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  1. Cancelled my feeds first time ever See y'all next season
  2. Cancelled my feeds first time ever in 19 season and one season of BBOT. This is not the Big Brother I have loved. See y'all next season
  3. no no no absolutely nobody here at this forum. The game getting to me... not my style of game play and nasty people on Facebook. I will live to bitch another day.... Who the hell is Patsy Ryan?
  4. Just a bad day. This forum is the best place to be. Social media has gotten so mean and ugly and being bullied for saying I don't like bullies is just nuts example - Patsy Ryan Ok Marty... It's time to go to your safe space snow flake (you may want to put your protesting vagina hat in the closet and realize this is a big brother page and not a libtard page lol
  5. I'm done. Worst season in all the 19 seasons. The Paul Show has totally taken Big Brother to the nastiest level ever. Go adead attack me for saying I'm done. The posters have turned just as nasty as Paul.
  6. Paul has made this season the Paul Show and most disgusting season ever. For the first time in 19 seasons I am done with this season. Paul makes me cringe.
  7. They could play in the safety challenge. One will win and one could win HOH and not have to use the Halting Hex this week.
  8. Paul said he is putting up Cody and Jess. He doesn't believe that CBS would give Jess such a powerful DOT. He said he got the best Temptation and they would never give out another powerful one.
  9. I can't stomach the CBS show anymore. It is the PAUL SHOW. It is mostly all scripted to make Paul the huge mastermind. Poo on you CBS
  10. Raven is a Paul fan and met him at an event. In the house both Paul and Christmas promised they would make sure Raven won because she needs the money.
  11. I think I remember Kevin's episode one when they did a little clip on the new houseguests they showed Kevin on the corner and joking about hanging our with people named Cheeze. I could be wrong. Found it There is there Kevin's whole facade as a Boston wise guy. Kevin's pre-recorded introduction package leaned heavily into a cultivated Godfather or Goodfellas aesthetic. It seems like a complete put-on to just make it on TV but it might not be entirely false. As was reported by the Boston Globe in 2006, Kevin's father, who he name-dropped as "The Big Cheese," was arrested for cocaine trafficking when he was 69. Kevin's son of a gangster (or a mobster himself) routine might seem over-the-top but there is some basis in fact. Yet as much Kevin leans into the mob persona, everything else he does conflicts with it.
  12. You are right I did hear his father was in prison and also know he mentioned nickname Cheese. Crime family.... LOL
  13. His son's name is Andrew if that has anything to do with what he was talking about. This must be his brother because he talked about the nickname Cheese. http://archive.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2006/08/12/cocaine_dealer_69_ordered_to_spend_decade_in_prison/
  14. Marty

    Cody & Jessica

    Do you mean blindside Jessica and Cody? Not sure why