That was a great first night. Thank you everyone that posted. When midnight rolls around in the BB house, I start the next day's thread. It is now Thursday September 29, 2016 please use that thread. GN, & Thanks again. ~Morty
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TV - Reality



  1. Amazing Race

    Fans of The Amazing Race chat about the show, post spoilers, and rate the players of the Emmy Award Winning series. The Amazing Race airs on CBS. Season 29 starts in the winter of 2017, Date TBA.

  2. Big Brother Canada archives

    It's the same version of Big Brother we all love, but in Canada!

    BB-Can Topics and posts from past seasons.

  3. Big Brother

    Here is where you can talk about your favorite houseguests and everything that is going on inside the Big Brother house. You'll also find Sam from the Big Brother AfterShow here. Big Brother 19 will start in the summer of 2017.

  4. Big Brother International

    bb_int_forum.jpgI lost track of all the Big Brother houses around the world, but if you just can't get enough Big Brother, you can talk about all the other houses and their guests in this forum. Be sure to follow BB in the UK and Australia.
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  6. Dancing With the Stars

    One good turn deserves another! Dancing with the Stars pairs a celebrity with a professional dance partner and then compete in front of a studio audience in a dance competition. Dancing with the Stars will kick off its 22st season on Monday, March 21, 2016.

  7. Survivor

    survivor_generations.jpgSurvivor fans unite! Here we are, all together watching our favorite reality show, "Survivor." Join us for conversation and spoilers on Survivor. Season 33 of Survivor, Millennials vs. Gen X Wednesdays at 8PM on CBS

  8. Reality TV

     "The Apprentice", "The Biggest Loser", "The Bachelorette", "Hoarders", etc... if it's reality TV, you'll find it in here! The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC show will continue, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and without Trump, and is tentatively planned to premiere in the Spring 2016.

  9. Incoming News Feeds - Reality TV

    Here's a feed of news headlines relating to some of our favorite reality TV shows. If you see something of interest here, follow the link and post a copy of the story in the appropriate forum, for others to read and comment on. Powered by: Google