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  2. 12:23PM BBT: Back in the have not room, Rockstar tells Sam that she wasn't telling her about "JC's power" to piss her off (Sam doesn't like knowing secrets because she doesn't want to lie). Sam says she's not mad, she just wishes she never even had a power. and it makes her angry that people know about her power because people were talking about it.
  3. 12:18PM BBT: Sam and Rockstar are in their bedroom. Rockstar tells her how JC was half asleep one day and she asked him about his power. He was talking about "his power" so Rockstar thinks JC has one and thinks he accidentally told her because he was half asleep. Sam tells Rockstar: "I have a power. i've had it forever. it expires this week and i'm not going to use it because it's not fair." Rockstar: what is it? Sam: i'm not going to say. but it's not a fair thing. If i would have had to use it on myself, then I would have. 12:21PM BBT: in HOH bed, Kaitlyn and Scottie are talking. Kaitlyn says Sam is going to float her way to the end. Scottie says that seems to be the plan. Kaitlyn says she thinks Sam got the power app because she plays dumb. Scottie and Kaitlyn say that Sam says to everyone, "i don't understand the game". We get WBRB because Kaitlyn complains about casting.
  4. 12:14 pm BBT. Scottie is telling Kaitlyn his left hand is completely numb. She says that’ms bcuz u were open to receiving and u got something out of it and it’ll come back and not to worry. She says I do this every day.
  5. 10:59 am BBT. Kaitlyn, Rockstar and Winston talking in the LR and Faysal is climbing the rock wall and wearimg very tight white leggings or something. JC and Bayleigh talking in the PBR while each laying in a bed inder the covers. General talk. Kaitlyn says she loves LA and never wants to leave. They are discussing how every restaurant there has a patio. 11:02 am BBT. Brett and Sam whispering in the HN room. They are talking about vote flipping and who says who did it. Sam says everyone is voting for Brett to stay. Kaitlyn and Winston talking how his dog has calmed down and Kaitlyn asks if he would ever get another dog. He said for sure. Winston leaves. Faysal is doing plank exercises. Kaitlyn tells Rachel how doing her certification for her job she realized if she doesn’t get enough validation she gets upset (big news here). Brett asks Sam to keep him updated (I think they talked about Sam’s power ?). Brett says there has to be a way to make the HN room more comfy. WBRB. Kaitlyn, Rachel, Scottie, Tyler, Angela and Rockstar all sitting in KT. WBRB. 11:22 am BBT. Brett tells the LR crew the coldest he ever went skiing it was 20 below. 11:25 am BBT. Rockstar in PBR with JC, Bayleigh and someone else. Everyone but Rockstar is in bed under covers so I can’t see the 3rd person’s face. Rockstar says there is nothing to do. She is describing the shapes her creamer is making in her coffee. She starts talking about when she discovered festivals. General chat between Faysal and the bros in the LR. 11:29 am BBT. WBRB (we keep getting that every few min or so). When it comes back just general talk in LR and PBR. 11:32 am BBT. Tyler is laying in the bathroom and Sam is shaving his face. Tyler saying he wasn’t gonna let people touch his hair. Sam asks at what point did he realize people were treating him differently bcuz of his incredible hair. He says he made a $100 bet with a friend that he wouldn’t cut it for 5 years. He says in Aug, it’ll be 2 years. WBRB. 11:39 am BBT. Rachel has joined the LR crew of Faysal and the bros. Kaitlyn and Scottie on couch outside HOHR. She has Scottie put oils on his wrist and then put his hands to face and breathe in. 11:42 am BBT. Kaitlyn and Scottie move into the HOHR. Scottie sits in bed and Kaitlyn continues to show him where to put the oils, them they meditate. 11:45 am BBT. Brett is laying on LR couch with his head in Rachel’s lap. She rubs his very low back. 11:51 am BBT. Scottie still meditating. Kaitlyn lays back in bed and meditates mouthing some words, then starts chanting...Faysal has joined them in HOHR. Rockstar comes in. The bros laying on LR couch. 11:54 am BBT. We keep flipping back between feeds and WBRB. 12:00 pm BBT. Meditating still going on in HOHR. Rachel is getting stuff on to climb rock wall. 12:06 pm BBT. Sam is tweezing Tyler’s eyebrows in the WA. Everyone is saying today is boring. 12:11 am BBT. Sam is Tyler the difference between her shaving your face (what she does) vs u doing it yourself. WBRB.
