz and Austin again asking about Austiz? Liz likes that and Jason says it’s official and goes back inside. Talk turns to how people (Jason) probably notice that Liz and Austin are much closer than Julia and Austin are. Austin thinks he can use this to his advantage because he can play into this and act vulnerable when he gets separated from Liz every three days. 12:21 AM BBT Liz says agrees and they begin to discuss who Austin should tell that he was finally told about the twin twist by Liz. Two feeds switch back to the LR where Vanessa asks Steve to accompany her to the WA so she can take a brush to his hair. She thinks he needs a mother figure. 12:23 AM BBT Vanessa asks him to sit down on the lounger so she can play with his hair some. He says she smells good. She thanks him. She continues to brush/mess with his hair and he comments that it feels good. She laughs and tells him not to enjoy it too much. He laughs and questions why not. She says because he’s like a little brother to her. She thanks him for letting her brush it. She wonders how long it’s been. He says he hasn’t brushed it yet because he “didn’t bring a brush or anything like that…” They rejoin the LR group and talk is about wine. 12:26 AM BBT Out in the BY Austin continues to lead the conversation he plans on having with Jason about Austin getting told about the twin twist by Liz. A low flying plane/helicopter can be heard flying overhead. They say it’s the closest helicopter they’ve seen. Austin says the helicopters are coming to take pictures of them tonight. Liz wonders if they should tell Jason or Johnny. Austin thinks he can tell Johnny separately. BB asks Austin to relocate his transmitter. Clay called to DR. They comment on the fact that Clay is in DR a lot. Austin wonders if Clay has a whole different angle that no one knows about. FoTH. 12:32 AM BBT Feeds back and Austin and Liz are discussing flights/distance from cities before all four feeds switch to the LR crew where wine/alcohol discussion continues with Jason, Meg, Johnny, Steve, Shelli and Vanessa. 12:34 AM BBT Two feeds switch back to Austin and Liz and they’re discussing beepers and how old they are. Austin can’t believe Liz won’t be around for any of the comps this week. Austin says they’re screwing him up this week. Liz asks if they’ve had alcohol this week yet and Austin says know. Liz mentions Audrey can have her wine before realizing she’s a HN. Austin mentions Audrey can break a rule and take a penalty vote and have some wine we get all four feeds put back in the LR with alcohol talk continuing. 12:36 AM BBT Feeds back on the hammock and Austin is mumbling something about being yelled at. Feeds briefly switch to the KT where Jackie, Becky and James are talking about Audrey. James says this “is worse than last time…”. Talk about her sleeping arrangements and Jackie points out that she can probably sleep wherever because she’s already been eating whatever and all four feeds get moved back to the hammock in the BY. 12:41 AM BBT Liz wonders if he’ll be able to her apart from her sister when she gets in. Austin says yes and he can tell by their eyes. Feeds briefly switch to the KT and James says “she needs to be home with her family” and all four feeds go back to the BY. Austin continues the eye conversation by saying Liz has a sparkle in her eyes. Austin says they walk different and smile different. 12:44 AM BBT Talk in the hammock is back on beepers. Feeds in the KT returns to James, Becky and Jackie. Idle chit chat about the house/game. Becky points out that Clay has not been on the block, not been a have not and not been nominated. FoTH. 12:47 AM BBT All four feeds back on the KT and Becky, James and Jackie continue to chat. Becky currently leading the chat on general BB gameplay (who should put whom on the block). Becky points out that HOHs promise to keep people off the block in exchange for keep themselves off the block the following week and that’s why the same people keep going up. 12:58 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues around the house. Grapes are being flung around the house now by James. BB calls James out to stop it. Steve is up on the skybridge and starts to retaliate. Steve gets called out by BB to stop it. 01:01 AM BBT Feeds switch mid-story and Austin tells about a renovation that was done on his house that his grandfather built a room on. The project sounds like it ultimately was a failure for various reasons. Austin says it’s a show that’s supposed to air on the Do-it-yourself network. Austin doubts the episode will ever air because he was cussing quite a bit and ripped something off the wall that they hung up. The hosts didn’t want to work with him. Austin was trying to act like a jerk so he could get a bad edit and production didn’t care for it. 01:06 AM BBT Steve joins Jason outside while he’s smoking. Steve comments on how weird it is that Audrey didn’t come to veto meeting. Steve wants to help her but doesn’t think he can do anything to help her. Steve wonders if this is a campaign maneuver. Jason doesn’t think so because they wouldn’t have taken the have-not rules away from her. Steve thinks it’s odd that they did that for her. Steve agrees. Liz and Austin get up from the hammock and Liz heads inside. 01:09 AM BBT Austin wanders over to the couches and asks what’s up. The guys fill him in on the conversation they just had with each other. Austin wonders what they mean. Jason tells Austin that they suspended the HN eating rules for Audrey so she could be made a pizza. Austin wonders if she’s out of the room and we get FoTH. 01:10 AM BBT Up in the HOH Clay and Shelli are cuddling on the couch. Talk is about Audrey. Clay doesn’t like the way she’s taking the whole thing. Clay says she did this to herself. 01:14 AM BBT Talk continues in the HOH about Audrey with Shelli playing devil’s advocate saying that clearly something more is going on based upon the way she is reacting. Shelli is upset with her based upon her actions yesterday and she recommends Clay try to not scowl or jump on her case immediately. Shelli points out that none of them in the house will ever be able to experience what she’s been through. Clay understands and agrees. 01:17 AM BBT Shelli says that she was never out in public really and she lived with her parents and this is the first time she’s been in the public eye and it’s not going how she hoped. Clay points out that she’s right but this morning he tried to check on her and she said “You need to leave.” and that does bother him. Again he understands what Shelli is saying and it does put things into perspective, but still she put herself in this position. 01:19 AM BBT Shelli points out that her (Audrey) and Clay’s lives are so insanely different. Clay understands but she’s still human and he wouldn’t talk/treat people like that…. Shelli hopes things will get better over the next couple of days. Clay says he’s not going to talk to her but she needs to apologize. Shelli asks if Audrey apologizes if he’ll be nice. Clay will. Shelli doesn’t want him to rattle off the list of things that she (Audrey) did wrong to him. Clay understands 01:22 AM BBT Talk in the HOH turns to the title of the season “Is it Twists and Lies? Did Julie tell us that?”. They wonder about what the twist will be this week and whether or not they were supposed to have a takeover. Down in a darkened OR we have Vanessa and James are talking about home. 01:27 AM BBT Shelli is ready to lay down for bed. Clay tells her to get up and carry him to bed. She says it’s gonna be tough and tries to pick him up. Down in the OR Vanessa and James continue to chat. 01:29 AM BBT Clay says back home the right side of his bed his. Shelli says it’s hers at home as well but as long as they’re in the house it’s hers because the left side feels like it’s secluded (not being close to the door). Lights are off and they’re now laying down. 01:31 AM BBT Vanessa asks James about the kind of girls he likes. He likes Caucasian girls. He wouldn’t mind dating an Asian girl but there aren’t many near where he lives. He says there are some near him but they’re super culturally with their ethnicity so they are completely different. Vanessa asks if he ever thought about going to S. Korea to see what it’s like. James would and if he wins first or second place he’ll go to Seoul to track down his family. 01:32 AM BBT Meanwhile up in HOH Clay comments on Becky, Jackie and James hanging out a lot more. She has noticed it. She comments that Audrey is making their side fall apart. 01:35 AM BBT Becky, Jackie and Steve chat out in the BY. Steve was sleeping on the ground apparently. Becky tells him to go to bed and then he’ll end up on a routine sleep schedule tomorrow. They all plan to swim and tan tomorrow. Steve heads in. Becky points out that he’s like a giant baby (this was not a mean spirited comment). Jackie agrees and says they noticed it last night as well when he was splashing in the pool. Steve called to DR. 01:38 AM BBT Talk turns to whether or not he’s acting child like. Becky thinks he’s been throwing HOHs but he won veto when he needed to. Feeds switch to Liz, Jason, Austin, Meg and Johnny in the WA with Liz doing her nightly ADLs. Jason comments on what he said in DR. As a super fan he realizes what is being done/how she is acting is way out of the norm so he can be sympathetic to that cause. But as someone who fought hard to be in the house he figured someone would go out with a bit more dignity. FoTH. 01:44 AM BBT Austin, Meg and Johnny in the WA just hanging out. Liz and Jason walked out separately. Back in the darkened OR Vanessa and James continue to chat randomly. 01:47 AM BBT Out in the BY Jason, Becky and Jackie discuss who they’ve made deals with and about the twin twist. Austin is working with the twins. Becky heard Jeff talking to one of the twins one day, trying to collect information. Jason says Meg walked in on Austin coaching one of them (Julia) about how Liz made him mashed potatoes. “He was referring to her as ‘she made me mashed potatoes…’” They agree to keep the twins at this point and let the other one in because they don’t want a juror to come back in. Jason isn’t sure. 01:52 AM BBT Jason discusses Liz/Julia faltering on telling each other information. Jason hadn’t realized they even swapped until he called out to one of them today (Liz) and was asking her when they were going to do laundry together and she was clueless about the conversation that had just before she went into DR. Johnny wandered out and says they’re trying to break up the band. Someone comments that they band may gain a band member. 01:57 AM BBT Talk continues in the BY. Jason knows Austin likes this one (Liz). Jackie asks which one he likes. Jason points out that it’s the one currently in the house, she’s the one that made him mashed potatoes. Johnny says he’s going to go lay down with Audrey. They laugh and tell him goodnight. 02:04 AM BBT Talk in the BY Jason, Becky and Jackie continue to chat discussing various BB twists and what kinds of twists are happening. In the CR room Austin and Liz are discussing pizza types. 02:06 AM BBT Steve comes outside with something to eat and talk continues about various CBS TV shows and what they’d like to do. In the CR Liz and Austin chat about various things that happened in the house. 02:09 AM BBT Talk in the BY turns to pre-production interviews and we get all four feeds on Liz and Austin (Note to self: Vote a punishment for Becky, Jason, Jackie or Steve should the opportunity permit - Niteslacker). Liz and Austin continue chatting in the CR as they wait for the lights to dim all the way. 02:15 AM BBT Random chatter in the BY. Meanwhile in the CR Liz and Austin whisper 02:17 AM BBT We have feeds 1 and 2 on the BY with Becky talking about her job and pre-production time frames. (Interestingly for a feedster we get feed 3 briefly on Shelli rubbing Clay’s bare back and feed 4 on Liz/Austin talking. Feeds switch 1 and 3 show the same Shelli/Clay feed and 2 and 4 show the same Liz/Austin feed. FoTH. The screens turn green briefly and we get BY feeds again before going back to FoTH.) 02:21 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH/room hopping as Becky continues to talk about pre-production. Feeds finally settle on Liz and Austin with Austin asking about why her back hurts so much. She’s not sure. 02:24 AM BBT Austin now talking to Liz about the BotB comp. Austin says Jackie was shaking pumpkins to hear the key because they were so difficult to break open. BB reminds HGs that they’re not allowed to talk about production. They say it’s not them. Austin says he would have crushed that competition. Feeds return to the BY. 02:26 AM BBT Talk has returned to the twins and discrepancies in how they act/respond to things. Jackie mentions how terrible they are with the mics and says “clip the f****** things on” FoTH. 02:27 AM BBT Feeds are back and they’re discussing their mics. Jason says “they said GinaMarie’s mic has been through h**** and back”. Talk continues about mics. Jackie peels back tape on her mic and sees the name Michael. Jason says that’s probably from Season 6. Steve peels back his tape on his and doesn’t find a name. Either does Becky. 02:30 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY about the mics still. Jason wonders what Jeff’s mic said since they were the last two in the house they might have….FoTH. Jason says “…alternates…” FoTH. Meanwhile Austin and Liz continue to chat in the CR. Nothing game related. 02:35 AM BBT Becky is spraying Raid in the WA because they found ants. Jason finds them on the lounger/cushions. Becky begins to spray around the lounger. Jackie runs all the way to the end of it and finds them down towards the shower as well. Jason says they’re on a black bikini and Clay’s underwear. Jason says it’s rancid. Over in the CR Liz and Austin continue to chat. 02:40 AM BBT Jason says he’s never seen ants in a bathroom ever. Back in the OR Liz and Austin continue to chat about Austin’s past. 02:45 AM BBT Steve and Jackie chat idly about Amazing Race on the couches in the BY while Becky and Jason stand in the HT chatting randomly. 02:50 AM BBT All four feeds on the BY crew now discussing the POV and how Vanessa has really good memory. 02:54 AM BBT Talk in the BY has turned to last year’s season. Austin and Liz have placed bandanas over their eyes and have stopped talking. Lights are still partially on in the room. 02:59 AM BBT Previous comp talk continues in the BY. Jason says he told Da’vonne it wasn’t the best idea to open all the camera lenses in the BotB they competed against each other. 03:04 AM BBT Jason said he tried to steal Jackie’s pumpkin in their BotB. On Liz’s feed the beeper can be heard going off. Liz grumbles repeatedly oh my god! Austin chuckles and laughs. Jason runs inside to get dressed. Johnny warns everyone not to loose BotB competitions. Jason asks if they have their headsets. Johnny wonders how else they would communicate with each other. 03:07 AM BBT Jackie offers coaching from the KT area while they wait for the music to play. Music starts and they start to dance. 03:09 AM BBT Everyone heads back to the respective corners of the house. Steve just noticed how filthy the stairs are and he’s going to clean them. Jackie thought he was tired. He was before his DR. Steve and Becky now in WA brushing their teeth. Over in the CR Liz tells Austin that Jason had told her they were going to do the lift but they didn’t. Austin says they changed the dance routine just to mess with them. 03:13 AM BBT Steve announces he is going to attempt sleeping. Jackie and Becky tell him goodnight. Jason is outside smoking in the BY. 03:18 AM BBT Jason in the BY reciting numbers (days of events in the BB house?). Liz, Austin and Steve in the CR laying in the bed with the lights partially on still. 03:21 AM BBT Jason in the KT and heads back outside to join Jackie on the couches. Jason points out that Austin got up for this performance but he didn’t get up for the other twin (Angela is what he is going to start calling her to see if she responds). Jason points out that she acted shocked when they woke them up tonight. Jason points out that they’ve done it the past three nights. 03:27 AM BBT Jackie says she has to win comps. She can’t blame anyone but herself. Over in the CR Steve gets up and Austin comments that Steve’s batteries must already be fully charged. 03:31 AM BBT Steve is standing at a mirror in the KT attempting to latch a necklace he has around his neck? Out in the BY Jason and Jackie continue to chat about who targets whom. 03:34 AM BBT Steve back to bed in the CR. Lights still partially on. Out in the BY Jason and Jackie continue to chat. They agree that Austin is super fake and even easier to read. Jason says he’s just trying to take the Jesse (BB Seasons 10 and 11) route and get picked up by wrestling. Both agree that Liz, Austin or Vanessa need to go. They can’t vote her out next week and they’d like to see her make it to jury because she’s very cool. 03:38 AM BBT Both agree that Austin and the twins cannot stay in the game together because they will be a terrible force to be dealt with. They begin to run HOH scenarios. Austin is Jason’s biggest threat. Jackie agrees. 03:43 AM BBT Talk in the BY is about Jeff and Jackie and their relationship. Jeff has lots of female friends and he knows not to mess with Jackie. 03:47 AM BBT Talk in the BY has shifted to Audrey and how she thought she ruled the roost that first week. They laugh thinking back to that first week or two “It feels like a whole ‘nother house and time”. 03:52 AM BBT Jackie and Jason continue to chat in the BY. They agree that they wish Audrey could stay in the house. She’s doing a beautiful thing but she played the game poorly and that’s on her so she has to go. Shelli is afraid people will be upset with her for putting her up but Audrey did it to herself. 03:56 AM BBT Jackie doesn’t want two twins after her. Jason agrees and understands. Jason says after next week a twin may be a viable option for a backdoor. They point out they haven’t really seen her play many games so they don’t know if either of them are beasts. 04:00 AM BBT Jason says Audrey talked game to him before Jackie even got in the house. Audrey said Jason had to win because she was afraid that James would put her up. Jackie is shocked and wondered why she thought that. Jason says it was likely because of his bracelet (I believe it’s been noted he wears a “What Would Jesus Do” bracelet. 04:03 AM BBT Jason called to DR. Jackie says she’s gonna head to bed. She stops off in the WC first. 04:07 AM BBT Jackie into the HN room and gets in her chair 04:12 AM BBT Lights dim and turn off in the CR finally. 04:21 AM BBT Feeds switch to the DR door briefly before Jason comes out and heads into the WC. 04:25 AM BBT Jason out of the WC and washes his hands before heading back outside to smoke another cigarette. 04:29 AM BBT Jason begins to run dates/events quietly in the BY. 04:34 AM BBT Jason heads in for the night. All four feeds currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 05:00 AM BBT Feed 3 switches to the LR and then the SR briefly. Becky is up and gets medicine out of the SR cabinet. 05:03 AM BBT Becky heads into the WC. 05:04 AM BBT Becky heads back into the darkened rooms.
