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  3. The Voice (Season 13)

    The Voice is back! Taking our coaches chairs for season 13 is Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levin, country artist, Blake Shelton, returning to the voice, Miley Cyrus, and making her debut, Jennifer Hudson. The season 13 blind auditions are here! Let’s meet the first artist of the season. Chris Weaver is the first artist who has experience performing on stage, under a different name. He is a worship leader during the day and a drag queen at night. His drag character is Niedra Belle. He wants to take this opportunity and show the world who he is. He has sung in front of Jennifer Hudson before and it would be mind-blowing if she turned for him, but he would love to work with Adam. Chris takes the stage and sings Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. Adam is the first to hit his button very early and Jennifer quickly follows. As he gets to the chorus Miley hits her button and Blake follows. We have our first four chair turn of the season. Jennifer asks for Miley’s shoe and Adam takes his shoe off and throws it at Chris. Chris says Jennifer was about to do what she did 2 years ago when he sang for her. Adam takes his jacket off. Jennifer says where she comes from throwing a shoe is a compliment. Adam is standing on his chair and Adam asks his name. Miley says she would love nothing more to have him on her team and she’s so thirsty to win and she wants to do it with him. Jennifer says because she is extremely passionate about him she wants to know what he wants. He says he grew up in church but he’s ready to expand into something different. Jennifer says she grew up in church too and she also visited a drag queen show in Chicago. Blake asks how he’s doing. He says he’s won the show with country artist, pop artists, R&B, but he’s never won the show with a drag queen. Blake says it was his birthday and Chris didn’t give him anything and he could make it the greatest birthday of his life if he picked him as his coach. Adam says he constantly battles for his team. He says he’s a phenomenal singer, but he’s more special than that. Miley says she learned on season 11 that song choice is important and she thinks she can help him pick the right songs. Jennifer wants to say one more thing. She says he has a voice, but the bigger part of the equation is having a plan and she has that because she’s walked that path. Adam says it’s time for Chris to pick his coach. Chris says because they are in such a similar place, he has to go with…JHud! Adam says Chris broke his heart. Coming up, Season 13 is just getting started and with Jennifer Hudson in the coach’s chair, anything is possible. While our coaches get ready, let’s meet the next artist. Next is Mitchell Lee and he’s a wood worker in Nashville, Tn. He builds custom furniture. His original plan was to go to military college and then go to dental school. His mom said she’d support him but she said she couldn’t see him as a dentist. After his mom unexpectedly passed away when he was 22, he decided to give music a shot because his mom always saw him as an artist. He can’t believe he’s about to sing for 4 megastars. Mitchell takes the stage and he sings Hold My Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish. Jennifer is dancing in her seat. Blake sits forward and looks at the other judges and Adam hits his button, which prompts Blake to hit his and then Jennifer follows with hers. He gets a three chair turn and Adam is on his feet. Adam says Hootie! He says he traversed a lot of ground. He’s done simple pop rock and roll and then moved into country. Blake throws in his name is Darius. Adam says Blake is nervous Adam is going to steal Mitchell. Adam says when Mitchell hit the big notes it was extremely dynamic and he thinks he can go far on the show. Miley asks if he has always been a singer and he says no he was going to be a dentist. Jennifer says she’d be uncomfortable in his dentist chair with him looking like that. Blake says Mitchell sounds country to him and Mitchell says he is southern, but he likes rock. Blake says he’d love to have a chance to work with him on his team. Jennifer says he was so in it and his energy helped guide the notes and he was so comfortable. Miley says it’s the magic time and you have to pick a coach. Mitchell takes his time but he picks…Blake. Mitchell is walking back stage and says that was a rush. Adam congratulates Blake on his acquisition and he tells us he and Blake are going to be nice to each other this season, but he doesn’t think it will last. #VOICE The next artist has been through a lot to get here. Janice Freeman is next and she is from California. When her daughter was 4 her father passed away