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  2. When the votes were being read and there were so many for Paul he was smiling big time. Then when it came down to a tie he was in utter disbelieve. Then the BIG surprise Josh won the last vote. I was cheering and yelling, YES, YES, YES!!
  3. Of the three choices Josh was my pick. He was a pain in the behind a lot of time and very immature but he was used by Paul to cause a lot of the problems. I'm glad he won. I would have liked to see Mark win if he had been in the top three.
  4. I wish the cameras had panned across all the HG when Cody's name was announced. I thought they did that on purpose to shield Paul's face because he had been hurt so bad by losing to dumb ole Josh. Ha! Ha! Paul. He wasn't as dumb as you thought.
  5. Today
  6. yes I think both speeches swayed the vote...Paul so arrogant and Josh with his last minute "I'm the guy behind the curtain" ploy
  7. yes the evening was served cold
  8. Matt the cereal killer...easy cooking ...tumbles for easy sexing too.
  9. It would have been interesting to know if Josh would have won had he taken Xmas... thanks for the meme on watching Paul lose priceless......good laugh there...and that odd mixed up photo shopped thing with Mark raising a tent...glad to be here with all of you...we can bitch about them bringing all those people back to play this winter together again ...I hope they leave the Munchausen puppet master out of the mix...
  10. Well that feels better...and Cody got AFP and got revenge...the final vote got to be like the presidential race which was anyone but...not a worthy way to win BB but a real crappy way to get a leader of the country
  11. Cody's Revenge

    Josh made good points for himself...and Cody got shafted by Paul and by the producers...so indeed Cody got revenge
  12. Cody's Revenge

    Cody was my favorite houseguest, and I love how he got his revenge on Paul. He got revenge in three ways. He was the deciding vote to take away $450,000 from Paul, and he also won America's Favorite, also costing Paul $25,000, and he hooked up with Jessica, one of the hottest houseguests in BB history.
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  14. Big Brother General Discussion

    OMG...another good one! You are on a roll with these.
  15. Does anyone have anything about her exit interview or any of her reactions since she left the house? I'm the most curious about this clown. Love the album cover.....too funny!
  16. @tnacgal @DevonJoelleG @elfitvic LOL - gofundme???? He did this to himself - it's called jury management - same mis… https://t.co/wKgA5pE4VO

  17. I can't stop chuckling. Paul lost to his clown. By one vote. Again. At least Nicole was liked by the jury but none of them liked Josh very much. And then Cody get's AFP. Didn't enjoy this season very much but the end was satisfying.
  18. I don't know who you are but your comment is right on the money! VERY well said! Paul got what was coming to him - and fate used the meatball, of all people, to serve it to him. Lol. Oh, this was a good night!
  19. Oh he will play again. I guarantee it lol. He will not sit still for this defeat to Josh the immature clown which is even worse than his defeat to Nicole. He will absolutely want to come back and prove himself the best. He can't help himself. That's what egomaniacs do.
  20. Who should get AFP?

    She seemed to have switched to skunk-like or Cruella de Ville like extensions for tonight with the black/white stripes in her braid.
  21. Big Brother General Discussion

    Actually, more correctly - they voted in the order they were evicted (ie: Cody first, Christmas last), but the votes were revealed in reverse eviction order (ie: Christmas first, Cody last).
  22. Right, makes sense, I wasn't really keeping track of the sequence coz I was on pins and needles the whole time lol.
  23. For someone who can fake cry the way she did, she sure wore her emotions all over her face tonight.
  24. I just can't see Paul playing again. What could he do differently? He's lost 2 years in a row! There is NO WAY another season would let him get so deep into the season now after making final 2 twice in 2 years. No - he's done with BB...there's no way he can return now.
  25. I know I said he should spend it on his daughter, but Jessica seriously does need help with her hair. I wonder how much good extensions cost.
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