  16. *Warning! I believe App's time stamps are off due to the feeds going down. The times have been off since the feeds went down. Numerous folks in chat rooms agree that the time stamps are 23 minutes behind current time* Time is currently 12:32 AM in the BB house. Feeds have been back for about 10-15 minutes, with each feed coming back up one by one. The time stamps for the feeds currently list 12:06 AM BBT and is currently showing Shelli and Clay cuddling in the darkened HOH flirting/chatting. Out in the BY we have Jason, Jackie, and James chatting. Time Stamp displays 12:10 AM BBT Clay and Shelli discussing Austin and his interest with Liz and about him possibly having a girlfriend outside the house. Clay says "I wouldn't be able to watch". Meanwhile out in the BY James and Jackie agree that they're glad they had the meeting today and got it out in the open about there being final 2 deals floating around apparently. Talk turns to speculation about what the next HOH could be. Time stamps display 12:28 AM BBT Liz and Austin continue to chat in a mostly dark CR discussing Jeff how terrible of a player he was. Feeds switch Vanessa and Jason chatting in the OR about clothing. Meanwhile out in the BY Becky, James and Jackie continue to discuss BotB. Time stamp displays 12:32 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH. Feeds back and Steve is outside questioning if anyone has seen Audrey. James confirms that Audrey came out of DR and went straight into HNR. The girls head inside. James comments on his sleep pattern being thrown off and Jason says his is non existent. 12:35 AM Brief period of FoTH. During this time we'd like to remind folks that the feeds went down around midnight for about 10-15 minutes. The feeds slowly came back up (one by one) and since then our time stamps have been delayed about 23 minutes. Until we hear otherwise we have to assume the time stamps are correct. 12:36 AM Feeds back. Clay and Shelli cuddling in HOH. Clay stammers out a "cheesey" story. Out in the BY James and Jason chatting about the need to win an HOH. Steve brings out some laundry to do. 12:41 AM Clay and Shelli continue to chat in a darkened room. BY feeds switch to Austin opening the SR door and letting Meg inside to throw something away. She hasn't seen James in a while and is afraid he's hiding somewhere. Austin laughs saying they have to keep to the buddy system. Feeds remain on the SR when they leave and Austin can be heard telling Liz that once again they're the only two trying to sleep. 12:45 AM BBT Clay and Shelli continue to chat in the darkened HOH room. Shelli says she was annoyed when he woke her up earlier not because it was time to wake her up but because he came to her with some intense information that had gone on for the past hour. FoTH. 12:48 AM BBT Out in the BY Jason and James discussing possibilities for future comps. Jason doesn't feel like many people are throwing comps this season. Brief discussion about whether or not Steve is throwing comps. Steve comes outside and talk turns to previous seasons of BB and Survivor. Meanwhile up in HOH Shelli gets up and heads down to DR. 12:53 AM BBT Horizontal HGs in the darkened OR. Out in the BY Jason and Steve explain Survivor to James. 12:55 AM BBT Jason thinks James would be great at Survivor and he is shocked that "they" didn't recommend that to him. FoTH. Feeds back. Steve has respect for Survivor players but he couldn't do it. 01:08 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY between Steve, Jason, and James. Jason believes the twins are going to be introduced to the house this week. Steve wonders if it's this week or next. Steve questions if BB might change up the game and make them one housemate. Jason doesn't think so because that's a BBUK thing. Steve understands. Steve wonders what the other twin's name is. 01:13 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues about finale night. James asks Jason if he got a question from Julie. Jason says he did and was scared because he is the most vulgar in the house and he didn't want to get in trouble. 01:19 AM BBT Jackie comes outside. Steve thought she was asleep. She was taking a shower. Clay wanders outside and BB calls him out to put on his mic. He turns around and walks back in without saying a word. 01:24 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY. Audrey could be seen up briefly on Feeds 1 & 2, she grabbed something from her bag before heading off towards the LR. BB calls John, Liz and Jason into DR. 02:27 AM BBT Becky wanders outside and whispers that Audrey is up. Becky has sponge cake and Jackie follows her inside leaving Steve in the BY. James heads inside and flops down onto his bed. Becky and Jackie eating in the KT. *Flashback Alert! Feeds 1 &2 01:37 AM BBT Audrey out of the WC and washes hands. She wanders off. Talk in the WC continues about school and careers and being able to claim that they've lived in Ca. BB says "Please put on your microphone!" Feeds switch to Audrey whispering to Vanessa. Audrey is completely inaudible. BB says "Please put on your microphone!" (Not calling out Audrey specifically). Audrey is crying. Vanessa invites her into her bed. Vanessa is trying to calm her down, telling her that it's just a game. She tries to walk her through a thinking/breathing exercise. 01:42 AM BBT The "dancers" are out of the DR and Jason sees Vanessa trying to comfort the crying Audrey. Steve, Jackie and Jason head out to the BY and discuss what Jason just saw. Back in the darkened OR Vanessa continues to reassure Audrey that it's just a game. Vanessa tells her that she knows she doesn't want to be the first person to "do that". Vanessa points that she (Audrey) told her that they (production?) told her that they were going to get her someone tomorrow? Jason comes in and asks to turn the lights on so he can put away his clothes. Meg grumbles and curses at him. He says he just finished his laundry. Audrey covers herself up. Vanessa begins to tell a story and we get FoTH. 01:48 AM BBT All four feeds now currently on Becky and Jackie in the BY with Steve hanging out in the HT. Becky and Jackie hopes Vanessa doesn't spill the beans. 01:52 AM BBT Feeds 1 & 2 switch back to OR. Meg is still grumbling because they slept today. Vanessa asks James to help out because James is a very rationale person and Audrey is needs help. She's trying to not have a panic attack. James is put on the spot. James reassures her that it's nothing personal and it's just a game. Jason is in the background putting away clothes and says her family would be proud of her. James agrees. James says if they were out of the house they would all be going out and having a drink. 01:52 (Yes same time-stamp). Meanwhile out in the BY Becky and Jackie discuss how child-like Steve is (as he plays/splashes in the HT). They agree that people saying he's a threat or is super sneaky is being blown way out of proportion. Becky says "He's clueless!" 01:55 AM BBT James says he hopes they can all be friends outside the house. She's been through a lot already and it took a lot of guts to do what she did and to come out in the house and nobody judged her. Vanessa agrees. Vanessa says she thinks Audrey has so much more in life ahead of her. James agrees. Meg grabs her mic and points out that they're living in a box in a parking-lot playing games and that they can't take themselves seriously. Vanessa agrees and says they have three people dressed in all white and have to play Whack street boys. Jason called to DR. He asks for a moment to finish his clothes. 02:05 AM BBT Lights off in the OR room and Vanessa urges Audrey to go take a shower because it helped her (Vanessa) feel better the week she was a HN. Meanwhile out in the BY Becky and Jackie are hypothesizing about whether or not someone will back in the house. Talk turns to the twins not being identical. 02:13 AM BBT Vanessa continues to console/comfort Audrey while Becky and Jackie continue to chat in the BY with an assortment of topics. 02:22 AM BBT Jason has been out of the DR folding his clothes in the dark. He appears to be finished now. James has been in the DR for about 5 minutes now. James now out of the DR. James asks if she's feeling better. Vanessa doesn't think so. James wonders if she needs a big old hug from him. He laughs saying he's just playing. Out in the BY Steve, Jackie, and Becky are chatting about Season 11 when Lydia and Natalie were sitting at the KT crying over Jesse going home. 02:27 AM BBT James warns Audrey to keep her leg twitching so it's obvious she's not asleep. Jason has joined Steve, Becky and Jackie. BB calls him to exchange his mic. Jason back and says Audrey is faking a panic attack in Vanessa's bed. He thinks she and James are just trying to talk her from the ledge. Jackie wonders what ledge. They point out she's just going home. James points out that it's not real because she's conveniently holed up in Vanessa's bed trying to work her and hear herself another week. Everyone agrees. 02:40 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the two rooms. Vanessa gets up to make herself something to eat. James jumps in beside her and reassures her that it will be ok. 02:53 AM BBT James meets up with Vanessa in the KT. She’s tired and wants to go to bed but she’s afraid to go to bed with Audrey beside her because she doesn’t want her to get a penalty nom. James says she won’t get the nom because because they will keep her awake. James heads out and joins the BY crew. 02:56 AM BBT Audrey gets up and returns to the HN room and gets into her chair next to a sleeping Johnny Mac. Out in the BY Becky, Jason, James, Steve and Jackie continue to chat and be playful. 02:59 AM BBT Jason asks if anyone's buying anything she's selling in there. Jason points out she chose her bed strategically. James agrees. James says he got to cuddle up with her and at one point she unclipped his mic and covered it up and said it was "chemical". FoTH. Feeds back and Jason says if there was something seriously wrong they wouldn't have let her come in. Jackie says she couldn't even bring a headache medicine in here. FoTH. 03:04 AM BBT Feeds back and talk is about putting something in the fridge to see if anyone would notice it (jokingly. A piece of apple in a pickle jar?). Talk turns to Jason liking chocolate (men). James could tell because he treated the guy with the utmost respect and with the women he was like "get over here b******, let's go!". They begin to rehash the BotB matching comp that Johnny and James played against Meg and Jason. 03:08 AM BBT Becky points out that that comp would have been one of those ones that one HG could have screwed the other by sitting out (because you had to rotate turns). James says he thought "in the beginning in prod...that you have to compete in all competitions..." and we get FoTH. 03:11 AM BBT Jason says that just before Smashing Pumpkins BotB that one of their rules was you couldn't give keys to the other team. Jason points out that it was a Christine (Season 16) rule because she tried giving bones to the other team. 03:13 AM BBT Jason points out that Christine got the worst Boooooos from the audience because of how she treated Donny last season. Steve says she got worse booooos than even Aaryn (Season 15) did. Jason agrees. Talk turns to what kind of HOH comps may be coming up. 03:19 AM Continued HOH/comp chat in the BY. Jason points out that the first group will have lost 3 people when Audrey goes home while the second group will only have lost Jeff. Steve wonders how the groups are determined. FoTH. 03:22 AM BBT Jason is excited to see Meg's DRs. He also thinks Clay is way funnier than he is in the house. He thinks Clay and Meg are the funniest DRs. 03:28 AM BBT Chat in the BY has turned to taxes. Jason and James agree that you have to owe a lot of tax money before they'll come and take you to jail for tax evasion. 03:31 AM BBT Talk turns to cocaine and how it makes you clean. James says "Not that I know from experience…." 03:36 AM BBT Everyone heads inside and begins to do nightly ADLs while talking about strippers. Steve comes in a few moments later carrying towels and the guys give Becky grief saying Steve is a replacement for her. She thanks him for sealing her fate next week. Steve says "Next week, how about tomorrow?!" and everyone goes “Ooooooh....." 03:43 AM BBT Becky is headed to bed. She waits for Jackie to finish her nightly ADLs. 03:45 AM BBT Talk about sky diving and parachutes while Jason finishes shaving. They all head to bed and tell Steve goodnight. He is eating a bowl of something and heads out to the BY to watch the dryer. 03:47 AM BBT We'll use this lull to remind everyone that at approx 12am BBT this morning we lost the feeds for approx 15-20 minutes and the time stamps/feeds have been behind by about 23 minutes. It would make sense that the time stamps would stay accurate and BB is just playing the feeds with a slight delay as to show everything in it's entirety. In years past when something like this has happened they fast forward the feeds to the proper time once everyone is asleep or they are waking everyone up and the feeds are off. Once again, there is no certainty, until we hear/see something official it's all speculation. (Niteslacker) 03:54 AM BBT Steve is now walking around the BY trying to get the cameras to track him. BB is doing a fairly good job at using different angles to keep track of him without actually moving cameras. Given what the HGs know about camera angles Steve is quite concerned that the cameras aren't following him (and are instead watching a conversation elsewhere). He wanders in and checks the house before heading back out to the BY. Now he's trying to track down which cameras are facing where. "That's really disconcerting…." 03:57 AM BBT Steve doesn't think James trusts him. Steve absolutely would lie to James' face and in fact has. Steve is still alarmed that the cameras aren't following him. He's back to watching the washer/dryer.
  17. 12:00 AM BBT Vanessa, Clay and Shelli up in the HOH chatting. Vanessa says at the end of the day Jeff made the mistake and he’s going home because of it. Vanessa admits she wasn’t really friends with him so it’s not hard on her. Clay agrees. Meanwhile down in the Cabana room Jackie and Jeff chat. Jeff doesn’t know if Shelli trusts him enough to change her mind. FoTH. 12:04 AM BBT Feeds back and Audrey has joined Shelli and Clay. Audrey feels “they” got in her head. Vanessa wants to know who. Audrey says she can’t talk about it (referring to production). Vanessa tells her to be vague. Audrey can’t. FoTH. Feeds back Audrey says about a plan to get “me” out next week. Intermittent FoTH. 12:07 AM Vanessa tells Audrey that maybe she just feels too comfortable and that’s why she’s feeling paranoid but she just needs to chill out. Vanessa needs to touch base with Steve to see where he’s at. 12:11 AM BBT Clay heads down to get something to eat and Audrey says her fairy session (DR) really brought her back down to Earth. Audrey is planning on saying something to Becky about calling Becky out for trying to backdoor her. Shelli doesn’t like it because she was HOH with her and it will look like it came from her. Audrey says Jeff told her with Clay in the SR. Shelli says it will be throwing her under the bus. Audrey says she’ll instead say that she knows there was a plan to backdoor her and it fell through. Vanessa comes in and warns them that James and Steve playing chess can probably hear their conversation. 12:14 AM BBT Down in the CR Jeff is campaigning to Becky trying to run votes to see if he’ll survive this week. Audrey whispers briefly before her voice returns to the same volume saying that she’ll tell Becky that she’ll backdoor her if she (Audrey) wins HOH because she would have done the same to her if she won HOH last week and it was heard by a room full of people “Well you all know who I want out…” Shelli advises her to say it that way if she must say anything. 12:17 AM BBT Audrey is now planning a conversation to have with Steve about him never giving up any information and she’ll give him amnesty if he throws the HOH this week. Shelli can only hear parts of what Audrey is saying. Vanessa suggests she come sit on the couch. Down in the CR Jeff finishes his talk with Becky (running votes and such) saying he needs to pack. He walks out into the OR and tells Meg he’s going to pack. She says she’ll sit with him in the HNR while he packs. 12:19 AM BBT Shelli and Audrey head into the HOH BR to continue their conversation so Steve and James won’t hear them. Audrey says she won’t do anything to throw Shelli under the bus. Audrey wants to make sure Shelli and Clay understand that she defended the two of them when their back was against the wall. Shelli wishes she’d stop saying that because Shelli doesn’t keep going to Audrey to remind her that she could have put her up the week before but she didn’t. Audrey says she’s insecure. Shelli wishes she wouldn’t be and her insecurity is making her nervous. 12:21 AM BBT Meg and Jeff are in the HNR whispering. Jeff is rehashing the conversation he had with Audrey earlier. Up in the HOH BR Audrey runs her Becky conversation by Vanessa. Vanessa says it’s risky because Becky doesn’t have numbers to backdoor Audrey. Anyone sitting next to Audrey would go home. Shelli agrees. Vanessa says making that deal with her would take a potential target away from her (Audrey) if she were to win HOH. 12:23 AM BBT Jeff begins packing in the HNR. BB calls out Liz (elsewhere in the house) for talking about her DRs. Meg wonders why everyone is talking about that tonight. Jeff needs to talk to Liz but he needs Austin to leave her side for one minute. Austin better hope Jeff goes home this week. Other people will hate him next week because Audrey won’t go home, he’ll go after other people that he’s mad at right now. 12:26 AM BBT Up in the HOH Shelli wonders who Jackie would target if she won HOH. Shelli wants to have a discussion with Jackie to make sure she know she’s not a target just because they went after Jeff this week and that they had their reasons for going after him. Vanessa says she made a deal with her (Jackie) for not putting her up on the block this week because she put Johnny on the block who’s been on the block three weeks in a row. Vanessa just cautions Audrey not to have a lot of unnecessary conversations. 