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  7. 11:07AM BBT (after having non-game talk) Brett to Sam: well hey, i didn't want to freak you out. if you do have it (the power app) my motive of our talk wasn't to try to get you to confirm it. Then they go back to trying to figure out how to make the have not room more comfortable.
  8. 11:03AM BBT: Sam and Brett are talking in the have not room. Sam tells Brett not to worry because of what she's hearing, every is voting for Winston to stay. Sam tells him not to worry, not to worry about rumors, it's all stupid and she wants Brett to enjoy his day.
  9. 10:00am BBT: Haleigh in the HNR snuggling with Brett they look to be sleeping. In the KT Angela , Winston and kaycee are getting coffee and breakfast. just general talk going on about everyone's cups. 10:02am BBT: Sam joins the KT getting coffee, Kaitlyn and Faysal in the STR hugging, They leave the STR and go towards the BR's. In the PBR Haleigh is talking to Bayleigh and Rockstar about they have nothing to do today since they are on indoor LD now. 10:14am BBT: Tyler and Brett up i the WA doing ADL's Scottie in the HOHR doing ADl's. Most HG in the KT drinking coffee and eating breakfast. 10:50am BBT: Tyler washing dishes, In the LVR Kaitlyn and Winston are talking about if he thinks he will stay or not. Faysal is working out and climbing the wall. 10:55am BBT: Hg are sitting around talking general talk and telling about dreams.
  10. 10:30AM BBT: Rockstar is also in the PBR w/ Kaitlyn, Bayleigh and JC. Talking about shows. No game talk. 10:40AM BBT: Haleigh's talking about how she told her boyfriend to make sure to have a place for them to live when she gets out. She wanted him to find a place for them together and she didn't want to have to deal with it-she wants him to do it all. [little does she know...] 10:41AM BBT: Kaitlyn says she's going to take a poopie. JC says one of his main goals when he gets out is to live by himself.
  11. 10:25AM BBT Tyler says as of last night, Sam says she's voting to keep Brett. Brett: that's good but if she could use her power app, we would have the numbers. Someone comes in and says something and leaves the room. Tyler leaves too. 10:26AM BBT Angela is watching dishes. in the PBR, Kaitlyn, Bayleigh and JC are laying in bed. Fessy comes in. No game talk. Fessy leaves. Kaitlyn says she was called to the DR at 2:30 and we get WBRB.
  12. 10:10AM BBT Scottie and Brett talk in the storage room. Scottie asks Brett about Sam's power app. Brett says he doesn't know anything about it. Scottie tells Brett that the reason Kaitlyn voted to keep Sam was because she was worried about Sam's power app being used and one of them going home instead. Scottie asks Brett to swear he didn't know about it and tells Brett that his name was brought up. Brett says, "no that power doesn't even make sense." 10:15AM BBT Scottie is up in the HOH room pacing back and forth. "If he didn't know about it.. that means they..." and "this is bullshit after bullshit". He's breathing heavy and seems to be worked up. Scottie brushes his teeth and goes down to the kitchen and acts normal. 10:18AM BBT: Scottie looks in the fridge then walks into the storage room to look for food. He's pacing the floor and seems to punch the air. Talks to himself some but can't make it out. Camera switches to have not room with Brett and Tyler. 10:19AM BBT: Brett: So freaking weird. tyler comes up to me and says, 'so i found out people voted to keep sam because of her power app. she threatened to have the vote flipped and that's the reason they voted the way they did.' Tyler says that he told kaitlyn that if he used Sam's power to get Kaitlyn to vote to keep Sam. Brett: he said my name was tossed around a lot. Tyler: because everyone thought you had the power app. They talk about this week being Sam's last week to use the power. Tyler says Sam is scared now because Kaitlyn's telling everyone about Sam's power. Brett says Sam needs to use her power app because it saves numbers on their side. Brett says he thinks Scottie thinks Brett has a power app. 10:23AM BBT: Tyler: Scottie's scared as F that you're both going to stay and then come for him.
  13. 9:04am BBT: ALL HG still sleeping. 9:38am BBT: BB waking the HG as we have FOTH. 9:46am BBT: Winston and Faysal in the BBR talking about music. Rockstar in the KT getting coffee. Have Nots are still laying in their beds covered up with their heads covered. 9:48am BBT: Kaycee, Bayleigh and Haleigh in the WA doing ADL's. Rockstar takes her coffee and goes to the BBR listening to Faysal and Winston talk about rap music. 9:55am BBT: Winston and Rockstar in BBR talking about listening to Pandora and Apple Music and which is better to listen to. Rockstar says she listens to alot of instrumental stuff too since she goes to clubs.
  14. HeleneL

