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  1. Victor is back in the house. Only HG in history to get 3 chances at one season
  2. So all heck braking loose before the feeds went down. Various arguments . Paul called Michelle a F'ing (C word) Natalie and Meech and and Vic have James trapped in the Safari room. Meech and Natalie whining to James they want Vic to stay and Corey to go home. James is pacing the floor Then the feeds go down and we have Jeff until the show. I say 95% chance Vic goes home and 5% chance he stays
  3. OK - No double eviction if they have a returning player. Your memory about Judd is correct
  4. The last few days Natalie has been acting manic. I still like her but she has dropped down a few pegs
  5. If you watch the feeds you see how gently and patiently James works to always reign Natalie back on tract. Natalie is in no means controlling James. That being said when James and Natalie are together talking game Natalie is very intuitive.
  6. Victor is getting 3 chances at the game. Not fair to the people in the house that fought hard not to get evicted. Victor did let Paul play his game. Victor was gun ho on putting up Natalie and Meech but let Paul talk him into putting up Paulie and Corey. Victor clearly is not very good at the game of Big Brother. He only follows Paul's lead. On his own he is not very intuitive although he is learning. He got to sit out 2 weeks of the game in jury and Thursday getting his 3rd shot at the game. As a lifetime Big Brother junkie I think the buy back is wrong late in the game. We are at the end of the game and bringing anyone back at this point is not fair. Victor did do the nomination ceremony with throwing beads at the girls and making them cry. CBS did edit out the worst of his speech. Victor has "integrity" not sure what you mean. Yes Victor is good at comps. Yes Victor is intelligent just not smart at the game of BB. Victor a HERO? No he is just a guy good at comps that is given multiple chances.
  7. I am not sure what you mean. What 2nd eviction? Anyway to be fair they need the 5 to do their quick crap shoot battle before the winner joins the other HG for an endurance challenge.
  8. My guess is that the 5 will do a quick crap shoot then that winner will be up on the wall with the others competing for HOH
  9. We are on the same team this year. Lots of quiet behind the scenes maneuvering but he is doing pretty good. Someone coming back could mess up his game but I am still rooting for him.
  10. At the end of the game coming up I think it is so wrong that Vic gets 3 shots at the game and everyone in the house only got one chance. I think BB did wrong on this one. Not fair to the people in the house that worked hard to never get evicted.
  11. Can't stand Paul and his pelican
  12. Meech and Paul just got up. They both slept 16 hours
  13. True about Frank the only evicted HG to not get a chance back. To be fair I think that BB really needs to make the comp a crap shoot.
  14. Looks like Victor will be evicted on Thursday and have his 3rd shot to play the game this season. All the remaining houseguests have just had one shot. I think the buy back was not so bad at the beginning of the game but to have a 2nd buy back at the end of the game is just not fair to those that have worked so hard at the game.