12:29 AM BBT Vanessa is going to lay down and Shelli is going to take a shower in the HOH BR. Vanessa turns off the HOH lights so hopefully the cameras won’t creep on Shelli in the shower. Audrey leaves the HOH and asks if Clay is cooking fish. FoTH. 12:31 AM BBT Feeds back and Vanessa needs to talk to James (who is walking in the door). Shelli tells her to let her know when the room is empty because she won’t take a shower as long as people are in there. Vanessa tells her that she was just told she’ll be called to DR in like ten minutes. Vanessa wants to make a deal with James. Vanessa says Jeff is campaigning like crazy and she’s discussed with everyone to make sure that they’re going to vote to evict him (Jeff). Vanessa says tonight was really hairy and even people that were 200% going to vote him out were like 50/50. But Vanessa used facts and she thinks she has things under control again. 12:33 AM BBT Vanessa will keep James off the block if she’s HOH the following week if he’ll keep her off the block if he’s HOH next week. James says he already was going to offer that deal to her. Vanessa is glad to hear that and she knows James included her in a deal with Austin next week but she just wants to make sure. James agrees. 12:35 AM BBT Down in the HNR Meg and Jeff continue to chat. Jeff is grumbling about the way things went down for him. Jeff wishes people would vote individually and not as a house. 12:37 AM BBT James says Jeff tried to pump him for information earlier and it would be reported back to others and then Jeff would turn around and try to do it again later on. Vanessa says Jeff is doing what he has to do to try and get the vote. He’s pulling heartstrings and everything. Vanessa questions James if he talked to Steve. James talked to him and Steve said he’s 100% going to vote to keep James. Vanessa is glad to hear that. Down in the HNR Meg and Jeff continue to chat. Jeff feels like he has very good relationships in the house but what happened with Vanessa was very strategic and he’s not sure how it happened but it was genius. He says the whole thing seems staged. Jeff points at the wall and says “that person staged it” (Audrey?) and he knows it’s cliche’d but tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum didn’t come up with that plan. 12:41 AM BBT Jeff tells Meg that James and he has her back. Up in the HOH James and Vanessa continue to chat. Vanessa expects the vote to be 8-3 or maybe 7-4 if there’s an America’s vote. Vanessa recommends James make rounds in the morning and ask for the vote. Even Johnny, but don’t waste the time on Jackie. He’ll never get her vote. She agrees. 12:43 AM BBT Jeff wishes he knew why Austin was trying to get him out of here but he knows the house will blow up if he tries so he won’t. Meg doesn’t know how to decide who to vote for. 12:45 AM BBT Vanessa reassures James that Austin won’t vote to keep Jeff because Jeff drug his name through the dirt. James understands. Down in the HNR Meg and Jeff continue to chat. Meg just doesn’t know. Jeff tells her to think what’s best for his game. Meg agrees. 12:47 AM BBT Vanessa says Jeff campaigning is showing people that he wants to stay and people may question whether or not James wants to. James needs to tell people that he’s there to play and to tell them about his daughter. Down in the HNR Jackie walks in and does something in her bag before telling them goodnight and leaving the room. 12:50 AM BBT Vanessa continues to chat with James in the HOH explaining why she put Jeff on the block. Down in the HNR Jeff says he’s not throwing James “under the dirt” and he can absolutely help her as well. Meg understands. Meg points out that he (Jeff) has his own loyalties as well. Jeff doesn’t really think he does. He says people don’t mess with him because of Jackie. Jeff wishes he wasn’t up against James because then he could slander them, instead he just needs to talk about himself. Meg says Jeff shouldn’t waste his time campaigning to her. Jeff understands. 12:53 AM BBT Up in the HOH James told Jackie to vote to keep Jeff because of their relationship obviously. He also spoke with Johnny and Johnny told him he was going to vote to keep Jeff because Jeff hasn’t done him wrong yet. James understands. James talked to Becky and Becky will vote to evict Jeff because James kept his word when James was on the block. Steve also will vote to evict Jeff. Vanessa tells him he needs to work on Meg and Jason because they’re very close to him. 12:55 AM BBT Jeff crawls in bed with Johnny. Becky, Jackie, Liz, Austin, Johnny and Jeff are chatting in the CR. Up in the HOH James says he’s talked to Liz and Liz says he (James) has her vote to stay. Vanessa tells him to talk to Audrey. James says he has already talked to Audrey. FotH. 12:59 AM BBT Vanessa and James continue to chat in the HOH about Jeff being a great campaigner. Down in the WA Meg and Steve chat. Steve says it’s a hard decision. Meg agrees. Jackie walks through to use the WC. Both agree that it sucks to have to decide. Steve says he has to tell himself that it’s just a game. 01:01 AM BBT Steve says asks Jackie how she’s doing while she washes her hands. Feeds switch to Clay chatting with Meg in the KT. Meg says it’s just wrong that people are telling him one thing while planning another. Up in the HOH Vanessa and James continue to chat going over why Jeff was a good target this week because of his lies, etc… 01:05 AM BBT Meg heads into bed in the darkened OR room. Audrey can be seen in bed already. Over in the CR we have car talk. Feeds quickly switch to Clay cooking in the KT with Jackie sitting at the counter and Becky hanging around as well. She tries a piece of Clay’s fish. She says it’s good but stinks. Vanessa and James’ conversation ends. They hug it out. James thanks Vanessa for all she’s done for him today, he knows it was also for her game but he appreciates it. HOH feeds switch back to the CR and the car chat continues. 01:07 AM BBT James comes down from the HOH and says he and Clay can go hang out in the sketch-sketch (Cabana) room. James just wants to talk Clay once more before tomorrow. James begins to campaign for himself in a positive manner (not attacking Jeff’s game). Meanwhile over in the CR the car talk continues. 1:11 AM BBT Clay says he’s worried about people that mention splitting he and Shelli up and he doesn’t know who said it but he heard James did. Clay says it’s hard to jump feet first into a “thing” especially after hearing that. James understands and can swear word to mouth that that conversation was presented to him when he did hear that. Over in the CR Jeff tells the room he’ll see them tomorrow. Johnny turns the lights out. 01:14 AM BBT James and Clay continue to talk. James and Clay agree that they felt that they had a connection especially after that first night. Clay says things still haven’t changed between them except for his plus one which is only a benefit for James other than maybe a target because of the duo. 01:16 AM BBT Jeff and Steve chat in the HNR. Steve misses his family. Jeff says sometimes it’s great to just get away. Steve says if he’s fortunate to make jury then he’s a quarter of the way through. 01:19 AM BBT Jeff and Steve chat about Johnny. Jeff and Johnny have been close on the down-low. Steve likes Johnny and Johnny likes Steve. Steve likes Jackie and then Becky. Over in the Cabana room talk has turned to James pulling away from Jeff because “it felt weird”. 01:22 AM BBT Jeff reassures Steve that he’s not anyone’s target. Jeff points out that when he is to get targeted he needs more people to help get his back. Jeff threw him a bone to Jackie and Johnny and he could help get his back if he sticks around. Over in the Cabana, the conversation continues. James says there will be no tricks from James and James will come to him and let him know if he hears anything about the two of them being targeted. Clay thanks him. James says he (James) can’t win HOH this week and he’ll have to throw the comp because he doesn’ t want to get blood on his hands. 01:25 AM BBT Austin and Liz are whispering in the darkened CR room. They can’t believe something. Austin says they have to win tomorrow. Liz agrees. Austin says this place is crazy. They wonder where Steve is. 01:26 AM BBT James and Jackie in the Cabana room chatting. Jackie says she will be loyal to James once Jeff is gone and she hopes he understands. James absolutely does. James tells her to be there for Jeff. Back in the CR room Liz likes the lighting in the HNR room. Talk turns to her past when she was younger and whether she would be scared of monsters under bed and such. 01:29 AM BBT James will have Jackie’s back. Jackie is glad to hear it. James says even if her vote were to be the deciding vote to him staying or going home James would understand if she evicted him (James). Jackie understands. James wonders what Jeff is up to right now. Jackie says he’s just wandering around aimlessly. She thinks he knows what’s about to happen (with the vote). James says it’s going to be a rough day. Jackie says she put her whole game on hold just to be there with him. They both agree that it’s a game and has to happen to everyone. 01:32 AM BBT James and Jackie continue to chat in the Cabana room. James says Vanessa is a straight shooter and she told him that she was going to backdoor Audrey and then the whole Jeff thing happened. Both agreed that it was weird that it happened that way. Jackie says you can’t fight it or force it and things will just happen like they happen. Liz and Austin continue to whisper in the darkened HOH room. Austin will tell her something with the music is on, something that someone told him. 01:36 AM BBT Jeff gets into bed with Audrey and says that someone hates him. Audrey is sitting up. He tells her that he’s never had so many rumors brought up about him in his life. Jeff just doesn’t know any more. Audrey appears to be looking for something. She puts her glasses on. Jeff says every time he turns around someone was telling him something new about him. Audrey questions what. Jeff says he tried to talk to Steve but Steve wouldn’t talk to him. He claimed he was missing his family but Jeff knows it’s something more. Audrey says Steve doesn’t like talking game in rooms with people alone. Jason comes in and hits his hand on the chair and yells a vulgarity. 01:39 AM BBT Audrey continues to sit up in bed. Jeff is laying down saying the game is crazy. Jeff says whoever wants him gone wants him gone bad. Audrey wonders who it is. Jeff says when he says it’s one person he means multiple people. Jeff needs to figure it out. Jeff gets back up. Audrey starts to follow behind and stops beside Jason and starts to whisper about how Steve and Jeff going in and out of the HNR was coordinated. Meanwhile in the Cabana James and Jackie continue to chat about the vote and having each others backs moving forward. 01:42 AM BBT Audrey says Jeff is trying hard while James isn’t doing anything. Jason thinks it’s better for James that way. Jason and Audrey agree that Steve and Jeff did not talk about Steve’s family for 10 minutes because Steve never talks about his family. BB calls Jason out to put on his mic and Meg grumbles. Meg says Steve was told that Jeff is gunning after him next week. Meg says she told him he should becareful as to who he is listening to. Meg told him to think logically after the week he had and Steve would not be his target next week. Meg says this conversation happened just before she laid down. 01:46 AM BBT Jason wonders who is talking to Steve. Audrey says Clay, Shelli and Johnny. Over in the Cabana Jeff says to Jackie he had to put a fire out with Steve because Steve asked him his target list is Steve, Audrey and Becky. Jeff says no. Jackie wonders who told him that. Jeff had no clue. Jeff then says the order was Audrey, him and Becky. Audrey saw him with Meg just a bit ago. Jackie points out that he played chess with James earlier. 01:47 AM BBT Over in the darkened OR room Meg, Audrey and Jason continue to whisper about how horrible it feels with the things that are being said. Meg says Steve was never in Jeff’s sights. Back in the Cabana Jeff and Jackie continue to talk. Jeff wonders if Meg and Jason would ever throw him under the bus. Jackie doesn’t know 01:49 AM BBT Steve passes through the OR and Audrey walks out of the room. Jason joins Meg in Clay’s bed (she was sleeping there because Jason was sprawled out). Meg says “they’re being shady”. Jason agrees. Out in the KT Audrey and Clay whisper. Audrey tells him about the conversation Meg, Audrey and Jason just had about Steve hearing about Jeff targeting him. Audrey thinks Meg and Jeff were talking earlier and she thinks they’re going to pin the lie on their side. Clay tells her not to get involved and just to go to bed. 01:51 AM BBT Jason and Meg continue to chat in the darkened OR room. Jason says Jeff is definitely ruffling feathers on his way out. Shelli and James walks through and Jason and Meg wonder what’s up with that. Meg has it figured out. Clay does the talking while Shelli comes up with the plans. 01:54 AM BBT Audrey comes back in wondering if Shelli went to bed. They say no and say she went with James into the CR, they wonder what that means. Audrey doesn’t think James started that rumor. They agree. Audrey points out that Steve went into the HNR 10-15 before Jeff and then they were in there a long time which is a calculated meeting. Meanwhile out in the KT Clay and Becky chat. Becky clarifies the vote is still to evict Jeff. Clay says yes. Becky says Jeff came in and told her that he thought he swayed Clay and Shelli to keep him. Becky says Jeff will count her as his vote but she’s just telling him that. Clay wonders if Becky spoke with Vanessa. Becky did. 01:56 AM BBT Audrey, Meg and Jason continue to chat in the darkened OR. Jason says Jeff is very much campaigning. Jason says Jackie told him repeatedly to be nice to Steve because they’ll never know when they need him. They wonder if that’s weird. 01:58 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie in the Cabana chatting and Jeff is called to DR. James and Shelli in the HNR. Shelli says they asked him point blank if he ever tried to target them and he said no. 02:00 AM BBT Shelli and James continue to chat in the HNR. Shelli wonders if James ever threw their names out there. James says no. James says Jeff has though several times when he was present. Clay has joined Meg, Audrey and Jason in the darkened OR. Meg and Jason give up Clay’s stolen bed and shoo him out of their bed. Clay stays in their bed and they lay down beside him. Meg says Clay’s bed is so comfortable. 02:03 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH. Shelli and James continue to talk in the HNR about James having their backs. Clay gets out of Meg and Jason’s bed and head back to his bed. Meg says Clay smells good. Audrey tells her not to feed his ego. Clay and Audrey begin to swing pillows back and forth at each other. FoTH. 02:06 AM BBT Clay gets up to get some water. Meg and Jason roll over to get some sleep. Audrey walks into HNR. Shelli tells James he’s good. Audrey has some things to ask Shelli that has nothing to do with James. James says he’s out and hugs Shelli. Audrey rehashes Jeff and Steve being alone together earlier and what Jeff said to her. 02:09 AM BBT James and Austin chatting in the KT. James says Austin should be a spokesperson for GNC. Austin agrees and says it’d save him so much. Austin says the only alliance he can count on his his protein. Austin is going to bed and asks James if they’re good. James says they are. James heads into the darkened OR room asking when they’re playing dare again, he needs another kiss. 02:10 AM BBT BB calls out Audrey for obstructing her mic. Shelli and Audrey leave the HNR. Shelli jumps on Clay…Audrey jumps on the two of them. James joins in. Lots of screaming and yelling (playful). James gets off and turns on the lights in the CR and gets yelled at for blinding them all. Someone says he came in just to fart that’s why they are yelling next door. FoTH. 02:13 AM BBT Lights are on in the OR now. Meg called to DR. She blames them all. Shelli and Steve in the WA doing nightly ADLs. Back in the OR we have pillows flying back and forth between Audrey and Clay and James joining in. 02:15 AM BBT Steve hums some music for Shelli’s musical. Shelli says he has a good voice. Jeff is in the shower. Shelli walks into the OR with Steve and tells the group that Steve wrote some of the music in his head. Shelli has him sing it. Everyone is impressed. The CR busts up laughing because they hear him singing. 02:19 AM BBT Becky comes out of the CR. General laughter and playfullness between the two rooms. Jackie gets up as well. Lights stay on in the OR while, the lights stay off in the CR. BB calls Jackie out to put on her mic. James and Jackie play fight. James runs in after her and Steve sits in front of the door in an effort to trap them inside. James and Jackie both ask each other repeatedly if they’re ok. Jeff still in the shower. 02:21 AM BBT Shelli apparently sung her musical song in the DR. Someone hopes they play it as a wake up song. Clay, Audrey, Jason, Becky, James, Jackie and Steve are in the OR with the lights on. Steve wonders why there are condoms next to Clay’s bed. Meanwhile in the WA Jeff is out of the shower. 02:24 AM BBT Steve comments that he imagines wearing a condom would be uncomfortable. Shelli runs in and jumps on Audrey’s bed. James throws another pillow. Pillows once again begin to fly. Jeff walks into the OR. Jeff called out to better place his mic. 02:28 AM BBT General pillow fights and playful fights continue in the OR. Liz and Austin can be seen in the darkened CR feeling rather annoyed. Meg comes out of the DR and hints at putting on performance for them. James tackles Steve onto Meg and Jason’s bed almost knocking Meg over. She chases Steve out of her bed and wonders what’s wrong with people.
