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  1. You nailed it. Social media is filled with lemmings
  2. I don't know about that. If America gets to choose there are fanclubs for Kryssie, Neeley and Cornbread. I think the people on social media are going to go after the young 20 somethings first. I hate that America chooses. The people on social media have already decided and it doesn't matter what kind of game you play.
  3. Well I have paid for the feeds for years. This extra season is no big deal. Less then $25 for the season is a good deal
  4. No - Feeds are NOT free. That would be illegal to give links for free
  5. I don't mean to be judgmental but I have never liked nose rings. They have always grossed me out. That being said I like some people that wear them but I just don't like looking at them.
  6. He interests me. I really want to see how he gets along with the other houseguests. I like him from the get go and not sure why
  7. So she is not going to tell them she is a lawyer..... maybe a pre-school teacher? LOL
  8. Beautiful eyes and a little too much hair.
  9. Nice to have a 30 something but ..... I dunno about her
  10. The sister twist should be interesting. They both talk about how different they are. We will see