    Scottie Salton

    I can see Swagless donning the HOH bathrobe and wearing it 24/7. Something a bit like Paul did parading around with the bathrobe so nobody forgets he's HOH. I almost can see him asking people to wash his feet like he's a famous Caesar or something.
  15. WOC

    Faysal Shafaat

    It's kind of weird how he scowls at people.
  16. WOC

    Scottie Salton

    You see this mindset a lot. I think everybody kissing the HOH's ass plays a large part in it, but ego is in there too. You wouldn't expect Scottie to have a big ego, but I think he's fake. Can you image how Swagless would have acted with the HOH power!
  17. WOC

    Kaitlyn Herman

    She's a needy attention whore, and unhinged. I would have to instigate crap so she blows up, again and again. She is so easily manipulated because she's paranoid.
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  19. LSUFAN

    Kaitlyn Herman

    Omg ... she thinks the viewers like her.
  20. NBCNews.com In 'Straight White Men,' Broadway's first Asian-American female writer explores identity, privilege NBCNews.com “They thought he was a loser, which made them realize they had all these values that were rooted in capitalistic success,” Lee said. “I think that's one of the biggest themes here. One is the representation in a capitalistic framework and this idea of ... View the full article
  21. 12:00AM BBT: Haliegh is outside in the hammock with Brett and Winston. They talk about what the power apps could be. 12:03AM BBT: Tyler and Kaycee are whispering in the KT. Tyler tells her about how the whole house knows about Sam's power and how Kaitlyn told everyone. Kaycee wants to know if Kaitlyn knows that Tyler knows she told everyone about Sam's power. Tyler says no. 12:07AM BBT: Tyler and Kaycee change the conversation when Rachel walks in. General conversation throughout the house. 12:08AM BBT: Kailtyn says she doesn't want anyone to take a screen shot of her face and make a meme of it. 12:20AM BBT: Still just general conversations throughout the house. Kaitlyn, Rockstar, and JC are in the PBR. Faysal, Scottie, and Sam are in the BY. Tyler, Kaycee, and Rachel are in the KT. 12:30AM BBT: Tyler and Kaycee tell Rachel that Kaitlyn told the whole house that Sam has the power. They think Bayleigh has a power. 1:00AM BBT: Still just general conversation in the house. Bayleigh, Haliegh, and Brett are talking on the hammock. Sam, Kaycee, and Faysal are laughing in the kitchen about making food. 1:25AM BBT: Haliegh and Brett are on the hammock, talking about evicting Swaggy. They talk about the upcoming eviction night. Winston and Faysal are eating in the KT. 1:31AM BBT: Winston says he's frustrated with the way things turned out and how he doesn't want to lose his boy, but that they had every opportunity to win. Winston is having trouble seeing past Thursday. 1:38Am BBT: Haliegh has to start reading again. She's in the PBR, reading to JC, Kaitlyn, and Rockstar. 1:50AM BBT: Haliegh changes to rapping Hamlet while she reads. Kaitlyn and Rachel dance around while she does so. 1:57AM BBT: Haliegh is done reading for now. Sam, Faysal, and Scottie are in the KT. Sam is sorting laundry, Scottie and Faysal are eating. Sam asks them if they're going to be up for awhile. They say yes and she asks for laundry help. 1:59AM BBT: Scottie goes outside and watched Faysal work out while he eats pizza. Faysal asks Scottie what the genius plan is. Scottie says they're going to "f**k everyone up." Faysal wants to know who they trust. 