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  2. 12:21AM BBT: BB spends some time zooming in on various parts of the house, recording B-Roll, while the HGs get ready and into bed. 1:00AM BBT: Everyone is in bed and the lights are off in the BB House.
  3. 10:16PM BBT: PopTV sent the final three HGs another gift. "Bowling!" Tyler says, they bring the large inflatable pins and bowling ball into the KT to play. They bowl for about thirty minutes. 11:00PM BBT: General chatting while Tyler and JC get ready for bed. Kaycee is called into the DR.
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  5. Having survived the Battle Rounds, the coaches remaining artists plus their saved artists face off once again, this time each singing individual songs hoping for a chance to make the live rounds.
  6. The Blinds are over and it's time for the infighting to begin as each coach's artists must do battle against each other.
  7. Bit by bit, the coaches are building their teams. Which coach do you think has the strongest team?
  8. Check back here after each episode for a complete recap of artist performances and coaches infighting.
  9. Are you a David or are you a Goliath? It's time to do battle on the boards. Can you outwit, outplay and outlast your fellow Fan Forums users? Let the battle begin!
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  12. 7:31 pm BBT Tyler is cooking dinner on the stove while JC and KC rest in the LR from making the tie dye shirts. 7:44 pm BBT Kaycee and JC inspect their tie dye hankerchiefs and shorts, which sort of look like a CSI murder scene. 7:57 pm BBT The HG are eating dinner. A little chit chat and laughs, but nothing major said. 8:41 pm BBT JC talks through his part in each eviction this season, that he was responsible for all of them.
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    It would be a very bold move for KC to take Tyler. I think she can safely beat Tyler by at least two votes. If it is KC vs JC, there is high probably KC sweeps the jury. I am not sure what JC can say to sway anyone on the jury. In his mind he likely perceives he manipulated everyone the entire game, thus deserves to win . Of course he didn't, but he does not know what all was going on behind his back. He got to the end because he never was a threat to the group of 6. He voted with them, but never was part of their team.
  14. Previously, on Big Brother, JC pulled off a shocking comp win crushing the final three dreams of Level Six. At nominations, JC put up his true target next to Tyler but everything depended on the final veto of the summer. With the golden power up for grabs, it all came down to Angela and Kaycee and the football player scored the game winning touchdown. With the sole vote to evict, Kaycee took her ride or die to to the final three. Tonight, the battle for the final HOH begins, plus BB legend Jeff Schroeder surprises the HG. All this right now on Big Brother! Tyler says he’s in the top 3 of Big Brother 20. He’s wondering when he’s going to wake up. But it’s bittersweet because Angela is gone and he loves that girl so much. But he’s going to stay on task and get to the end. Kaycee says personally have to evict Angela was a horrible feeling. She says it feels amazing to be in the top 3. JC says this is crazy. He’s top 3 and he’s not going to stop until he’s the winner of BB20. Time to play! Let’s do it! Tyler and Kaycee are in the BBR talking. Tyler says if it’s an endurance one she should take it. Kaycee asks if Tyler is confident. Kaycee says they both know she isn’t the best at the mental competitions. So she’ll win the physical and Tyler can win the mental and they can both in the final 2. Kaycee says they’ve had a F2 deal since the beginning and she plans on staying loyal to it. Kaycee tells Tyler they have to be careful when they are talking and know where JC is. JC walks in. Tyler says he has a F2 with Kaycee and a F2 with JC. This could be totally awesome for him or it could blow up in his face. They have fruit and mimosas and there are four place settings. They hear the doorbell and it’s Jeff Schroeder. Tyler says the legend himself is in the house. Jeff says he never made it to the F3, but now he’s here. Tyler says he’s meeting Jeff. Jeff man. Jeff congratulates them again and they all toast. Kaycee says being F3 is amazing and getting to meet Jeff on top of that is the icing on the cake. Jeff says they’ve been crushing it on blindsides this season. Tyler says that’s what they do and Kaycee says they were always so lost and JC enjoyed seeing the shocked faces. We see clips of evictions and blindsides. Jeff asks what the craziest moments were and Tyler says Haleigh’s house meeting. JC says you never call a house meeting, what was she thinking. We see the clip of Haleigh telling the house she won the hacker competition and the argument afterwards. Jeff says Big Brother will always be special to him because he met his wife there. He asks if there were any showmances this summer. Tyler says definitely Swaggy and Bayleigh. We then see clips of them. JC considers him and Tyler in a showmance. They have a secret