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  1. I really appreciate the updaters - especially this year. I couldn't afford the feeds this year due to finances. So, I depend on the updaters to see what's happening in the house. (Goodness knows you can't just watch the shows and think you know what's really gone on.) Thank you so much for the fantastic job that you all do to keep up informed!
  2. Blonder

    Who do you want to win HOH?

    I'd like to see anyone win who has the guts to either put up or backdoor Brenchal. Rachel will have a hissy fit that anyone has the nerve to nominate her and the house needs to be shaken up. It's just too predictable. I still can't believe the newbies couldn't stick together for one week when they had the numbers to get Porche (however you spell it) out. That said, I don't want to see either Jeff or Jordan go home. I'm even starting to like Dani this season.
  3. Blonder

    Make your Mark - CBS HOH Questions

    I've been trying and trying to vote - updated flash and so forth - but the questions wouldn't load. So I downloaded Firefox, then updated flash again, and finally got the questions. Thanks to whoever said they used Firefox as I finally got to vote just now. Oh, it was Marty. Thanks, Marty.
  4. Blonder

    2nd Twist of the season (speculation)

    It's probably just me, but I keep thinking Dick only came on the show so Danielle could play and it was 'pre-arranged' that he'd have to leave. Who knows?
  5. The season included huge ups and downs for me but I enjoyed it overall. The only complaint I have is that there should never be relatives included in the houseguests - whether they are friends or foes. I agree, the best twist next year would be no twist but I was overjoyed with the reactions to Eric being unmasked as America's player. Congrats to Dick and Danielle and Eric (he got 3rd money-wise). At least now I can go to bed as a decent hour and not feel that I have to stay up to see what's going on in the house on BBAD. Only a little over 9 months till BB9. It was a much better season than some of the others regardless of whether you liked the winners or not. Take care, all.
  6. Blonder

    To Live Feeders and Picture/Video posters

    Thank you to all of you posters for all of your hard work. I know that you lost time with your family and friends to keep us all updated and we appreciate it greatly. I just got done making a donation to the site (wish it could be more) and I encourage you all to do what you can to help out. Thanks again and good luck with all tha Big Brother detoxing that's going to be going on.
  7. Blonder

    BB8 ... In The Media

    I had to laugh at the comment about the only time the live feeds were cut.... when weren't they cut? (other than when they were sleeping, of course)
  8. Blonder

    Who Will Win Bb8?

    One or the other will win. Doesn't really matter.
  9. Blonder

    Rules Of The Big Brother Game

    I feel sorry for the trash can he kicked and the buzzer he broke. Poor things - what'd they ever do to him?
  10. Blonder

    Don't Forget To Cancel Your Feeds

    I, too, just called and cancelled my superpass. Got my confirmation #, account is good until 9/29, got the confirmation email which specifically say, I do not have to do anything else and it will be cancelled as of 9/29. I was on hold around 2 minutes and had no problems. (The English was a little hard to follow but mostly because the gentleman was extremely polite and kept thanking me for everything I needed to tell him. lol) Thanks for the reminder, everyone. Oh, I, also, used the 'I only sign up for Big Brother and I'll be back next year.' Seemed to keep the trying to talk me into anything else down to a minimum.
  11. Blonder

    Daniele - 2nd Place Winner

    I must have missed something the night of the endurance competition (and the many repeats shown). All I saw was Danielle covering her father with towels and hovering over him while Zack just stood there - no towel- no congrats - no nothing. They must not have shown Danielle taking care of Zach. (And before everyone jumps on me - I just didn't see it. Been watching for it because I read about it but never did see it.)
  12. Blonder

    Daniele - 2nd Place Winner

    Daniele seems to be back to her usual whiny, bite-Dick's-head-off self this afternoon.
  13. Blonder

    Weight Gain

    Looking at the early pictures of her upsets me so much that I just had to go grab a handful of Skittles.
  14. Blonder

    Are You Happy With Final Two?

    I can't wait to see the looks on everyone's faces when Eric is introduced as America's Player. Someone said the Donato's had the hardest odds to overcome in the house. I disagree. I believe it was Eric. Think what you will of him but he was doing what we told him to do. When it came to casting his vote - he was forced to vote for us. Even now, in the final two, he will have to vote as we tell him to. It can't be easy playing the game when you are forced to do something that you know isn't the right move for you. It's also my personal opinion that none of the 'enemies' twist people should have been blood relatives. It's a tired but true statement that 'blood is thicker than water'. As for the final two - they out-witted, out-manipulated, out-lied, out-belittled, out-bullied and out-played everyone else in the game. Congrats to them.
  15. Blonder

    Thursday's Live Show 9/13

    Blithering idiots are people too, so...... GO ZACH