  18. 12:00-12:22 AM BBT Idle chit chat around the house continues. No game chat whatsoever. Topics have included the weirdness of the house today, pets and cookies. 12:23 AM BBT Jeff out of the DR. He’s bored and can’t sleep. 12:25 AM BBT Jeff is still bored. Jeff questions something about the HOH to Liz just outside the OR. Liz says “Yeah…everyone is asking about James, every HOH is different”. Jeff says a lot of people are scared right now because people they think have their backs may not. Jeff finds it odd that Clay and Shelli are up there right now and he knows James in. Jeff wanders off. Jeff needs to take a shower, he smells like BO. 12:30 AM BBT Up in the HOH James, Clay, Vanessa, Shelli and Audrey are chatting about one night stands. Out in the BY Austin, Jackie, Jason and Jeff are talking about movies. 12:39 AM BBT Becky leaves the HOH. Shelli says Day 26 was the best day. Out in the BB they’re talking about Oregon Trail the computer game. 12:40 AM BBT In the SR Becky tells James she really appreciates the fact that he didn’t put her up his week of HOH and she didn’t put him up her week. Becky appreciates the fact that he can keep his emotions in check and she hopes he’ll keep it quiet. He says absolutely. She hopes that if she’s ever in his position that he’ll remember this. He agrees and thanks her. James runs out into the OR room and ransacks it, throwing pillows and blankets everywhere before running up to the HOH to use the bathroom. 12:43 AM BBT Clay walks into the OR and just pauses to look at the room, with a knowing smile on his face. Clay walks back out and asks if James just did that. Becky wonders what, she saw him scurrying away from the room. Clay saw him too. He looks up at one of the spy screen cams and and the HOHers laugh because they see him, they think he’s posing. 12:44 AM BBT James says “Someone tell him this isn’t Abercrombie and Fitch this is BB!” Clay says he’s looking at one of the cams because he knows they’re watching him on the spy screen and he knows James will see him. He starts calling for James. Becky heads up-stairs while Clay heads back to the rooms. Becky says Shelli “We have some unfortunate news…we need you come down to the Purple Room (OR/Ocean Room). Audrey says it’s because bedmates are going to be switched. Shelli leaves and James says he’s in trouble, and Vanessa wonders why “I’m in so much doodoo right now, you know how ya’ll cleaned up the room…” and Audrey says “No!” 12:45 AM Shelli walks into the OR room with a look of amusement but irritation on her face. Clay is laying on the bed saying “I caught him scurrying away….” She says “Audrey…is this real life?!” Shelli looks for something to do to him. Clay suggests putting mayonnaise in his crocks. James gets nervous and heads down with Vanessa and acts shocked. They do. Meg walks in tired and says “Ah!” James scurries off across the house again. 12:49 AM BBT James says he found someone messing the room up and they ran away. He’s going to be the bigger man to help clean the room. James cleans while Audrey, Meg and Shelli sing “Is this real?” *Flashback Alert* 12:41-12:50 AM BBT (Quad Cams) The whole James vs the bedroom thing is quite amusing really. Even Jeff walks in wondering what happened. 12:50 AM BBT Out in the BY Jason points out that if James doesn’t find the mayo in his shoe then it will stink. Steve tells James what the girls did (putting mayo in his crocs) and Meg says that makes her mad for telling him. 12:53 AM BBT The girls dance around Steve in the KT singing “We can’t believe it…you know you did it…you’re going on the block!” A few men’s voices can be heard chiming in with them. They know about his mayonnaise alliance (jokingly). 12:54 AM BBT Out in the BY Jackie and Jason think Shelli lost her mind. They point out that the showmance between Clay and Shelli is no different than the twins because they will be close. Up in the HOH Vanessa and Steve chat. Steve says James told him earlier he can chat at any time. Steve doesn’t want to stay long and chat to not seem suspicious. He asks for any new info. Vanessa says the Austin and Liz showmance is heating up. Steve is shocked. Vanessa says they’re becoming very obvious. She wonders how he feels. He says it’s great because the rest of them can hide behind those two. 11:57 AM BBT Jeff joins the BY group and Jackie says she wants Audrey out just because she has the potential to ruin her game. Jeff agrees. Jeff says she’s done great damage control. Meanwhile up in the HOH Vanessa and Steve continue to chat and she asks him if he farted and he remains quiet. She points out it wasn’t her and that he’s a very gassy fellow. 12:58 AM BBT BY feeds switch to Liz, Austin and Clay doing nightly ADLs. Up in the HOH Vanessa points out that when Julia comes into the game she’ll play rationale. Steve points out that he said Austin was like that with Jace. Vanessa wonders if that makes him co-dependent? Steve says clearly he’s not playing the game with his mind. Vanessa agrees and says that’s something to keep in mind. 01:00 AM BBT Vanessa wonders if the twin thing is out. Steve says it is and that’s not proven but the house knows. Steve really wants to go so it’s not suspicious. Down in the KT Meg, Shelli and James are chatting about the memory wall photos. In the WA Liz is brushing her teeth. 01:02 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie are out in the hammock. Jeff says he’s good at reading people and if he goes then she has to watch herself because people are very fake in the house. Jeff says he’s getting a bad vibe from Clay and Shelli. Jeff says he should have went with his gut feeling. BB calls Jackie out for obstructing her mic. Jeff isn’t sure how the votes are going to go. Jeff doesn’t even want to participate in the fakeness going on right now. Jackie points out the whole thing is fake. 01:05 AM BBT Jackie says she takes time to herself. Jeff says even Austin has started showing some true colors today. Jeff says he wants to help expose people for their fakeness. He says people are starting to show their true colors now that they think he’s on his way out the door. Jackie says she learned the first week that the house was so fake. Meanwhile in the house Shelli, Meg, Liz, James, Steve and Audrey continue to sing (acting like they’re in a musical). Steve carries/runs Liz through the LR to the HOH stairs. 01:07 AM BBT Jeff says it’s weird how everyone is turning their backs on him. Jackie feels like there is a wall with them. 1:10 AM BBT Jeff continues to rehash how the weird the day is/was and how weird everyone is acting. Austin and Liz in the SR briefly. Liz appears to be fixing her mic. 1:12 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie continue to chat in the hammock. Now they’re talking about Clay and Shelli and how they’re always having conversations (somewhere) and then Jackie leaves her stuff in there and comes across them and then they include her in the conversation and then when they go to leave they open the door and they almost hit the door with Audrey listening. Jackie isn’t sure what she will do when he goes. Jeff doesn’t want to stay with these fake people. Jackie points out that it’s bad to break up an alliance and he should just ignore it. 01:15 AM BBT Jeff tells Jackie about the three person alliance of Jason, Meg and himself because they were hanging out late at night. Meanwhile in the KT James recites the first stanza of the Gettysburg Address. Those gathered are impressed. James says he had to memorize it because of extra credit because of how poor he did in school. 01:18 AM BBT Austin wanders out into the BY and Jeff and he shout/chat across the yard with pleasantries. Jackie points out that Audrey is peeking her head/gaze out the door. Austin goes in. Meanwhile in the WA Shelli and Jason are chatting about Jeff and how weird/annoying he’s getting. 01:22 AM BBT Meg and James chat in the KT. James wants cookies. Jason heads outside after stopping to chat briefly. Out in the hammock Jeff and Jackie continue to chat about how they can’t trust people. 01:25 AM BBT Jason comes back inside. Out in the hammock Jeff says Jackie, Becky and Johnny Mac will vote to keep him. Jackie questions about Becky. He says yes he has that vibe. Jackie didn’t expect people to turn against him. Jeff didn’t either. Jason back outside. In the kT James and Meg agree that it sucks that the fun is ending. Jackie and Jeff agree that Steve is about to start dominating the game and Jackie wants to be there as a friend with him. Jeff says he has no loyalty to anyone. 01:30 AM BBT Jeff continues to lament over trusting people. 01:34 AM BBT Inside the KT chat is about Steve and his canker sores. Steve says he’s had them his whole life. James tells him to put salt in it to heal it. Steve says he’s had them all his life. Out in the BY Jackie points out that everyone wants to get rid of the strong people. Jackie wants to keep them close and be close to them when they win. Jeff says Austin can’t be trusted and it sucks because he gave him a second chance and he’s regretting it now. 01:37-01:46 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie continue to chat in the hammock about previous conversations and HGs. Steve practiced juggling 2 oranges in the KT (not really juggling, just throwing them back and forth). 01:52 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the KT between Jason, Meg, Steve and James. Jason is rewashing “foul” dishes that weren’t properly cleaned the first time. Out in the hammock talk has turned to the twins and how Austin was the last one to notice there were two different girls. Jeff noticed after sharing a bed with her a few times. (Suuuure he did - Niteslacker) 01:59 AM BBT HG bashing/alliance failure lamenting continues in the BY hammock with Jeff leading the conversation. Idle chit chat continues in the KT. 02:00 AM BBT HG Hammock chat turns to how Vanessa is a terrible HG because she’s slept the game and she says she made friendships in the house but she hasn’t. Jackie says she only friends now because everyone is sucking her d**** because she’s in power. Jeff is ready to go to battle at this point to stay. Random chit chat continues in the KT. 02:06 AM BBT Jackie points out that Shelli and Clay’s days are numbered because they have to be split apart. Jeff starts to try and count votes. 02:11 AM BBT Hammock party is over. Jeff and Jackie are going to head inside. In the KT the talk is about home. 02:13 AM BBT Jeff and James heads out to the BY to play pool. Jeff says he needs to approach James about something because he’s heard rumors are being spread. Jeff says they need to clear the air that anything Austin says is completely f-ing untrue. James says ok. In the WA Meg and Jackie are sitting on the lounger. Clay got up. He needs to use the WC. He sits and chats with the girls. 02:15 AM BBT Jeff rehashing conversations he’s had with Austin today. Jeff says James is the last person he wants to be up against. Jeff says the way people are treating him it’s clear that James is one of the few people he can trust. In the WA Jackie is out of the WC and Jason is starting nightly ADLs. Steve slowly wanders in. Clay into the WC. 02:18 AM BBT Jeff and James continues to chat in the BY. Jeff says his (Jeff’s) name is being thrown under the bus. Jeff says he only has two people that he knows are voting for him this week. James says he was pulled off to the side and told that Jeff was campaigning against him he felt a little hurt. Jeff understands. James says Jeff has the right to campaign. Idle chit continues in the WA by Meg and Jackie about their nails. 02:21 AM BBT Jackie says she hasn’t been up to the HOH and it’s weird. Meg agrees. Jackie says she’s not one to force things and not end up owing something or being fake. Meg agrees. Jackie says that’s what she was telling Jeff outside earlier. Meg asks how he’s doing, she says he looked out of it. Jackie agrees and says he felt weird today and she did too as well. Jackie says he’s getting weird vibes and she is too. Meg says she hates this week. Out in the BY James and Jeff continue to chat. Jeff says he just wanted clear the air and keep things straight. James appreciates that and when he heard there was campaigning he was like “Jeff…no….” 02:24 AM Pool continues in the BY James wants one of them to go out with class on Thursday without any ill feelings. James is glad they had this talk because he would have felt bad on Thursday. Back in the WA Jackie and Meg continue to chat. Jackie says Vanessa will have a lot of relationships to rebuild moving forward. Meg agrees. 02:27 AM BBT Jackie says the sees the way people are moving around and acting and she’s glad she’s seeing this now so she’ll have the information moving forward. Austin up and heads into the WC. Jeff and James continue to chat in the BY while playing pool. Jeff says he’s not going to call anyone out for negative things on Thursday. Instead he’s going to list the things he enjoyed in the house and everyone in the house. James agrees. 02:29 AM BBT Austin washes his hands and heads back to bed. Jason inside from from smoking and says he’s tempted to go to bed just so Steve will stop following him around. Meg, and Jackie laugh saying he doesn’t want to miss anyone talking. 02:32 AM BBT Inside the WA Meg, Jackie and Jason are chatting about wondering what kind of edit Steve will be getting on the show. James wins the pool game. They decide to head in. Steve was watching the game and is going to bed. He goes into the WA and tells them goodnight. Jeff comes in thanking the girls for his new bedmate. Steve walks out looking for his hoodie. The WA sees him wander through and Jason points out that he probably won’t go to bed until they do. Steve gets his jacket and heads inside to bed. 02:35 AM BBT Jeff’s bed mate is going to be Audrey. Jeff wonders why she isn’t going to be in HOH tonight like she has been for the past two weeks. James gets to sleep in HOH with Vanessa tonight. Steve went to the HN room and is laying in a dentist chair. 02:36 AM BBT Talk in the WA is about Austin and the twins. Jason figures they all know about the twins and are going to use it to their advantage. 02:38 AM BBT Steve starts flossing in the dentist chair and flings the used floss onto the nearby stand. Back in the WA Jason is telling a story about a DR request. He says he asked for toenail clippers because he has goblin feet. Everyone laughs. 02:40-02:45 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the WA about grandmas and who signed releases and we get all four feeds put on.… Steve as he chews on the toothpaste cap and plays with the toothpaste tube from the HN chair table/display. He’s mumbling something under neath his breath before dropping the tube on the ground. 02:47-02:50 AM Steve gets up and the camera follows him. He says he’s glad him sitting here is so exciting. He plays hide and seek with the camera by squatting down to the ground quickly, the camera zooms in/out to keep him in frame. He wonders if someone’s job is to use a joystick and to move the camera at night. The camera doesn’t move/react. He plays briefly with the fake teeth before flipping off the lights and heading into the CR for the night. 02:53 AM BBT Steve is back up and heads into the KT to get a pillow. He pauses a moment because he can hear the awake HG’s voices. He turns and heads back into the BR. Jeff’s voice can be heard repeatedly saying “Change your batteries. There are batteries in the storage room. Change your batteries!” Steve heads back into the CR and heads to bed. Cams remain on the sleeping HGs until… 02:58 AM BBT James and Jeff are heading back out to play another game of pool. Jeff wonders if James and Vanessa are getting close. James says no. James says he just has a don’t care attitude, not like Jase did. Jeff understands and says the rest of the house wondered what he and Clay and Shelli was having a meeting with her earlier. James says the only time their name came up was for the sleeping arrangements. 03:33 AM BBT Amazing Race chat continues about the rules they have now (You can’t beg for money, etc…) Jackie says they have security with them so they’re not harassed by police. Several different conversations going on here at once. 03:40 AM BBT BY chat continues. The Amazing Race wins Emmy’s all the time. Talk turns to last season’s BB. 03:45 AM BBT James is going to go to bed. Jeff doesn’t really want to sleep in the bed with Audrey. Jackie wonders why she’s not upstairs with Vanessa. James heads into the KT and checks the fridge. Awkward silence (minus Meg’s giggles) in the BY. Jeff wonders what she’s giggling about. James heads back to the door and heads outside once more. Jeff wants to sleep in the HN room. James is not looking forward to be a HN again. 03:47 AM BBT Talk turns to Jace sleeping on the floor of his last night. Jackie says it’s not allowed. Jason says he said he “fell” out of the chair and slept on the floor. The rest of the HGs say there wasn’t much they could do to him. Meg heads inside. Steve is surprised that the twin twist hasn’t been revealed yet now that they’ve figured it out. Steve feels it’s an 80%-90% chance. Jackie thinks 50% chance. 03:50 AM BBT BB calls out Steve for playing with the medical kit. Meg heads into the darkened BRs. Talk turns to whether or not they want two Liz’s in the house. Jackie says “No!” She didn’t mean it like that, she loves her she just wants people gone. Jason points out he doesn’t think any of the pre-jury players are sequestered. He thinks that if the twins don’t make it to whatever the week was that one of jury HGs will have a chance to come back in. 03:53 AM BBT Jason says the twin(s) know he knows about them and he treats them that way. Jason says they just switched the other day. They have Helga now. Cruella will be here the BoTB. Jason believes they swap out in between comps. He can tell them apart. 04:04 AM BBT Talk in the BY is about who’s turn it is to be a HN coming up (if they get to pick then the people that haven’t done it need to raise their hands). Jackie is ready for bed. Jeff won the pool game. 04:06 AM BBT Jason and James head into the bed. Steve is left behind outside with Jeff and Jackie. Jeff questions if Steve is alright today. Jeff asks if he’s missing his family. Steve says yes. Jeff says he’s had a lot on his mind. Steve understands because getting backdoored is terrible. 04:10 AM BBT Talk in the BY is about Jeff and James. Steve wonders if they made an agreement not to campaign. Jeff says they mutually agreed to let the house vote as they wanted to. Meanwhile Meg and Jason whisper in the OR, the conversation is very hard to hear. Something about discrepancies in Jeff and Austin stories. Jason wonders about who this super secret mystery group is. They know people from both sides. 04:13 AM BBT Meg and Jason continue to whisper in ultra hushed tones in their bed. Johnny Mac is such a listener. Both agree that he’s just there and listening a lot of times. Out in the BY Jeff, Jackie and Steve continue to chat about Jeff and James being on the block together this week. 04:18 AM BBT Meg and Jason continue to whisper. Still difficult to follow. Austin and Vanessa have been talking. Meg is trying to figure out what something means. A bridge to Jason is a bridge to Meg. Jason doesn’t want to be the one vote to evict Jeff. Meg laughs in a hushed tone. Meg agrees and doesn’t want to be on the opposite team by some weird thing. Meanwhile Jeff, Steve and Jackie continue to chat in the BY about things. Jeff isn’t very suspicious of Steve and he expects him to win a few HOHs soon. 04:22 AM BBT Jason and Meg continue to whisper in the darkened OR room. Conversation comes and goes due to mic holding, hushed volume and blankets/clothes. 04:33 AM BBT Jason and Meg continue to whisper. Out in the BY Jeff offers Steve advice of learning to be aware. 04:39 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie offer advice that he shouldn’t be paranoid and he shouldn’t make it look like he’s trying to eavesdrop. Jeff points out that someone might open a door and close it without saying anything and think it was weird. Jackie points out that it’s just their insecurities. Meg and Jason’s whispering has become even more difficult to understand. FoTH. 04:45-05:00 AM BBT Feeds back and Jason is outside smoking. Jeff, Jackie and Steve are still up and they’re talking about the feeders and what they think about them among other things including partying after the show is over and The Amazing Race. 05:00 AM BBT Jeff into the WC. Jackie, Jason and Steve continue to chat in the BY. 05:06 AM BBT Jeff out into the BY. Talk is about things missing from the house. 05:09 AM BBT Jason into bed. Jackie, Jeff and Steve remain up in the BY. 05:16 AM BBT Jackie into the WC. Jeff tells Steve that if he has any questions to let him know. Steve appreciates that. Steve says Jeff isn’t the first person to tell him that his attempt at socializing is weird at times. Jeff tells Steve that he sees he’s close with Johnny Mac and he absolutely should keep up that friendship. Jeff says that he knows Jackie as well and she’s good people. 05:18 AM BBT Steve asks if he was Plan B if Jace didn’t get backdoored. Jeff says he (Jeff) was and he found out that he was real close to it. Steve wonders how he ended up as the pawn then. Jeff says he (Steve) was probably plan C. Steve understands. Rehashing/advice continues 05:37 AM BBT Jeff and Steve head inside. Jeff brushes his teeth. 05:40 AM BBT Jeff heads out to play a solo game of pool. 05:42 AM BBT Shelli into the WC. 05:45 AM BBT Shelli back into darkened BRs. Jeff continues to play pool. 05:48 AM BBT Jeff heads inside and into the darkened BRs. --------
  19. 10:01 PM BBT Jackie comes to Jeff in the WA telling him that James feels like Jeff is campaigning against him and that bothers James because they agreed that they wouldn’t. Jeff says he’s being telling people that when it comes time to vote for who to stay remember who could help you in the game later. That’s all he’s been saying. 10:03 PM BBT Jackie feels Austin is trying to keep James this week and to get Jeff out. Jackie says it almost sounds like he promised James his vote but now he’s saying that Jeff has the votes just to keep Jeff from campaigning. Meanwhile idle stories and goofiness happens in the OR by Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Steve and James. 10:06 PM BBT Austin has been playing a sketchy game. Jeff is getting tired of Austin running his mouth behind his week. Jackie says he was HOH for a day. Jeff says he’s acting like he will but won’t vote. Jackie says everyone will because it’s awkward. Jeff says he’d just rather people not talk then. Jeff says he’s shady. 10:08 PM BBT Jeff leaves the WA and Jackie tells him not to worry about the small things. She follows him to the KT door and says he needs to calm down. He says he can’t help but sweat the small things. Jackie tells him to cool down and not be upset because of what she said. She’s still in the house. He’s still in the house as well. He tells her not to say stupid things to him. He opens the door and heads out. She follows grumbling telling him not to be upset at her. Meanwhile over in the OR idle chit chat continues. 10:17 PM BBT Vanessa is going to make something to eat. Clay stands up from the bed. Steve gets up and tells Vanessa she isn’t going to make herself something to eat (playfully). Idle chit chat continues in the BY. 10:20 PM BBT Shelli and Audrey make their bed in the OR while singing(ish)/chanting. 10:25 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the OR. Jason has joined them saying he’s never seen anyone make a bed in the house. Out in the BY Jeff comments that Johnny Mac is trying to get ripped. 10:28 PM BBT Meg has joined the OR and they are making her and Jason’s bed, meanwhile Shelli and Audrey make the guy’s bed. Out in the BY Johnny checks out Jeff’s teeth. Feeds switch to Clay working out in the BY and James is with him saying he knows Clay would tell him if there was anything to be worried about. 10:31 PM BBT Shelli begins to sing a made up song similar to something you might here in a Disney musical and the feeds switch off her to the couch in the BY. You can hear her in the background. James comments “They’re still going at it?” The workout feeds switch to the KT where Jeff is now pouring himself a cup of coffee. 10:33 PM BBT Meg, Jason, Audrey and Shelli continue to sing and act goofy in the CR. James, Steve and Clay observe. Out in the BY Jackie comments on how weird the house feels. Jeff feels that way. Liz agrees. Jeff says if anyone should act weird it should be he and James. 10:37 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY. James and Clay rummage in the SR looking for something to eat. 10:30 PM BBT Johnny Mac is laying face down on the couches in the LR lost in thought. Jason heads out into the BY. 10:43 PM BBT Idle chit chat has continued. Popcorn has been made and is being shared with the BY crew. Steve, James, Meg and Clay has joined them. Meanwhile in the OR Shelli and Audrey continue to clean up. 10:49 PM BBT James and Steve have rejoined Shelli and Audrey in the OR. Shelli says everyone needs to find a spot to put their bags especially in this room because it’s shown the most. Idle chit chat continues in the BY. 10:50-10:58 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the house. 10:59 PM BBT Shelli can be heard singing inside once more. Jason and Jeff say she’s lost it or ate something today. It’s commented that Shelli felt like she was too subdued. Jeff says “good for her! I wish I could have!” (jokingly). Idle chit chat in the KT 11:04 PM BBT Feeds switch briefly to James sitting in Meg/Jason’s bed talking to Steve. Steve thanks James (unsure what he said because the feeds switched late) for what he said. James says he really does mean that. Out in the BY the topic of discussion is whether or not Steve sent in a video. FoTH. 11:06 PM-11:13 PM BBT Idle chit chat/roaming/eating continues around the house. 11:14 PM BBT In the WA Jeff tell’s Clay that he doesn’t understand why he (the one person that isn’t named) is running around saying stuff about him. Jeff keeps biting his tongue, he has too. Jeff leaves the WA. 11:15 PM BBT Clay and Shelli doing ADLs and Clay wonders why they’re the middle men. Austin told Clay that Jeff told him that Clay told him about the six person alliance. Shelli wonders which six person alliance. BB calls out Shelli to put on her microphone. Clay wonders if he can sleep in the same bed with her tonight if it’s ok with James. Idle chit chat out in the BY. 11:20 PM BBT Clay and Shelli up to the check board. Jeff shouts up wondering if Clay knows how to play connect four using the chess board. Shelli asks Clay what “he” said was missing within the house. Idle BY chat continues between Jason, Austin, Jackie and Steve (sitting quietly). 11:21-11:36 PM BBT Idle chit chat/roaming continues. 11:37 PM BBT Liz cleans up the Cabana room before heading into the WA. Feeds switch to the OR. Jeff is ready to get in bed. Over in the WA Meg, and Liz do nightly ADLs. 11:44 PM BBT Jeff can’t sleep and heads out to the BY. Idle chit chat in the KT. Jeff chats with Steve for a moment before heading back inside. Jackie tries to clarify their earlier conversation and Jeff says it’s good. She said he ran off though. Jason comes outside and starts talking which makes their hushed conversation difficult to hear because all four feeds are including his voice over theirs. Jeff says Austin is annoying him. BB calls Jeff and everyone looks at Jeff for his mic and they laugh. BB calls Jeff to the DR. Becky is running in the BY. Jackie and Jason chat out in the BY. 11:50 PM BBT Feeds switch to Vanessa, Johnny and James chatting in the HOH. They need to change the subject to something not sad. “Look Cheesits!” Idle chit chat commences. Down in the BY Steve Joins Becky on her run. 11:51-11:59 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues with cameras wandering aimlessly around the house. We have HGs casually moving to/from the HOH, KT and BY.
