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  2. Quote of the Day: "They can conquer who believe they can." - Virgil

  3. 10:01PM BBT Ari and Ross play pool and talk about what to expect tomorrow. 10:08PM BBT Mark gives up on resting in the HOH with the rest of the HG yelling outside the door. He decides to go down and make nachos. 10:11PM BBT Mark is called to the DR. 10:21PM BBT Ross tells them about the story of how Brandi was drinking champagne the first night she was really drunk and ROss asked her to take it down a notch, so she poured her champagne in the bowl of pita bread. 10:22PM BBT Omarosa continues to pack in the RBR. 10:25PM BBT Marissa wants for each to go through each of their favorite moments in the house. 10:27PM BBT Marissa says that she had her first girl kiss when Brandi kissed her good night.
  4. 9:30PM BBT Ross practices answers to jury questions. 9:37PM BBT Mark goes into the SR fridge and says that it really stinks in there. He says that he needs to feed the fish one last time as well. 9:40PM BBT Mark goes into the HOH and Marissa scares him by jumping out from behind the door. "You don't do that to the senior member of the house". 9:42PM BBT All of the HG (except Ari, who's in DR), sit around the fish tank for their last feeding. 9:51PM BBT Marissa and Mark play argue about whether the fish are saltwater or freshwater. Ari is out of the DR, and Marissa is called in. 9:52PM BBT Ross and Ari are in the KT snacking on the pizza. Mark comes in and O follows. Mark asks if he can lie down upstairs in the HOH. 9:54PM BBT Omarosa says that she is going to sleep and heads to bed. 9:55PM BBT Ross lets Mark take over the HOH for the night so that he can get some rest, but goes up to get the wine that was in his basket first. 9:56PM BBT Ari says she doesn't want to go to sleep. She and Ross go up to the pool table area.
  5. 9:01PM BBT Ross joins Mark playing pool. Ross wonders if Pop bleeps out their cussing. Mark says that if they do, it's the busiest job in show business. 9:03PM BBT Ari, O, and Marissa give shout outs to Brandi and James. They talk about making the right decision getting James out because he would've won the Skiing comp as well as today's comp. 9:05PM BBT Ari, O and Marissa talk in the LBR about the comp from today where the questions were about what happened on what day. 9:08PM BBT Ross and Mark continue to play pool. Ari says that she lost her favorite sneakers in the comp and hasn't gotten them back from production. 9:09PM BBT Ross and Mark talk about rounding up the girls to start a show that they've prepared for Pop. 9:11PM BBT Mark talks to the camera and thanks the Pop viewers for watching. Omarosa was called to the DR. 9:13PM BBT Omarosa returns, and Ariadna is called to the DR. 9:16PM BBT The HG discuss which comps they liked the best. They also re-enact the scene from The Jerk with what they'll need when they leave the house. [the one where Steve Martin says all he needs is the chair, the ashtray, etc...). 9:19PM BBT Ross and Marissa go upstairs to listen to Donna Summer. Ross tells her that his DR goodbye to her was really funny. 9:21PM BBT Marissa and Ross cheers (with one shared glass) to being there. Marissa says you can't make it to the F5 without winning comps. 9:23PM BBT Ross says to Marissa in the HOH room that Omarosa is a great player, but that she will not talk in the house unless she feels that they'll use that footage for the show. 9:25PM BBT Mark cleans the KT. Ross and Mariss in HOH talk about Mark being happy with 2nd place, and that he confirmed with Ross that he would bring him to the final. 9:27PM BBT Ross and Marissa speculate on what the challenge will be tomorrow night during the show. They feel that it may be the "Before/After" comp, and then possibly Scales of Justice comp.
  6. 8:37PM BBT the feeds are back and Ari is talking with Marissa saying that Omarosa is using her and Marissa responds that O is only out to save herself. They seem to be celebrating. 8:38PM BBT The HG say that something starts in 22 minutes, assuming that they're referring to Pop TV. 8:43PM BBT Ross is sweeping the KT. Ari asks to see if they could understand her Veto speech. They tell Omarosa that they can tell she's been doing public speaking her entire life. 8:44PM BBT The HG tell Ari that they have no ide who actually won Miss Universe the year she was in, but everyone knows who Ari is. 8:45PM BBT Ross, Marissa and Ari are in the LBR. Ross presents Ari with a gift and she says "a thick one!" ...Ross responds with "that's what I'd hoped you say when I gave it to you". Lotsa laughs. (it was glue that he had put on his palm and let dry) 8:48PM BBT Omarosa continues packing her suitcase in the RBR. 8:49PM BBT Omarosa had Ari thinking that O had saved her when she backdoored James because the plan was to actually send Ari home. Marissa and Ross explain to her that no, that was never the plan. 8:52PM BBT Ross tells Marissa, Mark and Ari in the LBR that he is not going to watch the feeds when he gets home. He's afraid to hear something mean and it will go to his heart. 8:54PM BBT All 5 HG are in the LBR talking about how they'll all be able to sleep in their own beds tomorrow night - except for those that will be in hotels. 8:57PM BBT Mark starts playing pool by himself upstairs. They're still watching the clock and are going to give a "tour" of the house. 8:58PM BBT Marissa tells Ari and O that she's so tired, but that she slept all day. She said they never slept more than 5 hours a night, but never more than 3 without waking up. The morning music is daunting. Ari talks about marrying one of the production voices, "Mark".
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  11. They are playing Veto one at a time. We get to see them pick the order that they are going to play before they switch the feeds back to critters.
