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  2. 8:15am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights just turned on in the BB house but all of the house guests are still sleeping. 8:21am BBT BB just announced Good Morning house guests , it is time to wake up. 8:26am BBT Jackie just entered the HOH room to do a battery exchange with Will and Kevin who are still sleeping. 8:28am BBT BB announced again Good Morning to the house guests and told them it is time to wake up, still we see no one else getting up...and then the feeds go down. 8:34am BBT The feeds come back in the pink bedroom with Demetres walking in with a towel around him as he just finished a shower. He gets dressed and heads down to the kitchen. 8:42am BBT Demetres, Jackie, Dillon and Karen are out by the hot tub. They are talking about the price of hot tubs and how it is a nice day outside. 8:46am BBT Karen wonders why tomorrow they will be losing the back yard. Jackie said it is day 50, the POV and it will be the sponsored one so the car has to come back in and Jackie said they might get to see Nick and Phil tomorrow if they host the POV and they might be the special guests that they get to go for a ride with. Karen asks if they think that Nick and Phil will be the special guests or it might be somebody different. Demetres and Jackie both respond that they bet it will be Nick and Phil. 8:50am BBT Dre, William and Ika join the others out by the hot tub with general chatting going on. .
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  7. Big Brother Canada - Season 5 Episode 20 S05E20 Secret PoV and Eviction Airdate: 4/27/2017
  8. 12:50am BBT Have to get some sleep now~Sassy2565
  9. 12:43am BBT Dre told Dillon that she thinks that Kevin's targets are Ika and Demetres, but she thinks that he is scared to say it and do it. Dillon is going to talk to Kevin in the HOH room...and then the feeds go down. 12:46am BBT The feeds come back up with Dillon leaving the HOH room and heads back down to the back yard to talk to Dre. Dillon said that was easy and his work is done. Dre confirms that he said Ika and Demetres. Dillon tells her just don't say anything not even to Will. Dre wants to know if she is bad in wanting revenge to want the vets out. Dillon tells her no it is normal it is good for their game.
  10. 12:30am BBT Kevin leaves the HOH room and goes into the blue bedroom and lays on the bed and the feeds switch to the pink bedroom where Ika and Demetres are talking. The feeds switch back to the HOH room where Will and Kevin are talking about who would go after them next week. Will told Kevin not to think to much on it tonight and think about it tomorrow. In the meantime, Dillon and Dre are in the back yard talking about how the vets have been scheming and going home thinking the newbies have no value. Dre does not understand why Bruno did not campaign.
  11. 12:18am BBT Dre just left the HOH room after the past 30 minutes of talking to Kevin about where his relationship with Ika and Demetres went bad. After she left the HOH room Kevin said it was a good conversation. Will said that Dre is right where Ika and Demetres will be a target in front of them. Kevin is upset that others will see them as a pair and said they should start a fake fight. They play around a little and then Kevin wants to brush his teeth because he is so tired. Kevin thinks Dre is an interesting girl. William loves her.
  12. Oh so grateful to Sassy2565! Please continue your live feed coverage here: Friday, April 28, 2017 BBCAN5 Live Feed Updates
  13. 11:50pm BBT The discussion in the HOH room between Dre and Kevin turned to the six alliance, when it formed and previous things that happened in the house.
  14. 11:28pm BBT Dre walks in to the HOH room and asks Kevin if he knows what he wants to do. Kevin said he has an idea and talks about the two pairs. Kevin feels like if he could trust Ika and Demetres that would be great. Dre asks how does he feel and Kevin said no because they just put him on the block and sent Bruno home. Dre said that she does not want to influence his game but this is what she is going to say. She was straight up and told them they are a pair and if they put Kevin and Bruno on the block they would remain the biggest target. Dre said that she told Ika and Demetres if they could not trust Kevin and Bruno then put them on the block. Dre explains that she was afraid that Will's game would have been in danger if he used the POV. Dre is afraid of giving too much information but she wanted Kevin to know that if he stayed on the block it was not 100 percent that he was staying. Dre admits that she did give throw the HOH to Kevin, but did not want to make it obvious. Dre said when Kevin gave her a deal she looked at Ika and Ika shook her head no. Dillon walked in for a battery change and interrupted the conversation. Kevin knows that Ika was nervous about him winning. Dre told Kevin for his game it would be best not to put Ika and Demetres up because they are a big target that others will want to go after and when he is ready to go after Ika and Demetres he has to make sure he gets Ika out because she will be vengeful. Dre don't want to tell him what to do but Ika can be very convincing. Dre really loves Ika as a person but does not appreciate when she was going back and forth with information and her trust in Ika went from like 200 to 50 and it is hard to trust anything that she says. Dre reminds Kevin if he decides to go after Ika and Demetres he needs to make sure he gets the right target out or it will be worse for him. Dre said a part of Ika's game is to pit people against each other. Kevin said that happened a lot the past two days.They continue talking about Ika and Demetres and Kevin said his gut told him when he won the challenge to put up Ika and Demetres.