  20. 12:00 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz practice conversations with Jeff. They role-play him asking her if she is asked about being a twin. Liz has a deer-in-the-headlights look. Vanessa says when her sister was asked she laughed and said "Oh my God is that why everyone has been staring at me?!" Liz says that's great! She's a way better actor. Vanessa is glad they're practicing this. They go over it a few times. Vanessa recommends saying that "...someone made 5 g's (grand) off that rumor…” 12:05 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to cuddle in the hammock, whispering. Clays says they'll do things exact opposite she did the first wedding. Clay says if her dress was white it will be black this time around. Shelli giggles saying her mom agrees. Up in the HOH Vanessa and Liz continue to chat. 12:08 AM BBT Technical difficulties. Feeds back and Audrey is standing near the hammock chatting with Shelli and Clay. Audrey says she wants to clear things up. Clay says she needs to drop it and that's what stirs things up. Audrey has a seat and Clay is telling her that Jason and Jeff were fighting earlier. Up in the HOH Vanessa and Liz continue to chat. Liz likes Audrey and feels bad because she's being bullied. 12:10 AM BBT Audrey says it was Jace's downfall and Da'vonne's downfall and now it will be Jeff's downfall. They all tried to exploit her (Audrey) before they left and they don't get realize that game isn't working. Audrey wants them to talk to Vanessa tonight to clear up what she said to Jeff. Audrey is really stressed out. Clay and Shelli again stress to her to let it go. Audrey says when the house is against her three weeks in a row it's pretty stressful. Audrey says ok and heads in to make an omelette. They laugh softly and wonder what they were talking about. Clay mouths "our future wedding" to the (wrong) camera. 12:15 AM BBT It's time to party in the BY. Bring something to make noise and head to the BY. Everyone starts finding things to make noise with and head into the BY. 12:20 AM BBT Party is over. Jeff chases Shelli to the hammock and comments on Audrey coming over earlier. Shelli says she was asking how to make an omelette. Jeff is glad to hear, he was afraid she was trying to stir more stuff up. Jeff says Johnny said he has his vote. Jeff says being up against James is going to be tough. Meanwhile in the house James is doing dishes. Becky joins him. 12:23 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz back up in the HOH. Liz told Austin about Jeff wanting to talk to her, he thinks it's about the twin thing. Vanessa wonders if maybe she should play the B**** card and not give him any information at all because he's on his way out the door. 12:28 AM BBT Up in the HOH Liz and Vanessa continue to chat about who Liz (Julia) really is. Down near the hammock Shelli, Clay and Jeff continue to chat. Clay says Vanessa doesn't like being attacked or pecked at. Clay says you have to be calm when you talk to her and stay calm. Jeff wonders if he should take Jackie up. Shelli doesn't think that's a great idea. Either does Clay. 12:34 AM BBT Brief FoTH. All four feeds back on Clay, Shelli and Jeff. Jeff says he was part of the group that helped keep Audrey here. Shelli calls him out saying that's not really true because Shelli didn't put Audrey up. Shelli says Jeff absolutely would have voted her out if she would have put her up and Jeff mumbles his agreement. Shelli says that's not a good thing to say because it's not entirely accurate. 12:38 AM BBT Jeff is going to ask Austin to help talk to Vanessa. Jeff heads in. Shelli says (sarcastically) that yeah he really did help keep Audrey in the house last week. Shelli says he's a salesman and he's making great pitches but he keeps failing and this last conversation really back sold her. Jeff heads into the WA to talk to Austin. Jeff sees people in the KT listening and says if they want to join in they can come in. 12:40 AM BBT Austin and Jeff continue to chat in the WA about going to talk to Vanessa and what to say. Out in the hammock Clay and Shelli continue to chat. Clay tells her to get closer. She lays down next to him and he says "Hey there mama... Do you mind if I call you mama?" She says yeah it's cute just don't call me grandmama. 12:46 AM BBT Jeff and Austin's conversation finishes up and Austin heads up to HOH. Just as he opens the door he is called to DR. He steps in and questions whether or not Johnny said he is going to vote for Jeff to stay. Vanessa said she doesn't care who he votes for. Austin says Jeff was going to bring a group up but she would see it as bullying. Vanessa says he's going up 120%. Vanessa tells him to go do his DR. 12:49 AM BBT Out in the BY Becky has joined Clay and Shelli. Becky says she had a chat with Vanessa earlier and told her just to do what she has to do. Don't get her hands dirty over this. Put whoever up and just run with it. Let the house make the decision on whom goes. Meanwhile up in the HOH Liz and Vanessa continue to chat about Vanessa's hair color. 12:56 AM BBT HOH feeds switch to Jackie and Jeff in the Cabana room. Meg joins them. They need to find something Audrey has said about Vanessa. They know there is something...they just have to figure it out. Jeff wants Jackie to go up there. He needs a female mind to help rationalize what's going down. Out in the BY James and Audrey join Becky, Clay and Shelli. Audrey made cheese eggs moreso than an omelette. 12:59 AM BBT Shelli and Audrey leave James and Clay behind at the hammock. James says Jeff and Jackie were in the Cabana room and Meg just went in there and closed the door. James says normally he's a part of those conversations. He can't help but wonder if he's being campaigned against already. Clay says he probably is but he thinks he would get the votes to stay. 01:02 AM BBT In the Cabana room Meg asks what Vanessa's main problem. Meg and Jackie wonder if Vanessa was just looking for a reason to put him up. Jeff says he hasn't done to Vanessa what Audrey has done to Vanessa. Back and forth between the three about going to talk to Vanessa and what to say. Meg says he has to go tonight before the meeting. 01:08 AM BBT Jackie and Meg are mad at Vanessa saying that Jeff will probably go home if this goes down. Meg says she's next after he goes. Out in the hammock James and Clay continue to chat rehashing conversations and how James can look better than Jeff. Vanessa likes honesty especially up front. Whereas Jeff she had to repeatedly ask him before he coughed up the truth. 01:10 AM BBT Jeff is now in the CR talking to Johnny. Jeff needs Johnny to talk to Steve to get Jeff's vote. Johnny says alright. Steve only trusts Johnny. Meanwhile up in the HOH Vanessa, Liz and Austin are chatting. Austin hopes that the group isn't going to try and storm the HOH as a group. Vanessa wants to know if he has any insight. Vanessa says there's 0% chance to NOT get put on the block. Austin says all of those people could end up on the block. 01:16 AM BBT Down in the cabana room Meg and Jackie continue to wonder about who will go home next week if they don't win HOH. Up in the HOH Vanessa, Austin and Liz start to come up with a speech for her to put Jeff on the block when Johnny takes himself off. 01:19 AM BBT Meg and Jackie agree that they have to go after Vanessa this week. They agree. Up in the HOH Austin says they should just go to bed. They keep track of the cabana room door using the spy screen in an effort to see who is in the meeting. Vanessa sends Austin down to check on what the enemy is doing. Austin and Jackie agree that they don't entirely trust Austin. Austin can be seen walking by the door in his pink jacket. 01:23 AM BBT Cabana feeds switch to Austin and Jeff in the BY. Austin says she's set in her ways and there's nothing we can do to make her change her mind. Jeff runs through a speech he wants to give her and wants Austin's input on it. Meanwhile up in the HOH Vanessa and Liz continue to chat, the current topic is Jackie and her lack of personality in the house. Liz hates Jackie apparently (per Julia). 01:28 AM BBT Jackie says she needs to start winning comps. (Now is the time? Is someone regretting throwing last week's HOH comp? - Niteslacker) Feeds run around. Shelli is washing her hair in the sink. Steve is going to bed. Jeff looks towards the HOH stairs and paces back and forth before heading back into the WA. Out in the BY Jason, James, and Becky are chatting about Vanessa. 01:32 AM BBT Meg comes outside saying Jeff saw her peeing in the WC. Jeff wanders upstairs and the girls scramble to turn the lights off and jump into bed. Jeff nudges open the door and apologizes and says he'll talk tomorrow. She says they can talk now. Vanessa asks Liz if she's awake. She says she can leave she'll head down to go pee. 01:35 AM BBT Jeff wants to get some things off his chest so he can sleep. Jeff knows that he's going to go on the block. Jeff says there is someone else in the house that has dragged her name way worse through the mud. Jeff says what he said hasn't jeopardized her game play. Vanessa clarifies the conversation from earlier. Meanwhile Liz has joined Johnny and Steve in the CR. Audrey can't be trusted because she (Audrey) asked who Liz was voting for and Liz said she didn't know but Da'vonne had talked to her and then the next day Audrey said Liz was voting to keep Da'vonne. Audrey is EVERYWHERE! 01:38 AM BBT Jeff and Vanessa continue to chat. Vanessa knows a lot of what Jeff is telling her about what Audrey said. Vanessa says she's sceptical about Audrey but it was long ago and she's said other things that really makes her distrust her but she doesn't distrust her like she distrusts Jeff. Vanessa says she's going to have to live with the consequences of her decisions. Vanessa understands what Jeff is saying he thinks the house thinks but she thinks it's a silly concept. The house mentality is a silly concept. Everyone is individuals. 01:43 AM Jeff wonders how Audrey regained her trust so quickly. Vanessa says he misunderstands her. She doesn't trust Audrey at all but she feels his words were more damaging. Vanessa points out that again she's HOH and this decision is hers and this is what she's choosing. Vanessa points out that all of Jeff's double talk that has been discovered over the past 24 hours and he's pointing out things that Audrey has been doing, which are things he's doing. 01:46 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the CR between Steve, Johnny and Liz. Johnny doesn't do his parents teeth because his mom is an anxious individual. Johnny is wearing his retainer. Liz should have brought hers. Johnny says they could have had a retainer party. "Gronk! Gronk! Gronk! Put your retainer in!" Steve has been inspired, he's going to put his in. 01:49 AM BBT Vanessa says if the house wants to keep him she doesn't care, but she has to put him up because it will allow her to sleep at night. She says she put James on the block for a reason and Jeff is going up as well for reasons. James apologized in the most responsible way possible and handled with grace and sportsmanship and she had such respect for the way he handled it. She doesn't want him to go out. This is not the game for second chances. 01:52 AM BBT Vanessa says one mistake in the game can cost you. She imagines he forgot she was HOH when he threw her name out there and that she needed a replacement nom. She doesn't want this to be the end of his game but it is what it is. Vanessa says it's not going to change anything if other people say they will go after her. She would consider it a bullying tactic and it would work in the opposite way. Jeff understands and says he's a fighter. She gives him best wishes. 01:54 AM BBT Jeff thanks her and wishes her a good night before flipping the light out and heading downstairs. Meanwhile Meg and James are in the OR (Ocean room) wondering how they can keep Jeff off the block. HOH feeds switch to Jeff, Clay, Vanessa and Shelli in the WA. Jeff out of the WA. 01:57 AM BBT Austin heads into the BY and tells Austin, Jason and Jackie that she's set in her ways and wants him or James out. Jeff doesn't want to have to campaign but he kind of has to. Meanwhile over in the CR James and Meg giggle and joke wondering how to make a Dan Gheesling move to keep Jeff off the block. "He should run up there and throw up in her toilet.” 02:03 AM BBT Jeff continues to stress over surviving this week. Jackie says if Jeff stays Vanessa should be worried if he does stay. Austin asks how Dan's Bible thing worked (Dan's funeral Season 14) and Jason explains it. Over in the OR Meg and James continue to giggle and laugh. Becky walks through and says "Where are your hands? Boys are blue and girls are pink, don't make purple!" before heading into the CR. Meg and James say “Eewwwww!" 02:08 AM BBT Jason says some people in the cast were found on Tinder, Shelli was found through her brother, Audrey was supposed to be on another show. Intermittent FoTH. Jackie says "her story is interesting...." Intermittent FoTH continues. 02:11 AM BBT Feeds back and Liz is checking on Vanessa. They're going to bed in the HOH. Lights are off as they do nightly ADLs. Down in the OR James says John will probably kill someone if he has to go on the block again. Meg laughs saying probably so. James hopes she doesn't end up on the block anytime soon again. Up in the HOH it sounds like Liz is taking a shower. The two HOH feeds are on Vanessa. But...Liz walks in, so maybe it's Shelli or Becky in the shower? The voice was female. 02:15 AM BBT Get up everyone it's time to party! Becky is in the shower. Liz and Vanessa ask how they can help her. James starts throwing pillows around in the LR and BB gives him a "James, stop that!" Vanessa is down from the HOH telling everyone Becky was in the shower. Everyone is shouting for Becky to hurry. She can be heard saying she's hurrying. 02:18 AM BBT "It's midnight give someone a kiss." Jason gives Meg a kiss. "Have a good night." Vanessa called to DR. Jason and Jeff head to the BY. James cleans up the LR table. 02:20 AM BBT James and Meg come to the BY and tell Jeff they have a plan. James says Jeff can be up in the HOH and Meg can come up and throw up in his lap and say she's pregnant because of a one night stand she had with him that first week. Meg will take some tums to make herself throw up. Vanessa won't be able put Meg's baby's daddy on the block. The mood turns somber real quick when they wonder who would go up instead. 02:24 AM BBT In the KT Steve asks Clay what his favorite party was thus far. Clay says it was the shower. Steve agrees. Idle chit chat in the BY. 02:26 AM BBT James says if he goes home this week and they don't put up Vanessa or BD her this week he'll fly a banner plane over the house that says "F**** you all!". Jeff points out that Liz started living in the HOH this week when Vanessa got it. Jackie disagrees saying she did just the two nights Austin was up there. Jeff thinks they have a new Liz because she's got a fuller backside. Jackie points out that Liz has been wearing baggy pants. 02:30 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa are heading back to bed. Audrey was sitting in the KT and runs after Clay as we walks out the door. Audrey heads towards the bedroom instead. Shelli and Audrey aren't tired at all. Out in the BY Jeff is now rehashing the conversation he had with Vanessa to Jason, Clay, Meg, and James. Jackie was called to the DR. Talk turns to DR in the darkened OR and those feeds switch to the HOH. Becky is in there somewhere but she doesn't respond. 02:33 AM BBT Austin comes up to the HOH and they turn the lights on so they can chat. Vanessa tells Becky she was so close to being a HN because she took too long. They give you thirty seconds to come when they call your name and she was like forty five seconds. Feeds switch to Steve and Johnny in the CR laughing. Johnny likes Becky but she's into taller guys. Steve thinks Becky is awesome. Steve says he likes the sisters. Johnny says what are you talking about they're just one girl! BB calls out Steve for holding his mic in his hand. 02:38 AM BBT Jeff, Clay, James, Meg and Jason continue to chat in the BY trying to figure out how Audrey is dodging another bullet this week. The further Steve goes in the game the more likely he is to win. Jason says after Audrey goes home he will gladly spend an HOH to target him. Clay points out that Steve knows Shelli and her siblings birthdays. Clay just learned it tonight. Jason knows Shelli's birthday. 