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  1. Sore loser punk. Glad he's gone (hope it true).
  2. Agree. I came with an open mind, to not dislike him because he's a Hantz. He proved me wrong, I dislike him.
  3. Shipp

    Britney (Coach ), Week 2

    Willie isn't the type to off himself. He could off someone else tho. Stay safe little nugget, lol.
  4. Shipp

    Britney (Coach ), Week 2

    Ya think Ian a spy for the HOH gang? I know wrong thread but responding to above.
  5. Shipp

    Britney (Coach ), Week 2

    Willie, Willie, Willie, ya screwed the pooch. By the way were's my little nugget Ian? Hiding?
  6. Shipp

    Britney (Coach ), Week 2

    I think you're right. Something is happening...........hmmmmmm. Willie is already a Have Snot, probably put on the block, and kaboom. Hair, teeth, and eyeballs. Clean up aisle 7.
  7. Do you know why there are 4 Have Snots? (not a typo)
  8. NO NO NO, I never said I as a Janelle fan.
  9. Shipp

    Britney (Coach ), Week 2

    You mean she's not a natural blond? (snicker snicker)
  10. Shipp

    Britney (Coach ), Week 2

    LOL Tara. "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn." Britney a waste of space. Also I wish she would stop chewing on herself. She did that her season too.
  11. I don't like Willie. He's a bully to get his own way and a poor sport when he doesn't. He does add interest to a mostly boring show, thus far. That's the only nice thing I can say about him.
  12. Shipp

    JoJo, Week 1

    There's a Jo Jo and a Joe, a Danielle and a Dan, a Wil and a Willie. No wonder I'm confused.
  13. Shipp

    Ian, Week 1

    Of course he's a virgin. Who would want to............never mind. Don't need a warning.