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  1. JeepGirl

    Jessie - BB 11

    Apparently they are allowing the HOH to twitter... http://twitter.com/BigBrotherHOH Too bad it wont be worth reading until next week.
  2. JeepGirl

    Alliances Name Discussion

    The BB Blogger over at ew.com (or was it tvguide.com) dubbed them the Renny-gades.
  3. JeepGirl

    Pov - Week 6

    Ollie's an idiot. Doesn't he realize that in BB in order for someone to "owe you one" you need to get a verbal agreement. As in, I wont put you up this week while I'm HOH, if you promise to use the veto on me or my F**K friend later. There is no such thing as unconditional reciprocation in the BB house.
  4. JeepGirl

    Is April Pregnant???? Got a baby name???

    It will be a girl and they will name it Julie Mama.
  5. JeepGirl

    Is April Pregnant???? Got a baby name???

    They just cuddled. No way anyone would be stupid enough to have sex live on the inter... Oh, I almost made it through that with a straight face.
  6. JeepGirl

    Renny's Nominations

    I was just scrolling down to say the same thing, Elle!
  7. JeepGirl

    Renny - Week 5

    That cats belly looks like Jerrys neck!!
  8. JeepGirl

    Ollie - Week 5

    Julie finally did imply that he should knock it off on Craig Ferguson last night. Ollie looked shocked. ETA:Craig Ferguson link
  9. JeepGirl

    Ollie - Week 5

    UVP, I think "European American" was LenRay's way of saying "white folks"
  10. JeepGirl

    Poll ~ Should Julie Call Out Jerry

    She totally should call him out. The best part of Survivor is when Jeff Probst stirs the pot.
  11. JeepGirl

    Ollie - Week 5

    Carmen, you posted it wrong. So I fixed it for you!
  12. JeepGirl

    Dan - Week 4

    For further clarification, here is the link to CBS BB8 Americas Player page: BB8 Americas Player The question was always worded "Which one of the two nominees do you want Eric to get evicted from the Big Brother House?", except the first time when all he had to do was vote to evict (Carol). I distinctly remember him getting called to the DR shortly after midnight on every show day. You cant [u]GET someone evicted if you dont know who it is that America wants out. I am 100% certain that he knew in advance so that he could work the other HGs to evict the right person. ETA: Regardless, Dans task seems merely to cast a vote. He may not know until tonight who it is for, which kinda sucks for him.
  13. JeepGirl

    Dan - Week 4

    Thats what I am thinking, too. If he knew who he was voting for I think he would be getting others on board so his vote wouldnt stick out like a sore thumb. Although, wouldnt it be fun if, when he went into DR to cast our vote, Julie told him his vote had already been cast and counted but didnt tell him who it was for.
  14. JeepGirl

    Dan - Week 4

    At the end of the episode recap on cbs.com, it says: Sounds like Dan is just voting to evict M or J, as opposed to getting M or J evcited. Which is how Eric did it the first week that he was AP. After that first week, Eric had to get people evicted, which involved not just voting for them but convincing others to as well. All but that first week Eric was called into DR shortly after voting closed on Tuedsay night (early Wednesday) and informed of Americas decision so that he had as much time as possible to work on the other HGs. If our chosen HG was not evicted, he didnt get credit for the task despite voting for the person.
  15. JeepGirl

    Dan - Week 4

    I was thinking the other night that the best way to "shoot the bird to the producers" (thanks, bbaholic) would be to make the AP tasks as easy as possible. That way we make Allison GrEEdner pay out as much $$$ as possible.