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    Feeds Flashback Feature broken?

    I also wasn't able to watch it when they went live and I'm having the same issue. I hope they fix it soon.
  2. It starts this Thursday night right UVP? And the feeds are $5.99 per month? I thought we could pay for the entire season upfront? We can't do that anymore? I guess I need to start watching the new houseguest videos though right?
  3. Oh no BB already started??
  4. vannatc1

    Derrick's HOH competition win

    I saw the same thing as you and took away from it what you did. But I don't know if the other HG knew what was happening. I mean they couldn't see Derrick could they to see him switching? So they might not know. IF they did they are crazy not to protest. I know I would have. I think Derrick is playing a great game but I don't feel right about what happened. But I guess nobody will protest since I think most people want him to win. Had that been Victoria that it happened to I think there would be a HUGE protest right now!
  5. vannatc1

    How I feel about Allison

    What happened? I missed it!
  6. vannatc1

    BB 16 excitement level, 1-10

    So these guys weren't already in the house for a week this year?
  7. vannatc1

    BB 16 excitement level, 1-10

    Let's get this party STARTED Marty!!
  8. vannatc1

    BB 16 excitement level, 1-10

    I'm here!! Does anyone remember me??
  9. My BEST moment of BB15 was during the Roller Derby competition and BB sprayed out something and Andy said is that the BEST you got and then immediately said I'm kidding I'm kidding. Then ALL hell broke loose and Andy was down for the count. I couldn't stop laughing. I even caught myself thinking there you go Andy! LOL It was like the BBGods came to help use pay back the little rat boy. It was SO dang funny. I also love how FAST the comp was. Otherwise it could have went on all night. I knew when there was water all over the floor it was very close to the end for these 2. You know Ronnie MUST be jealous of Ratboy Andy. I think Ronnie was out about 5th on his season? They figured him out almost right away. I just can't believe the couldn't see that with Andy. I'm good at reading people. He would have stuck out to me. What is your favorite moment?
  10. Oh no! I didn't know this new season started already! Is there a way to watch any missed eposides?