  15. 11:16pm BBT Karen and Dillon are out by the hot tub talking about Ika manipulating everyone and saying things to put doubt in everyone's minds. Dillon is telling Karen how Ika has been telling Kevin how everyone was going to put him on the block and Kevin knows that it is just Ika manipulating him. Dillon told Karen that Kevin said she is the last person that he would put up. The feeds switch to the HOH room with Will and Kevin talking. Kevin asked Will if he thinks that Dre just held on to make Ika and Demetres think that she was not giving Kevin the HOH. Will does not want to talk about Dre much. Kevin said that he thinks putting Ika and Demetres up is the best. Kevin said that Ika is convincing, but he wants Will to know that he is the only person that he told he was going to put up Ika and Demetres. Kevin can't believe that he won the HOH comp. Kevin said his other options are Dillon and Karen but they are a boring move. Will does not think that he can trust Ika and Demetres. Kevin agrees because they just put him and Bruno on the block. Kevin said so now that Bruno is gone Will is the person that he will talk to about everything. Kevin asks Will if Dillon threw the HOH comp. Will said that he does not know but thinks that he really wanted to win. Kevin said this week there will be five votes and if he puts up Ika and Demetres. Then if Demetres wins the POV he would put up Jackie. Ika would be convinced that Demetres, Dre and William would vote to keep her. Will does not think that Ika thinks that Dre is that close to Ika. Kevin said that Ika told Jackie that Will hates her. Will said he knows that Ika told her that because Dre was there when she said that and Dre told him. Kevin thinks it will be a good move to put up Ika and Demetres. Will asks Kevin if he prefers Ika or Demetres go. Kevin said Ika is better socially and Demetres game wise so he is not sure. .
  16. 11:01pm BBT Ika said that she has to tell people that she is going after Kevin because they just had him on the block.Demetres walked in the HOH and the discussion turns back to the first eviction vote and what Bruno said about Ika right before he left today. Ika left the room and Demetres is talking to Kevin. Demetres said that they don't have to be best friends to make this work and after next week Kevin will be covered. Demetres is telling Kevin (stroking his ego~Sassy2565) that he is better at separating his emotions from game. Kevin wants to know if everyone of those other people in the house told him for sure that he was going up. Demetres had to think for a minute and said he knows that Will did not. Demetres said that he really did not want to get of Bruno. Kevin understands that they wanted to keep him (Kevin) and wanted to work with him but could not trust him with Bruno.
  17. Ready? Set…Go! We see Tara and Joey as team number one from the previous leg and we find out they are still racing. Phil tells us Tara and Joey will be the first team to kick start the next leg of the race, flying to the Republic of Italy, known as The Boot. They can purchase tickets on the fast and easy Travelocity Mobile App. After landing in Milan, they must travel to Piazza Fontana where they’ll find their next clue. Phil hands them a phone so they can book their flights. Tara has been there with the military and she speaks a little Italian. They show the various teams booking their flights and we see Liz and Michael at the mat. They are still arguing and bickering. Liz apologizes and Michael isn’t happy and is still arguing. They finally hug it out and Michael says he’s embarrassed by the way he acted and they book their tickets. All teams are headed to the train station so they can head to the airport. Brooke and Scott are confused why they keep ending up at the back of the pack. They have decided Ashton and Vanck are the targets to U-Turn. Everyone has talked about it and they want to Ashton and Vanck because they rub people the wrong way and they aren’t as social. They also agree they would block out a second U-Turn option so Ashton and Vanck could not U-Turn someone else. All teams are now in Italy and running for taxis. Tara and Joey are the first to arrive and it’s a roadblock. Roadblock: Who’s hungry for their next clue? Italy is known for its amazing culinary delights, but what makes the experience really special in this restaurant is that you’re treated to a moving view. This mobile restaurant offers pleasures of the palate while travelling through the heart of Milan. Teams must try to spot three different words: Cernobbio, Concordia, and Lago. And they must do it while completing one lap around the city. And just to make things interesting, they’ll need to polish off this meal as they go. Liz and Michael have arrived at the roadblock as well. Tara is doing the roadblock, as is Michael. Vanck, Scott, Floyd, and Redmond make the second tram. Logan has to wait until the next tram because there is a four-person limit on each tram. London is upset because