of cancer and in 2012 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She says she has to fight for her daughter and today she is cancer free. She met her husband while she was fighting cancer and they just celebrated their 2-year anniversary. She fought her whole life for this moment and she cannot and will not let it go. Janice takes the stage and sings Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Jennifer looks like she wants to hit her button, but she pulls back. Adam says woah and looks like he might want to hit but he waits. Jennifer hits her button with Miley right behind and Janice hits the chorus for the second time. She got a 2-chair turn. Adam asks what her name is and she says Janice. Adam says she turned in that song into something swampy. He says if she needs help on who to choose to let him know. Miley says she liked that better than the original and she likes women who come out and do what she just did with no fear. Miley thinks she’s the best coach for Janice. Jennifer says she doesn’t have any fear either. Jennifer thinks the two of them together could knock down some serious walls. Blake asks if she’s sung all her life and Janice says yes and tells a little of her back story. Miley and Jennifer go up to give her a hug. Miley says no matter what maybe she will be the reason why someone just like her will walk through the next season. Adam asks who Janice picks as her coach. She says it’s hard, but she picks…Miley. Jennifer says it’s the first time her and Miley went head to head and Miley won that one, but she’ll keep her eye on her. Put yourself in the judges chairs and get The Voice app and build your own team! Next to the stage is Xaris from Florida and she loves folk music. Her mother says she’s an old soul and she loves music that tells a story. As she got more into music she started picking up more instruments. She plays the guitar, the harmonica, the ukulele, the banjo, the pennywhistle, and the mandolin. She works at a frozen yogurt shop and she uses her income to buy things she loves. She wants to do music full time. She says the judges may be shocked to see a 17-year old girl singing a song from 50 years ago. Xaris hits the stage and sings Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right by Bob Dylan. The judges all sit and look deep in thought. Her family is backstage saying come on. No judges hit their button. Adam says she sounds years beyond her age. Blake says she sounds awesome. Miley says she’s so super cool and super unique. While tonight’s nervous singers wait to perform, the next artist hopes her surprising voice gets the coach’s attention. Shi’ann Jones sings Drown in My Own Tears by Ray Charles. Jennifer Hudson wastes no time in turning around and threatens the other judges not to turn around. While Jennifer is focusing on Adam and Miley, Blake hits his button and turns and Jennifer throws her notebook at him. Blake was the only other judge brave enough to turn around and she ends up a 2-chair turn. Adam asks how old she is and Shi’ann says she is 15. Miley wished she pushed and Adam says he wanted to push for her because Jennifer threatened to kill him. Miley says she was threatening people. Jennifer says as soon as Shi’ann opened her mouth she hit her button and then she started threatening. Jennifer says her voice is undeniable and Blake says can he talk now and Jennifer says I told you not to turn around! Jennifer says she is so excited about her. Adam says Blake it’s time for you to talk. Blake asks where she’s from and she says Bowling Green, Kentucky. Blake says her and Jennifer are similar as artists, but that doesn’t have anything to do with being a coach on the show. He says it’s about making sure she has the best possible performance every time she’s on the stage and he may not be the obvious choice, but he's passionate about being her coach. Adam asks who she picks as her coach. Shi’ann takes a moment and picks…Jennifer. Jennifer says she is so excited to work with her. It’s night one of the blind auditions. The next artist is Dave Crosby and he says you may recognize him from YouTube where he sings song with his 4-year old daughter, Claire. He says the video went super viral and got invitations to perform on TV shows. She was on Little Big Shots and The Ellen Show. He didn’t know if he could provide for his daughter by being a musician so he changed directions. He says Claire loves The Voice and she gets excited on chair turns. Dave takes the stage and playing guitar sings I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie. Adam hits his button very quickly. Blake hits as he sings the last line and Miley decides to hit her button too. Adam says he’s so pissed off at the other judges for turning around. He let a wow slip