02:41 AM BBT Johnny Mac is going to go to sleep. Steve says he's ready as well and asks if he can turn the light off. John called to DR right after Steve flips the light off. Steve laughs. Johnny says "Sounds like fun!" Becky and Jackie join the BY party. CR feeds switch to Liz, Vanessa and Austin in the HOH chatting. Vanessa wonders if Austin feels bad about Jeff. Austin does and he hoped that Jeff wasn't doing the things they thought he was. Clearly he was though and it bothers him. Austin says they have to do it. 02:44 AM BBT Vanessa wonders if this is a big move this week. Austin says it absolutely is. Liz agrees. BB tells Jackie to check her microphone. Jason checks it and says her battery cable is broken. BB tells Jackie to replace her microphone with one in the SR. 02:50 AM BBT In the darkened OR room Audrey is chatting with Shelli about what might or might not be being said about Shelli and Clay's relationship outside the house. Audrey asks if she feels like she's getting a good based upon the...FoTH. Feeds back. Idle chit chat continues. Audrey says it sucks being the smartest person in the house. Shelli says it's a lot of weight to bear. Audrey says it's gotta be hard for Shelli to be the prettiest. Shelli says "not even.” 02:55 AM BBT Up in the HOH talk continues between Liz, Vanessa and Austin, running scenarios about who might win HOH and previous seasons of BB. Down in the OR Shelli and Audrey are having a riveting discussion about foods they miss. Clay walks in with a box of fruit loops and Audrey kicks the box out of his hands. Audrey starts to clean up what fell out of the box because she doesn't want ants. She's amused. Shelli says that was mean. 03:04 AM BBT Audrey and Shelli talk to the camera above their bed about the Gronk parties they've had. Up in the HOH they're checking the spy screen and see Clay eating. They wonder if he's stress eating. Clay is hard to read. 03:09 AM BBT James joins Shelli and Audrey in bed to chat with the camera and then Shelli is called to DR. James gets in the bed across the way from Audrey and they chat. James wonders if Audrey and Meg are close. Audrey feels like they're ok. Audrey rehashes a conversation she had with Jeff earlier. Up in the HOH Austin, Liz and Vanessa continue to chat about various HGs. 03:17 AM BBT Idle chit chat about HGs and previous conversations in both the HOH and darkened OR. James says he's like to hang out with Audrey and folks as well. James says even if it's his time to go on Thurs because he wants to enjoy his days here. 03:20 AM BBT Jeff and Meg walk into the darkened OR room and Audrey and James' conversation cease. Audrey gets up and leaves the room and Jeff says "I hate her so much!" James says he was called to join Shelli in bed when he got out of DR and then she was called to DR leaving him with Audrey. Up in the HOH Austin is going to head down to bed and be the eyes and ears for Vanessa and Liz. 03:26 AM BBT Austin flips the light off in the HOH and the girls comment on the fact that he's such a flirt with the ladies (they spied Jackie walking around on the screen wearing cowboy boots and a hat, knowing that she was trying to tempt Austin). 03:27 AM BBT Clay is in the shower with Audrey sitting on the lounger. Austin walks into the darkened OR room and Meg and James asks if Austin saw Jackie. Right now, James, and Jeff are cuddling Meg in the bed. Talk is currently whether or not it's possible for a woman to have twins from two separate fathers. BB tells the HGs that lights have to be on. Austin grumbles. BB calls him out specifically to turn on the lights. 03:33 AM BBT Clay out of the shower in the WA. Jackie doing nightly ADLs. In the OR we have idle chit chat once more. 03:34 AM BBT Audrey walks up to HOH and cracks open the door. Vanessa tells her that she was sleeping because she's afraid they'll call for an early morning. Audrey is restless. Vanessa asks Audrey if she thinks her fight with Jeff looked bad. Vanessa doesn't think so. Down in the OR everyone is comparing kisses from this evening. Austin gave a kiss to Jason and he has soft lips, he didn't want to be a HN. 03:38 AM BBT Vanessa and Audrey continue to chat in the HOH about the conversations Vanessa had with Jeff earlier. Down in the OR Austin has turned off the light and goes into the CR. Jackie follows behind. Clay returns to the room. James wonders why he didn't get a kiss. Clay tried but James turned his head. Jeff tells Clay he better not snore tonight. Clay says he doesn't. Clay absolutely does. BB calls Audrey and Vanessa out to turn on the lights. They wonder if it was in their room only. The other HGs doesn't react so it's likely it was only in their room. 03:42 AM BBT James and Jeff continue to harass Meg in her bed. Meg is laughing and giggling hysterically. Jason walks in and the guys laugh saying if he would have walked in thirty seconds earlier he would have been creeped out. Jason is creeped out already. Up in the HOH Vanessa and Audrey continue to chat, running scenarios about who might go home in the future or go up against each other. 03:45 AM BBT Jason is going to take a shower. James tells Jason to be careful because they have a tendency to call for Gronk parties when people are in showers. Up in the HOH Audrey flips the lights off and Vanessa rolls over to go to sleep. Vanessa tells Liz that she really thinks Audrey is a psychic because her name Audrey means "I dream" and clearly she picked it for a reason. 03:48 AM BBT Down in the OR the room has erupted into a giggle fest with Shelli trying to do her crazy laugh. BB reminds HGs that the lights are to remain on. They say no. BB gives them a sterner "The bedroom lights must remain on...." Brief FoTH. Feeds back and Jeff says "they should be more specific." Someone comments on that they're being loud. Someone else comments that it's more that they're being too loud with the lights off. Talk turns to cameras. Audrey has rejoined this group. 03:53 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz continue to chat in the HOH talking about Audrey and her dreams and how Vanessa has her psychic abilities. Idle chit chat continues in the OR. BB reminds HGs that lights must remain on. 03:57 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz continue to chat in the darkened HOH. Vanessa feels James is gunning for her after this week. Down in the darkened OR we continue to have fits of giggles. Audrey is in her bed with Shelli and Clay while James, Meg and Jeff are all sharing the same bed. 03:59 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa continue to chat in the darkened HOH. Talk is about how how Liz doesn't want to model because there is no money there. Feeds switch to briefly to Jason doing ADLs in front of the mirror. 04:02 AM BBT The OR has quieted down now while Vanessa and Liz continue to chat randomly in the HOH about previous competitions and the need to win HOH moving forward. Jason comes into the OR and Clay says he can sleep with him. Clay sits up. Jason is going to smoke first. He said he figured everyone was going to sleep because every camera in the house began to follow him. Clay gets in the empty bed in the OR. 04:09 AM BBT Out in the BY Jason runs days and events matching everything up. Up in the HOH Liz and Vanessa continue to chit chat about Liz and Julia. 04:11 AM BBT Liz says that she only had to do four days of slop because of a switch with her sister. She feels bad that they all had to go for seven days. She says it was miserable. 04:13 AM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that as the twin outside the house you can watch movies during down time. That's it. Jason heads inside and crawls into bed with Clay. Up in the HOH Liz and Vanessa continue to chat. Johnny confirmed with her that he threw the HOH and at least he was honest with her. 04:21 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz finally decide to call it a night hoping that they don't get called out for a Gronk party. On that note we have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds...quiet now as well.
  21. 11:04 PM BBT Truth or Dare is just about to begin. Vanessa counts and says "We're all here? Who wants to go first?" Vanessa is rotten at this game. Meg says Truth or Dare. Clay says dare. Meg dares him to put on her sparkle shorts. Everyone cheers. 11:08 PM BBT It takes her a couple of minutes to find them. Clay tried to put them only to discover his testicles would hang out. They tell him to put them on over his boxers. BB says "Clay..." "Please put on your microphone!" The HGs laugh saying "Please put on your pants!" The HGs wish they had alcohol. Steve checked and they weren't there. Clay took off the shorts while he was retrieving his mic. 11:11 PM BBT Clay says James Truth or Dare. James says Truth and everyone groans. James says fine Dare. Clay dares James to eat a banana in one bite. James says he can't do that. James says he can't and wonders why Clay would want to see that. James slowly pushes the banana in, chewing it a bit and everyone cheers when it goes in his mouth. James runs into the KT and spits it in the trash. Jeff says James is a spitter. 11:14 PM James says Jeff T or D? Everyone says they're playing dare or dare. James says he has to laugh and hug and jump around with each other for 15 seconds. The other HGs count as they do it. Everyone's laughing and cheering. Great job guys. Clay complains that someone farted near his face during that. 11:17 PM BBT Jeff dares Austin to lick the bottom of Jeff's foot. Austin says it wasn't bad. Austin dares Jason to give Clay a lap dance. Everyone is laughing and cheering. 11:18 PM BBT Jason dares Jackie to...he doesn't know what he's daring yet, but he'll think of it. Jackie has to give Austin a lap dance. Clay runs across the room to get a better view. Everyone is having lots of fun and cheering. Meg, Liz and Shelli are giggling uncontrollably. Jackie has a good one. She dares Meg to eat a spoonful of bleu cheese dressing. 11:21 PM BBT Meg has a problem with chunks of the bleu cheese and is crying as Clay pours her a spoonful. Meg says it was foul. Meg's turn. Meg already did one. Liz will go. Liz dares Johnny to wear the cat head all night and she's going to paint whiskers on his face. Johnny is ready. Jason recommends they give him a name. Princess Isabelle. Johnny wonders if they have a bell for him as well. 11:24 PM BBT Johnny Mac has been cat-ified. Johnny thinks. Vanessa. He's rubs his hands together in an evil manner and gets some oranges to juggle. He says she has to awkwardly juggle for two minutes without anyone saying anything. She begins to juggle surprisingly well. Johnny makes fun of everyone saying that the silence part is the hardest. 11:27 PM BBT Vanessa says Steve, truth or dare. Vanessa dares him to do a shot of two raw eggs. He says no way he doesn't want to get salmonella. Austin says he does it every day. Vanessa offers him one egg. Steve says no way. Vanessa wants to punish him now. Shelli says he needs to take his shirt off and put on Clay's cowboy hat and boots and dance in front of them. Vanessa says that's mild compared to what she was going to do. 11:30 PM BBT Austin is annoyed with Steve. Vanessa owes Steve a punishment. Becky dares Liz to kiss someone in the room for 3 seconds. She wants her to pick who to kiss. They recommend Jeff. She says no . Liz offers to kiss the kitty (Johnny Mac). They kiss for three seconds and everyone cheers. James recommends that someone makes Steve wear the bikini. Vanessa adds to it. 11:33 PM BBT Vanessa says Steve has to take off his shirt and wear the bikini top and put on the bottoms over his underwear and belly dance for thirty seconds. They stuff oranges in the top and he offers Jeff a feel. Jeff looks hesitant but does. One of the girls does not recommend he wear the bottoms. Vanessa tells him he doesn't have to, but he needs to dance. He runs around dancing in front of the other HGs. 11:35 PM BBT Steve says Becky can do the shot of egg. Austin says he needs to come up with something on his own and not copy. Becky would be fine. Steve recommends kissing someone. Again people say he needs to be original. Jason points out that he had to lap dance and that was a repeat/copy. Becky wonders who to kiss. Steve recommends the kitty (Johnny). She seems a bit hesitant. 11:37 PM BBT Someone recommends that Shelli do her crazy laugh for 30 seconds. Shelli is trying to laugh but she can't do it on her own, she needs something funny. Shelli says the room has gotten awkward. Instead Becky has another one for her. Becky says Shelli mentioned the first night about not liking spit or drool so they will put a cup on the floor and she has to spit into it. Shelli would rather do the laugh. 11:41 PM BBT Becky is dared to act like a crazy dinosaur. She walks out of the room and she runs back in with her arms locked at her side (almost in a pony-like manner) and everyone cheers saying she was a good velociraptor. They wonder if they can make someone can sing the Star Spangled Banner. FoTH. Feeds are back and talk has turned to something with lemon. 11:41 PM BBT Steve says there has to be something they can do with cool whip. Jeff laughs saying "Steve!". Clay runs to the kitchen to get cool whip and brings back a substitution of cottage cheese. They say no. They put a spoonful of Cool whip on Liz's belly button and Audrey licks it off. 11:46 PM BBT Talk turns to what they should make Shelli do. Clay recommends Shelli smear chocolate over her teeth and smile for thirty seconds. Clay conveniently has some chocolate available. Shelli smears the chocolate across her teeth and everyone laughs. Shelli wishes she could have laughed though. They wonder if they're through. They deserve something for this. "Is Gronk on line one? Gronk's assistant we're finished!” 11:49 PM BBT Truth or Dare has broken up. Jason and Jackie head outside to the BY. Jackie says she felt "it" and that's why she stopped so suddenly. Meg shouts "NOOOOOO!" in the BY and they laugh. "She felt it!" Meanwhile in the WA Austin and Jeff are whispering in the WA. Becky walks in and asks Austin to rub her back. 11:51 PM BBT Meg gets into the HT while Jason and Jackie remain on the couches. Steve wanders out and joins them. Meanwhile back in the WA Austin continues to rub her lower back with Jeff on-looking. Becky isn't sure why it's hurting so bad. Austin wonders how she sleeps at night. Becky says every which way. Austin says sleeping on your stomach isn't a good idea because it hyper extends. 11:54 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY as Johnny comes out. WA feeds switch to Clay and Shelli in the hammock. They're speaking about Audrey. Shelli tries to take a step forward with her but Clay says you can't with her. Clay says she creates her own drama. Shelli points out that she is sitting near the HT eating a bowl of cereal. (Meg is talking to her, so she's not entirely by herself). 11:55 PM BBT Shelli turns the conversation away from Audrey but it ends up there once again. Clay points out that Audrey does it to herself. Shelli says he's rough. HT feeds switch to Liz and Vanessa in the HOH, celebrating two more weeks to go. Liz says Jeff cornered her earlier and wants to talk to her. Vanessa points out he may just be asking for a vote.
  22. 06:25 AM BBT All four feeds display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. 06:42 AM BBT all four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. 07:15 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Someone can be hearing breathing/snoring lightly. 07:45 AM BBT The house continues to remain quiet. All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. 08:25 AM BBT All four feeds continue to remain silent with sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. 08:32 AM FoTH. Wake-up time? We have a busy couple of days ahead of us. 08:45 AM Intermittent feeds. Austin and Liz in darkened in HOH2. Liz says the music was too loud. Jason in WA drying his face. 08:50 AM BBT FoTH once more. Liz and Austin hadn't moved from the bed and still had the lights off just prior to this. 08:53 AM BBT Feeds are back. James is grumbling about needing food stocked. Lights are on in HOH2 now and they have their mics on. Austin doesn't want to leave Liz by herself too long. Austin says he's going to act like he wants to put Steve up but then will be upset when she (Vanessa) doesn't put Audrey up as a backdoor this week. FoTH. 08:56 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH continues. James could eat strawberry jelly straight out of the jar. Steve says it would be really sweet. Liz and Austin are getting up. Liz says "1 hour! They're going to be running up here!" Austin says he's going to tell people that they're both on board to get Audrey out this week.
