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  2. I'm excited too! I've been watching BB since Season 1 and the feeds since Season 6. Hey weren't you trying to get on the show at one time?
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  4. Who else is more excited than me for Wednesday to get here? I have my BB19 Team all set up to come for Taco night and to watch the Wednesday and Thursday Kickoff shows. I have been a fan since BB started and I get the kids to come over to watch and discuss. I love to get into the Live Feed Chats with my BB friends and have fun speculating on what is going on and who is getting evicted each week. We all have our favorites and love to talk smack about our favorite bad boy/girl for the week. So much fun, just can't hardly contain myself. I go by Midnightgranny, so watch for me.
  5. Welcome to taxladyfran, who will be contributing to the Morty's TV Fan Forums as a Blogger for Season 19. txladyfran is a huge Big Brother fan and we are excited for her to share her perspective on this 19th season of the game, featuring all new Houseguests! This is a two way street, though, so when taxladyfan tells you want she thinks, feel free to reply back with your own reactions to the game - and her posts!
  6. Your EDM Diplo and Katy Perry Could Be Joining Forces for American Idol Reboot Your EDM American Idol, FOX's iconic singing competition show, is reportedly in talks with both stars as part of a multi-million dollar reboot on ABC. Word on the street is that Katy already signed a deal and Diplo mentioned he's working something out with ... Watch: Ryan Seacrest on the 'American Idol' Reboot and How He Feels About Kelly Clarkson Joining 'The Voice' all 3 news articles » View the full article
  7. Watch: Ryan Seacrest on the 'American Idol' Reboot and How He Feels About Kelly Clarkson Joining 'The Voice' While Ryan Seacrest hasn't officially signed on to host ABC's reboot of American Idol, the 42-year-old is reportedly very close to signing on the dotted line. Seacrest told Variety that he's "sorting through the details of it," basically confirming ... and more » View the full article
  8. @LabModeration Why is he even on Twitter if he has #FuckTwitter in his bio?


  10. I heard there are 4 returning 1 from BBOT 3 from BB19
  11. Spithill skippers Oracle to 1st win in America's Cup NBC 29 News In Race 5 earlier Saturday, Team New Zealand benefited from two penalties and another mistake by Oracle and won by 2 minutes, 4 seconds, the biggest margin in the match. Even with the wide margin in Race 5, Oracle Team USA looked faster than it did in ... and more » View the full article
  12. RT @GeeksOfColor: Congratulations to Bernie Mac who will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We love you Uncle Bernie. Re…

  13. She annoyed me too-- that's usually a sign that they'll make it to final four.
  14. alex

    Hair stroker. Kill it with fire NOW.
  15. Lights are on and no one's home. He literally pauses to process. Not expecting any big moves from this one, but he'll be a fixture for a bit. Will suffer in endurance challenges. He's too big. ( never thought I'd say that snicker snort grin )
  16. Aspen Times An 'Amazing' experience for Steamboat snowboarder Matt Ladley Aspen Times Things were a little different this spring as he was shown zipping around the world on the CBS reality show, "The Amazing Race." "I got a ton of messages from people, all sorts of people," Ladley said this week in an interview with Steamboat Today. View the full article
  17. RT @wreckedboo: if i have to fight for your attention i probably won’t even want it anymore

  18. Surviving Tribal Survivor and The Amazing Race: The days of Rob and Amber Surviving Tribal There aren't many people who get to spend time on two of CBS' big three reality shows, and, back in the day, Rob Mariano and the then-Amber Brkich did it. It's time to take a journey outside the realm of Survivor. Yes, this is still Surviving Tribal ... and more » View the full article
  19. RT @peterbakernyt: Trump asks fair question: What did Obama do about Russian meddling before election? Also fair question: What has Trump d…

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  21. Megyn Kelly: did NBC hire her to destroy FOX? Canada Free Press The dumb-as-rocks part: NBC gave Kelly her own Sunday night “news” show; that time slot, up against CBS' 60 Minutes, is a sure loser. NBC plans to roll out Kelly in their morning line-up, where cheery and happy and bubbly are prerequisites; Kelly works ... and more » View the full article
  22. RT @ericbolling: *BOOM!!

  23. Being on duty 5 year straight on Eid Day surely gimme a sweet escape from such question. LOL

  24. RT @RealJamesWoods: If they want civil war in this country, they will probably end up getting it. #Bernie #Antifa #Clinton #Soros

  25. RT @RottenTomatoes: #FridayFeeling

  26. @TMZ He's weird anyway, He looks like an old Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones, no one cares what he thinks. He's a wack job.

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