out and he was trying to show no emotion. He says he turned impulsively and the purity and beauty of his voice is irreplaceable. Jennifer asks what inspired him to sing and he talks about how his daughter brought music back to his life. Adam just realizes he’s the guy from YouTube with his daughter and they want her to come out so they can sing the song. She sings You Got a Friend In Me for the judges while her dad plays guitar. Blake says he wants Dave on his team, but he’d really like to have Claire. Adam says when he had his baby girl it was one of the most amazing moments in his life and he seen the video of Dave singing with his daughter and he lost it. Miley says she started singing when she was 4-years old and she can relate. Blake says that’s incredible, but his voice and how it made at least three of them feel. He says it sounds like his voice has its own echo chamber. Adam says Dave is the guy we have to focus on and he would be honored to have him on his team. Jennifer says who will your coach be? Dave looks to his wife and she shrugs. He’s going to pick…Adam. Adam says he had a rough start but he finally prevailed. Adam goes back to greet Dave’s family and picks up Claire. While Dave celebrates making a team, the next artist is getting ready to return to The Voice stage after years of waiting. Odiseas auditioned season 3 when he was 15. He says he used his rejection as fuel to the fire and got back on the horse. He feels like this is happening at the perfect time. He says it’s been a lot of finding himself as an artist and a lot of growing up. He’s been preparing for this moment for a long time. Odiseas takes the stage and sings Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown. The judges are all listening and bobbing their heads. Blake reaches for his button but hesitates and never pushes. Blake immediately looks down like he regrets it. Jennifer Hudson says the song was too over characterized and they couldn’t focus on his voice. Miley says there is such a thing as a total package and she is in love with him and wants to turn the chairs around. Blake says when someone is so far out of his music lane he relies on the other three. Adam tells him not to wait to come back, third times a charm. Miley thinks they made a mistake. The next artist is Esera Tuaolo from the island of Hawaii, but he currently lives in Minneapolis, Mn. He got drafted to the Green Bay Packers, and also played for the Vikings, the Falcons, the Jaguars, and went to the superbowl with Atlanta and finished up with Carolina. He put singing on the back burner because of football but he got a chance to follow his dream and he’s ready to win this. He says when he came out to his family that he was gay it was like a huge mountain crumbled. He fell into depression for a time, and now to pursue a singing career, he thought it was lost. He says this is an opportunity to reach for the stars and be true to himself. Esera takes the stage and he sings Rise Up by Andra Day. The judges are all listening intently. Jennifer hits her button after he hits the chorus. Blake continues listening intently and eventually hits his button as well. Esera is a 2-chair turn. Blake says he hit his button too and he was singing to Jennifer. Adam says he could feel his presence. Adam says he’s a total moron. Jennifer says that is one of her favorite songs and that’s probably what caught her attention. Blake says when he turned around Esera was so focused on Jennifer. Blake says he’s a country singer, but he’s worked with a lot of different artists. He says he’s a football geek and he’d probably drive him nuts. Adam says it’s time for Esera to pick a coach. His children backstage think he’s going to pick Blake. Esera takes a minute and he picks…Blake. Blake says he was starting to fan out and he’s probably going to get on his nerves because he’s a huge football fan. With mounting pressure to make a team, the artist’s count on inspiration and support from friends and family. But the next artist has made a career out of inspiring others. Brandon Showell is a 7th grade English teacher. He says his students know he studied music in college, but they don’t know he gigs on weekends. He says a couple of days after the blind auditions he’s going to get married to his fiancé. He got excited when he heard Jennifer Hudson was going to be on the show because he’s a fan of hers. Brandon takes the stage and sings There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes. Adam hits his button as he hits the chorus. The other judges are bobbing their heads and Jennifer and Miley both decide to hit at the same time. Brandon got a 3-chair turn and Adam gets on his feet with Jennifer and Miley right behind. Jennifer asks if he sings for a living. Brandon says he