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  3. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    Nov 22, 2017 Episode 9 Previously on Survivor...A strong alliance of 7 was calling the shots, at TC accusations were made, Lauren saved her vote for later and Desi went home. 10 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Mike says again who he voted for didn't go home. He needs to throw some names out there, he talks about Cole. Lauren feels confident her secret advantage is in play. Lauren and Ben say they will have to rethink things when it gets down to 7. Ryan tells Devon he had an HII. Day 22...Reward challenge time.. divided into two teams, swim out to a platform dive down to retrieve a key, use the key to unlock balls, use the balls to throw into a basket. First team to get 5 baskets. They will tour on a yacht, with sandwiches, cold beer, red wine and chocolate cake. Blue is Ben, Devon Ashley, Ryan and Lauren. Red is Cole Chrissy, JP, Joe and Mike. Go!! Blue out first but red is right behind. Red gets first key, blue right behind. Red takes the lead with 2 keys. Blue catching up. Both teams on last key with red in the lead. Red starts using the keys to unlock the chest with the balls. Blue right behind. Red starts shooting for the baskets. Red gets 1 and 2 , 3. Blue gets 1, 2 and 3...its tied up. Red gets 4 and 5....Red wins Reward!! Boat comes in to take them off to the yacht. Blue goes back to camp. On the yacht they watch dolphins jump. They eat the food with gusto. Cole says he has only lost 1 comp. Its good to have food. Joe cuts into the cake looking for a clue, he searches the boat too. The yacht passes camp and blows the horn, the others at camp give the yachters a quartet of full moons. At camp Ryan tells Ben he has the HII. Ben is ecstatic. Ben says this 7 has to stick together. Day 23. they guys see a sea snake while Joe searches under the flag for the HII. Joe says he is going to ppl so upset at him they will keep him around cuz they can get rid of him at any time. At camp Joe says Ashely will make it to F3 being a goat. Joe says he doesn't care, he didn't come here for friends or adventure. Ashley tells us she will be talking about Joe going before Cole at the next round table. Ben and Devon take a walk. Devon says he and Ben are set for F7. Ben says he wants to sit next to Devon. Ben says Devon has a good heart. Ben says Devon will find out secrets about the 7. Ben tells Devon about Ryan's HII. Devon tells us this game just got complicated, Ryan has been telling Devon he was the only one to know about HII....Devon and Ben make a pact for F2. Time for immunity challenge...They will have bars on their shoulders causing them to be in a squatting position, if they go too low their flag will go up if they go too high their urn will drop. Go!! Ashley is the first to drop. There is no wiggle room in this challenge. Mike drops. JP wiggling. The wind is blowing. JP is out. Devon looks down to look at Chrissy's form and is out. Joe is out too. Ben is out. Chrissy, Cole, Lauren and Ryan are left. 20 minutes into the challenge. Chrissy gives out and her flag raises, she is out. Ryan is out. Its Cole and Lauren in a showdown. Lauren says it looks like Coles thing is leaning a bit. Both are wiggling. Cole is out. Lauren wins immunity. Cole tells us its disappointing to not win, he has a target on his but they all don't like Joe so hopefully they will take Joe out. Day 24, they congratulate Lauren on her win. Ben suggests they split the vote 4 Cole and 3 Mike. Ashely is PO'd its Mike and not Joe. Lauren says Joe is not a threat, now is the time to get out Cole. Ashley annoyed, she is going to try to get ppl to vote out Joe. Mike asks Ben who to vote for, Ben says Cole. Mike says he cant trust Ben, he has to do something to send a big threat home. Mike goes to Joe with the suggestion of getting Ben out. Mike says he will play his HII...but for whom? Chrissy questions Ben why Mike not Joe. Ben says he doesn't want to be a dictator, Chrissy says ppl are starting feel steamrolled by Ben. Chrissy says there is no more strategic threat then Joe. Time for TC. Desi comes in as Jury. Joe says the game is lost, he isn't part of the round table. Mike LOL says he is a jester. Cole says he and Joe are first on the chopping block. Chrissy says the vibe at camp is bad. Mike says he is disappointed with his tribe. Painting Joe as a pariah and not voting him out is not playing this game with character. Lauren rubs her forehead. Lauren says she agrees with Mike if they weren't playing Survivor. Chrissy says they have to vote tonight so they can be successful at the next TC. Joe says they all live in a fantasy world. Ashley says you can count numbers but you cant figure in alliances and relationships. Ben says relationships will get you to the end. Joe has no relationship. They say they are ready to vote. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes...anyone want to play the HII? Mike puts it out of his pocket and gives it to Jeff says he is playing it for Mike. Any votes cast for Mike do not count. Votes: Ben, Mike, Mike, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, 9th person voted out and second person in jury is Cole. He says good luck, have fun out there. Jeff says alliances are the cornerstone of survivor, but as ppl dwindle those on the bottom get desperate and its harder to keep alliances together. Next time on Survivor: The alliance of 7 seem set in stone but they start to crumble from the inside.
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  11. The Voice (Season 13)