2:00AM BBT: Scottie says the five, including them, plus Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Haliegh. Scottie says he kind of trusts Kaycee. Faysal says he doesn't have a game relationship with her and it scares him. 2:05AM BBT: Faysal says he trusts Kaitlyn to not put him up on the block. He and Scottie talk a little bit about last week. Faysal says that they need to watch it before the girls start to win comps. Haleigh walks in and he has to back peddle a little since she heard him say that. They start to talk about competitions now that Haliegh has sat down. 2:08AM BBT: Faysal says that they need to watch it before the girls start to win comps. Haleigh walks in and Faysal has to backpedal since she heard him say that so it doesn't sound as bad as it sounded. They start to talk about competitions now that Haliegh has joined their conversation. 2:21AM BBT: Haliegh says she's going to bed and says good night. 2:32AM BBT: Scottie asks Faysal what he thinks the house thinks of Scottie. Faysal says they thought he was going to be a superfan, but now that they think he's a evil genius super fan. Kaitlyn walks out to the BY. There's not much game talk now that Kaitlyn has joined them, just joking around. 2:46AM BBT: Kailtyn leaves the BY. Faysal and Scottie go back to talking game. They talk about Kaitlyn's 'meltdown' yesterday. 3:00AM BBT: Faysal and Scottie talk about what it's like to be in the jury house. Faysal doesn't understand why they don't just let you go home.
  22. 10:00PM BBT: Brett, JC, and Rachel are talking in the BY on the hammock. Brett tells them that if Kaitlyn acts like a child, he'll treat her like one. Across the yard, Kaitlyn, Kaycee, and Tyler are also chatting. Scottie and Rockstar are talking in the HOHR. 10:01PM BBT: Scottie wants Faysal to win the HOH. He and Rockstar both believe that they can basically tell Faysal what to do. Rockstar and Scottie compare notes on conversations they've had with Kaitlyn. Scottie says that Kaitlyn is trying hard to cover something for Tyler. Rockstar shares her theories on Tyler. 10:02PM BBT: Rockstar and Scottie rehash the last two HOHs...going back through every little detail. "That's fishy," Scottie says about Kaitlyn and Tyler. Rockstar mocks Kaitlyn. "I think top 5 is the best you can expect anybody to remain loyal to you," Rockstar tells Scottie. 10:06PM BBT: Rockstar says that for someone who knows how the game works, she hasn't been able to accomplish "s**t." Rockstar says it's really frustrating. She then goes through all of Tyler's deals with other HGs. "That dude is bad," Rockstar says. 10:07PM BBT: Scottie suggests that if their side wins HOH next week, Tyler goes up on the block. 10:09PM BBT: Scottie wants to know where Sam stands. Rockstar says that she doesn't think Kaitlyn has a deal with Sam, but she does think Tyler has a deal with Sam. Scottie says they could put up Tyler and Sam and see them sweat. Rockstar thinks that Tyler would win a veto. 10:12PM BBT: Scottie tells Rockstar, that TYler's "game is sleaze," and he wants him up on the block next week. "Why are all the guys so shady?" Scottie asks. 10:13PM BBT: Scottie tells Rockstar that Swaggy told him that Sam and TYler were supposed to throw the snake veto comp. 10:14PM BBT: In the BY, Tyler asks Kaitlyn who she wants to go home on Thursday. Kaitlyn says Brett. Tyler says he was going to vote with the house, but now he'll vote with her. Kaitlyn says they have five people to send Brett home. 10:15PM BBT: Rockstar doesn't know why Sam got a power--she says she guesses America fell in love with Sam's "home town" thing. Scottie wonders if Sam is related to Christmas from last season, "there's something fishy about her," he says. Scottie's hoping to win HOH the week after next to put Sam and Tyler up. He wants to put all the shady people up. 10:16PM BBT: Tyler says that if Faysal were to win HOH, Kaitlyn could be in his ear. Scottie and Rockstar think that Kaitlyn is confused and that she's getting played. 