they are in last. Tara missed the first word, but Michael seen it and spells it for her. The guys on the second tram have all seen the first word. Michael gives Tara the second word as well. The second tram also has the second word and they are looking for the last word. Logan is still waiting for a tram. Scott believes he found the third word. Tara and Michael have all three words. Tara gets her clue first and Phil tells us Lake Como is Italy’s most popular lake, a romantic destination featured in numerous films. And this beautiful lakeside town, Cernobbio, is where teams will find out they’re in for a big night. Michael gets his clue right after Tara. Logan is getting on the tram and going to look for his words. Scott says the words are in Italian so he’s not sure he has them all correct. Vanck missed a word and has to go back again, Scott also doesn’t have them correct and has to go again. Floyd is also wrong. Redmond was the last to try and he is also incorrect. Logan has two of the words he’s sure on, but he has two others written down and he’s not sure which is correct. Logan chose the one wrong word of the two others he wrote down so they all get back on the tram for their second trip. Tara and Joey have arrived at the steamboat to take them to their next stop. There is a banquet on the steamship. Teams are staggered by 5 minute intervals. Tara and Joey will leave at 7. Vanck, Floyd, Scott, and Redmond all have their words and get their clues. Michael and Liz arrive and will leave at 7:05, Becca and Floyd 7:10, Matt and Redmond 7:15, Vanck and Ashton 7:20, Brooke and Scott 7:25. Logan gets back on the last tram and has the words correct. They are the last to get there and will depart at 7:30. They are in the village of Varenna waiting for their departure time to get their next clue. Tara and Joey head out first and Tara asks directions from a taxi driver and they are told it’s three minutes by foot. They are undecided if they are going to use the U-Turn and neither is sure if they want to do it again. Tara and Joey decide not to U-Turn anyone. Detour: Make a Mold or Grab a Hold. Make a Mold: Castello Di Vezio is famous for being haunted and is what inspired artists to create spooky looking ghosts. If they can make one of them appear, they can give up the ghost for their next clue. Grab a Hold: Italy is mostly mountainous and part of Europe’s Alps. The rock from the limestone and granite mountains extends down to the shoreline of Lake Como and attract climbers from all over the world. If teams want to climb for their next clue, they’ll have to make their way up a vertical rock face ninety feet above the ground. Tara and Joey decide to Make a Mold. Michael and Liz are looking for the U-Turn and they use it to U-Turn Vanck and Ashton. They decide to Grab a Hold. Becca and Floyd are heading out and Michael and Liz run by and tell them where to go and tell them to U-Turn Michael and Liz to burn it. Becca and Floyd decide to use their U-Turn on Michael and Liz to ensure Vanck and Ashton get U-Turned and they can’t U-Turn anyone else. Liz and Michael are going the wrong way and Liz stops to ask questions and Michael takes over and tells them which direction they should go. Becca and Floyd are going to Grab a Hold. Matt and Redmond are going to Grab a Hold too. Vanck and Ashton are looking for the clue box. Brooke and Scott have just departed. Tara and Joey are watching a demonstration on how to do a mold. Becca and Floyd asked directions and they went the wrong way. Matt and Redmond arrive and they go the right direction for Grab a Hold. Brooke and Scott head out to Grab a Hold and they’ve seen they aren’t U-Turned and Vanck and Ashton are. London and Logan have gotten to the clue and they are going to make a mold. Brooke and Scott arrive behind Liz and Michael and they celebrate with them on the U-Turn. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd have arrived for their climb. Becca is excited because she’s a climbing instructor. Vanck and Ashton have finally found the U-Turn and their clue and see they have to do both detours and they know they are the only ones who will have to. Teams will now travel in style to the pit stop in a famous Italian regal watercraft known as the Ferrari of the Seas. Phil will be waiting for them in the town of Tremezzo, here in this beautiful park. The last team to check in at the mat may be eliminated. Ashton says they were going to get U-Turned no matter when they arrived. Vanck says we’re not going home until Phil tells us we’re going home. Brooke is getting emotional because she’s scared she won’t be able to do the climb. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd are neck and neck going to the pit stop. Scott is encouraging Brooke and she’s still nervous. London and Logan decide to Make a Mold. Michael is encouraging Liz and he tells her she can pass Brooke. Brooke asks Scott where Liz is and he says she’s fine. Brooke is panicking because she can’t find a hold. She yells at him because she doesn’t think he’s holding the rope firmly enough. