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  1. Wow that is a really good point. bammmm
  2. Something is rotten in the BB house. ugh
  3. You know on reality shows like survivor and BB they know those comments grab the audience heartstrings. We don't know if she loves animals more then anyone else in the house.
  4. From comments it was pretty much 2 things. Some hated the Showmance and some disliked her talking too much in the group conversations. I think she is playing a smart game. She is probably the best strategist in the game.
  5. Kryssie nominated Scott and Morgan all non-plastic rooms and groups are voting for Shelby for 3rd nom
  6. I depress myself.... I hate to say it but the Misfits need to make some new alliances or this will end up 3 plastic girls at the end.
  7. I think with Plastics running America the have nots will be Justin, Danielle and Kryssie
  8. Sad to say that it looks like Neely will be the nom because Plastic fans outnumber us by a lot. (ugh America) The vote will be 3/3 and America will evict Neely and we will be down a number. Not looking good if you are a fan of the Late Night Jamboree
  9. Let me know how that is going. The people in my chat sometimes want to jump the gun. I keep telling them to wait. We have a member set up a Twitter poll and we are trying to get a consensus. I am so happy we are working together this time. Are you thinking if Scott is not nominated he would be the easiest to get votes for maybe even from the other side? The Plastic fans are so united against nominating Neely. Would have to win the veto to save her. My second pick is Morgan. Maybe we can convince some Plastic fans maybe splitting the sisters is good for Alex's game. Who knows. Anyway we are waiting (it is hard holding them back) for the majority consensus.
  10. Well, I am voting against a group and for a group I like better. When the sides break up and we get rid of a few players I don't like - Morgan, Danielle, Shelby at the top then maybe I will focus more on the best player. My favorite houseguest is Justin. I like him. I wish I was his mother. LOL. I don't think Justin will win the game or does he deserve to win the game but I like him in the game. (kinda like last season. I loved James and wanted him to go far but I didn't think he deserved to win the game) In Season 16 from day one I was on Team Derrick and believed he deserved to win and stuck with him the whole season. I am also a big Dan fan and have always rooted for him. This season for me is just so different with America involved it is hard to root for the best over the most liked...... but will do that toward the end. It is truly too early for me to pick someone I would like to win. I am just not there yet.
  11. Just a heads up. The Team Jamboree chat I belong to and other chats I have seen are going to vote Scott, Morgan and Whitney for Have Nots The Plastic groups seem to be voting for Justin, Jason and Neely
  12. I voted to evict Dani. Would like to see Shane play without Danielle. Oh well
  13. I voted Morgan also. crossing fingers
  14. What did he take to the plastics? Did I miss something? He is being nice to them but I have never heard him talk any game with them. He seems really loyal to his alliance. He is in a very good position by not totally isolating himself. By talking and being nice to Scott he didn't get nominated. By not shunning the Plastics he probably won't get nominated. Jason is doing a little cross over socialization also. Both Jason and Justin agree they need to do that. Ate 3:23am you hear Kryssie complaining about Justin talking to the plastics and Jason shuts her down.
  15. I have mixed feelings about Scooter. He is pretty awkward for sure