10:18PM BBT: Rockstar says that Sam always seems to be above what's going on in the game. "Maybe she's just an absolute magical person," Rockstar says, "but that it's not necessary for her to be here." Rockstar says most everyone here is only here to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. Rockstar says Sam doesn't need to win the money and describes her as a "cool wanderer." 10:21PM BBT: Scottie and Rockstar both agree that Sam is a recruit and they don't understand why BB wanted a "female welder who lives in a camper." They also don't understand why Sam trended the first week. Scottie keeps saying that Sam is "fishy." Faysal is called into the DR. 10:22PM BBT: Scottie says he's interested to see what Sam does for the HOH. Rockstar wants to know if Tyler is aware of Sam's secret, "if she has a secret." Scottie says he would love to "confront his [Tyler's] a**," but that he can't do it just yet. Rockstar starts talking about Sam again and thinks it's strange that Sam acts all maternal but that she's so young. 10:25PM BBT: Scottie says that Sam's told him several times that she looks like Christmas. Scottie says that Christmas is "entitled and probably a little bit bi*chy." Scottie and Rockstar watch the cameras, Rockstar doesn't understand why Brett and Winston are still hanging around together. They talk about how no one has admitted to having a power. 10:27PM BBT: In the BY, Kaitlyn asks Tyler if he thinks she'll be around after Thursday. Tyler says he doesn't see why she wouldn't. 10:31PM BBT: Rockstar says that Sam has refused to commit loyalty, so that's why she voted to evict Sam the first week. Scottie says that the pinky promise is Sam's favorite "f****n" move." Scottie says that Sam's trying to play him and that she's trying to pull some shady "s**t." 10:33PM BBT: Scottie and Rockstar continue to rehash week one and Steve going home. Scottie's obsessed with finding out the exact votes from week one. 10:35PM BBT: Rockstar hopes that Sam's crazy power ends soon. 10:37PM BBT: Rockstar and Scottie watch the cameras in the HOHR and talk about the other HGs. They talk about wanting JC to win HOH. 10:39PM BBT: Kaycee is playing pool in the BY. Rachel, Brett, and Winston are in the hammock talking as if they're hosting a talk show. 10:40PM BBT: Scottie points to the cameras feeds in the HOHR and says, "these are not normal people, their brains don't work rationally." Rockstar laughs. Scottie wants to know why Sam changed clothes three times today. They watch the camera feeds on the wall. 10:42PM BBT: Haliegh and Bayleigh are talking in the PBR. Bayleigh says, "poor little Sam has no clue." BB just cut to their room, so it's unclear who else they're talking about. 10:44PM BBT: Bayleigh starts counting on her fingers. BB tells the HGs not to obstruct their microphones. Bayleigh and Haliegh just stare at each other for several seconds. Eventually Bayleigh says, "we'll see." 10:47PM BBT: Bayleigh wants to know what Tyler is going to do if Scottie and Kaitlyn team up. "Just think," Bayleigh says. Bayleigh and Haliegh continue to whisper back and forth, but it's too difficult to hear between Bayleigh moving the sheets and sniffling/blowing her nose. 10:53PM BBT: Bayleigh tells Haliegh that she needs to go to sleep soon because she'll probably have to finish the book tonight. They leave the PBR and go their separate ways. 10:55PM BBT: Scottie wants to know what Kaitlyn and Haliegh's relationship is like. Rockstar says she doesn't think Haliegh trusts Kaitlyn. "Haliegh is smart," Rockstar says. Scottie laughs. 