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd have all spotted Phil and they know it’s a footrace. Becca and Floyd get off the boat first because of the way their drives pulled up to the platform. Becca and Floyd are team number won and as the winners of this leg of the race, they have won a trip from Travelocity to Argentina. Matt and Redmond are team number two. Tara and Joey finished their mold and London and Logan are just getting started. Brooke is still panicking and yelling at Scott and he tells her where her holds are. Liz gets the clue and she heads back down. Brooke finally gets her clue and yells at Scott to lower her slowly. She says she didn’t know she was being so vocal and Scott looks surprised. Vanck and Ashton run by Liz and Michael and say thanks and they appreciate them. Ashton is doing the climbing. Tara and Joey are team number three. Liz and Michael are team number four and Scott and Brook are team number five. Ashton gets her clue and they head to the other detour. London and Logan have finished the mold and get their clue and head out. Phil asks about the U-Turn and Brooke says there are people you like and want to keep around and Vanck and Ashton are on the B list of people they want around. Ashton says she is proud of them. They were very different but were able to work together. Vanck and Ashton are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. Phil tells them for whatever reasons, the other teams decided to get rid of them and you just got to a point where you felt like everything was gelling. Ashton says they were really getting there, but this is where the road stop. Ashton is disappointed and mad and sad. Vanck says they were very different, from different backgrounds and they were able to overcome it and begin to work together. On the next episode of The Amazing Race, teams head to Venice, Italy where some carry a tune and others carry a grudge.
  18. 10:43pm BBT Ika is still in the HOH room talking to Kevin. She told him that if she won HOH she would not have put him up and asks him that if he is going to put her up then please just tell her. Kevin said that he wants to talk to everyone first. Ika said that she is not going to throw anyone under the bus. Ika said that she knows that they just sent his (Kevin's) best friend out. Kevin said that he is a logical player he is not vengeful. The discussion between them turns to trust issues. Ika reminds Kevin that he is not playing HOH next week and Kevin will have her, Demetres and Dre to play for him. Ika is telling Kevin that the others will put him on the block. Ika assures Kevin they will not put him on the block and the others will tell him the same thing. Ika told Kevin that she was worried about him winning HOH because she did not know if he would go back on his word. Kevin said that he is talking to every single person but he is not putting Dre and William up. He does not have his mind made up and he will tell them when he does. Kevin tells Ika that she and Demetres are the biggest threat right now and the others will want them up and he just hopes that he can trust them. Ika said that they gave Jackie their word that they would not put her up and they; didn't. Kevin said that stuff got back to Dillon, Jackie and Karen. Ika is trying to explain that things did get back to them because they seen her talking to Kevin. Ika tells Kevin that Dillon was telling her things that Kevin was saying. Kevin and Ika both agree they are short term players.
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  21. 10:33pm BBT In the kitchen Demetres is cleaning up and Karen walks in and asks if he thinks that Ika will have more slop tonight. Demetres is not sure. Karen said it is not good and Demetres agrees. Karen is going to see what it is like outside. After Karen leaves the kitchen, Jackie walks in and they begin to talk about slop and the HOH comp. Demetres tells Jackie how it is tough in the BB house and then he talks about going on vacations and how it is tough being away from home.
  22. 10:10pm BBT Ika is still going on to Kevin about how her discussion with Bruno got heated and that he was saying bad things about Ika and she does not know why he was being that way if he knew he needed her vote. Kevin said that Bruno never said anything to him about her after that conversation before the live eviction. Ika said that she is not a good liar that is why she has to resort to telling the truth. Ika said that it was better for her and Demetres game to keep Kevin in the house and it is better for Kevin's game if Bruno was gone.Ika thought Bruno said some stuff to Kevin and then said she wants to know why it is a trend when someone leaves the house they throw her under the bus. Ika is now telling Kevin how Karen wants all of the vets out of the house. 10:25pm BBT Ika is still in the HOH room going over that week one vote and what Bruno said about her.