relationship. JC says Angela tried to steal Tyler from him. We then see clips of Tyler and Angela. Jeff asks about Faysal and Haleigh. JC says he doesn’t think they were anything and Tyler thinks they might have been. JC says Faysal wanted a showmance but Haleigh didn’t. We then see clips of Haleigh and Faysal. Jeff says there’s one thing for sure, there is one person who didn’t find love…Kaitlyn. Tyler says she had a boyfriend but she was acting jealous all the time. We see clips of Kaitlyn. Kaycee says Kaitlyn was a unique human being. She was different than everyone else and you have to love her. Tyler says their own spirit guide. We see clips of Kaitlyn meditating with HG, starting with Scottie. Kaitlyn thinks Scottie should continue to practice outside of the house. Jeff says he has to take a quick hiatus, or should he say yatus. We see a clip from day 13 with JC talking about yatus. Tyler says JC is his favorite person to hang out with but his pronunciation is incredible. Jeff says another big personality that stood out in season 20 was Brett. Jeff asks how they think he’s doing in jury house with Rockstar. We see the clip of Brett’s speech and the ensuing chaos. Jeff says he had a lot of fun getting to know them, but one person he’s very curious about is Sam. What was it like living with her? JC says sometimes it was a little bit scary. We see clips of the HG looking at pictures on the memory wall for a comp and Sam is upset that JC jumped off on the wall comp. We see Sam arguing with JC and Brett, Angela, and Kaycee are in the HNR listening to them. Jeff says Sam got emotional in the house, but there’s one place they all get emotional…the diary room. They all deny it and Kaycee says they call crying peanut allergies. We see clips of the HG in the DR. Jeff says this was the season of punishments, but the most brutal punishments came from the Space Pecs competitions. We see day 46 Kaycee getting called to DR to get her peanut costume. Se then see Rockstar in her costume and punishment from that same competition. We then see Brett’s punishment of taking care of Insta-Granny. Jeff tells them they should be proud of themselves for being F3. He says they were amazing and it was an amazing season. Tyler says there are three left and one person is walking with half a mil, one is walking away with 50k, and one is walking away with nothing. He says it’s game time and it all comes down to this and he’s getting there if he has anything to say about it. We see the backyard set up for the final HOH. They are going to be on rockets. Kaycee says it all comes down to this. In the final HOH, you have to win 2 of 3 competitions to decide who they want to sit next to in the F2. JC reads the rules for the comp. They have to ride their jet pack the longest, but it might not be so easy to hold on to. Let’s get ready to play Jet Pack Attack. JC can’t believe he actually made. HE put in so much effort to make it here and it wasn’t easy. HE needs to focus and all his hard work will pay off. Kaycee says she’s been loyal to Level Six all summer long and it got her to this point and from here out it’s everyone for themselves and if she wants to make it to F2 she has to get herself there. Tyler says it all comes down to this. He’s super close to JC and Kaycee, but he came here for him. He’s been dreaming about this for years and he needs to give himself a fighting chance on finale night to make F2. Who will win the final three part HOH competition? And which HG will be crowned the winner of BB20 and take home the half million dollars? Find out Wednesday on the finale of Big Brother!
  15. Congratulations!! Here are the 15 finalists. One of these will be chosen for the Grand Prize. Which one is your favorite? 1." Rover is my Name" by Melody. 2. "My Needs" by Melody 3. "Teach Me How To Shave" by pfeifchris77 4. "Wanty" by Linda 5. "My Jing Jang Hurts" by Linda 6. "Anallice" by Heather 7. "I'm Sorry" by Jodi 8. "Reindeer Games" by Linda 9. "At It Again" by Melanie 10. "You Can't Handle the Truth" by Linda 11. "I Have a Plan" by Linda 12. "Stabbed in the Back" by Linda 13. "Playing Nice" by Melody 14. "Piece of You" by Paula 15. and last but not least, "Pinocchio" by Linda
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  17. 3:41PM BBT Tyler and JC are talking about Bayleigh. Tyler says that she was almost Miss America. Says that she won Miss Congeniality in the Miss America competition. 3:48PM BBT Tyler and JC talk. JC is disappointed in himself. He wanted to contribute. Tyler says he did. Tyler tells him that he did a lot behind the scenes and got the other side to collapse. Tyler says the other side couldn't figure out that JC was working with them. 4:06PM BBT The excitement has begun! The HG are wrapping the table with Saran Wrap to protect it as they are about to start tye-dying their shirts. 4:33PM BBT THe F3 are tye-dying their shirts. They are laughing because it is not going well. Tyler can not figure out if you have to get teh shirts wet first. 4:48PM BBT The F3 are now working on tye-dying bandanas now.Kaycee says they should all wear their tye-dye shirts for finale.