11:00PM BBT: Scottie and Rockstar talk about what the powers could be. Scottie thinks maybe it could be watching DR sessions. 11:01PM BBT: Scottie and Rockstar watch the HOH cameras, they don't understand why Kaitlyn is making coffee. 11:02PM BBT: Tyler and Sam are talking outside in the BY. Tyler wants to know what Sam is thinking, Sam says it sounds like the house is going to keep Brett. Tyler says he thinks it's going to be a close one. Sam wants to know what the plan is for next week. "Win HOH," Tyler says, "Ok," Sam replies. They both agree to try their best to win it. 11:03PM BBT: Tyler doesn't want Sam to use her power on Winston and then her end up going home next week. He says he doesn't think Brett or Winston have a power. Sam says she almost told Scottie about her power, but that she "didn't see the point." 11:06PM BBT: Tyler tells Sam that if Kaitlyn asks about Sam's power again, to tell Kaitlyn that it expires this week. Sam just says, "ok," and Tyler asks her what's wrong. Sam answers, "nothing," and then, "it's alright." Tyler keeps asking what's wrong. "Everything's ok," Sam says. Tyler wants to know if there's something he needs to know. 11:07PM BBT: Sam tells Tyler that someone asked her about her power and told her some stuff. Tyler wants to know who, but Sam doesn't say. Sam appears upset and Tyler wants to know why. 11:08PM BBT: Sam eventually tells Tyler that someone told her everyone in the house knows about her power because Kaitlyn told everyone that Sam will protect her. Sam tells Tyler that it's ok if he told everyone...or if Kaitlyn told everyone but that she's going to just ignore it. Tyler wants to know who told her that. 11:10PM BBT: "I knew Kaitlyn was going to f*****g tell," Tyler tells Sam, "she's the worst person to have in the house, I want her to go home." Sam says she trusts Tyler. Kaitlyn walks over to Sam and Tyler. 11:14PM BBT: Tyler tells Sam to tell Kaitlyn that her power ends this week. 11:15PM BBT: Tyler tells Sam that Kailtyn thinks he's going to vote for Brett to leave, but Tyler is going to vote for Brett to stay because he's beneficial to them. 11:18PM BBT: Haliegh walks over and they start to talk about their families. 11:24PM BBT: JC and Faysal are whispering in the WA. JC tells him that Rockstar wants it to just be the girls. JC says they need to use Tyler to win things and then get rid of him. 11:30PM BBT: General talk with the HGs, Brett, Winston and Rachel are in the hammock talking about technology. Faysal, Bayleigh, Kaitlyn, and JC are talking about the cameras in the PBR. Rockstar, Tyler, Haliegh, and Scottie are also in the BY.
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  25. HeleneL

    Bayleigh Dayton

    Was wondering too why she would be trending when she's no more interesting than anyone else. If production had anything to do with her getting the power I sure wish they'd keep their fickle fingers out of the house. There was so much obvious intrusion from them when Paul was in the house, especially when Cody and Jess were in there, it would be nice if they just let things progress as it was in the past.
  26. pfeifchris77

    Scottie Salton

    He thinks his s#!t don’t stink because he won HOH AND the POV in the same week. He and Rockstar need to go!
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