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  2. Us Weekly 'The Amazing Race' Finale: Everything to Know About the Final 4 Teams Us Weekly 'The Amazing Race' Finale: Everything to Know About the Final 4 Teams. Get the hottest celebrity news directly to your phone. Download the Us Weekly App now! By Emily Longeretta. 1 min ago. The Amazing Race John Paul Filo/CBS. 4. Around The Web. This ... Survivor competitors: Casting The Amazing Race with 10 Survivor duosSurviving Tribal One Chicago teams who should be on The Amazing RaceOne Chicago Center 'The Amazing Race' 30 finale preview: Cody & Jessica 'push and shove' their way past Henry & Evan [WATCH]Goldderby Romper -Life & Style Weekly all 14 news articles » View the full article
  3. 11:30am-12:00pm BBT: Omarosa asked Ari if Brandi knows that she is the target this week and ari tells her yes she heard James talking lastnight in the WA. Marissa and James are talking about if this is the hide and go veto where to hide theirs at, They talk about several places in the house and the high places it can go to be hid. Ross then talks to Marissa and says that Brandi talked to him and told him she thought they had a final 2 deal and now he does not have her vote. Ross gets called to the Dr and Hg get excited as they get to go out to play the POV. we get Kitty Cam.
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  5. Introducing Roz Matthews!! (Marissa gives Ross a hair makeover around 11:30AM BBT)
  6. 11:04am BBT: Brandi and Marissa hug and apologizes for everything, Brandi leaves the room as Marissa says they are going to make them wait all day for this then talks about her hair. 11:11am BBT: Marissa and Ari are putting hair pieces on Ross and laughing. Mark, James and Omarosa are in the KT talking general talk. 11:22am BBT: Hg are all getting ready for the POV comp as Ross runs and says he is going to try to shower in 15 minutes. He then says i do not know what i am doing as i am hosting. 11:28am BBT: HG are excited as they get ready for the POV comp and saying they can not wait to get outside.
  7. 10:05am BBT: Ross in the Kt making breakfast talking to James and mark about flying. Brandi walking around looking in everything and listening. 10:12 am BBT: All Hg except Brandi are in the KT eating breakfast and talking general talk. Ari is complaining it is so cold in the house. 10:23am BBT: All HG In the KT eating talking general talk and mark keeps singing and we keep getting FOTh. 10:38am BBT: Hg just sitting around the KT talking general talk about wanting to go home. 10:47am BBT: Marissa and Brandi in the BR and Marissa says i am not going to lie to you i felt like you was yelling at me lastnight and Brandi says i was not yelling, Marissa tells her well i felt like you was yelling at me and i felt like you was mad at me and all i was doing was brushing my teeth and listening to James vent.Brandi says i felt like you wasn't defending me and Marissa says i am sorry you felt that way but i was just listening to James vent is all i was doing. 10:49am BBT: Marissa says i was not doing anything wrong i was just listening to James and i am sorry you felt that way but i was not in it i thought i was just listening to James vent.Brandi says James says i am saying things i am not and for him to say i lie well we have all lied. Marissa says i can respect that. Marissa says i know how you feel but i was not in the DR saying anything i do not do that. 10:53am BBT: Marissa and Brandi repeating themselves as Ari sits and listens. Brandy says i am sorry you felt i was mad at you. In the KT mark. James and Omarosa are cleaning and talking about what Brandi and Marissa might be saying.
  8. 9:10am BBT: We have FOTH as BB wakes the HG for the day. 9:21am BBT: Brandi and Ari talking in the BBR About Everyone agreeing with James in the house and Brandi says that James will see when we get out of here and they will see how he is. Ari says she is so sore. Brandi makes her bed then sits down. 9:37am BBT: Most HG in the KT making coffee and breakfast. Mark says he slept five hours lastnight and feels pretty good. Marissa comes in and mark says morning. She says she had to get up at 6am and we get FOTH. 9:39am BBT: Marissa in bed again telling Ross that Omarosa told Ari this morning they need to get rid of Brandi. Ross just looks at her and Marissa says i know. 9:42am BBT: Mark and James talking general talk in the KT while Brandi sits and drinks coffee. Ari is cutting a melon for breakfast. Ross and Marissa in the BR talking about Brandi making things up and how much she drinks. Ross says it is so dry and awful in this house. and covers his eyes. 9:58am BBT: Omarosa and Marissa talking in the BR about Brandi and how she has been acting and Omarosa thinks her not seeing a video of her kids has affected her so much.
  9. USA TODAY Country radio host Bobby Bones to join new 'American Idol' as mentor USA TODAY Syndicated country music radio show host Bobby Bones will be part of the new American Idol cast. Bones made the announcement on social media and reportedly announced it on his radio show. The announcement is also posted on the American Idol Facebook ... Bobby Bones to join 'American Idol'The Tennessean all 9 news articles » View the full article
  10. 7:55am BBT: Ari and Omarosa in the WA doing make up. 8:11am BBT: Ari and Omarosa still doing make up in the WA. All other Hg in bed sleeping. 8:47am BBT: Ari and Omarosa still doing make up as all other HG are still sleeping. 8:53am BBT: Ari amd Omarosa talking about needing a good nights sleep. omarosa is curling her hair and Ari is straightening her hair.
