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  2. BBCAN6 Thursday, April 19: Ryan finds out that he is going home
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  4. We pick up after the POV ceremony. Ryan says Derek doesn’t use the veto…surprise! So he’s on the block for the fourth straight time but this time he doesn’t think he’ll need Canada’s vote. Johnny says he’s a bigger target than Ryan, but he will not go out without a fight. Derek and Kaela talk and they are counting votes. Derek tells Kaela that Ali and Liv are trying to keep Johnny and not telling them. Kaela thinks they have Maddy, Paras, and Will. Ryan goes in to talk to Johnny and says let the smear campaign again. Ryan says he doesn’t play that way and Johnny says he doesn’t either. Johnny says he’s telling Ryan he isn’t going to play dirty, but he’s in a tough spot. He started the game with the sad puppy dog routine but his life is on the line and he’s going full bulldog on these people. Will is talking to Paras and he is telling her he’s thinking of sending Johnny home. He thinks this might be the only chance to get him home. Will tells us after last week he might as well take the shot. Will says they have to get rid of Johnny. Johnny says being on the block sucks, he feels like he has the plague because no one wants to be around him. He goes to talk to Liv and Ali and asks what they think the odds are and Ali says 50/50. Liv says she thinks it’s tied but Derek is not going to keep him. Ali says keeping Johnny would be great for them because he would help take a shot at Daela when the time comes. Ali tells Johnny that Paras might be closer to Ryan than she’s letting on, but if Johnny can get Will then maybe he can get Paras. Paras and Ryan are playing pool and chatting. Ryan is telling Paras that pool is a lot like Big Brother. He says you are only ever in control of one ball at a time. And sometimes when you swing wildly sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen. Paras asks if stripes are an alliance and solids are an alliance and Ryan says and you have to take the other team out. Liv tells us she doesn’t want to be seen around the house campaigning for Johnny because someone like Paras will shut down and think you’re pushing your agenda too hard. Liv is talking to Paras and mentions Ryan has escaped the block three times and if he does it again he could make it to the end and win. Liv leaves and Paras mumbles this game is so funny, but she’s not keeping Johnny. Big Brother has finally revealed what is in the crypt in the catacombs. Will is the one who discovered it and things came to a screeching halt. We see Will going into the catacombs and the crypt top flashing. He says he’s really puzzled. He says is this like Harry Potter or what? He hears something inside the crypt and he’s trying to figure out what it’s saying. He finally slides the top off. Inside is a mummified moose. The moose says Will doesn’t look happy to see him, was he waiting for a secret power? He doesn’t have a power but he does have a secret mission. He has one hour to get the entire house to screech and kiss a cod and if he succeeds the house will get a kitchen party. If he fails, then the entire house will be on slop. At the same time, the HG are getting instructions that Will is getting a secret mission and it is their job to make sure he fails. Will first talks Derek into doing it but the others are not cooperating. Ali says their strategy is to delay and stall until Will goes nuts. Kaela says it’s hilarious to watch Will suffer and maybe they should give him a break. Johnny, Maddy, and Kaela all participated. Olivia helps out too. Ali and Ryan are the last two Will has to get to participate. Ali finally comes down and she participates. Their entire plan hinges on Ryan holding out. There is 2 minutes left and Ryan says he has this because he’s going to enjoy making Will suffer. Will is very persistent. Will is taking everything upstairs since Ryan won’t come down. Ryan finally refused to do it and Will says he did not complete the mission and he feels like he let everyone down. Will goes and talks to the moose and the moose asks what happened and Will says big red wouldn’t cooperate. The moose says he failed and now the whole house will be punished. Will is going to break the news to everyone. Will tells them they are on slop for the rest of the season and they could have had a house party. Johnny asks why Will didn’t try harder. Ali is upset and says she’s self-evicting because she can’t do slop. Ali is yelling at Will and they tell him they had a secret mission too. They get the kitchen party and the HG are dancing and eating. Ali says even Ryan had some dad moves. Arisa tells us Ryan still thinks he’s pretty safe but Johnny is still trying to rise from the ashes. Derek and Ryan are talking and Derek doesn’t think Johnny has a chance of getting the votes he needs. Ali says right now the house is leaning towards keeping Ryan, but she needs to keep Johnny focused and have him talk to Will and get his vote. Maddy comes in and asks if they are chatting and Johnny says they were and Maddy leaves. Ali says come on Johnny, I need you to pull this out. Johnny goes to talk to Will and says Ryan will never be Will’s ally and Will says he doesn’t care about Ryan. Johnny says if he goes then Kaela and Derek