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  1. Just a heads up. The Team Jamboree chat I belong to and other chats I have seen are going to vote Scott, Morgan and Whitney for Have Nots The Plastic groups seem to be voting for Justin, Jason and Neely
  2. I voted to evict Dani. Would like to see Shane play without Danielle. Oh well
  3. I voted Morgan also. crossing fingers
  4. What did he take to the plastics? Did I miss something? He is being nice to them but I have never heard him talk any game with them. He seems really loyal to his alliance. He is in a very good position by not totally isolating himself. By talking and being nice to Scott he didn't get nominated. By not shunning the Plastics he probably won't get nominated. Jason is doing a little cross over socialization also. Both Jason and Justin agree they need to do that. Ate 3:23am you hear Kryssie complaining about Justin talking to the plastics and Jason shuts her down.
  5. I have mixed feelings about Scooter. He is pretty awkward for sure
  6. Well Scott is the new HOH He is crushing on Alex so bad. He pulled Neely up to HOH and promised her safety if she didn't nominate him or Alex if she wins HOH Alex is really using him Scott won the care package and he using the double veto. He is putting up Kryssie and Neely because he thinks they are weak and his side can win veto and back door Shane.
  7. Don't forget to vote - I am team Late Night Jamboree so I voted Alex, Whitney and Shelby for Have Nots Just a heads up. Jokers is all in for the Plastics and they are now the favorites there. They are voting Jason, Kryissie and Danielle for Have Nots
  8. I did not understand that comp and didn't see any numbers
  9. I think I want Neeley to have the care package. Just because I like her and Jason will help her use it wisely
  10. He made comments the last few days if he is on the street Justin or Danielle might stab him with a knife He said he runs over squirrels for fun He said Justin is Bayou trash He had constantly talked about he lives in a different world then the "misfits" and he would not live that kind of life He made that comment about Justin might have stolen his nice clothes. (not a good thing to stay to a black person) Not a day went by where he didn't talk about Jason not being respectful and he always had that holier then thou. Glad to see him gone.
  11. Yes yes yes - I agree
  12. Again my opinion and help yourself to the meme
  13. This is just my opinion - Feel free to use or share the meme