  11. RT @COTNews: The march to the Capitol by @floridastate & @FAMU_1887 students in response to the #Parkland tragedy has begun. Motorists, ple…

  12. The Tennessean Bobby Bones to join 'American Idol' The Tennessean "American Idol" originally aired on Fox and ended its 15-season run on the network in 2016. ABC bought the rights to the show last year. Their version premieres March 11, with Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan as the new judges. Finally . I get ... Bobby Bones Joins New Season of 'American Idol'Taste of Country Bobby Bones Joins New Season of 'American Idol' as MentorSounds Like Nashville all 6 news articles » View the full article
  13. 11:00pm-12:00am BBT: James and Brandi argue and James tells her that she pokes at him all the time and if she does not see that then she has an issue. Brandi tells him he is rude and it is hard to like him in the house Mark comes in and tells Brandi that James is a gentleman/He ask Brandi it give it a rest for one night so they can enjoy the night. Brandi goes to the Dr and Ari says she is sorry for the way Brandi is acting. mark and James say she needs to stop apologizing for Brandi. Brandi is out of the DR and talks to Marissa in the KT. Brandi is upset that Marissa did not defend her to James. Marissa tells her i was brushing my teeth then walks off from her. 12:00am-1:00am BBT: Marissa, Ross and Ari talk about if they win Veto then Omarosa goes on the block. They then taslk about how Brandi needs to go home and how Omarosa can not be in the final four with them.James joins them and talks about maybe Ari going home. Ross says that Omarosa needs to go first becuse she lies all the time. James and marissa say they will win the veto . Omarosa and Ari are reading their bibles and Brandi is sleeping. Most Hg are in bed or getting ready for bed. 1:00am-2:00am BBT: Marissa gets up and walks around the house counting things. Ross gets up a joins her they talk about making ti to final four them making a deasl with Ari but first they have to get james out as soon as they get to final five. marissa says that she has lost this games as everyone else can beat her at the end. She keeps repeating herself. They then talk about the feeders being awake and listening to them then they laugh. They head to bed. All HG sleeping.
  14. Idaho Statesman Boise singer heads to Hollywood for her American Idol moment Idaho Statesman OK, it's a reality show, and that comes with a certain amount of restrictions and finagling to keep the results secret. So, no spoilers for the upcoming season of “American Idol” — except we know that one young Boise woman was in Hollywood and has a ... View the full article
  15. Sounds Like Nashville Bobby Bones Joins New Season of 'American Idol' as Mentor Sounds Like Nashville As the series transitioned from Fox to ABC after its brief cancellation, there will also be a couple changes on the production side. One major difference that fans of the show will notice is the lack of bad auditions, as the producers wanted to take ... View the full article
  16. TAPinto.net St. Patrick's Day Dinner Party TAPinto.net Super Carb Diet by Bob Harper · Carousel_image_ef530ce4da1c9fbc4c61_super_carb_diet. By BETH MORONEY. Super Carb Diet by Bob Harper with Danny Pellegrino (St. Martin's Press, 2017). It's hard to go on a serious diet, one on which you expect to be ... View the full article
  17. Vox 2018's hottest show debuted in 1994. It's called ER, and it's awesome. Vox ... stems from how few shows on the air right now can do what ER does well. If ER was being made today, it would probably be centered on a difficult but ingenious doctor and the colleagues forced to deal with his temper and his genius. It might be an ... and more » View the full article
  18. TAPinto.net Shouts of Racial Slurs Bring Police to Sparta Theatre TAPinto.net Super Carb Diet by Bob Harper · Carousel_image_ef530ce4da1c9fbc4c61_super_carb_diet. By BETH MORONEY. Super Carb Diet by Bob Harper with Danny Pellegrino (St. Martin's Press, 2017). It's hard to go on a serious diet, one on which you expect to be ... and more » View the full article
  19. Taste of Country Bobby Bones Joins New Season of 'American Idol' Taste of Country Bobby Bones will appear on the upcoming season of the re-tooled American Idol. The popular country music radio personality broke the news on Wednesday morning (Feb. 21) live during his morning radio show, and shared it via social media immediately ... and more » View the full article
  20. RT @bradan: This is a double banana. RT for 5 years of good luck. Ignore for 10 years of bad luck. Wouldn't risk it https://t.co/eeAF33av6W

  21. Goldderby 'The Amazing Race' spoiler: Do Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson (Team Big Brother) win season 30? Goldderby The two-hour finale of “The Amazing Race” airs tonight (Feb. 21) on CBS. Four teams are fighting it out to be first to the final mat and claim the one million prize. They are, in order of their finish on leg 10: Team Indy Car (Alex Rossi and Conor Daly ... View the full article
  22. TVInsider Pressure Mounts on 'Waco,' 'Amazing Race' Finale, Women's Hockey at Winter Olympics TVInsider The Amazing Race (8/7c, CBS): Seems we just got started, but with one more night of back-to-back episodes, the finish line beckons after 10 countries, 21 cities and more than 29,000 miles. The four remaining teams race through Hong Kong en route to San ... View the full article
  23. KRIS Corpus Christi News Planet Fitness opens new "Judgement Free Zone" with special guest KRIS Corpus Christi News Planet Fitness is opening a new "judgement free zone" location in the area and they are throwing a big party to celebrate! The new Annaville gym has state-of-the-art workout equipment and will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A grand ... and more » View the full article
  24. CBS Pittsburgh / KDKA Uniontown Woman Races For Finish Line On “Amazing Race” Finale CBS Pittsburgh / KDKA UNIONTOWN, Pa. (KDKA) — A retired professional skier from Uniontown will race for the finish line on the season finale of “The Amazing Race”. Kristi Leskinen and another skiing pro, Jen Hudak, are one of the four teams still in the running. During ... TV tonight: 'The Amazing Race' reaches the finish lineUSA TODAY TV tonight: 'The Amazing Race' ends in San FranciscoThe Mercury News all 3 news articles » View the full article
  25. Michael Davis performs at the historic Ford's Theater for the former President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan.
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