  23. 9:49pm BBT The feeds switch back to the have not room and Demetres is laughing that they have dismantled the six one by one. Ika is laughing saying that they have taken out all of his (Kevin's) allies. Demetres does not think that Kevin is vengeful. Demetres believes Kevin when he said he is not vengeful. Ika and Demetres both do not think that Kevin wanted Bruno to stay in the house. Ika is leaving the have not room while Demetres wants about five more minutes to lay there. Demetres left the have not room right after Ika did and they are wondering where the others are. They enter the HOH room where Will and Kevin are. Ika starts talking about how hard Karen is going to have it in the have not room and how Karen laid her bedding right in Ika's way. Ika asked Kevin if he knows why Bruno went to Demetres that Ika was the reason that he almost left week one. Kevin said that she voted for him to stay and he did not know that Bruno said that to him. Ika said that he came to campaign one hour before eviction and then he went down stairs in the kitchen to say stuff to Demetres. Kevin said that he was in the blue room shedding a couple of tears. Ika said that Bruno was not very nice after he found out that he was not going to be saved. Kevin is surprised that Bruno was bitter. Ika said that she felt bad and then she found out that Bruno was saying things about her (Ika is working Kevin so that she won't go on the block~Sassy2565). Kevin told Ika that Bruno had a lot of respect for Ika's position in the house. Ika is telling Kevin if there was no special power then they would have kept him for sure and Kevin believes her.
  24. 9:37pm BBT Dillon told Jackie that Kevin knows that they have to get Ika and Demetres out. Dillon said that Kevin needs to know that Ika and Demetres were going to put up Kevin and William 100 percent. Dillon said if he won HOH he was going to put up Ika and Demetres. Dillon said all week Ika and Demetres have been telling him that Kevin was talking about him but Kevin said that it was not true. Back in the have not room Ika and Demetres are talking about how glad they are that Bruno is gone and how the whole house hated Kevin and Bruno. Ika thinks that Bruno is resentful because he thinks Demetres was put in the house just for Bruno. Demetres has to think back to day six when he almost went home and it humbles him. Demetres told Ika she don't need to win HOH because that is how good she is. Ika said that she needs to win to keep Demetres safe. Demetres said that the HOH comps are so hard to sit through when you can't play. Demetres said he did all he can to keep his mouth shut when Kevin was trying to make a deal with Dre during the HOH comp. Demetres said that William repulses him...and then the feeds change to the HOH room with William talking about how he could not feel his hands in the HOH comp.
  25. 9:27pm BBT the feeds switch to Dillon and Jackie going out by the hot tub.and their mic's are making a lot of noise so the feeds go down. Up in the HOH room Karen, Dre, Will and Kevin are sitting around talking about what house guests use ice. The feeds come back by the hot tub and Jackie is saying how this is a blessing in disguise. She thinks that this will now show Ika's true colors. Dillon said the problem with being in an alliance with Ika is it is hard being around her because she talks so much stuff about everyone. Dillon is glad that him and Kevin talked earlier because she told him stuff about Kevin that is not true. Dillon was saying that Dre told him that some stuff Ika said was not true. Dillon thinks that Kevin is going to put Ika and Demetres up. Jackie wonders if they are going to try and make a deal with Kevin. Dillon does not think that Kevin would take a deal with Ika and Demetres. Jackie said that it hurts her because she told William that she would put up Kevin if she won HOH so now she tried to talk to Kevin, but she is nervous that Ika is going to turn on her. Dillon and Jackie both have been fake being nice to Ika. Jackie has to sleep in the have not room again, but she is not on slop.
  26. 9:14pm BBT Will, Dre, Dillon and Jackie are talking about how good the newbies are doing and that there is only two vets left. In the have not room Ika is telling Demetres that Karen is worse than slop. Ika does not want to go to jury with those hateful people. Demetres said that they are waiting for one of them to walk in there. Demetres wonders how they can escape this week and they cannot loose Dre. Ika said that they do not have Williams vote and they are unsure about Dillon's vote. They are hoping that Karen will be on the block with one of them so they are not on the block together.
  27. 9:12pm BBT In the meantime, Dre, Dillon, Jackie and Will are in the have not room. Kevin just finished washing his stuffed pig. Karen walked in the HOH room to let the others know the back yard is open.
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