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  2. IDK why, but they don't know... Wasn't Kevin suspected of that vote?
  3. Do the hg know Xmas voted not to evict Cody when she was in the hospital? Why did she do that?
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  5. I agree with Evil Dick, any previous HG could run this game with these followers. Is Paul special? I don't hate Paul, I do detest him being in the game because it stopped the game from playing out in a fashion that I find interesting. Paul lies constantly to his followers. Just like the recent "Kevin took the 25,000" thing. He's telling people that Josh told him. We all know Paul has know this for a long time. Of course he lied to Kevin when he told him he was keeping it secret. I will admit, if Paul makes it to the end he will deserve to win.
  6. Big Brother General Discussion

    They should change the name of this show from Big Brother to Paul's Pad.
  7. Big Brother General Discussion

    I don't think it's so much that Paul is so hated. I think it's baffling that the rest of the house just caters to his wishes. I don't call it good gameplay when everyone's kissing his ass and afraid to go against him that's not good gameplay for him it's just luck. Paul is fortunate that the rest of the house guests are bunch of spineless dumbasses.
  8. Congrats to mark on pov. Read evildicks blog really interesting , why cbs gave him 3 weeks safety makes no sense and the punishments were hokey, 3 weeks Of safety should of gave the whole house 3 weeks of slop. Now that would have been funny!! I bet the claws would have come out then.
  9. Big Brother General Discussion

    Why is Paul so hated because he plays a good game? He shouldn't have lasted this long so this means he knows how to play. They don't lie to each other and trust each other. What's wrong with playing a game like that? Alex, Paul and Jason are my favorites. Raven and Kevin couldn't win a competition if they were the only ones playing.
  10. She has and Cody will have to watch her eat her ice cream now. I'm happy I won't have to.
  11. Thank you. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I threaten to stop watching every week. I'm tired of these weak, awful people. The redhead, Raven- please- if my daughter took dance lessons from her , I would pull her out in an instant!
  12. Yes. Exactly what I was thinking. He may have to re-arrange the pick off order to move Jason / Alex closer to the top.
  13. There was a time I liked Alex and Jason. I'm embarrassed about that.
  14. I agree this will be a factor, yet Paul always seems to get what he wants regardless of which minion is in power at the time.
  15. I'm glad Cody went out like he did. Then with Jason's half-witted speech I'd bet Paul's mind is going into overdrive about now.
  16. Evil Dick! No doubt! If he was in this house right now I can only imagine how he would have handled these idiots.
  17. Were they all too afraid to pick Paul or was it they were just trying to make him win. If he would not have been forced to take a shot in shuffleboard, he would have been HOH by default. Just a spineless bunch.
  18. I'm betting it depends on who is in power at the time
  19. Let's see. After Mark leaves, is Matt next, or is his turn after Kevin? Or will the house do a shakeup and make Jason and Alex the next ones to go?? There are so many sheeple, and I'm not sure the order that Paul wants them to leave.
  20. This man has to be absolutely not playing with a full deck. How many stupid mistakes did he just make as the HOH? He cemented that nothing or no one comes between him and Alex (but where does that leave Paul, the person you're playing for??? are alarm bells going off in Paul's head? should Paul be worried that two of his sheeple are now saying they are each other's #1 and not Paul?). He also let it be known that he had been in conversation with Mark about a shakedown possibility (except he wanted to clear himself of any wrongdoing there -- but still...... that can't go over well in Paul's mind).
  21. AZFamily High-profile white nationalist calls Maricopa home AZFamily Hughes said his organization and the pro-white movement are misrepresented and misunderstood. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5) .... On Oct. 17, 2015, Donna was honored for her amazing work over the years. The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Academy of ... View the full article
  22. I do not recall ever seeing such a cruel bunch of ppl on this show ever. The mob mentality is hard to watch. The attacks on the first woman who left that came on for no reason by Josh should have been stopped. Now watching the attacks on Jessica and Cody well it was just heartbreaking. Mean girls and bullies. I do not know why Christmas wasn't taken out of the game with a broken foot but I do think er anger towards Jess and Cody comes from jealousy. I bet Christmas has the hots for Cody and when he went for Jessica she joined the bullies. Please someone kick her in the foot. The Ed head, Alex omg all of them...well America won't forget just what a group of monsters these ppl are. I big brother should have put a stop to this cruel treatment. As for Paul, well I guess he does deserve to win because he managed to hoodwink a bunch of idiots and now his little clan even want him to win. Wow...they all told Jessica she handed her game to Cody and these morons are helping Paul to win.
  23. Kathy, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group, submits "Out of the Can" Melody, also a member of Morty's TV FB, submits "Mixed Nuts" and Todd closes out Week 7 with "Missing Iraq".
  24. Tabatha is back with "Crazy on Twitter", "Did Not Kiss Raven" and "Not a Spy".
  25. Donna, from Morty's TV Facebook Group, submitted her entry "Biggest Loser" while Susan, also from Morty's TV, submitted "Cody AFP"
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