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  13. 2:04PM BBT Ross is out of the DR and starts packing, and then puts on his hoodie. Mark continues to pack. Omarosa shuffles around the house. Marissa passes O and gives her a hug. 2:08PM BBT Ross and Omarosa study the HG picture wall. 2:09PM BBT Marissa comments on taking allergy medicine in the kitchen as she eats a sammich, and Ross says that he can't because they make him drowsy. 2:10PM BBT Omarosa and Mark are in the SR and high five to "can you believe we made it?". Mark said they've been gunning for her since day 1, and nobody cared about him. 2:14PM BBT Still in the SR, Mark tells O that he never had a final two with James. Mark blows smoke up O's skirt with compliments and how she deserves to be there. O said that her doctor did not want her to go back in. 2:15PM BBT O talks about the amount of security and production out of the room for 3 hours in the hospital, and her oxygen level went up - which allowed her to remain in the game. 2:17PM BBT Ross yells to the house that it's time for the veto comp and that production will call them one at a time. 2:18PM BBT Ross gives them the bag to draw the order of the players. Ross is 1st, Ari is 2nd, O is 3rd, Marissa is 4th, Mark is 5th. We then go to puppies for the duration.
  14. 1:35PM BBT Mark and Ross talk about "whoever wins, God bless". Mark put on his shoes and appears to be dressed for a comp. 1:44PM BBT Ross appears to silently study in his old bed in the LBR. Ari continues to pack. 1:48PM BBT Ari lays down and reads the bible in the GBR. 1:51PM BBT Ross is called to the DR. Ari says "uh oh...it's time?" Mark in on the elliptical in the gym, and O primps in the GBR.
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  16. 1:14PM BBT Omarosa is sweeping the GBR while Ari packs. 1:18PM BBT Omarosa admits that she was a live feeder for BB and that she would watch them before the shows, and that they're "two different shows". 1:20PM BBT Ari gathers her other clothes from the other rooms in the house and brings them back to the GBR to pack. 1:22PM BBT Mark is called to the SR. 1:24PM BBT Ari asks O if she thinks that the Veto Comp will be physical. O says yes, because it's not live and they can do more. O puts a head wrap over her hair. Mark stars packing in the LBR 1:26PM BBT Ross comes into the GRB. Ari says that she's found 3 outfits while packing that she never wore. Marks asks O and Ross if they're going to dress formally for the finale. O says yes, even if it's a physical comp, because she wants to look FABULOUS. 1:29PM BBT Ari goes through a long succession of sneezes. O - "Are you ok, my love?" Ari - "allergies".
  17. 12:33PM BBT Omarosa shows Ari how she can vacuum pack her sweaters, and how she put 8 pairs of jeans into one bag and shows her how small they got. 12:38PM BBT Ross is eating tortilla wrapped food in his bed in the RBR. 12:39PM BBT Ari and O discuss Brandi's mistakes as they pack in the GBR. The major one was waking them all up as if there was a comp coming up, and after that "they hated her". 12:45PM BBT Omarosa says "here we come, bad girls....bad girls of Celebrity Big Brother". She then sings the theme song from Cops. 12:47PM BBT Omarosa tells Ari how she gets dresses shipped to her wherever she is, whenever she needs. She'll give Ari the PR number for Jovani. 12:51PM BBT Ross puts on his eye mask/ear buds and rests down in his old bed in the RBR. 12:56PM BBT Omarosa confirms with Ari that the phone number she gave her is where she can text to Ari.
  18. 1:05 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Ross, Marissa and Mark in bed. Feeds 3 and 4 show Ari and Omarosa packing. Ari has come across 3 outfits that she never wore in the house. Omarosa is called to the SR.
  19. Is this the same guy in this video about people getting chipped? #QAnon https://t.co/DIvPntNDSQ

  20. 12:00PM BBT The feeds came back to the HGs resting and Ross and O up in his HOH room. Ross went downstairs to get Marissa, who was resting with the others. 12:02PM BBT Ross is concerned about his HOH letter being read on the show. Marissa says that they won't be worrying about it by tomorrow's show and will have moved on. They head upstairs. 12:04PM BBT Ross received the Donna Summer Greatest Hits album for his HOH music. 12:05PM BBT Ross and Marissa wait by the pool table because O is in the HOH. O finally leaves the HOH room and Ross reads his HOH out loud to Marissa. 12:07PM BBT O comes back into the HOH room looking for something and they mention after she leaves that O's asthma only pops up when it's convenient. 12:10PM BBT Ross's friend fills him in on the pop culture events that he's missed (Olympic figure skating). Not specifics, just that she's taken notes on everything so that he'll be up to speed when he leaves the house. 12:11PM BBT Ross and Marissa talk through who each HG would take to the finale. They say that everyone would take Mark. 12:15PM BBT Ross and Marissa continue to chat while the other HG are downstairs resting. Ross says that today determines a lot. Then they'll have the questions comp from videos during the live show. 12:16PM BBT In the HOH room, Ross and Marissa decide to rest. 12:20PM BBT In the HOH BR, Marissa talks through everything that Brandi has done in the house to validate them evicting her, trying to make Ross feel better about their decision. 12:22PM BBT Marissa and Ross head downstairs. Ross wants to give Mark his letter that he left in the HOH room, and Marissa goes to her bed to rest. (although she never stops talking). Omarosa starts packing after getting her suitcase. 12:29PM BBT Ross is cleaning the KT, and O and Ari go back and forth between the GBR and RBR packing their suitcases.
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  22. 11:47 AM BBT the feeds return and Marissa, Ari and Ross are seen in the HOHR. The feeds quickly go back to bunnies. 11:50 AM BBT The feeds return again. During the FOTH Ross got his HOH room. Omarosa and Ross are seen napping in the HOH bed. Marissa and Mark are getting back in bed downstairs in the BR.
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