  23. 01:00 AM BBT In the Beach room Jeff, Clay and Austin are worried that Clay is going to target random players because Da’vonne went home. Jeff thinks Jason will go after Shelli first. Jeff says Liz is pissed at her saying she’s onto him and she’s tired of all the questions but she wants to know what is going on. Jeff says he told her Da’vonne told him some things and now that she’s gone it’s no big deal. Liz blew up at him. Jeff just doesn’t understand how someone can forget so many things from five days ago. Clay says he hasn’t seen enough things but he’s keeping an eye on her. Austin may think there’s a 10% chance that there could be a twin thing but he’ll be watching as well. Meanwhile up in the HOH Vanessa is talking to Jason telling her about James telling him about the plan to be back doored. Jason and Da’vonne heard that James told Steve to through BotB and they confronted him but then James ran to Steve and told him to throw it. 01:04 AM BBT Clay, Austin and Jeff continue to whisper in the Beach room about Liz and the possibility of the twin twist. Austin continues to play clueless. Jeff and Clay continue “fill” Austin in on it. Jeff also points out that there were two people with twins in Season 5 and both seasons had a player named Jace (Season 10) and Jase (Season 5). Up in the HOH Jason and Vanessa continue to chat. Jason says everyone thought he was gonna be the kid that could be shoved in a locker and told what to do. Vanessa laughs. Jason says he really would like a week in which he didn’t feel like he was playing in everything. Vanessa asks if she does that for him, whether it’s next week or five weeks from now he’ll do the same. Vanessa thanks him for the amazing offer and asks him to send Steve up. 01:11 AM BBT Becky heads up to the HOH asking if she’s busy. Vanessa offers her time until Steve comes up. Vanessa tells Becky that she’s more physical that she is but they’re both going to be a beast at mental comps. Vanessa would like to make a deal that if one stays off the radar, the other will stay off her radar until a certain point. Becky agrees. Vanessa feels Becky is a good person. Vanessa offers her some advice. Vanessa says originally everyone thought she would be someone that could be walked over initially until they saw her compete and now everyone realizes otherwise. Becky said she felt on the outside when the “inside” people were having the meetings. Vanessa says the inside group isn’t at the inside. 01:14 AM BBT Down in the Beach/Cabana room Austin, Jeff and Clay continue to whisper. Clay’s mic is difficult to understand. Austin wants to know where Jackie is. Jeff says Jackie will always go with the house. James knocks on the door and comes in and asks if they knew Da’vonne had the power the whole time. Jason confirmed it to James. Austin says Jason denied it. Clay thought Audrey had it. They think Audrey is the cause the crazy votes. Clay points out that immediately after Jace’s eviction she questioned him about the mystery vote. Clay said after tonight’s vote she did the same thing. Jeff says after Audrey they have to go after Steve. Austin says Steve has been throwing his name around. Austin and Jeff laugh about the fact that Steve are calling them bullies because they make fun of them. 01:17 AM BBT Up in the HOH Becky is telling Vanessa that she’s had a talk with him because he is frustrated at getting put up every week. Becky says it’s great though that he hasn’t thrown around anyone’s names yet “Billybob I’m coming after you because you put me up!” Talk turns to how she and Shelli both told their teams to go out and win it and not to throw it because the know how this (BotB) is played at times (asking people to throw the comps). 01:21 AM BBT Down in the Cabana the group continues to talk about previous events in the house. Austin says Audrey has been throwing Vanessa’s name under the bus. Austin has heard his name has also been thrown out. 01:24 AM BBT Meg stops by the Cabana room briefly and Jeff and James jokingly congratulate her on staying in the house for for another week. They guys agree that Audrey and Steve have to go soon. They said Steve used geometry to bounce the ball off the camera in the HOH today. They wonder how he had that much strength. Jeff and Austin head out. Clay and James stay behind. 01:27 AM BBT Austin heads up to the HOH and passes through to HOH2 and then the HOHBR while Vanessa and Becky continue to chat. Becky warns Vanessa that if she puts Audrey up then she has to have whoever she puts her up against and make the person throw the comp. Austin leaves the HOH. 01:29 AM BBT Meg joins Clay and James in the Cabana room. Meg is eating yogurt. Meg asks how things are. James says they’re trying to keep their group safe. Clay asks who the group is. James, Clay, Shelli, Meg, Jackie, Jeff and Jason. Feeds switch. Shelli is going to bed. She came in to lay down and everyone got up and left. She says whatever. Shelli says she’ll lay in bed until someone comes and wakes her up that’s how it happens in the Purple (Ocean) Room. Austin tells her goodnight. Up in the HOH Liz and Jackie stop by but Vanessa wants a few more moments with Becky. Down in the WA room Jeff says it feels like Clay is worried about him and Jeff wonders if they should pull back a bit on trusting him. Talk turns back to Liz. 01:34 AM BBT Vanessa and Becky agree to make a truce until Jury. They agree to keep it between them. There will be 3-4 more weeks before that happens. Vanessa says she tries to talk to Jackie but she can’t. Becky says the reason she is close with Jackie because she doesn’t talk a lot of game and when they do it’s very general terms, they don’t use names. Vanessa says she and Da’vonne had that same kind of relationship. 01:37 AM BBT Austin into the HOH and he brushes his teeth. Vanessa wants to talk to Steve. Austin doesn’t. Austin goes into HOH2 and starts to talk with Jackie. Liz goes to track down Steve. Down in the Colorful room Jeff is telling Johnny that Liz is onto them. Feeds switch to the HOH where Steve tells Vanessa to give her a hug. Vanessa warns Steve that Austin says people are throwing Steve’s name under the bus. Initially Austin agreed not to put Steve up, but just now Austin seemed upset at Steve. Vanessa is going to work on fixing that for Steve. 01:41 AM BBT Over in HOH2 Austin and Jackie continue to chat. Austin said he got the vibe that people were disappointed with HOH last week. He says he felt people weren’t super happy that he won this week. Maybe it was Vanessa that people didn’t like winning because they didn’t know where she would stand. Austin wants to work with Jackie. Over in HOH Vanessa says the fact that Steve came to her and told her about Liz is awesome. Clearly it shows trust. She said that people say he takes info and won’t give info. Vanessa says that’s good because he doesn’t give information and clearly he gave it to her. 01:43 AM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he was close to Da’vonne because they both idolized Danielle Reyes (Season 3) and they bonded over that. During that season Danielle was close to a quiet, well mannered guy and were in a power alliance together. But then Jace told Steve during his one on one session in the Cabana room with him that he knew Steve was her (Da’vonne’s) Jason to her Danielle. Vanessa gets it. Clearly she told everyone. Steve agrees. Steve is also concerned about something else Jace said he told him that Steve had a nickname in the house. Vanessa says he told her that he lied about that and he felt bad. 01:44 AM BBT Over in the HOH2 Austin and Jackie talk about the HOH comp tonight. Austin says he’d like to put Steve up this week just to scare him. Austin doesn’t want to put Jackie up. Austin is now trying to open himself up and get away from the Jace stigma. Jackie understands. 01:46 AM BBT Back in the HOH Vanessa continues to chat. They both agree that Jace is a sweet guy. Steve says they both have similar social problems. Steve would stand back and it would look like he’s watching people but with Jace he was in your face. Vanessa says it’s good that Steve is very aware of it and wants to be coached through it. Vanessa is going to offer him some advice. Vanessa says he needs to act like he doesn’t care about things so much. He needs to seem like he isn’t playing the game all the time. Vanessa thinks this will help him so much. Vanessa says people talk and they’ll focus on him doing that and it will get him evicted. 01:48 AM BBT Over in HOH2 Jackie and Austin continues chatting. Austin wants Jackie to have a relaxing week. Jackie says they can talk more tomorrow. Austin says alright. They start to go out and the door and Jackie sees Vanessa talking to Steve and closes the door. Talk turns to the room being nice but flimsy. Austin says he was told by Jeff that Steve is calling them sketchy. Jackie says she heard she was being called sketchy as well. 01:52 AM BBT Vanessa asks Steve who he thinks she put up. Vanessa tells him they’re working together and he needs to trust her. Steve doesn’t like giving up names for the same reason she doesn’t. She tells him to trust her. Jason tells Vanessa about the alliance he was a part of with Meg, Da’vonne, Jason, James, Jeff, Clay and Shelli. Steve steers the conversation towards Audrey. Steve points out she’s alone. Vanessa doesn’t want to put her up initially because she will tear the house up. Steve agrees but points out that she’s alone and will do the least amount of damage. Vanessa asks Steve if he trusts Audrey. He says no way. 01:55 AM BBT Steve asks if Audrey would put her up next week. Vanessa says yes if she puts her up. Steve asks what if she doesn’t put her up? Vanessa pauses and say she’s not sure. Vanessa asks who then to put up. Steve says anyone in the inside alliance. Vanessa says Jeff has thrown Steve’s name out there. Steve isn’t sure. Steve points out Jeff did really well during the puzzle comp. Vanessa wonders who is a bigger target Jason or Jeff. Both like him as a person. Steve isn’t sure though. Steve says he thinks people will be leaving him alone because he’s solo. Vanessa asks how he would feel working with him. Steve wouldn’t be opposed to it. 02:00 AM BBT Steve points out that Jason is close to Meg still. Jackie and Austin pass through the door. Vanessa asks if Jackie wants to talk in a bit. Jackie says in the morning. She leaves the room and Vanessa laughs saying she has to make a decision tomorrow. Talk turns less serious as Austin continues toying with the door from the outside while he talks to Jackie and Liz on the balcony. Liz was laying on the couch outside the balcony door. 02:03 AM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if anyone is specifically targeting him. Steve doesn’t think so. Feeds on the balcony (1 and 2) switch to Austin and Liz in HOH2. Austin says he had to play dumb about knowing about the twin thing. Meanwhile Vanessa and Steve’s feeds switch (3-4) to Clay dragging Shelli into the Cabana room. Shelli can’t stay long. She doesn’t want to seem like a sketch right now. Clay says everyone is sketchy and whispering in the bed is sketchy. They have a bit of a lovers quarrel over what looks sketchier. Clay tells her to calm down. Clay wants to go with her and she says no. She says he’s already had conversations. 02:06 AM BBT Meanwhile up in HOH2 Liz and Austin snack, Austin tells Liz that James told him that Da’vonne had the power. The conversation turns to what Jeff told him about the differences in Liz and her twin. Austin says Jeff told him that the podcast was what helped him piece the things together about the twin twist. Austin says Jeff doesn’t know if the twins have switched yet, they should switch either day or tomorrow. Liz laughs. Feeds switch to the WA with Meg and Jeff whispering. Jeff is telling her about the fight with Liz. Liz comes into WA briefly. Vanessa and Steve’s conversation ends. 02:09 AM BBT Austin and Vanessa goes into HOH2 to talk. Austin tells her that Jeff came to him and offloaded a lot of information on him. Steve in the KT briefly Jeff mouths that he wants Steve to go home. 02:13 AM BBT Austin and Vanessa move to HOH and will watch the camera to see if anyone comes up to chat. Steve says he was told by several people that Steve was a sketch-ball and was throwing his name under the bus. Vanessa tells Austin that Steve just told her that he really wanted to work with the two of them. Austin says “but they said…” and Vanessa laughs and says because they don’t want to be on the block. Vanessa says you can’t trust them because they’re game is not best for his. Austin says they seemed so nice though. Vanessa laughs and says he’s cute. James rings the doorbell and comes in. 02:17 AM BBT James wants to talk to Vanessa a bit because he hasn’t had a chance to talk game with her yet. Knock knock on the door. Becky wants to talk to Austin. Vanessa sends him into HOH2. Becky wants to work with Austin. Austin agrees and says they will work with them but then they’re not going to be truly with them. Austin says the “they’re” telling them that they want Audrey, Steve and then Becky out. Austin doesn’t believe them. 02:20 AM BBT Over in HOH Vanessa and James continue to chat about things that have been said. Vanessa rehashes the conversation she had with Da’vonne yesterday morning. James said he told Da’vonne that he would give her his sympathy vote if Jason’s vote got cancelled by the Last Laugh power. Vanessa said that was smart to do. Ultimately she had to do what she had to do. 02:24 AM BBT Conversations continue in both HOH rooms. Becky points out that Audrey is throwing (poop) between the groups hoping they continue to battle it out hoping that they’ll all take each other out so she can sneak by. Austin laughs and agrees saying that maybe Vanessa should do this would be his best game play. Austin wants Becky to trust him and work together. Becky trusts Vanessa. Austin agrees. Austin says they’re all being honest in the house. Becky says the guys are talking zero game with her. But when she was hanging out with Johnny they were all saying “Showmance. Showmance. Showmance.” Becky says has nothing against Liz but she plays an emotional game and that’s not who Becky is. Becky says she may talk to Austin first, but it’s not that she doesn’t like Liz, but she can’t connect with emotion. 02:27 AM BBT Over in HOH Vanessa says nobody ever said anything about James to him. James says that’s good. Audrey is a target. She’s a slippery piece of soap. James agrees. Vanessa says it’s worse than that. She’s like a slippery gun. If you drop her she may go off. James says that was a good acronym. He corrects himself. Metaphor. Liz comes in and passes through to HOH2. She sees Austin talking to Becky and wanders back through HOH to get back outside. Back out in HOH Vanessa says Audrey takes small pieces of info and can spin tales to get them. Even when she (Audrey) isn’t HOH then she can spin tales to go after them. 02:29 AM BBT James says Vanessa and Austin has the house’s support if they go after her. Vanessa says she’s not a front door option, if she was on the block for that long then who knows what kind of damage could happen. James understands. Vanessa wonders what he thinks about the backdoor option. James agrees it would work. He’s not trying to tell her how to run her HOH but he is just offering up information for her to what she chooses. 02:33 AM BBT Over in HOH2 Becky says James woke her up from a nap because they’re scared. Becky said “they” said repeatedly it’s going to be a hard week while her and Johnny are having tea. Austin says he told Johnny he won’t be a pawn. He’s been a pawn far too long. 02:35 AM BBT James and Vanessa finish up. Meg heads up to HOH. Feeds switch briefly to the WA. Vanessa called to DR. Meg knocks on the door and says “It’s not allowed!” Vanessa says she hasn’t even had a chance to put on some makeup. Meg says her makeup looks done. Vanessa says it’s left over eye makeup. Vanessa invites Meg to stay behind and wait. She says that’s find because she wants to talk to Austin as well. 02:38 AM BBT Becky and Austin finish up their conversation and head out of HOH2. Meg busts out laughing saying she’s creeping. Austin asks if Meg wants to talk to him. Meg says yeah. Meg asks what’s up. Austin asks her what’s up. She doesn’t like him wearing shirts. He apologizes. She asks what’s up again and he says he’s talked to people and the general consensus seems to be the house wants Audrey gone. Meg says right. Austin asks what she’s heard. Meg says she’s heard that the house wants Austin to get to Jury. Austin says great. 02:40 AM BBT Meanwhile down in the Cabana room Clay and Shelli continue to whisper. Clay is worried about Shelli sleeping with Audrey because it looks sketchy if they’re laying in bed at night whispering. Shelli understands. Shelli says this season it seems like everyone is a big target or a big game move. Clay agrees. Feeds switch to James and Jeff in the WA. James says Jeff’s name has been thrown up a bit. James says he has his back. Jeff wonders who he has to worry about the weeks moving forward. James says Steve so far. 02:45 AM BBT Austin says that Vanessa may be the better HOH this week because she sees things way clearer that she does. Austin says he doesn’t know if Vanessa would use her as a pawn. He hopes not. Meg hopes not. She doesn’t want to be pawn girl this season. Down in the WA Jeff and James continue to chat about Vanessa and James’ chat just a bit ago. Jeff says that whoever Vanessa puts up they’ll have to convince them to throw the BotB. This is the easiest decision to send someone home this week. James says he didn’t mention Steve because Vanessa and Steve are good friends. Jeff wonders if he should talk to HOH tonight. James would because nominations are tomorrow. BB says “Please clean the mirror above the sink!” James grumbles because he is the one standing there. 02:48 AM BBT Up in the HOH Meg and Austin theorize why Da’vonne was voted to get the Last Laugh. Austin mentions that it could have been random really. Austin points out that Da’vonne walked out to loud cheers. Meg thinks Audrey is being portrayed as a bad girl. They look up at the spy screen and catch Jeff near the door being sketchy. Meg laughs saying Jeff wonders why people say he is sketchy. Austin goes down to the KT to get a drink. Jeff and Meg walk into the HOH, they banter back and forth a bit. Down in the Cabana Clay and Shelli continue to chat. Shelli says if she tells him he’s annoying her, it’s because she’s trying to prevent them from fighting. Clay says when she says he’s annoying or scowling at him or she says he’s immature it bothers him. 02:55 AM BBT Austin goes to the HOH2 door and says he’s going to bed. Jeff says he’ll talk tomorrow. Austin flips the light off in there and asks Liz if she’d like to join him in the very dark room. Austin says he tried to invite Jackie up but she’s snuggling with Becky. Talk turns to Steve scampering. Austin says he talked to Vanessa for a long time. Jeff says she needs to ignore what he said. 02:58 AM BBT Jeff heads out of the HOH. Meg is going to wait for Vanessa to get out of the DR. Shelli and Clay continue to chat in the Cabana room. Jeff comes in and says he doesn’t have any friends awake. Clay says they were just about to head to bed. Jeff says Audrey and Jason are talking nonstop. Not whispering. Jeff says Vanessa is saying she doesn’t want to be HOH this week. Jeff tells them about the conversation James had with Vanessa. 02:59 AM BBT Liz says Johnny is trying really hard to stare at her tooth and she’s trying to keep her mouth closed. Liz says she was questioned about adjusting her bathing suit. Austin says it broke his heart when he thought she was going to sleep down stairs. She says of course she doesn’t want to sleep downstairs. 03:01AM BBT Vanessa out of DR. Austin called to DR. He tells Liz not to go to bed. Meg says she wants Audrey out this week. She thinks the house will feel a lot “cleaner” this week if she does go. Vanessa understands and tells Meg that Audrey is good about collecting facts. Down in the Cabana room Shelli, Jeff, and Clay continue to chat about Steve. Shelli says there is a Steve and then there is a Stevie. When he’s talking game he’s very normal, but then he’ll randomly try to act chipper or younger and he puts a smile on his face. Shelli and Clay agree that he does it quite a bit. Jeff suddenly gets it. Jeff says he does need to go. 03:04 AM BBT Jeff says Steve said he was harassing Liz. Jeff says harassing is not a word he should use because he didn’t have his hands on her or anything. Jeff says Liz knows that everyone is onto her. Talk turns to Johnny. Shelli says Johnny is a beautiful jewel because he brings them information without even being asked to. (The tone in her voice is very villain like…-Niteslacker) Up in the HOH Vanessa and Meg continue to chat about Audrey. 03:08 AM BBT Jeff points out that Jason is alone and he would be a great historian to keep and add to their numbers especially if they get rid of Steve. They need to either side with him or send him home. Clay points out that it will be hard to side with him because Shelli sent Da’vonne home. Up in the HOH Meg and Vanessa continue to chat. Meg says she feels like last week it felt like people tried to break the house in two and this week there is a chance to put some relief in the house. Vanessa understands and says it will be hard to do though. She says if they get a chance they will certainly try. Vanessa says she had terrible sleep last night because of cramps so she’s going to talk to Austin. Vanessa does want to talk to her more especially more game. Now is a terrible time though. Both agree they’re very tired. 