started on cruise ships and Jennifer says she started on cruise ships too. Jennifer says from that experience she can help him go where he wants to go. He then tells them he’s a full time English teacher. Adam says he turned his chair much, much noticeably faster than the other two. He says when he heard him singing nothing else mattered. Adam says he’s amazing. Miley says she did a TV show like that where she went to school by day and performed at night and she doesn’t think he should lead two separate lives. Blake asks Brandon who he picks as his coach. Brandon thinks about it and decides to pick…Adam. Brandon thinks Adam will help him the most with stage presence and confidence. Next we have Lucas Holliday from Lansing, Michigan. He’s a cashier at a local store. He says he doesn’t look like how he sounds. He says Maxwell is one of his influences. He was contacted by Maxwell and he got an invitation to come sing with him and he says it was an experience like no other. Lucas takes the stage and sings This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. The judges are listening closely and they keep looking at each other. Jennifer puts her hand on the button, but then pulls it back. Jennifer finally gives in and hits her button and turns. When she turns her jaw drops. Lucas is a 1-chair turn and is on Jennifer Hudson’s team. When the chairs turn Blake asks where the guy was who was singing. Miley thinks something that’s going to be really cool for Jennifer because they can go anywhere and she’s the best coach for him. Jennifer says we have to sing something together after that. Carson says this will be one of the best pairings they’ve ever had on the show. Adam says unbelievable. While our coaches head to their chairs, let’s meet the next artist. Brooke Simpson and she is 100% native America. Her tribe is about 4000 people and they still have a pow wow every year. Her parents are full time evangelists and travel and preach and sing at churches. She says The Voice is an opportunity for her to possibly do her music for a living. She says she’s 26 and nothing has happened for her and maybe it’s time to figure out plan b. She thinks when her tribe sees her representing them well it will make them proud. Brooke takes the stage and sings Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. Blake is the first to hit his button with Miley right behind. Jennifer eventually hits her button and Adam is the last to turn. Jennifer gets to her feet and throws her notebook on the floor in front of Brooke and Adam and Miley get to their feet. Brooke got a 4-chair turn. Adam runs up to give her a hug. Miley says Brooke knows she’s good because she’s speechless. Miley says she is awesome. Jennifer asks what does she listen to and what’s on her playlist. Brooke says she listens to all of them, but her main inspiration is her mom. Miley knows Jennifer’s voice is amazing and they have a similar range, but she’s a vested coach and she wants to win the season with her. Jennifer says she threw her notebook at her and that’s a compliment where she comes from. Adam says most people that try to do what she did shouldn’t do it. But Brooke pulled it off and it’s really hard to find and when they see it and Miley interrupts. Miley goes up and grabs her hand and puts it to her heart and says her heart is beating hard. Adam says he wants to help lead her down the right path and get that trophy. Jennifer says with a voice like her it is the trophy. She owned the song and she meant the song. Jennifer says she thought she knew singing until she came out and just did that. Blake says every now and then a singer comes across the stage that simply needs an opportunity and he thinks that’s where she’s at with her talent, artistry, and this is about creating the right moments and opportunities. Adam says he’s really good at picking the right songs and creating the right moments. Miley says she’s very vested in her artists and she wants to get to know her and help her reach her full potential. Adam says Brooke I think it’s time. Brooke looks to her family and her mom is saying it’s a tough choice. Brooke says she picks…Miley. Miley’s mom comes in for a hug and greets Brooke’s family. Brooke says when Miley came up and took her hand and put it on Miley’s heart and she felt it pounding, she knew she had to pick her.
  4. The Voice (Season 13)

    Oscar and Grammy award winning former American Idol artist Jennifer Hudson joins last season's newcomer, Miley Cyrus and veteran anchors Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for the lucky 13th season of The Voice. Checkout the latest performance (and results) recaps here every week this fall and let us know what YOU think.
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