    Jennifer and Blake will each perform with their teams tonight and America will get to save an artist tonight! We’re about to find out some of the results from last night’s performance show. We’re going to do the first three artists who are safe and one step closer to potentially winning it all. America has saved…from Team Adam… America saved from Team Adam…Addison Agen. America also saved…from Team Jennifer… America has saved from Team Jennifer…Noah Mac. America’s third save…from Team Blake… America’s third save from Team Blake is…Chloe Kohanski. Jennifer performs Let it Be by The Beatles with her team. It’s time for more results! America has saved… America has saved…from Team Miley…Brooke Simpson. America has also saved… America has also saved from Team Blake…Keisha Renee. Maroon 5 takes the stage and performs their new song What Lovers Do. The Voice Top 12 got together with The Bellas from Pitch Perfect 3 and they created a music video which is premiering tonight. America’s next save… America’s next save from Team Jennifer…Shi’Ann Jones. America has also saved… From Team Miley, America has also saved…Janice Freeman. Blake is now going to join his team and sing If It Will, It Will by Hank Williams Jr. We’re going to bring out the five remaining artists. America has saved… America has saved Davon Fleming from Team Jennifer giving her a clean sweep tonight. America has also saved… America has saved Ashland Craft from Team Miley. America’s final save is Red Marlowe from Team Blake. The two remaining members of Team Adam, John Mero and Adam Cunningham will perform, and America will get to vote to save one. It’s time for the Instant Save! Voting will open after BOTH artists perform. Do not vote until we post you can vote! If you do, then your vote will not count, so stay patient and watch for voting to open! First to perform is Adam Cunningham and he is singing Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Adam says he hates this and he’s going to be as classy as he can with two in the bottom. Adam says Adam C. is a badass and neither deserves to be in the bottom, but here we are. Adam says he did as well as he could in this moment and he is proud of him. John Mero is going to perform I Want You Back by The Jackson 5. Adam says it’s funny, he doesn’t think anyone in this room thinks John should be going anywhere. Adam says we’re at the mercy of everyone not in this room. Adam says they both proved they deserved to be here, but he will say this. He’s not going to choose favorites and they are both amazing and he loves them both. Instant Save voting is now open. To save Jon Mero, tweet or retweet #VoiceSaveJon. Instant Save voting is now open. To save Adam Cunningham, tweet or retweet #VoiceSaveAdam. Instant Save voting is open for 5 minutes, so if you wish to vote, then vote now! Voting is still open for just a moment or two longer. Adam is leading with 54% and Jon has 46%. Voting is now closed! The time has come. Either Adam or Jon has been instantly saved by America. Here we go…America instantly saved…Adam Cunningham.
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  15. RT @ananavarro: I believe Donald Trump’s accusers. I believe Harvey Weinstein’s accusers. I believe Mark Halperin’s accusers. I believe Al…

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  17. RT @jcomparel: Happy Wednesday @Qriket family!

  18. RT @jcomparel: Happy Wednesday @Qriket family!

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  25. The Voice (Season 13)