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    Brett Robinson

    I would vote for Haleigh, but I'm also too lazy.
  19. And closing out this meme contest we have "JC Sheds His Skin" and "Pleasant Personality by David, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. As a member of Morty's staff, David is exempt from winning the contest. However, these were too clever not to share with everyone. So these are for your enjoyment only. Now, these rest of these memes are eligible to win. We have "Bayleigh Bunch" and "JC's Puppet Strings" by Linda, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. "Let the Battle Begin", "The Snake" and "Love at First Armpit" were created by Melody, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. "Monster Mash" and "Production's Attempt" was created by Linda, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. "Pinocchio" was created by Linda, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.
  20. 2:41PM BT JC is eating at the KT counter. Kaycee running laps near the HOH roo 3:02PM BBT Tyler walks into the KT and tells Kaycee that they have tye-dye for when the others are ready. He reads the instructions. JC is in the DR. 3:13PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee discuss that they are going to start a clothing line when they get out of the house. They are pumped. 3:34PM BBT Tyler and JC relaxing in their new lounge area. Kaycee has been called into the DR.
  21. Double Eviction Twelfth HoH 3 Tyler Double Eviction Nominee #1 2 JC Double Eviction Nominee #2 2 Sam Will any HG be bleeped during the DE Veto Comp? 1 Yes Double Eviction Veto Winner 3 Angela Will there be a break between the DE Comp & Meeting? 1 Yes Double Eviction Veto Used? 2 Yes Double Eviction Saved Nominee 2 JC Double Eviction Replacement Nominee 2 Brett Who will be the last HG to vote in the Double Eviction? 1 Angela Will the Double Evictee be a man or woman? 1 Man Will the Double Eviction vote be unanimous? 1 Yes Double Evicted HG 3 Brett Will the HoH comp be a Race or Elimination Comp? 1 race Thirteenth HoH 2 Angela Nominee #1 1 Sam Nominee #1 1 JC Will the Veto comp be played during the day or at night? 2 D Veto Winner 1 Kaycee Veto Used? 2 No Saved Nominee 2 -- Replacement Nominee 2 -- Will one or Two Level 6 Alliance members face eviction? 1 None Will the Have Not room be closed this week? 1 No Will the HG be given a crafts project during the week? 1 No Who will be the first HG to compliment Julie Chen? 1 Sam Will Julie ask the HG questions before the eviction vote? 1 No Will the nominee on the Left or Right side be evicted? 2 Left Will Julie reveal the vote results to the Evicted or Safe HG? 1 Evicted Who is the first HG to vote? 1 Kaycee Evicted HG 3 Sam This weeks Point standings gishy333tx 12 Points Amy123 21 Points BBWatchr 26 Points Total standings gishy333tx 125 Points Fuskie 94 Points Amy123 84 Points BBWatchr 78 Points vyvashuss44 62 Points KatFer 60 Points monadyan 46 Points Dade 32 Points kitten200 18 Points splatgun 18 Points Kakidoodle09 6 Points Flickz 6 Points nataliebb23 5 Points Jinx 3 Points Nataliebb23 2 Points Vampirelover 2 Points
  22. Eleventh HoH 2 Kaycee Nominee #1 1 Sam Nominee #2 1 Hayleigh Veto Player #1 1 Tyler Veto Player #2 1 Brett Veto Player #3 1 Angela Veto Host 2 JC Veto Winner 2 Kaycee Veto Used? 2 No Saved Nominee 1 -- Replacement Nominee 1 -- Will a former season HG enter the BB House this week? 1 Yes Will a Level 6 HG turn on their alliance this week? 1 Yes Will Angela and/or Tyler be a Have Not this week? 1 No Will Big Brother introduce a new twist this week? 1 No Will there be a Morphomatic comp this week? 1 No Who is the first HG to vote? 2 Tyler Evicted HG 3 Haleigh This weeks Point standings gishy333tx 12 Points Amy123 11 Points vyvashuss44 5 Points KatFer 10 Points Total standings gishy333tx 113 Points Fuskie 94 Points Amy123 63 Points vyvashuss44 62 Points KatFer 60 Points BBWatchr 52 Points monadyan 46 Points Dade 32 Points kitten200 18 Points splatgun 18 Points Kakidoodle09 6 Points Flickz 6 Points nataliebb23 5 Points Jinx 3 Points Nataliebb23 2 Points Vampirelover 2 Points
