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    James Huling (Week 8)

    His constant teasing of Meg is getting so old. He is in love with her and acts like a grade school boy ... throwing candy at her, calling her names, etc. He is trying so hard to be known as this jokester. Can't wait till he is gone. The Goblins were so full of themselves last week. They are not laughing so hard anymore.
  2. Ruby212

    Shelli Poole (Week 1)

    Do you think that she had them whitened? Wow ... I needed sunglasses. I think she is just there for a showmance or to make her newly ex jealous.
  3. Yes ... I think Liz is the one that has the twin. She is the one I like the least so now we are going to have 2 of them!
  4. Ruby212

    Jury Questions

    You can find pics of the jury round table discussion on the main CBS BB website. Frankie does NOT look happy! Hope this link works ... never did it before http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/photos/1002425/inside-the-jury-roundtable/63307/a-jury-roundtable/
  5. Ruby212

    Jury Questions

    I love this part but I agree ... the questions will probably be dull. I am looking forward to seeing how Victoria will answer them. Usually after this part, they talk about it on the live feeds so you get a pretty good idea what they asked them before you see it on the final show. Many say how bitter that person was or "What did they mean by that?". I would rather watch the jury!! Don't know why they never show them much.
  6. Ruby212

    Jury Questions

    Does anyone know when they will be questioned by the jury? I know they will not show it until Wednesday's show but they do it earlier than that. I know in the past, we can see them on the live feeds discussing who was mean to them and what they asked them. Do you think it is today?
  7. I like Donny a lot but I am getting a little tired of constantly hearing how the other house guests are so rude to him. Perhaps he should have played a more social game until waiting until 2 months into the game to talk to these people. It goes both ways. He is not the most exciting person so I think the others get bored with him. The first couple of months he just spent talking to Jokasta ... he did not make an effort to get to know the others. Like I said, I do like him a lot and wish him the best but maybe it is time for him to go to jury and he will have his friends there.
  8. Ruby212

    BB15 General Discussion - Part 3

    This is what I heard so far: Andy - "There seems to be a ghost in the house. He has a high-pitched wail, is pale as a sheet, and he likes to float. His name is Andy!" (Andy did NOT like his zing!) Judd - his shirt is more famous than he is Spencer - a fat joke of some sort GM - she has a "Fatal Attraction" obsession for "someone" Elissa - her Zingbot impersonation is bad, but she is a worse imitation of Rachel Aaryn - some kind of "Mean Girl" joke Amanda - something about how she never wears a bra McCrae - he sorts his laundry into 'Dirty' and 'Dirty but Wearable'
  9. Ruby212

    Get the Live Feeds Here!

    Thank you Cyn ... Chrome worked! I was getting in a panic since the time was getting short Should have checked it much earlier. Appreciate your help!
  10. Ruby212

    Get the Live Feeds Here!

    I just tested my live feeds and am not able to access them. I have always had them past years and had no problem. I know that I have access since I am able to access them on my laptop but cannot on my desktop , where I want them. I have Internet Explorer 9, and Cookies are Enabled. When I click on the "Feeds", and I try to sign in, I get : Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage What you can try: Diagnose Connection Problems More information Any suggestions?
  11. I would like the the time they "need to fill" about the HG's that were eliminated. I always looked forward to seeing them in the Sequester house and they never show enough. Sometimes, the Sequester house is more exciting than the regular house! Before they go to the Sequester house, they could show the HG's that are now at home and what they think after watching the episodes.
  12. Ruby212

    Ashley, Week 6 - DE Evicted 8/23

    I think she is just gaining weight. Everytime you see her, she is putting food in her mouth. She likes to munch!
  13. That may be why MYS911 cannot find any medical emergencies reported ... Dani is taking care of it and will be the hero! I hope for Shane's sake, he doesn't need mouth to mouth!
  14. This is what was on another website: Just read this on Livefeeds Tech Support chat room: CBS_BB_Production: We Apologize for the delay, their was a medical emergency during the power of veto competition and the game has been put on hold while we figure things out. The feeds will be back up shortly.
  15. I think it is an act because when she gets caught off guard, she talks normal and forgets to act dingy. There has been a few times when she is talking to Janelle, she is fine. Janelle even said to her, you act different (normal) when we are just alone and they both laughed and laughed about it. It is her stradegy.