    It is a night of special dedications and our first live show of season 13! The top 12 will all take the stage tonight and tomorrow one artist will go home, no matter what team he or she is on. Voting is open for all artists on all methods. Kicking the show off is Team Miley’s North Carolina powerhouse, Brooke Simpson. Brooke is going to perform the song Praying by Ke$ha. Brooke wants to dedicate this song to America and she hopes it not only reaches their ears, but their hearts as well. Jennifer says she doesn’t know where to start with Brooke. She says what Brooke did not tonight was represent the power of music and showed what the show was about. Miley says JHud just took the words from her mouth. Miley says it is such an honor as coaches to be the ones to get to feed their spirit and soul and give them the platform to show the world who they are. She thinks Brooke might have stolen the show. Carson is announcing thanks to their friends at Toyota the four finalists will each debut an original single during the finale on December 18. We’re going to continue with Team Blake’s Nashville singer, Red Marlowe. Red is going to sing Church on Cumberland Road by Shenandoah. Red is dedicating this song to his dad because he was the guy teaching him how to play guitar. Adam says Red, that was awesome. Adam says authenticity is number one for him and you don’t need to be Blake Shelton to know that’s as real as it gets. Blake says he knew Red was a great singer, but it was the first time he seen the performance side of what he does. Blake says he had so much energy and he can move, and it was so sexy. Blake says he did Shenandoah proud and made country music happy. Adam and Blake made a bet. The bet is if Blake sells more albums than Adam, then Adam has to call Blake Captain Country. If Adam sells more albums than Blake, then he has to call him the Greatest There Ever Was. Whoever loses the best has to carry out the on the very next live show (tonight) this season. They shook on it and Carson is going to reveal the results. Carson reveals both albums were released on November 3 and in the first week, Blake’s album landed at number four on the Billboard top 200. Adam’s album, the Maroon 5 album, came in at number two. Adam is the winner, so Blake must call him the Greatest There Ever Was for the rest of the show. Back to the top 12’s dedications with Team Jennifer’s pop artist from Kentucky, Shi’Ann Jones. Shi’Ann is going to take the stage with Vision of Love by Mariah Carey. Shi’Ann is dedicating this song to her coach, Jennifer, because she’s been there since the blinds helping her come out of her shell. Blake says he is super jealous right now because Shi’Ann picked a perfect time to become the highlight of the show because that was so good. Jennifer says Shi’Ann touched her heart because she can see she’s singing for home and she can relate. She is so proud of Shi’Ann. Just a reminder if an artist’s song is in the top 10 on iTunes at the close of voting, their votes are multiplied by 5. Next is Team Adam’s Iowa soul singer, John Mero. John is going to perform Why I Love You by Major. John is dedicating this song to his hometown Des Moines and his church because they supported him so much throughout his life and career. Miley says that was the perfect song choice for him and that was how he needed to start the live show and he just earned a huge fan base. That was the perfect performance and she’s his number one fan for now. Carson says they need to get a quick camera shot of Jennifer Hudson holding her shoe and that says a million words. Adam says he wants to tell everyone else why he’s special. He’s not just special because he’s a technically amazing singer, but he modernizes it so much and that’s why he thinks he’s unbelievable. Adam is so blown away and he is incredible. Next is Team Miley’s South Carolina singer, Ashland Craft. Ashland is going to sing Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker. Ashland is going to dedicate this song to her parents because they have been the most supportive people in her life, and they’ve done everything for her she could ever ask for. Jennifer says she is so happy for Ashland and she’s happy she owned the stage and showed her confidence. Jennifer hopes she enjoyed herself because she was awesome. Miley says JHud has said she thinks Ashland was a star and Ashland showed that tonight. Miley says she knew things were going to go well when she sang Come On! and started clapping. The next artist to take the stage is Team Adam’s Nashville singer, Adam Cunningham. Adam is going to take the stage with Against All Odds by Phil Collins. Adam is dedicating this song to his family because they’ve seen him struggle as a musician and encourage him to keep going. Blake says he knows Adam’s probably frustrated with himself, but it was a heck of a recover and he delivered a hell of a performance. He’s going to pass it over to the Greatest There Ever Was now. Adam says we’re all human and we all makes mistakes. It not about the mistake, it’s about the recovery. Adam says he recovered and he got them, and he got everyone on board and they responded. We’re going to continue with Team Blake’s indie rocker, Chloe Kohanski. Chloe is going to perform Thank You by Dido. Chloe is dedicating this song to her boyfriend. She says it’s not the most glamorous love song, but as soon as he calls, or she calls it just feels right. Miley says she misses Chloe on her team because she thinks she’s a total superstar. Miley says she is so special. Blake says he has been sitting in that seat for 13 seasons and he’s never heard a more well-rounded voice than that right there and he’ll be damned if she’s not a star. He’s so excited about this. Next is Team Jennifer’s Baltimore soul singer, Davon Fleming. Dalton is going to sing Love On Top by Beyonce. Davon is dedicating this performance to Baltimore because he wants to give back to his community and show kids there is something better out there than what they see. Adam says what the hell was that and that has to be exhausting. Adam says he has nothing to say then he throws his shoe. Jennifer says it was amazing to see that song preformed that way and to make it his own. Jennifer says you took it to a whole other level and she is very proud of the performance. Up next to preform is the Indie singer from team Adam, Addison Agen. Addison will be singing She Used To Be Mine by Sara Bareilles. Addison is dedicating her song to her mom because she raised 6 children she also worked as a music therapist and a teacher. Miley says she enjoyed have her on her team and she misses her. Miley says she loves the confidence that she has on stage. Adam says she can be an influence for other young women and he is happy that he is a part of the journey with her. Coming to the stage next is LA’s Keisha Renee from team Blake. Keisha will be singing Midnight Train To Georgia by Gladys Knight. Keisha is dedicating the song to her mom because she wants to make her mom proud. Jennifer says she thinks we were all on that train to Georgia and she doesn’t think she can sing a wrong note. Jennifer says you were singing to your mom, but you were also singing for someone else. Blake says it was a beautiful performance and it is one of his top favorite performance of all time. Noah Mac is next to the stage for team Jennifer. Noah is singing Speed Of Sound by Coldplay. Noah is dedicating his song to inspiring singers and songwriters because he doesn’t want them to give up. Adam says you look like you belong in the 50’s and you are stuck in this time. Jennifer says you are so unique and she love his voice. Jennifer says he is a great performer and can see him going far in the industry. We’re going to close out the night with California’s soulful rocker, Janice Freeman. Janice is going to perform The Story by Brandi Carlile. Janice is dedicating her song to her husband because he makes sure she has everything she needs, and he’s taught her what love really is. Blake throws a cowboy boot at the stage and Jennifer follows with her shoe. Blake says he loves Brandi Carlile and he knows she’s somewhere going what in the world? He says he hasn’t taken his boot off in 10 years. Miley says her hands are shaking and she’s in tears because she’s so proud of her. She knows this week has been hard for Janice and she told the story and that was her favorite performance of the night.
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