  23. 1:26 PM The 3 are sitting in their newly created den (3 blue recliners from the BBR placed in the dining room) where they discuss Kaitlyn. They are debating whether or not Kaitlyn really had a boyfriend at home. Either she has no self control, has an open relationship, or the boyfriend doesn't exist. 1:37 PM BBT The 3 remaining HGs are sitting around the "den" and discussing the other HG's. Kaitlyn's only goal was to make a showmance happen. Brett and Winston both had a crush on Angela. And Rachel made them all laugh. 1:41 PM BBT Tyler, Kaycee and JC are laughing about Fessy. He literally nominated 2 people that had a thing for Haleigh. No other reason than that. They then discuss Bayleigh and how she had the whole house to herself for an entire week. 1:47 PM BBT JC is talking about the reminiscing breakfast they did. He refers to it as the Morning Dinner with the guy (Jeff). Kaycee and Tyler laugh at him. 1:49 PM BBT They are discussing the endurance comps and how hard they were. Tyler is talking about the tree endurance. He acknowledges that he had only had a couple minutes left in him when he threw it to Sam. "I had a couple minutes in me left and she didn't move at all. So f**k it." 1:58 PM BBT The 3 have been talking about the former HG's. The conversation has brought itself full circle back to Kaitlyn about whether or not she had a boyfriend. Even if she had an open relationship, it was bad. 2:15 PM BBT JC, Tyler and Kaycee are just sitting around and talking about what they are going to make for dinner tonight. Kaycee goes to clean up the dishes from their breakfast. 2:21 PM BBT JC tells them that he doesn't know what he is going to do when he gets out of here. He will go see his grandma. But his dad will probably not talk to him again because he went on national TV and said that he was gay. Oh my Gosh WBRB. 2:27 PM BBT When the feeds return, Kaycee is in the BBR and Tyler and JC are in the KT. JC tells Tyler not to be stupid. There is no way that JC can win this game against him. Tyler "You don't be stupid."
  24. 12:47 PM BBT JC is finally up and around. They are all in the KT and discussing that they are going to have spent 16 straight days in the house without any sunlight at all. 12:49 PM BBT Kaycee is looking over the Tie Dye kit that BB gave them. They can make tie dye bandannas with it. 1:06 PM BBT Kaycee and JC have redecorated. They have taken the little blue recliners from the BBR and placed them in the dining room. While Tyler showers, Kaycee and JC recline and watch the memory wall.
  25. Monsters and Critics Jessica Graf pregnant: Is another Big Brother baby on the way? Monsters and Critics Jessica and Cody have been together for a year and got engaged during their run on the CBS show, The Amazing Race. Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson even appeared on Big Brother 20. They surprised the current houseguests with a drop in, sending the ... View the full article
  26. 11:30 AM BBT BB "HG's please go to the SR. You may begin NOW." Kaycee runs to the SR. They have been given Tie Dye kits. Kaycee "Thank you." BB "You're welcome." Kaycee goes back to making breakfast. 11:47 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are in the KT. Kaycee is cooking breakfast. They are discussing their boredom. They ask BB for the game RISK because it is a board game that they enjoy and it takes a long time to play. 12:05 PM BBT Kaycee is cooking breakfast. JC is in bed. Tyler is running laps up on the loft. 12:18 PM BBT Kaycee is still cooking. JC is still in bed. Tyler feeds the fish. One of them is called Swerve. Another one is named Hunchback. They are similar in color so Tyler speaks for Hunchback "Yeah, I know Swerve. We're cousins." Kaycee "I wonder if princess (JC) is ready for breakfast." 12:30 PM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are enjoying their eggs, turkey bacon and spinach sauteed in mushrooms breakfast. JC remains in bed. His eyes are open but he is not making any effort to get up. 12:40 PM BBT With almost nothing to report, production is playing with the cameras and the memory wall. BB has feed 4 focused on the purple gummy from the next down. Feed 3 is then zoomed in on one of the HG's photo on the memory wall. What you end up with is a HG's head on the Gummy's body. Production has created a Gummy Fessy, Gummy Sam and a Gummy Rachel.
  27. 10:56 AM BBT BB "Pretty Please?" Tyler can't resist BB's pleads. He covers his head with his HoH Part 2 competition t-shirt before going into the SR to change his battery. BB "Thank you." Tyler then heads to the WC before crawling back in bed. 11:06 AM BBT Kaycee is up. She has put some clothes to soak in soapy water in the bathroom sink. She then goes to the SR for some eggs, bacon and spinach. 11:19 AM BBT The only action is from Kaycee. She is in the WA washing some clothes in the sink. The only way we know JC is even in because he has half of one leg and his feet poking out from under his covers.
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