have the power to stay with Will and their side or they can go with Liv and Ali. Will wants to have a chat with Ali. Ali tells Will that Daela is making her and Liv feel quite comfortable. Ali says Will needs to think about what’s best for his game. Will needs to see where Paras’ head is at. Johnny says he doesn’t have anyone in the game, he has Paras but that could go bad too. Will pitches to Paras about keeping Johnny. He says without Johnny they have no shot of getting rid of Daela and he doesn’t trust Kaela at all. Paras agrees. Ali joins Paras and Will and they are discussing their options. Ali says as long as Johnny is in the game he will always be a bigger target than them, but if Ryan stays he goes on the backburner. Paras feels like Ryan is a number for them though. Will says it’s up to Paras and she should just let him know. Ryan comes in to talk to Paras and Will and he does a little shimmy. Will wants to know where Ryan’s head is at and what he will do if he wins HOH. Ryan swears he will not go after Will and Will asks if Ryan has a deal with Daela and Ryan says no. Ryan says Daela has told him they want Johnny to go home, but they haven’t offered a deal. Ryan says they both have kids and he is not going to knife him because they have kids. Ryan says it’s been white room vs red room for awhile and they need to get out there and win HOH and put two of them up. Paras says she believes Ryan after he leaves. Arisa greets the HG. She says so far 7 HG have been evicted and she has a little surprise…they aren’t totally done with them just yet. Rozina says hello and she misses them and she is proud of them. Have they been missing her cooking. Andrew advises them to change their socks a bit more. Jesse says life outside the house is pretty good and he’s going to Coachella this weekend. Veronica tells them to be nice to each other…on second thought be mean. Hamza wants to see someone stir it up a little bit. Merron says BB legends are made in that house. Erica says they are all doing great and she can’t wait to see them on the other side. Arisa then tells them jury starts tonight and the HG evicted will be the first member. Johnny says it’s not every day you get to live your dream, but please know he wants to stay and play and he loves all of them…most of the time. Ryan says he’s played with honesty and integrity and he thinks Canada backed him up on that a week ago. If he does get evicted tonight, they need to own their game, stand by their game because that’s the only way they are getting his vote. It’s time to vote! Alejandra votes to evict Ryan. Olivia votes to evict Ryan. Will votes to evict Ryan. Paras votes to evict Ryan. Maddy votes to evict Ryan. Kaela votes to evict Ryan. By a unanimous vote of 6-0, Ryan has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Ryan hugs the suit of armor as he leaves and tells everyone to own their lies. Arisa greets Ryan and asks where did he fall apart after being on the block four times? Ryan says he fell apart weeks ago and no one trusted him. Arisa asks what he has to say Canada? Ryan thanks them so much for saving him, it was an incredible experience and he’s glad he gets to help pick the winner and he’s sorry for only making it another week. It’s time to find a new HOH! Each HG will climb their rope to the top of their candy and try to stay on as long as they can. Last one on their candy wins HOH. All HG look solid and their candy squirts liquid at them. Arisa tells us next week, not one, not two, but three HG will be evicted…it’s time for the triple eviction!
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  20. The Johnny campaign tour continues, but with great success today! Not too much talk just house cleaning through the morning, but around 2pm, Johnny & Paras has a breif conversation in the catacombs, in which Paras tells him that she will vote for him to save. They high five. Kaela comes in and asks if she can talk to Johnny, Paras leaves. Kaela then tells him that she would rather have him stay (seriously!). She feels that if Daela is on the block together, Derek will have lots of votes to stay, she needs Johnny to have her back, so she's going to start campaigning for him (little does she know lol) She just needs to convince Derek, make sure he's ok with Johnny staying. They high five lol Johnny immediately goes to talk to Paras and tells her what Kaela just told him and how it's going to be her that saves him. They have a good chuckle about Kaela. Kaela goes to talk to Derek about keeping Johnny, after about 2 minutes, Derek: "I'm starting to think we send Ryan packing and take our chances with Johnny" So, some how Johnny is now good with Will, Paras & Maddy; Ali & Liv; and Derek & Kaela...Could be a unanimous save Johnny vote lol he is gooood! The rest of the day was spent by Daela going around campaigning for Johnny to stay, with everyones response being, hey ya, that is a good idea lol Also, Johnny was going around just making sure he had everyone. He did express nervousness to Ali though, saying he hopes Ryan doesn't catch wind and try something desperate. Ryan had a brief conversation with Will (really his first campaigning of the week) but Will was basically just saying he doesn't know where everyones head is at. Too little too late there Ryan.
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