03:13 AM BBT Shelli, Clay and Jeff talk about Da’vonne’s goodbye speech tonight. Feeds switch briefly to the Colorful room with the lights on and numerous HGs talking randomly. Audrey, Steve, Jason’s voices can be heard. Johnny and Jackie are listening/observing from their respective beds. Feeds switch to Vanessa chatting with Liz in HOH2. Vanessa says Da’vonne and Liz were fighting but working together. Liz says Julia voted 100% to keep Meg. Jeff is seen running from the Cabana room on Feeds 3-4 saying he wants to run upstairs (after Meg walks down). 03:15 AM BBT Jeff and Meg head into the SR saying it stinks. Bantering back and forth. Up in HOH2 and Liz is rehashing conversations had throughout the evening. Liz is angry scolded by BB to put on her mic. It’s about the third to fourth time tonight. Austin out of DR. Down in the SR Meg and Jeff don’t like where Vanessa’s head is at. Jeff says she did it to Jeff and Clay. Meg wonders why. Jeff says because she wants them all to be in an alliance. Jeff says she needs to be dethroned. 03:18 AM BBT Vanessa and Austin in the HOH BR. Difficult to hear what is being said because of running water. They’ll talk tomorrow. Difficult to hear the conversations due to echoing voices/whispers in the HOHBR. The other side wants Audrey out because they don’t want to do it. Austin points out that they’ll go after Steve next week. Vanessa wonders why because Steve has no one. Austin agrees. They poor wine and offer to share some with Liz. 03:21 AM BBT Shelli and Audrey whisper in the Ocean Room. Shelli says “he thinks he controls my game but doesn’t” Jason walks in commenting on how random cameras follow you through the house “I can’t be the most interesting thing in the house. There’s a party in the CR room there’s people upstairs, there’s gotta be something better than me having tums in my belly walking through the house!” Talk continues about cameras again and they switch to Meg and Jeff leaving the SR. 03:23 AM BBT Up in HOH2 Austin, Liz and Vanessa continue to chat randomly (non-game related). Liz and Julia got the same exact score on the SAT. They both went to Loyola? Liz says this is the longest they’ve been apart from each other. Meanwhile Meg and Jeff head into the WA to chat. They knock on the WC door to make sure no one is in there. They start chatting about life outside the house. 03:26 AM BBT Back in HOH2 they continue to chat about how the other side keeps putting Steve’s name out there. They agree it’s just a smoke screen. Austin says Meg regurgitated everything that Jason and James already said. Vanessa agrees. 03:28 AM BBT They wonder who to put up. Vanessa says Jackie. Austin already told Jackie that he won’t do it. Vanessa wonders why. Austin says because he thought he could. Jeff or James should be their target this week. Someone volunteered to be put up. She wasn’t going to put them up but they volunteered. Johnny Mac and James on the same team nominated by Vanessa. Vanessa knows nothing about him and he’s very passive aggressive. He’s very offensive to women. 03:30 AM BBT Meg and Jeff continue to talk in the WA. Meg says Clay and Shelli played dirty this week by putting Da’vonne up against Meg. Jeff agrees. Up in the HOH2 they say it will be obvious that they’re going after the other side but it is what it is. Austin says he will put up Meg and Jason. Or put James and Meg on one side. Austin worries they could pull off a win. Worse case scenario that Jason could go home. Austin says that wouldn’t do any good for them. Liz and Vanessa says it would because he’s the on the other side. Austin gives up. He can’t trust anyone. Liz laughs. 03:34 AM BBT Down in the WA Jeff says there are a lot of cool people in the house and it sucks. Back in HOH2 Austin will put up Jason and Meg and Vanessa will possibly put up James and Johnny Mac. Vanessa says she hasn’t talked to Jackie and she walked right on by her tonight and said they would talk tomorrow. Vanessa says she may have to wake up and make nominations in the AM. Vanessa laughs saying she can’t tell when Austin is BSing her. She thinks he does it 50% of the time. Liz asks who completely wow’d Vanessa tonight. Austin says Jackie. Vanessa says he’s easily wow’d by women. 03:37 AM BBT Vanessa says Jason surprised her and if he stays she thinks there is potential to work with him but she’s not stupid he’s working with the other side. Down in the WA Becky walks through to the WC. Jeff says he’s going to try and sketch everybody out the rest of the season. Becky washes her hands and says they have James going in the CR tonight. Jeff wonders if they should go join them. Becky called out by BB to put on her mic. 03:40 AM BBT Vanessa says to tell Jason that he’s close with the other side of the house. Austin thinks they should play stupid. Austin says they should play it that Vanessa picked different people than he thought he was going to. Austin says they should act annoyed and separate from each other this week if/when the backdoor person gets put up. Vanessa says that’s good. Vanessa says she can’t put Jeff up because he’s too squirly. Austin worries that they may not be able to pull Johnny Mac off the block. They start to run numbers. FoTH. 03:46 AM BBT Becky has joined Jeff and Meg in the WA. Meg is tired. Energy levels in the house come and go. Meg says Jeff is the worst. Up in HOH2 Vanessa says they’ve been in the house for 22 days but she’s never talked game with her which is annoying. Austin says Meg tried even before Jace went home. Liz says the other side’s connecting force has to be removed and that is Jeff and James. Vanessa wonders what to offer him to throw another competition. Liz wonders where his head at. They’re not sure. Jeff offered to come up with Johnny Mac tomorrow. Liz worries he’s a mole character. She doesn’t trust Steve or Johnny. Vanessa sees where she is coming from. Vanessa says they had a hunch that Johnny threw one comp and just failed the other one. Liz is surprised but wondered about it. 03:50 AM BBT Down in the WA James is taking a shower while Meg, Becky and Jackie chat a bit. They agree they need to settle down and go to bed. Up in the HOH Vanessa says Audrey needs to go during the a Double Eviction so they can put her up, and chop her out without giving her a chance to talk about it. FoTH. 03:53 AM BBT Steve into the WC. Clay comes into the WA eating while Meg and James banter back and forth. Up in the HOH2 Liz says she has her and her sister’s word that they will help out however they can. Vanessa says it’ll be great when they come into the house. 03:55 AM BBT Austin casually puts his arm behind Liz’s back while she’s sitting up on the HOH2 bed. The camera man sees it and zooms in on it. Austin begins to lightly tap/stroke her back and again the cameraman zooms in on it. Talk is about Jeff probably wanting confront her about the twin. Idle chit chat continues in the WA. 04:00 AM BBT James out of the shower in the WA. Jackie and Meg chat on the lounger. James joins in and was kind of shocked that Da’vonne didn’t say goodbye at the eviction. Clay now getting in the shower. Vanessa and Liz swears Austin can trust Steve. Austin says the Freaks and the Geeks. Vanessa is getting confused with all of the alliances. 04:03 AM BBT Austin says he may have to eat (poop) with Jason and put him up on the block. Vanessa says he’s really silly if he thinks the other side isn’t against him. Vanessa points out that he voted to keep Meg and she kinds of owes him and he chose to put her on the block. Austin is scared. Austin is resigning his HOH. Austin says they should just get Steve out (jokingly). 04:06 AM BBT Clay out of the shower. Meg, Jackie and James continue to chat in the WA about Da’vonne and the Last Laugh. Clay says Audrey is America’s player and he thinks she has it. Meg doesn’t think so. 04:10 AM BBT Chat in HOH2 is about the twins. Vanessa says her sister isolates herself more. Liz agrees saying Julia told her it’s hard for her to play Liz. Down in HOH2 Jackie and Meg chat about Audrey. 04:16 AM BBT Meg and Jackie continue to chat in the WA about Jeff. Jeff is not used to not being liked. Jackie says Austin wants to backdoor Audrey. She needs to talk to Vanessa. Meg says she doesn’t trust Vanessa. Up in HOH2 Liz, Austin and Vanessa continue to chat. Austin says Becky said she doesn’t talk much game to Liz. Vanessa laughs and says it’s probably a good thing that they don’t talk game. 04:21 AM BBT In the WA Meg and Jackie continue to chat in the WA about recent events and conversations within the house. Meg is worried about Vanessa wanting to talk game tomorrow. She figures she’s sloppy fourths in this alliance she’s trying to put together. Up in HOH2 they continue to talk about the twins. Vanessa also wonders if there’s a male twin in the house. Vanessa points out that Jeff and Johnny may also have twins. Clay’s hair changed, he may be a twin as well. Austin laughs and says it’s crazy because they’re cloning alliances. Liz says they found her from a twin show. Vanessa is going to watch Jeff’s bruises today. BB says “LIZ!” <dramatic pause> “You are not allowed to talk about production.” 04:27 AM BBT Chit chat continues in the WA. Jackie says she doesn’t think Liz is a twin and it’s too far fetched. Meg says Jason talked about it too long in DR and that does’s make her curious. Jackie says it’s funny. Up in HOH2 Vanessa is standing up and headed for the door. Liz and Austin are going to bed. Vanessa out of the room and turns their lights off for them. Austin and Liz continue to chat with no video (video on fish tank) about what Austin will say when he puts his noms up. Liz says either or needs to go. 04:33 AM BBT Austin says Liz is going to have to try and tell people that she denies that she is a twin. Down in the WA Meg and Jackie continue to talk about Shelli. Meg can’t believe that Audrey is still here. Jackie says as an outsider it was just looks bad. Jackie points out that Shelli is in bed with Audrey right now. Jackie and Meg agrees that Audrey and Clay hanging out in HOH last week was very uninviting for her. They agree they should go to bed because noms are going to be tomorrow. Jackie into the WC. Meg brushes teeth. 04:38 AM BBT Jackie out of WA and washes hands. Meg into WC. Up in HOH2 Liz and Austin continue to giggle and joke. Austin says he didn’t hear it from Julia about Liz being a twin because he was never alone today. Meg out of the WA and heads towards the SR. She gets something out of the cabinet and heads into the darkened bedrooms. 04:41 AM BBT Austin thinks Liz/Julia will make it to week five. Liz thanks that it’s probably better to let Vanessa go after the other side this week because they won’t target her later. Austin says it’s risky. Meg is getting ready for bed in the Ocean Room. Someone can be heard snoring. 04:43 AM BBT Liz doesn’t want Steve to go to the Jury house. Austin agrees but says they’re making an alliance now. Liz doesn’t want him to go yet but certainly not make it to Jury. Austin starts in on the male twin rumor. That will help blow some attention off of Liz. Austin says it is the season of twists. 04:47 AM BBT Liz and Austin continue to chat in the darkened HOH2. Liz wants a cliff notes about the final podcast. Austin says James was pretty raunchy during the show. Down in the CR we have a darkened room with horizontal HGs. 04:52 AM BBT Liz and Austin continue to chat, Austin getting Liz caught up on everything. 04:59 AM BBT Austin really does trust Jason and Meg. Liz agrees. They have to get rid of “their people” before they try to work with them. Austin is going to act like he’s afraid Steve would throw it. ~~~~~Under Construction~~~~~~
  24. 03:30 AM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay the thinner sister is planning on stuffing herself tomorrow in an effort to put on some weight. They discuss how to mimic the mole on the back of the neck that one sister has that the other doesn’t. Clay tells Shelli needs to keep hanging out with Becky. Shelli said she did and she even hangs out with Jackie and genuinely enjoys it. 03:32 AM BBT Liz up and heads through the KT towards the WC. There are several other HGs in the KT. Jeff, Becky and Jackie. They agree now is not the time to bring Liz up to the HOH. Liz out of the WC and washes her hands. 03:35 AM BBT Liz heads back to the darkened bedrooms while the three continue snack in the KT. Liz back to bed. Austin asks if anyone is awake. Liz tells him that Jeff, Jackie and Becky are up still. Everyone else is asleep. 03:38 AM BBT Clay heads down to get a bowl of cereal. Jeff tells Clay about a nasty conversation James had earlier. Clay says one day his daughter will want to watch this and she’ll have to see this stuff. Up in the HOH Vanessa and Shelli continue to chat. Liz/Julia don’t talk game to many people because they’re afraid of tripping up. They latched onto Austin and Vanessa just because of association. 03:43 AM BBT Vanessa says Liz knows that last night’s podcast was set up to trip her up and she didn’t want to do it but she has to. Vanessa said the roots of their hair is different and that’s what she noticed. Liz started wearing socks today. Shelli agrees that was smart. Down in the KT Becky is saying how Audrey follows Shelli and Clay around and wants their approval. Clay agrees. 03:50 AM BBT Vanessa and Shelli continues to talk in the HOH rehashing how frustrated they are with Audrey and the fact that they can’t trust them. Vanessa says if she wins HOH she will backdoor Audrey because with her being on the block too long is dangerous. Shelli agrees but points out that the backdoor doesn’t always work especially if the veto is not used. Vanessa says you have convince the person to use it. The KT party is breaking up. In the WA Clay tells Jackie that he thinks Audrey has to go this week. Jackie agrees. Jackie says she should have went this week but the cards fell the way they fell. 03:54 AM BBT Shelli checks the spy screen and worries where Clay went. Shelli says he gets too excited sometimes and says the wrong things to the wrong people. Clay keeps pushing that Audrey needs to go. Jackie agrees and says she’s had her chance to stay this week so next week is the week. Jackie heads out of the KT and Clay heads into the WC. 03:58 AM BBT Clay heads up to the HOH. Clay says he fell on the stairs. Shelli asks if he tried to talk to Liz. He said no. Vanessa asked if anyone asked where she was. He said no. Clay has a cut on his ankle, crying out. Shelli and Vanessa tells him to suck it up and rub dirt in it and move on. 04:00 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to talk in the HOH. Audrey was talking to Shelli today and asked if Vanessa had to talk to Austin yet about reopening up Sleeper Cell. Shelli didn’t know. Audrey didn’t think she did. Audrey then asked if Clay did. Shelli again didn’t know. Audrey thought it was weird that Clay and Vanessa hadn’t talked to him yet about opening Sleeper Cell again. Shelli blew her off because she was trying to take a nap and said that it was a weird day because of the Meg thing, but then kept the information in the back of her mind. By including her in the Sleeper Cell thing again she’ll calm down again and feel comfortable again. The three agree. They also agree that if they do feed her any information it has to be fake. Ultimately whoever wins HOH and decides to go after Audrey, Audrey will then have those days to out everyone or blow up alliances. 04:04 AM BBT The plan is to get Austin on the plan that Sleeper Cell is awakened and he has to be made aware that they don’t trust Audrey. They want to be together when Liz tells Austin about being a twin and then they will make a name and have a 6 person team. When they ultimately loose Audrey if they make it to week 5 they’ll gain Liz’s sister comes in. Vanessa will wake up Liz and Austin and pull them upstairs when the wake up music plays. Shelli worries Audrey will slink up in the AM. Vanessa will send Liz in. Vanessa will give them five minutes before coming up with Austin. They check the spy screen and make sure the KT is clear. Vanessa loves them both and is ready to kill it. Vanessa says she’s ready to play the game strong and as a real alliance. 04:08 AM BBT Meanwhile the other feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 04:10 AM BBT Vanessa heads down into the KT and Clay and Shelli celebrate saying what an amazing way to end the HOH. They have to keep Liz in the house. Vanessa heads down into the WA and lays on the lounger, staring at the floor quietly. 04:11 AM BBT Clay says they have to make sure Austin is not with Audrey. Shelli agrees but Clay put some doubt in Austin and she’s afraid that may bite them. Clay agrees but he doesn’t think Austin would burn him. Shelli fears that Austin may take the information that they don’t trust Audrey to her and if she survives the week she will go after the two of them. Clay sees where she is coming from but he still don’t think he would. Shelli says he’s too trusting. This game is a salesman’s game. 04:14 AM BBT Shelli tells a story that she was in the WA doing her hair and Johnny walks in and says “Hey, is there anyone in here?” pointing to the WC. She said no and he stood there for a moment looking at her. She turned and looked at him like he had something to say. He told her that Da’vonne said she knows how has the Last Laugh and then he said he had to use the bathroom. Meanwhile Audrey was in the KT and slowly slinked down the hall and had a seat behind her and they had girl talk. Shelli swears that Audrey could see her talking to someone but wasn’t sure who so she came and sat in the WA until whoever was in the WC came out just to see who she was talking to. Audrey tries to be sly. 04:19 AM BBT Shelli doesn’t trust Jeff. Johnny is close with Jeff so they need to be careful with what they say about Jeff to Johnny. Shelli thinks Jeff has something with Audrey. Meanwhile over in the WA Vanessa gets up off the lounger and adjusts her mic pack before heading into the WC. 04:22 AM BBT Vanessa out of the WC and washes her hands before heading into the KT. Up in the HOH Clay and Shelli remove their mics and sets them on the nightstands before cuddling up for the night. Vanessa heads into the darkened bedrooms. Everyone appears to be sleeping. Vanessa crawls into her bed. Johnny (her bed mate) wakes up and grabs his mic pack, fiddling with it before putting it back down on the nightstand. 04:25 AM BBT Jason wakes up and says something. Da’vonne sits up and mumbles “Hmm?” twice before rolling back over and going to bed. Up in the HOH Shelli and Clay run scenarios for who should win HOH next. Clay asks if Shelli knows what would make today even better before climbing on top of her and bouncing a bit. Shelli grunts and says too much excitement has already happened today and they should save it for another day while giggling. 04:32 AM BBT Clay and Shelli appear to have fallen asleep. Meanwhile elsewhere in the house we continue to have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 04:45 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 05:00 AM BBT All four feeds display sleeping HGs. 05:15 AM BBT Jason is up to get a drink and uses the WC. He washes his hands before heading back to bed. 05:25 AM BBT James is up to get a drink before heading back to bed. 05:45 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs. 06:04 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. 06:51 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs. 07:21 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 08:12 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. Occasionally someone can be heard shifting or mumbling, but the house remains otherwise quiet.
  25. 06:42 AM BBT Meg says she is so excited about not being a HN tonight. Jason says it won't be the last time she is one tonight. James says she'll get to get her cell phone and talk to Julie on Thursday. Meg hates them. James questions if she hates Julie and that's why she doesn't want to talk to her. 06:45 AM BBT Steve keeps whispering telling Meg to shut up. Meg says it's not her talking. He says it is. James says to tell her he's voting her out on Thursday. Steve thought that had already been established. Steve is tired and wants to sleep. James wonders why. James says they only have 18 hours until they are no longer HNs. Idle chit chat/playfulness continues. 06:50 AM BBT General goofiness continues in the HN room. James says they're going to BD Meg next week. Steve points out she's going home this week. James sarcastically says they should go to sleep. Steve really does want to go to sleep. Jason wonders what they're going to play for her last wakeup song. Meg hates him. 07:00 AM BBT The HN room appears to be settling down for the night...day? All other feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. 07:28 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms. 07:46 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. 08:20 AM BBT James is restless in the HN room. Everyone else appears to be sleeping.